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10 Bread Pillows

Bread is a major staple in many diets. There are also different types of this dough you can enjoy, such as toast, croissants, and more. Billions of dollars’ worth of bread is sold yearly in some countries.

Enjoy this type of food without it ever going bad in the form of a pillow. Here are some fun bread pillows you can purchase.

Bread-Shaped Pillow

Bread-Shaped PillowPin

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This pillow looks like a giant loaf of French bread. It is 40 inches long and in realistic colors. The pillow looks like it came right out of the oven, dark brown with light-tan ridges.

It is made of plush fabric that is soft to the touch. The filling is made of soft PP cotton. This will make a great gag gift or extra pillow on the couch or bed.

Children can use it as a body pillow to sleep with, a large head pillow, or back support while driving or working at the desk.

Sliced Toast Pillow

Sliced Toast PillowPin

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The pillow is shaped like a thick slice of bread, complete with little legs and arms. The outer part, including the arms and legs, are dark brown, while the face is tan, just like a real slice of toast. Deep-brown eyes and a frown are the only decorations on the face of the bread.

The outer shell is made of polyester, polar fleece, and cotton, filled with high-quality padded cotton.

This pillow will look great as a décor piece on a child’s bed or couch. It will make a great cuddle buddy or sleeping companion.

Pet Bread Pillow

Pet Bread PillowPin

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These pillows are mats for pets to sleep on. They are in the shape and color of a slice of white toast. The outer crust is tan with a cream color on the inside.

The outside of the pillow is made of soft and high-quality faux fur with a foam core.

It is great for cats and small dogs. Children or babies will enjoy squeezing the pillow as well.

French Bread Pillow

French Bread PillowPin

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The pillow is in the shape of a white loaf of French bread. The “cooked” parts are brown with light-tan slices. The top of the pillow has flecks of flour all over.

It is made of polyester with soft polyester filling. The pillow is 11 by 8 by 3 inches. Place on a bed or couch as an extra décor pillow or pillow to use for lounging and sleeping with.

Group the pillow with others that look like foods or with other pillows in similar colors.

Slice of Bread

Slice of BreadPin

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This slice of bread comes with a little friend that is tucked in the slice. A chick’s yellow head pokes out from the smiling piece of bread. Both the bread and chick have embroidered details that show smiling faces and eyes.

The bread has brown arms and legs sticking out. The pillow is made of soft plush to cuddle with or sleep with.

Baguette Pillows

Baguette PillowsPin

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This set of pillows come with two shaped like French baguettes. They are 11 inches long and 2 inches wide. The pillows are in realistic colors to look like real loaves of French bread.

These will make a great gift or extra décor pillows. Use as extra pillows for a couch or bed. Place in a wicker basket near a couch for family and friends to use when needed.

Bread Pillow

Bread PillowPin

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This pillow looks like a thin slice of bread. The outer part is brown, similar to crust, and the inside of the pillow is beige. Two chocolate eyes and a smiling mouth are embroidered on one side of this stuffed pillow.

On the lower right are the words, “cotton food” printed in a chocolate brown. This bread-shaped pillow is made of 100% cotton and is 16 inches wide. It will look great on a couch or bed as an extra pillow.

Add other pillows in brown and beige to match with your slice piece of bread-shaped pillow.

Croissant Neck Pillow

Croissant Neck PillowPin

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Croissant lovers will get a kick out of this pillow shaped like this type of bread. The crescent-shaped pillow is printed in brown and tan to imitate the baked crust of a croissant roll. It looks so real that you almost want to start pulling off the layers of bread on it.

The pillow is made of a plush cover with PP cotton on the inside. Place on a bed or couch as a décor pillow. It will also make a great neck pillow because of its shape. The pillow is 15.7 by 11.8 by 3.9 inches and will make a great addition to your pillows at home.

Toast Pillow

Toast PillowPin

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This toasty pillow is thick and soft enough to squish. The pillow is in the shape of a slice of bread that has just been toasted. There is even some butter on the toast, ready to be spread all over.

A smiling face with two eyes in black are at the bottom. The back is in a light-brown color with no decorations. The pillow is made of polyester fiber and is seven inches long.

This pillow will look cute in a child’s or teenager’s room. It can be placed on a chair or bed with other décor in similar colors.

Sweet Bread Pillow

Sweet Bread PillowPin

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This small pillow is in the shape of sweet bread. Two slices of bread are put together, with a dark-brown center. The center represents hazelnut.

The outer edges of the pillow are brown with a beige center. Brown eyes and a large, brown nose are embroidered in the middle of the face. Two small arms in beige are sewn in the front as well.

Each sweet bread comes in a plastic bag. There are also other types, such as peanut butter and jelly. Purchase one or collect them all.

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