40 Awesome Brown Bedroom Ideas

The color brown is frequently associated with strength, dependability and security. Because it is a natural, earthy color, brown represents feelings of comfort, warmth and safety. Different shades of brown can be considered down-to-earth, sophisticated or casual in their visual effects.

In feng shui, the system known as environmental harmonizing, dark brown symbolizes wood. Light brown shades or beige tones represent earth. In the business fields of marketing and branding, the color brown is connected to reliability, nurturing and stability.

As a natural color that is also known to be restful, brown is an ideal choice for your new bedroom décor.

The following 40 brown-themed ideas for your new or updated bedroom décor will ensure awesome results:

Brown Luxury Bedroom with Carved Wood Bed and Nightstands

Brown Luxury Bedroom with Carved Wood Bed and NightstandsPin

This modern brown-themed bedroom interior features a stunning carved wooden bed with nightstands. The cocoa marble dresser top and brown dresser across the room align with the modern elegance of the bed. The bedding displays a stylish geometric pattern in mocha and light brown with a cluster of matching and complementary pillows, two of which have soft touches of blue.

The pair of soft golden lamps on the nightstands and the wall-mounted round mirror above the bed framed in similar tones of gold add soft brightening accents. The rich brown walls and two sconce lights with dark-brown shades lend depth and warmth. The lightly patterned brown floor tiling and light-brown textured rug complete this charming and restful bedroom interior.

Comfortable Contemporary Bedroom Design in Restful Brown

Comfortable Contemporary Bedroom Design in Restful BrownPin

This contemporary bedroom design offers a relaxing atmosphere highlighted by soft recessed lighting from built-in wall shelves that display potted plants and a brown ceramic vase. The cocoa and white bedding and pillows are highlighted by the lighting above, reflected from the attractive grains and hues of the wall’s wood paneling.

A small wooden table with a matching chair nearby displays a cell phone, alarm clock, lamp and other decorative items. Across the room, a window-wall is enhanced with sheer white curtains and cocoa-brown drapery. On the floor, richly textured dark chocolate-colored carpeting adds dynamic character to the room.

Cozy Boho Style Garret Bedroom with Rustic Wood Walls and Floor

Cozy Boho Style Garret Bedroom with Rustic Wood Walls and FloorPin

In its charming country-cottage setting, this rustic boho-style garret bedroom features glowing natural wood walls and flooring. The dark-brown beams accentuate the pleasing grain of the knotty pine walls. The wide-plank floorboards in shiplap style lend additional emphasis to the rustic allure of this boho attic retreat.

A large arts-and-crafts style high-backed basketry swinging chair suspended from the ceiling displays a light brown cushion and deep chocolate-colored pillow. The glowing light-brown tones of this cozy interior are enhanced by natural light from two-pane windows and strands of bare light bulbs. The low bed’s white and light-brown bedding along with two pale gray pillows and matching gray window curtains lend soft-hued accents.

Large Contemporary Bedroom Interior in Elegant Brown Tones

Large Contemporary Bedroom Interior in Elegant Brown TonesPin

This large contemporary bedroom interior features luxurious brown décor with white and gray accents. The streamlined bed design in dark brown wood is enhanced by a matching bench with a deep cocoa-colored cushion. The bedding in rich chocolate and white lends warmth and style.

Across the room, a molded white chair brightens a section of brown-gray walling and a matching credenza displaying a large dark brown pottery bowl and a glass pedestal base with shells and greenery. A wooden chest, a deep brown wooden ceiling beam and a light brown wall add color and charm to a seating area at the far end of the room with brown window drapes over sheer white-gray curtains. A pair of digital screens, one across from the bed and one above it emphasize the current-day fashion of the room.

Modern Master Bedroom with Brown Décor and Accents

Modern Master Bedroom with Brown Decor and AccentsPin

This warm modern bedroom with earthy brown décor has touches of classical elegance. The golden-brown walls and built-in shelving are highlighted by recessed spot lamps and a modern teardrop chandelier. The stunning dark and light-wood shiplap flooring displays rich shades of deep brown, cocoa and sand hues.

The soft white bedding is decorated with coverlets and pillows displaying dark brown, mauve and rose-red shades. Dark-wood wainscoting on the lower wall behind the bed and a dark wooden door across the room accent the rich warmth of the room. The upper area of this wall in soft white exhibits a dramatic ship-wreck painting framed and bordered in rich tones of mocha.

