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35 Best Gifts for Electricians

Electricians have a very important job, since we depend on electricity so much in the modern world. The job is so essential, that some electricians are in training almost as long as doctors.

Say “thank you” to your electrician with a gift. Here are some great gift ideas for electricians.

Electrician Pocket Knife

Electrician Pocket KnifePin

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This SOG knife comes with a wire stripper in the handle, which can come in handy for an electrician. The knife blade is 3.4 inches long and is made of Aus-8 steel to cut through all kinds of materials and to last a long time.

The handle is made of nylon that is glass-reinforced for a comfortable grip. The wire stripper comes in several sizes to cut through wire in different gauges. SOG tools are built for durability, so the company can replace and repair tools if something breaks or stops working.

Knee Pads

Knee PadsPin

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It can be hard to work on your knees during a job on a hard floor or surface. NoCry professional knee pads can help. These pads are reinforced with heavy-duty foam padding and a gel cushion to stay comfortable while working.

The straps are adjustable so that the pads can fit people of all sizes. These pads are made to wear for hours without any discomfort. A poly-shield will help protect knees from scrapes or cuts.

LED Beanie Hat

LED Beanie HatPin

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An electrician will appreciate this beanie hat while working out in the cold. A LED light is built in the front to light up any dark spaces they may have to work in. The beanie is made to fit all sizes of heads.

The LED lights are removable so that they can be recharged. Four bulbs are included which can be adjusted in three different ways based on how bright they need to be. The beanie is made of acrylic for a comfortable fit and comes in all kinds of colors.

Electrician Hourly Rates Shirt

Electrician Hourly Rates ShirtPin

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Your favorite electrician will appreciate this funny shirt. It gives hourly rates for electricians, based on how involved a client is. The more a client does, the higher the handyman will charge.

The words are in yellow and white against a solid-color shirt. The shirts fit men and women in sizes small to three extra-large. They come in a variety of colors, including black, purple, red, gray, blue, and brown.

The shirts are made of cotton and polyester for a comfortable fit all day long.

Voltage Tester

Voltage TesterPin

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This voltage tester will help an electrician who needs to do a quick check on how much voltage there is before and during a job. The Klein Tool can detect low and standard voltage, as well as the amount of voltage there is.

It can measure voltage in environmental control, security, irrigation, entertainment, and communications systems. The LED light emits a bright-green light to let you know that the tester is ready and brightens up the area being tested.

Beards Shirt

Beards ShirtPin

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This funny shirt will fit electricians and their children in various sizes. The t-shirt has the words “the best electricians have beards” printed in block letters in white, whatever color the shirt is.

You can choose from black, blue, and gray solid-colored shirts. The sizes range from small to three extra-large and kid sizes. The shirt is made in cotton, polyester, or a combination of both materials, based on what color you choose.

Stay Grounded Shirt

Stay Grounded ShirtPin

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A handyman who works with electricity will appreciate this shirt. “Stay grounded” is printed in white, block letters that are all capitalized, with an electrical sign in white on a solid background.

The t-shirt is available in men’s small to three extra-large sizes. It comes in several colors, such as white, black, blue, and gray. The white shirt has the symbol and words in light-gray, while the rest are in white.

The shirt is made of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or both, which is determined by what color shirt you choose to buy.

Technician’s Tool Bag

Technician’s Tool BagPin

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This tool bag will work great for a technician who works in badly lit areas. An LED light is located at the top near the handles, so that the handyman can see around him. The light is adjustable so that it can shine around the area or be directed to the bag so that you can easily see what tools you need.

The bag comes with 41 pockets, with 28 located inside and 13 on the outside. These compartments can hold all kinds of tools, such as screwdrivers, testers, pliers, cords, and more.

Electrician Scissors

Electrician ScissorsPin

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These electrician scissors come with their own pouch that can be attached to a toolbox, belt, pocket, or other location for easy access. The blades are made of stainless steel and are heavy duty to cut through all kinds of wires. Stripping notches are included on the blades as well.

A scraper and file are also on both sides of the blade to use throughout the workday as needed. If the middle screw becomes loose, just tighten with a screwdriver.

USA Electrician Shirt

USA Electrician ShirtPin

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A handyman will enjoy wearing this shirt while showing pride for their country. The word “electrician” is printed in white where one of the red stripes on the American flag would be located. The flag hangs downward, with the edges fading into the solid-colored shirt.

