11 Blue and Brown Kitchen Décor Ideas

According to studies in color psychology, blue evokes calm, peaceful feelings of security and serenity in people. Blue hues and shades are often perceived as relating to stability and dependable circumstances. Business leaders report that employees become more productive when working in rooms with blue décor.

The color brown gives individuals feelings of down-to-earth reliability and safety. As an earthy color, it also suggests growth, resilience, warmth and dependable comfort. Although brown tones are seen as common and conventional colors, they can also appear quite chic and sophisticated.

Kitchen color schemes and décor based on blue and brown should make home cooking calm, collected, productive, comfy and stylish.

The following eleven blue and brown kitchen décor ideas can transform your food prepping and cooking space into an inviting, fashionable and functional room:

Designer Interior Featuring Blue and Brown Kitchen Décor

Designer Interior Featuring Blue and Brown Kitchen DecorPin

This stylish designer kitchen displays dusk-blue walls and island-bar chairs in a calm, natural-wood furnished interior. The beautifully grained walnut island base and cabinetry add warmth and depth to the room. The matching wood flooring accentuates the overall soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Handsome pendant lights with brass fixtures join with the brass frames of the bar chairs to reflect subtle style. The white marble inland-top, woodwork and ceiling add soft highlights to the room décor. Soft exterior light from windows in the adjoining room gives this kitchen a gentle, appealing glow.

Luxurious Kitchen with Blue and Brown Décor

Luxurious Kitchen with Blue and Brown DécorPin

This spacious and elegant modern kitchen décor combines deep sky-blue walls with medium-brown paneling. Sandy-brick colored backsplash tiles along with soft beige floor tiling and cabinetry lend an uplifting light ambiance to the room.

Large plants and blue-green drapes decorate a sliding glass window-wall at one end of the kitchen. The attractive round breakfast table and cushioned chairs in light tan hues brighten the center of this expansive kitchen. A light rose-brown rug beneath the table and pearl-colored pendant lights above add simple elegance.

Light Blue and Brown Kitchen with Crisp White Accents

Light Blue and Brown Kitchen with Crisp White AccentsPin

In this light, uplifting kitchen interior, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in stunning light blue contains the range and microwave oven. Matching cabinetry lines walls above the benchtop, counters and sink, and additional cabinets beneath are crisp, luminous white. Across from the wall of tall light blue cabinets is a pure white wall with a wide entryway.

This entrance leads into another room bright with natural sunlight from several windows. Beside this entrance, the kitchen has a natural-wood table with light brown chairs and a cream-colored pendant lamp. The room’s beautiful natural-oak flooring enlivens the space with its warm brown tonalities.

Small Kitchen with Dynamic Blue and Brown Décor

Small Kitchen with Dynamic Blue and Brown DécorPin

This small streamlined kitchen interior includes one dynamic teal-blue wall with a large oval mirror. The nearby sink and white marble benchtop are framed by dusty-blue cabinets above and below. The wall of rich dark-wood paneling that contains the built-in oven and microwave matches the wood finish of the fridge.

Open shelves above the benchtop displaying cups, glassware and utensils also have wood-panel backs. The white ceiling with small spotlights and the soft grey and white patterned floor tiles below brighten this compact kitchen.

Open-Concept Kitchen and Dining Room in Blue and Brown

Open-Concept Kitchen and Dining Room in Blue and BrownPin

This spacious open-plan kitchen and dining area in blue and brown offers an atmosphere of luxurious modern elegance. The deep cornflower blue walls and richly-grained walnut furnishings give this interior a sense of calm yet energetic style. The slim-lined marble-top dining table and soft blue chairs with brass frames add subtle fashion and flair.

The floor-to-ceiling window with filmy white curtains bordered by violet drapes and the glass-pane doors add French-country style. At the same time, the slender white marble island-top and benchtop along with simplistic pendant lighting emphasize modern elegance.