Brown-Themed Bedroom with Vintage Carved Bed

Brown Themed Bedroom with Vintage Carved BedPin

This bright, charming brown-themed bedroom features a high vintage carved wooden bed in rich brown tones. The ornate carving of the bed’s foot and headboards is repeated in a matching nightstand beside the bed. The patterned cocoa, auburn and tan fabric of the bedspread with its white background is complemented by the white ceiling, window frames and neutral rug.

A pair of sconce lights above the bed and two large pane windows brighten the room with a pleasing glow. Near the windows, a large freestanding retro mirror with an elaborate wood-carved frame reflects the light while lending elegance to the room. The dynamic, rich coloration of the golden-brown walls emphasizes the stylish brown theme of this inviting room.

Cozy Brown Bedroom with Wood-Crafted Desk and Chest

Cozy Brown Bedroom with Wood Crafted Desk and ChestPin

This cozy brown bedroom interior designed in boho style has touches of traditional fashion. The simple bed has wooden crate storage bins underneath as bohemian-mode space savers. The basic white bedspread is decorated with dark brown and cocoa pillows, and sheer neutral curtains cover two tall windows beyond the bed.

A simple boho wood-crafted table-desk with a matching chair displays two clear glass vases, greenery and a coffee cup and saucer. Across the room, a creatively designed wooden chest with beautiful natural hues exhibits books, a strand of small round glowing light bulbs and a slender vase with tall branches. A simple molded neutral chair and shag rug, a wall with lightly patterned brown wallpaper and hardwood flooring accent the gentle brown tones of the room.

Tropical Asian Style Brown Bedroom with Vaulted Wood Ceiling

Tropical Asian Style Brown Bedroom with Vaulted Wood CeilingPin

This serene Asian-style brown bedroom offers a pleasing tropical elegance and natural ambiance. The lofty vaulted ceiling is made of molded bamboo wood with a dark finish. Suspended from the high ceiling is a lovely woven basketry lantern providing soft lighting along with a pair of tall pedestal ceramic bedside lamps.

An elegant canopy bed is the main feature of this interior, displaying sheer curtains on all sides. The white bedding is accented with two dark brown pillows, and a nearby brown wooden couch with a light-brown cushion displays pillows in spring green, amber and gold. Floor-length light-brown curtains dress the tall window behind the couch with its green garden view.

Light Brown Bedroom Interior with Rustic Accents

Light Brown Bedroom Interior with Rustic AccentsPin

This casual-chic modern bedroom includes appealing rustic décor and accents. The light-brown bed displays a tall headboard covered in soft suede, and the bed is decorated with rust-colored bedding with bright tangerine and cocoa-colored pillows. A suede-covered nightstand in tangerine hues displays a large auburn-hued vase and a modern figurative sculpture.

Behind the bed, a rustic wide-plank wooden wall in red oak is enhanced by a wooden shelf with candles and a round light-wood framed mirror. On the nearby wall, a modern minimalist landscape painting in shades of auburn and white lends simplistic style, and windows with Venetian blinds brighten the room. Near the bed, a wooden bench draped with sheepskin, a large woven basket and a light-brown area rug over carpeting of the same tones complete this charming room décor.

Luxurious Bedroom with Elegant Bed and Chest in Rich Brown Leather

Luxurious Bedroom with Elegant Bed and Chest in Rich Brown LeatherPin

In this luxurious modern bedroom interior, the featured item of décor is a king-size bed adorned with a dark chocolate-colored bedspread displaying a bold polkadot design in iridescent pastel pink, gray, cocoa and cream shades. Decorative pillows in deep brown and a brown and cream floral pattern accentuate the overall décor.

The rich dark brown leather of the bed’s headboard is matched by the leather-covered chest-bench at the foot of the bed. A pair of mahogany-toned side tables bordering the bed display slender silver lamps with neutral shades. The richly grained red oak flooring adds color and enlivening charm to this sophisticated room interior.

Stylish Modern Brown Wooden Attic Bedroom Design

Stylish Modern Brown Wooden Attic Bedroom DesignPin

This attractive modern attic bedroom with brown décor offers charming rustic features in an open, uncluttered space. The high garret-style ceiling in light brown shades adjoins a slanted wall with two windows above the bed. Two tall rough-hewn floor-to-ceiling beams in the middle of the room lend rustic accents.