The shirt is in men’s sizes, from small to three extra-large. They come in all kinds of colors, like black, white, gray, blue, brown, green, and purple. Each shirt is made of 100% cotton, or in a combination of cotton and polyester, depending on the color selection.

Electrician Gloves

Electrician GlovesPin

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These electrician gloves are made by Klein Tools and fit large hands. These orange-and-black gloves are made of synthetic leather, neoprene, and TPB. Materials made into the finger and palm area makes it easy to handle cables and wires.

The cuff is longer than other gloves to easily take them off and on when needed. The finger and thumb areas have extra material since these two fingers are used the most when handling items.

These are also easy to carry around in a pocket or bag.

Electrician Definition Shirt

Electrician Definition ShirtPin

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Here is another shirt you can give to an electrician that you know as a gift. The word “electrician” and its definition are printed in block letters in white on a solid background. You can order the shirt in black, red, green, and two different blues, royal blue and navy.

The shirt can fit both men in women, and you can choose sizes from small to 3XL. The shirts are made of 100% cotton or a combination of polyester and cotton. The material is based on what color of shirt you pick.

Pouch and Shoulder Strap

Pouch and Shoulder StrapPin

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This pouch is made from ToughBuilt and comes with a shoulder strap so that it can be worn in different ways. The Journeyman Electrician Pouch has 21 pockets and loops that can carry the essentials that an electrician will need with them when on the job.

The Cliptech pouch can fasten to any belt. The pouch also includes a kickstand so it will stay upright on the floor. A shoulder strap is included for those who prefer to wear it around their shoulder.

Electrical Meter Print

Electrical Meter PrintPin

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An electrician who enjoys history will appreciate this print as a present. The print shows a diagram of an “electrical measuring apparatus” that was patented in 1919. Above the title of the item are the names “I.B. Smith and C.R. Cary”, the creators of this electrical meter.

The print comes unframed, so you can buy a frame for it separately, or just give it as is. The items are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper that is semi-matte and made to last a long time.

Company Policies Mug

Company Policies MugPin

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An owner or employer of an electrical company will get a laugh when they open up a gift box to find this mug. “Company policies” is printed in white, block letters on a black background. The hilariously unrealistic policies described below are in black letters on a white background.

The rest of the mug is white. It is made of ceramic and only weighs one pound. The mug is 3.8 by 4.75 inches, great for tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or whatever their favorite warm drink is.

Electrical Maintenance Kit

Electrical Maintenance KitPin

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This kit from Klein Tools comes with an electrical tester, clamp meter, continuity tester, line splitter, and more. There is an option to purchase the electrical maintenance kit with a finder as well. A carrying pouch comes with the kit so that it can be stored separately from other tools.

There is no need to purchase batteries, since three AAA batteries are included. This kit is great to use when trying to figure out wiring issues, testing out live circuits, and measuring the voltage and current.

Tool Kit Set

Tool Kit SetPin

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This Cartman tool set comes with 160 pieces that fit in the plastic toolbox that comes in the set. Even though this is a general household kit, you never know when a handyman might need something from here that he doesn’t have with him while on the job.

Some tools in this kit include a wire stripper, screwdrivers in different sizes, hammer, knife, wrench, bits, a hack saw, and various fasteners in their own plastic box. The tools in this box can be used for a variety of jobs.

Multi-bit Screwdriver

Multi-bit ScrewdriverPin

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This screwdriver by Southwire comes with 12 different screws, so there is no need to carry extra screws with this handy tool. The types of interchangeable bits include various sizes of hex, Phillips, slotted, and square heads.

The handle has a cushion grip to keep the hand comfortable during use. The shaft has chrome-plating so that it does not corrode over time. This heavy-duty screwdriver is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Working Hands Cream

Working Hands CreamPin

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Tired of coming home from a long day at work with dry, cracked fingers and hands? Or know a friend who complains about their hands? O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream will make a great present for those who need it.

A 3.4-ounce jar of this specially made hand cream for workers will soften and heal hands that get dry and split from work. The cream is made with ingredients that add a protective layer against elements and increases moisture levels in the skin to improve the look and feel of working hands.

Colorblock Work Shirt

Colorblock Work ShirtPin

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This men’s colorblock Ripstop work shirt from Red Kap will make a great gift for those who need another or an extra shirt to wear while on the job. The shirt comes in fluorescent yellow and navy, or fluorescent yellow and black.

