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12 Black and Gold Wallpaper Ideas

You can update any room in your home with wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and designs, and is less expensive than buying furniture.

Create a dramatic room with dark-colored wallpaper. Here are 12 black and gold wallpaper ideas to add to any room in your home.

Marrakesh Black and Gold Wallpaper

Marrakesh Black and Gold WallpaperPin

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Add this beautiful black and gold Marrakesh designed wallpaper to your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen. The gorgeous design can be seen in the thick and thin gold lines between a black background. There are a variety of ways you can design a room with this wallpaper.

Pair up with neutral furniture, such as a cream-colored couch or bed to darken the look in the room. Add some gold décor and details so that the wallpaper blends in with the rest of the room.

Once you decide which wall or walls to update, just peel and stick your wallpaper for a brand new looking wall in your room.

Black and Gold Geometric Wallpaper

Black and Gold Geometric WallpaperPin

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Add interesting shapes and lines to a room with this black and gold geometric wallpaper. Thin, gold lines appear next to thick, black lines to create a cube that repeats throughout the entire roll of wallpaper.

Use as a backsplash in the kitchen, a statement wall in the living room, or in the bedroom. Add some lighter colored furniture and décor to lighten up the colors in the room. You can also keep the room looking dramatic with dark furniture and décor.

Choose from two different sized rolls for the room you want the wallpaper to go in. Easily peel and stick when you are ready.

Black and Gold Shatter Wallpaper

Black and Gold Shatter WallpaperPin

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Straight, black lines against a gold background form a shatter geometric pattern on this gold and black wallpaper. Use in any room in your home where you need an updated look. Add some light and dark neutral furniture with white, gold, and black décor to really make a statement with this room.

Peel and stick to the wall or walls of your choice. When you are ready to remove and replace your wallpaper, just peel off the wall. This wallpaper does not leave a sticky residue behind, like other wallpapers.

Easily wash with a damp cloth when dirty to keep it looking new.

Gold and Black Geometric Wallpaper

Gold and Black Geometric WallpaperPin

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This art deco geometric wallpaper is interesting to look at with gold lines that form diamonds and rectangles against a black background. Add a black or tan couch in the living room with this wallpaper. You can add color with other furniture and décor, or keep it simple with neutrals, black and gold throughout the room.

A variety of dimensions are available to fit many walls and spaces to fit your décor needs. Peel and stick the panels next to each other to create a dramatic and dark look on your wall.

Black with Gold Stars Wallpaper

Black with Gold Stars WallpaperPin

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Tiny, gold stars can be seen floating in a black sky in this nighttime wallpaper design. Place on the walls of a child’s room, bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Add dark or light-colored furniture, based on how dark or light you want the entire room to look. Add some star and gold in the décor and design to bring the look of the room together with the wallpaper.

Peel and stick the rectangular and square decals to the wall to create an indoor starry sky to enjoy. If you don’t like how it looks, peel off and reposition without worrying about leaving behind any residue.

Gold and Black Hexagon Wallpaper

Gold and Black Hexagon WallpaperPin

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Thick and thin gold and black lines form dark hexagons on this wallpaper. Use as a backsplash in the kitchen, a statement wall in the living room, or use in the bathroom.

Add this wallpaper to a wall or room that needs to be updated with some dramatic, shiny walls. Match white furniture with gold and black décor that matches the wallpaper to complete your newly updated room.

Peel and stick to the wall or walls in your chosen room. This wallpaper is great for renters since it can be easily removed.

Black, Gold, and White Embossed Wallpaper

Black, Gold, and White Embossed WallpaperPin

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This beautiful gold, black, and white damask wallpaper will add an elegant look to any room its placed in. The embossed, gold texture jumps out on this Victorian-era wallpaper. Place in the living room or bedroom in your home.

Add gold and other elegant looking décor to match with the intricate design on this wallpaper. Look for décor that has similar patterns and designs as well.

Make sure to purchase glue, since this wallpaper is not self-adhesive. Make sure to buy plenty of rolls to cover all the wall space you need.

Black and Gold Damask Wallpaper

Black and Gold Damask WallpaperPin

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The bright, gold floral designs on this damask wallpaper seem to come alive. This wallpaper is embossed, which gives it a three-dimensional effect when on the walls. Place in any room in your home to update the walls and rest of the room.

You will need to purchase glue separately to stick this wallpaper to the wall or walls of your choice. Purchase more than one roll if needed so that all the wallpaper matches from being in the same batch.

Black and Gold Swirl Wallpaper

Black and Gold Swirl WallpaperPin

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The black and gold swirl design on the wallpaper will create an interesting and dramatic look to the walls its placed on. The liquid looking black and gold is made of flocking material for a three-dimensional effect with a soft touch.

Use as a statement wall in the kitchen or dining room, or update your bathroom or bedroom with this unique wallpaper design. Add black and gold décor to the room to create a beautiful look.

You will need to buy wallpaper glue and powder separately to get this wallpaper to stick to your walls.

Black and Gold Diamond Wallpaper

Black and Gold Diamond WallpaperPin

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This wallpaper will look great in a room that you want to update with a dramatic, but subtle look. The black creates a dark and dramatic look, but the gold outlined design almost fades into the black background.

Add lighter colored furniture to lighten the look of the rest of the room. Decorate with gold and black décor.

This wallpaper will easily peel and stick on the wall after glue is applied to the wall. Use soap and water on a damp cloth to clean the wallpaper when dirty to keep it looking new.

Black Gold Hexagon Mosaic Wallpaper

Black Gold Hexagon Mosaic WallpaperPin

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Create a modern mosaic design on your walls with these black and gold mosaic wall panels. The black hexagons are created with shiny, gold lines. Gold lines swirl around on a black background for a dramatic look to any wall or walls.

Add these panels to one wall to use as an accent wall, or apply to all the walls for a dark and dramatic looking room. Use in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom. You can lighten the room with light-colored furniture while including gold and black in the décor.

Geometric Swirl Black and Gold Wallpaper

Geometric Swirl Black and Gold WallpaperPin

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Create a surreal look on your walls with this black, silver and gold wallpaper. Thin silvery-white and gold lines form swirl shapes on a black background. The shapes are formed horizontally and look similar to stripes.

Use the wallpaper to create a statement wall, or apply to all the walls in the room of your choice. Add light or dark furniture with décor in black, gold, and silver for a unique looking room.

This wallpaper is easy to apply by just peeling and sticking to a smooth wall surface. It can also be easily removed and cleaned.

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