A large wooden platform bed with cocoa, deep brown and white bedding exhibits matching pillows enhanced by two smaller cushions in brown and white checks and solid yellow. A small wooden table with a brown and white coverlet, a wooden nightstand and a soft-brown textured rug on light-wood flooring add subtle highlights. Across from the bed, a deep brown wall displays a large digital screen and a climbing green vine.

Modern Brown Bedroom with Calm, Elegant Comfort

Modern Brown Bedroom with Calm Elegant ComfortPin

In this charming, elegant yet comfortable bedroom interior, the rich brown tones offer a pleasing restful atmosphere. The streamlined bed design displays light-brown and white bedding, and a soft-brown suede bench at the foot of the bed lends quiet, subtle style. Behind the bed, a rich chocolate-toned wall adds color and depth to the room.

A lighter brown wall beyond the bed, sheer mocha drapes and red-brown wall paneling accentuate the multiple brown hues of this interior. Near the window-wall, a small light-brown sofa is decorated with an auburn pillow, and two lamps with rectangular white shades illuminate the seating area. Soft brown carpeting completes the décor with understated elegance.

Sedate Modern Bedroom with Pleasing Brown Color Scheme

Sedate Modern Bedroom with Pleasing Brown Color SchemePin

This brown-toned bedroom interior offers contemporary simplicity and elegance. The large streamlined bed displays a light reddish-cocoa textured bedspread with soft brown and white bedding. The deep brown bed headboard adjoins a dark-wood wall panel and shelf. Above the bed, a rich chocolate-hued wall lends dynamic beauty.

Softly polished hardwood flooring in dark brown shades with golden brown highlights adds a sense of natural luxury to the room. A light brown wall reflects indoor light from an elegant chandelier featuring a modern candlestick style. The large window-wall displays sheer white curtains enhanced by bordering drapes in a pleasing brown and tan pattern.

Low Bed in Rustic Brown-Toned Bedroom with Simple Décor

Low Bed in Rustic Brown Toned Bedroom with Simple DecorPin

In this rustic brown-toned bedroom, the large low vintage bed features a simple dark-wood headboard and soft cocoa bedding accented by a light-brown tasseled throw and bright reddish-brown pillows. Beyond the bed, a bright reddish-brown wall displays three large natural-fiber mats.

On the light wooden floor, a light woven basket on a terracotta tray displays a green plant, and the round light-fiber woven floor mat nearby exhibits a pair of brown slippers with white trim. Across the room is a window with filmy white curtains, and a climbing green vine stretches from the windowsill to a nearby clothing rack with dark brown and white jackets. Near the window, another neutral basket with a brown and white blanket adds rustic accents.

Bright Brown Modern Bedroom with Low Minimalist Bed

Bright Brown Modern Bedroom with Low Minimalist BedPin

This bright and appealing modern brown bedroom features a low minimalist style bed with a rich brown bedspread with a cream-colored border displaying neutral-toned and gold pillows and a simple light-wood headboard. A small wood nightstand, a matching slender desk and a large streamlined wardrobe in similar wood-hues with doors displaying mirrors enhance the room’s bright ambiance.

An abstract painting on the light-brown wall above the desk exhibits brilliant shades of red-brown, tangerine and gold, enhancing the coral-toned window drapery nearby. White-cord see-through curtains in a large fishnet design decorate the window between the colorful drapes. Tall white flowers in a ceramic vase and the natural finish of the light-wood flooring lend pleasing softness to the multiple brown tones of this bedroom décor.

Stylish Master Bedroom Featuring Fashionable Brown Décor

Stylish Master Bedroom Featuring Fashionable Brown DecorPin

This charming master bedroom in fashionable brown tones features a king-size bed with a stylish light-brown quilt, an elegant mocha-hued silk coverlet and pillows in mocha and light brown. The stylish walnut walling behind the bed adds a handsome accenting element. A slender sconce light near the bed and an easel-style floor lamp in rust tones add soft lighting.

At the foot of the bed, a handsome sleek dark-brown leather bench with modern tufting lends sophisticated elegance to the room. Two modern armchairs in medium-brown shades and a small round table with flowers create a comfortable seating area. As an elegant backdrop, the bright window-wall displays sheer white curtains bordered by deep cocoa drapery, and a textured cocoa rug on light-wood flooring complements the overall décor.

