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12 Black and White Striped Throw Blankets

Although blankets are usually made of fabric, such as cotton and polyester, this was not always the case. In ancient times, blankets were made with animal skins or leaves. If someone was wealthy, they could afford a blanket in other materials.

Now blankets are mass-produced for many to enjoy. Here are some blankets with black-and-white stripes to add to your collection.

Knit Throw Blanket

Knit Throw BlanketPin

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This black-and-white throw blanket is decorated with thin white and thick black stripes. This classic look is paired with white tassels on two sides of the blanket. From a distance, the stripes look perfectly straight.

When looking at the throw closer, the stripes have jagged edges due to how it was made. These blankets are made of 100% cotton that has a medium weight. It is comfortable to lounge on and makes a great décor piece to add to the end of a bed or on a couch when not being used.

Black and White Sherpa Blanket

Black and White Sherpa BlanketPin

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Another version of this style of blanket is this black-and-white throw. It is different than other blankets since it’s made with different material on both sides. One side is made of Sherpa in white and is super soft.

The other side is made of flannel with stripes that seem to jump out at you. Thin black stripes can be seen between white, fluffy stripes on this side of the blanket.

You can decorate a bed or couch with either side of the blanket, based on what the rest of the room’s colors are. Fold up the striped side or fold the blanket so that the solid-white side is showing.

Chevron Striped Blanket

Chevron Striped BlanketPin

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For a modern boho look and feel, check out this woven blanket with chevron stripes. The blanket is woven with 100% cotton. The black stripes are woven with some white to give it a chevron look when you see it up close.

One black tassel adds décor and design to each corner of this throw blanket. The blanket would look great on a couch or chair in the living room designed with a farmhouse look with basic and neutral colors.

When dirty, place your blanket in the washing machine to keep it looking new.

Modern Striped Blanket

Modern Striped BlanketPin

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This striped blanket is more black than white, so it will appeal to those who prefer darker colors. Stripes of white can be seen between thicker layers of black. Black fringes cover two ends of this blanket.

Decorate a white, black, or gray couch with this blanket. The throw would also look great at the end of a bed in similar colors when not used as an extra blanket on cold nights.

The throw is made of 100% acrylic and can be cleaned in the washing machine when dirty.

Black and White Throw Blanket

Black and White Throw BlanketPin

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This throw is opposite of the above blanket, where it is more white than black. Thin strips of black are grouped together between thicker stripes of white. White fringes decorate all four sides to add décor to the blanket.

This blanket is great to use year-round due to its colors and minimal design. It is made of 100% Turkish cotton and has a bohemian look to it.

Warm-up on the couch with this blanket any time of the year. You can also use it as a decorative throw during the day.

Black and White Mexican Blanket

Black and White Mexican BlanketPin

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Give a living room or bedroom a Western flair with this Mexican Falsa blanket. It is decorated with gray, white, and black stripes interwoven with designs. White fringes cover two sides of this throw.

The blanket is made of acrylic and polyester and can be used inside and outside on cool days or nights. You can also add this as a décor piece to your Mexican or cowboy-inspired room. Add colorful pictures, woven items, and faux longhorn skulls to complete the look.

White and Black Throw Blanket

White and Black Throw BlanketPin

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This striped throw has an interesting design since the stripes do not go all the way across the blanket. The black-and-white stripes stop at different intervals on the blanket so that one end is solid colored. One side is solid white, while the other side is solid black.

Two sides have fringes that are white. This soft blanket is made of acrylic and cotton. Add to a bedroom or living room that is designed in black and white or tone down a colorful room with this throw.

When dirty, make sure to clean it in the washing machine so that you and your family can continue to enjoy your striped blanket.

Striped Flannel Blanket

Striped Flannel BlanketPin

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Thick black-and-white stripes run across this warm flannel blanket. This flannel is 51 by 68 inches, which can cover people in many sizes.

When not being used, drape this throw over a solid-colored couch to give it some design.

Black and White Bubble Blanket

Black and White Bubble BlanketPin

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Add a one-of-a-kind design to your bed or couch with this black-and-white striped throw blanket. The blanket is white, with black woven between the white parts, causing little black bubbles to poke out of the blanket. This creates an interesting design.

The black stripes appear gray with 3-dimensional circles that look like pom-poms poking out. The material is tied with white fringes on the ends.

The throw is made of 100% acrylic and would look great draped over a chair or bed as part of the décor. You only need to spot clean it when dirty.

Tribal Design Blanket

Tribal Design BlanketPin

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This black-and-white blanket is decorated with a tribal-like design. Stripes in black and white can be seen, with white fringes on each corner. Within some of the stripes are geometric patterns that add more design to this throw.

The throw is made of mainly cotton, with some polyester, rayon, and other material. Dry clean to keep the blanket looking nice and new.

Find other blankets and pillows in similar designs that you can decorate your bed or couch with.

Aztec Throw Blanket

Aztec Throw BlanketPin

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Keep warm on cold, winter nights with this blanket in tribal designs. The black-and-white designs feature stripes and basic geometric shapes. The solid-white side is made of soft Sherpa, while the decorated side is made of flannel fleece.

The throw comes in several sizes to fit twin, queen, or king-size beds. You can also get the throw blanket to use anywhere. The throw will look great on the bed or couch.

Add-solid and designed pillows in different colors to brighten up the room. Throw in the washing machine when dirty to keep it clean.

Striped Blanket

Striped BlanketPin

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Stay cozy in this oversized black-and-white blanket. Stripes in black and white run across the length of the blanket.

This blanket is made of flannel and will look great on a bed or couch when not being used.

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