Designer Blue and Brown Kitchen with Stunning Marble-Top Island

Designer Blue and Brown Kitchen with Stunning Marble-Top IslandPin

This sophisticated contemporary designer kitchen interior features a stunning white marble island counter-top and benchtop with matching backsplash. The island counter is decorated with a tall glass vase of white flowers and an elegant tray of fresh fruit. Large sleek pendant lamps in shaded glass above lend sedate style.

The wide planks of the natural-wood flooring complement the stylish dark-stained oak cabinetry and island base. The smoky-blue wall and violet curtains across the room add depth and quiet fashion to the décor. The elegant copper and frosted-glass vent above the range is bordered by soft blue-grey marble tiling to complete this stylish kitchen décor.

Retro Style Kitchen Interior in Light Blue and Warm Brown

Retro Style Kitchen Interior in Light Blue and Warm BrownPin

The small-scale stove and counters of this charming rustic kitchen offer a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and cooking space. The warm golden-brown hues of the stone wall tiling are enhanced by the light blue cabinets below dark wood counter-tops.

Matching wall-mounted blue open shelves display vintage ceramic jars and other items of décor above the counters. The small vintage white gas stove and oven lend worn rustic charm to the room. Retro brown brick and white plaster walling and a large vintage white refrigerator complete this inviting kitchen interior from a past era.

Modern Interior with Bright Blue and Brown Kitchen Décor

Modern Interior with Bright Blue and Brown Kitchen DécorPin

This minimalist design modern kitchen displays bright blue walls and a matching blue ridged ceiling with a partial white underlay. The row of white bowl-shaped pendant lights above the charcoal-colored table with matching molded chairs is a pleasing accent. The chairs’ white legs align with the lights and white ceiling in bold contrast to the bright blue.

Along the wall below the white ceiling underlay, light coral cabinets highlight a warm brown tile wall. The lower wall serves as a backsplash above the sleek white marble benchtop. Light brown open shelving above the cook-top displays white and brown pottery in this unique kitchen design.

Rustic Aqua Kitchen Interior with Brown Décor Accents

Rustic Aqua Kitchen Interior with Brown Décor AccentsPin

The beautiful aqua cabinetry in this cozy rustic cottage-style kitchen is warm and inviting. The light brown marble island-top, benchtop and stool seats are enhanced by brown, white and silver hanging pots and pans. On the island-top, the wide array of brown a white pottery lends vintage charm.

In one corner of the room, a tall rustic brown-patterned cupboard adds more vintage style to this unique kitchen. A deep brown and white tile floor in an ornate design also reminds the viewer of bygone days. This charming kitchen interior offers a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere for food prepping and cooking while visiting with family and friends.

Industrial Kitchen Décor in Natural Wood and Blue

Industrial Kitchen Décor in Natural Wood and BluePin

This basic industrial kitchen design displays stainless steel kitchen counters and cabinets below. One wall has a unique checker-board design made of small wooden squares in multiple shades of brown. Under deep-blue cabinets and a long horizontal white plastic lighting shade is a backsplash in light sea-green and brown vintage tiles.

This kitchen corner offers an unusual combination of décor styles, from basic industrial to rustic farmhouse with classic wall tiling. It serves as an example of ways in which diverse interior designs and materials can provide appealing stylistic décor contrasts. Today’s kitchen décor can involve a wide array of different styles, materials, textures and colors with pleasing results.

Large Modern Kitchen in Blue and Brown with Seaside View

Large Modern Kitchen in Blue and Brown with Seaside ViewPin

This luxurious modern open-plan kitchen and dining area features a rich brown granite benchtop and cabinets. An attractive half-wall in brown brick and granite provides a partial divider between the kitchen and larger dining area. An elegant dark-wood dining table and chairs complement the kitchen’s lustrous granite.

This elegant corner room has multiple windows and long sliding glass doors, leading to a spacious outdoor deck. The glorious ocean view beyond the doors and deck is complemented by the large room’s light blue walls. The polished hardwood flooring, white ceiling and modern frosted glass pendant lights add a soft interior glow to the beautiful natural lighting.

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