Luxury Brown Bedroom with Four-Poster Bed and Fireplace

Luxury Brown Bedroom with Four Poster Bed and FireplacePin

This large and luxurious brown bedroom features a mahogany four-poster bed and a large stone fireplace with a decorative white wooden mantle. The white and rich chocolate-hued bedding complements the similar deep brown tones of the wall beyond the bed. A vintage chest in cocoa and mocha shades lends stylish accents at the foot of the bed. Above the mantel, a wall-mounted digital screen lends a pleasing modern touch.

A medium-brown wall across the room displays a large bay-window style area with double-doors and windows with views of an outdoor garden scene. Decorative elements surrounding the fireplace include a brown wingback chair, an ornate brown and gold vase, a wrought-iron fireplace screen and green vines adorning the mantelpiece. Bordering the bed are a pair of light aqua chests with vintage lamps as the only contrasting elements of color in this brown-themed room.

Cozy Dark Brown Bedroom with Pleasing Contemporary Style

Cozy Dark Brown Bedroom with Pleasing Contemporary StylePin

This calm, relaxing and cozy contemporary bedroom design in appealing dark brown tones welcomes the viewer. The rich deep shades of the wall paneling are softy brightened by a light brown rug. The dark brown bedding features traditional white pillows with decorative brown throw pillows.

Sleek modern wall sconces offer attractive area lighting softened by elegant white shades. A dark brown round minimalist style table with two streamlined parlor chairs with soft white seats lends a sense of casual comfort to the room. The soft chocolate-hued bed quilt also adds the essence of restful comfort.

Elegant Modern Bedroom in Beautiful Brown Tones

Elegant Modern Bedroom in Beautiful Brown TonesPin

The luxurious brown color tones and grains of the elegant hardwood flooring in this modern bedroom are stunning. The streamlined bed frame is covered in soft cocoa suede, and the tall matching headboard displays deep tufting. Behind the bed, the light-brown wall exhibits simple wainscoting and two sconce lights in a simple circular design.

A small darker-toned coca chest beside the bed and a minimalist style decorative mini-truck add simple elements of décor. Across the room, a larger wicker chest in natural brown shades accents a window-wall dressed with sheer white curtains and drapery in deep brown and tan.

Contemporary Brown Bedroom with Soft Natural Light

Contemporary Brown Bedroom with Soft Natural LightPin

This attractive contemporary brown bedroom décor includes a cocoa bed frame attached to ceiling-high padded walling in matching tones of suede. The white bedding is accented by two brown pillows and an olive-toned folded coverlet. The wall continues with a stretch of dark wood paneling that features a large mirror. Both sides of the bed have small, streamlined nightstands with slender, white-shaded lamps, and one side features a mocha-colored easy chair.

Across the room are a modern desk in medium brown tones and an easel-style natural wood floor lamp with a neutral shade. The wide-plank oak wood flooring in shiplap style features two small woven area rugs in warm cocoa shades. One wall displays a row of tall windows with floor-length filmy white curtains bordered by chocolate-hued drapery.

Minimalist Brown Bedroom with Platform Bed and Elongated Lights

Minimalist Brown Bedroom with Platform Bed and Elongated LightsPin

In this inviting minimalist mode modern bedroom interior, the low platform bed displays pleasing deep rich cocoa-toned bedding on a dark chocolate-hued platform made of lustrous hardwood. A light-wood builtin shelf behind the bed and the matching flooring catch and reflect light from two large slender oblong pendant lamps bordering the bed.

A soft brown wall with deeper brown horizontal stripes beyond enhances this contemporary modern bedroom design. Light brown surrounding walls and the matching ceiling lighten the room as well. Nearby smaller pendant lamps join sliding glass doors and a window across the room to lend additional beams of soft lighting.

Brick and Brown Wood Rustic Boho Bedroom Interior

Brick and Brown Wood Rustic Boho Bedroom InteriorPin

The rustic interior of this brick and wood boho bedroom features a vintage brick wall as a rugged backdrop for the simple bed design. A small handcrafted natural wood step-table beside the bed displays a neutral ceramic vase and greenery. A line of hanging bare light bulbs above the bed serve as pendant lighting for the room. The rumpled white bedding displays three throw pillows in soft gold, brown and patterned brown and white.