It is made of polyester and cotton, and has the yellow, reflective striping located all over the shirt to be seen from all angles when working. The shirt comes in men’s sizes from small to xxxx-large.

Electrician Parking Only Sign

Electrician Parking Only SignPin

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A friend or family member who is an electrician will love hanging this novelty sign up in their office or work area. This wall plaque by SignMission has the letters “electrician” in blue block letters, along with other words.

Wires that have been worn down are seen in the middle, with a blue line around the white border along a white background. The plastic sign comes in several dimensions for you to choose from.

Electrician Screwdriver Set

Electrician Screwdriver SetPin

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This electrician screwdriver set comes with seven screwdrivers in their own case that can be easily carried in a larger bag when working. It is by Finder and comes with a test pen electroprobe to use when needed.

The tips have a magnetic head and are made with chrome vanadium steel for extra durability. The rubber dots on the handle help keep the screwdrivers securely in hand while working.

Funny Electrician Shirt

Funny Electrician ShirtPin

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This is a great shirt that a handyman can work or lounge around in. The words “Can I get a watt watt?” are in white around a yellow lightbulb and lightning bolts.

The shirt comes in a variety of men, women, and youth sizes, as well as colors such as black, blue, brown, and gray.



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These men’s workpants are made by CQR and made of duratex fabric to keep off dirt, liquids, and other materials.

These pants come in a variety of sizes and colors for men. They are cargo pants made for work or play.

Electrician Belt

Electrician BeltPin

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This electrician belt comes with a small bag and magnetic suspenders. The small bag can fit a phone. The magnetic strap can keep small tools in place to use throughout the day.

The belt and suspenders are made of heavy-duty material for lasting comfort all day.

Men’s Casio Watch

Men’s Casio WatchPin

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An electrician needs a watch to keep time while at work. This is a men’s Casio G-Shock Mudmaster triple sensor watch designed to withstand dirt and debris.

This shock-resistant watch will stay safe while working around all kinds of material during the day.

Work Gloves

Work GlovesPin

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An electrician might need gloves if working outside in cold weather. These general utility work gloves are made by Ironclad and black.

They come in a variety of sizes and are made of nylon, leather, and synthetic leather to last a long time.

Rechargeable Work Light

Rechargeable Work LightPin

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This rechargeable work light will come in handy for a job that is done in the dark. The Warsun portable light is a rechargeable LED work light with a hanging hook.

It is very bright with 30W 1200Lumens of light. There are three different modes of brightness that can be adjusted when needed.

Electrician Ornament

Electrician OrnamentPin

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This lighthearted present will be perfect for an electrician that you know. This glass ornament is in the shape of a snowball with cable, a lightbulb, and wire cutters on top.

You can also get this personalized with your favorite electrician’s name and the year.

Yoda Electrician Mug

Yoda Electrician MugPin

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Yoda knows what is best on this coffee mug. Yoda stands in the middle with the words “Yoda best Electrician” above and below the figure.

The rest of the cup is white with a white handle. This ceramic cup can hold 11 ounces of all kinds of hot liquids.

Best Electrician Ornament

Best Electrician OrnamentPin

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“World’s Best Electrician” is written in white on a black diamond on this Christmas ornament. The rest of the ornament is decorated with a red-and-black plaid design in a circle.

A red ribbon will tie this décor piece to the tree. This metal ornament will be your electrician’s favorite gift!

Edison Bulb Print

Edison Bulb PrintPin

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Give a history buff who works with electricity this Edison Bulb Base print. This real photographic print is based on the original, patented in 1890.

Various images of the lightbulb from different views are drawn on. You can purchase a frame separately.

Jobsite Speaker

Jobsite SpeakerPin

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A handyman will be able to rock to his favorite tunes while working with this jobsite speaker. It is by Klien Tools and is wireless, so that it can be enjoyed with various devices.

An electrician can use this speaker with their phone during the day to listen to music and the news.

Engraved Knife

Engraved KnifePin

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You don’t need to say anything when you give this knife to your electrician, since it says how you feel on the side. “Badass electrician” is engraved on the side of this survival knife.

The handle is made with rosewood and is attached to a knife that is stainless steel to last.

Lunch Cooler Bag

Lunch Cooler BagPin

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This lunch cooler bag will keep a worker’s food and drink cool throughout the workday. The bag is by Carhartt Brown and comes in several colors.

This lunch bag is made of heavy-duty fabric and double insulated.

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