The rustic dark-wood headboard of the bed offers a shelf on top displaying small white candles and dried brown gourds. In the corner, a tall retro audio speaker in dark chocolate tones adds more boho charm accented by dark brown wall-mounted water pipes and a vintage radiator with a wood-plank shelf beneath a white-shaded window. A full green plant on the shelf and the rustic wooden floorboards lend additional natural elements.

Brown-Themed Bedroom with Large Modern Bed and Natural Light

Brown Themed Bedroom with Large Modern Bed and Natural LightPin

This calm, restful modern brown-themed bedroom with soft natural light glows with sophisticated earthy elegance. The rich tones of the deep cocoa-colored bedding with white and cocoa pillows are further enhanced by a textured coverlet in rich tones of deep pumpkin. A slim-lined natural wood nightstand features books and a round glass vase of tall dried reeds.

A series of tall windows behind the bed features sheer white curtains and deep brown drapery. The smooth parquet flooring displays a thick neutral shag rug and a round natural-fiber woven mat. A handsome copper lantern with a burning candle and a large handled woven basket with a white blanket add warm style and charm.

Warm Brown Bedroom Interior with Rustic Wall and Bed

Warm Brown Bedroom Interior with Rustic Wall and BedPin

In this vintage cottage bedroom, the warm brown colors of the room offer a soft, restful glow. The natural fiber and carved wooden bed frame of the rustic double bed align with the light brown plaster and wood wall beyond. The decorative white pillows and white bedding are accented by a centered pink pillow and a soft pink coverlet.

Beside the bed, a handcrafted round wooden table displays an elaborate white stone sculpture. On the other side of the bed, another round wooden table with wooden spoke supports exhibits a creative pink ceramic lamp with two round frosted white lights. On the floor next to the sculpture, a slender brown and white striped stoneware vase with dried stalks of greenery adds a subtle highlight to the gentle brown overtones of this rustic interior.

Colorful Arts and Crafts Style Bedroom in Warm Brown Tones

Colorful Arts and Crafts Style Bedroom in Warm Brown TonesPin

This creative and cozy arts and crafts style bedroom décor features warm red-browns, rich brown and earthy burnt sienna shades. The bed’s neutral headboard rests against a stunning wood-plank shiplap wall in brilliant tones of amber, terracotta and cocoa. The bedding also offers a multi-colored array of warm brown and dark ochre hues.

With decorative pillows in bright pumpkin, light brown and soft cream, the bed also displays a beautiful soft white knitted blanket and a basketry tray with candles. Behind one side of the bed is a cream-colored wooden folding screen with hanging brown decorations and a natural wood ladder-rack. On the bed’s opposite side are two wooden crate-style tables displaying pottery and bottles. Above one table, a creative sconce light with an amber shade lends stylish accents.

Luxury Brown Bedroom with Platform Bed and Creative Backdrop

Luxury Brown Bedroom with Platform Bed and Creative BackdropPin

This luxurious contemporary bedroom features a brown platform double bed with white bedding accented by an olive coverlet and matching throw pillows. The remainder of the room décor is in pleasing tones of brown except for filmy white window curtains bordered by olive drapes.

Behind the bed, a large and dramatic natural wood wall display includes geometric quilted fabric sections that complement the brown bed and the light mocha rug on a slightly polished light-wood floor. From a soft white drop-down ceiling, two dark brown pendant lamps shed soft spots of light on the bed. A small neutral nightstand displays a small vase with a white flower, and a nearby brown wall lends a calm, restful touch.

Attractive Brown Bedroom with Warm Coloration and Sunlight

Attractive Brown Bedroom with Warm Coloration and SunlightPin

This brown-theme bedroom features a modern wooden platform bed with soft brown and white bedding. Behind the bed, lustrous wooden paneling on the lower wall exhibits lovely color tones of red-brown, golden-brown and mocha. The upper wall displays a cubist wallpaper design in varying shades of medium and light brown.

A beautiful wooden bedside table exhibits similar striking wood tones to that of the paneling. On the floor, the warm cocoa carpeting aligns with the wallpaper, bedding and deeper brown window drapery to celebrate the multiple brown tones of this inviting interior. The sheer floor-length white curtains welcome filtered natural sunlight into this appealing room.

Romantic Brown-Toned Bedroom Décor with 3D Hearts on the Wall

Romantic Brown Toned Bedroom Decor with 3D Hearts on the WallPin

This creative brown bedroom décor displays multiple tones of brown with creative accents. The stylish bedding includes brown and white striped sheets, silky cocoa and tan patterned pillows and blankets in deep olive and burnt sienna shades. An elegant touch is added by an additional coverlet in light brown fur. A handcrafted wooden tray on the bed displays two cups of light coffee.

The red oak flooring lends warmth and depth to the room, and two decorative pillows in deep tangerine and soft pumpkin tones add pleasing accents. The rich chocolate-hued wall behind the bed offers an artistic 3D paper display in origami style of hearts and other forms in cocoa, amber, gold and deep brown with a “Love” theme. Strands of tiny white lights contribute to the charming romantic ambiance of the room.

Cheerful Brown Bedroom in a Log Cabin in Scenic Mountains

Cheerful Brown Bedroom in a Log Cabin in Scenic MountainsPin

In this bright, cheery mountainside log cabin bedroom, warm brown tones are plentiful. The handcrafted log bed frame has pleasing earth tones ranging from deep brown to light golden-tan. The intricately quilted bed cover and decorative pillows feature bird and animal images. Windows behind the bed and pane-glass doors leading to a porch offer a panoramic natural scene framed by tied-back magenta curtains.

The large, rugged ceiling beams and walls of the cabin seem to radiate the pure essence of earth tones. A brown stone wall and a multi-hued rustic mosaic-style stone wall lend vintage style and relaxed charm. A rough-hewn red oak chest and darker table exhibit crafted décor. A central vintage ceiling fan and simple chandelier add more rustic style to this intriguing mountain setting.

Modern Dark Brown Master Bedroom with Red Bed Covers

Modern Dark Brown Master Bedroom with Red Bed CoversPin

Rich deep-brown tones are displayed by the walls and multiple furnishings of this stunning master bedroom interior. The wooden headboard and foot-board of the bed and a modern cushioned bench-chest at the foot of the bed are in appealing shades of luxurious dark brown. A vibrant red bedspread and pillows along with a soft mocha throw pillow with soft decorative effects enliven this fashionably dark interior.

Two handsomely carved mahogany-toned bedside tables display sleek lamps with brown and soft red tones, and two framed prints above the bed lend quiet elegance. A carved wooden armchair, also in mahogany tones, and a small ottoman with a small central embroidered design in red and gold complete the stylish décor. Two windows with translucent light shades and a warm cocoa-colored carpet highlight this sedate room with warmth.

Cozy Scandinavian Style Boho Bedroom with Glowing Brown Hues

Cozy Scandinavian Style Boho Bedroom with Glowing Brown HuesPin

The softly glowing brown hues of this Scandinavian-style boho bedroom offer a warm, welcoming and cozy setting. The large bed with rich cocoa and white bedding and pillows in light mocha, white, gold and cocoa designs bring pleasing natural colors and character to the room. A decorative crafted wall decoration above the bed and a woven straw hat on the bed lend simple charm.

A simply crafted light-wood bench at the foot of the bed, nearby basketry and a light-brown blanket lend attractive natural highlights to the décor. Across the room, a decorative folding screen in intricately designed light-wood tones adds artistic beauty and allure. Beside the screen, a high-backed woven natural-fiber queen’s chair with a molded bamboo frame lends a touch of Asian style to this interior. A small round wall mirror with a natural reed frame along with the light-wood flooring and a round woven floor mat complete the unique and intriguing décor.

Light Brown Modern Bedroom Interior with Soft Pleasing Lighting

Light Brown Modern Bedroom Interior with Soft Pleasing LightingPin

This brown contemporary bedroom décor is brightened and enlivened by soft interior lighting and gently filtered natural light from tall windows. The rich brown bed quilt and folded white throws give the room a feeling of welcoming comfort. A handsome dark brown desk and paired chair with neutral back and seat cushioning lend fashion and elegance to the room.

A matching armchair near the bed complements the attractive desk set. The soft cocoa walls and deep brown woodwork align with the rich brown floor-length drapery over sheer white window curtains. The combination of brown shades and variations that make up this room décor is both dynamic and gentle in effect.

Ornate Brown Shabby Chic Bedroom with Elaborate Gold Details

Ornate Brown Shabby Chic Bedroom with Elaborate Gold DetailsPin

This ornate brown-toned bedroom with elaborate gold embellishments is the perfect example of shabby chic décor. The bed’s lavish satin cushioned headboard with detailed tufting and its elaborate gold frame reflect the aging elegance that is characteristic of this popular style. The warm brown leather bench at the foot of the bed bordered in fluffy fringe displays gilt-gold decorative legs that are also typical of this fashion mode.

Matching bedside tables in highly decorated light cocoa and gold mirror the style of a larger bureau across the room. The golden-cocoa silk bedding with pillow accents in cream, tan and cocoa add further lavish grandeur to the room. Gold decorative items on the bedside tables and bureau complement the fancy gold-framed mirror above the bureau, and the neutral carpet and wall along with a warm mocha wall complete this intriguing interior.

Master Bedroom with Soft Brown Palette in Luxury Apartment

Master Bedroom with Soft Brown Palette in Luxury ApartmentPin

This contemporary master bedroom in a luxury apartment setting offers an attractive soft brown palette with a sense of stylish calmness. The minimalist bleached-wood frame bed displays a rich brown blanket along with white pillows and decorative brown and cocoa cushions in a subtle abstract design. The deep brown nightstands with pristine quartz tops and white siding lend quiet elegance.

Behind the bed, a long wall composed of rich brown rectangular sections offers character and simple style. Sleek overhead lighting and a cluster of slender pendant lamps brighten this sedate interior. Mirrored closet walls near one end of the room reflect the image of this modern tasteful room. The charming oak wood shiplap flooring is the ideal subtle base for this sophisticated soft brown living space.

Contemporary Brown Minimalist Mode Bedroom with Red Pillows

Contemporary Brown Minimalist Mode Bedroom with Red PillowsPin

This simply designed yet dynamic contemporary bedroom interior features a minimalist style double bed with a deep brown low headboard. The neutral bedding displays matching pillows and a pair of bright red textured decorative cushions. Matching mahogany-hued nightstands display a book, greenery in a small glass vase and a taller red-tinted vase with two red and white blossoms.

A row of recessed lighting above the bed highlights two clusters of hanging dried reeds, each displaying a red flower. Recessed brick-brown walling enhances the mocha tones of a simple wall behind the bed as well. Light-wood flooring reflects the attractive subdued lighting of this unique streamlined bedroom interior.

Elegant Modern Brown Bedroom Interior with Stunning Sconce Lights

Elegant Modern Brown Bedroom Interior with Stunning Sconce LightsPin

This restful dark brown modern bedroom design offers quiet elegance enlivened by touches of fresh, bright style. The subtle tones of the medium-brown carpeting are repeated in the tall leather sectioned inset in the wall mounting above the bed. Bordering this leather inset is a soft tangerine-hued border surrounded by deeper brown walling. Two light-wood nightstands absorb and reflect the pleasing tangerine tones above.

Two bright cylindrical wall-mounted sconce lights above the nightstands add touches of stunning brilliance to this otherwise understated décor. A rich brown monochromatic painting hangs on the wall nearby, and a light-brown easy chair and ottoman with a slender shaded floor lamp add casual charm to the room. The soft white bedding with white and light cocoa pillows is accented by a tasseled silk coverlet in rich shades of deep golden cocoa. A wall of door-windows near the bed offers a lovely scenic view.

Luxury Open-Plan Bedroom in Contemporary Vacation Villa Setting

Luxury Open Plan Bedroom in Contemporary Vacation Villa SettingPin

This spacious open-plan bedroom in a contemporary vacation villa features a king-size natural finish timber bed. The white bedding of this king-size bed is accented with warm cocoa throw pillows and a long cocoa woven coverlet with a dark brown elephant design. The medium-brown wall behind the bed is made of large faux-wood tiling with a single high wood-plank shelf with decorative accessories.

A candlestick sconce light is reflected in the tall mirrored closet doors at one end of the room. A dark-brown desk and chair set across from the bed have pleasing light-brown wooden borders. Above the desk, two lightly shaded windows admit bright sunlight, which reflects brightly on a long white wall and along the lustrous light-wood flooring.

Minimalist Style Brown Bedroom and Faux-Stucco Walling

Minimalist Style Brown Bedroom and Faux Stucco WallingPin

This charming, restful minimalist-style bedroom includes a large rich chocolate-colored modern platform bed frame with attached headboard and shelving against the wall. This sizable builtin furnishing sets the pleasing brown tone of this spacious room. Two deep brown pendant lamps on either side of the bed direct soft spots of light at the lovely light-wood floorboards.

The light-brown bedding with solid and patterned pillows in varied shades of brown complement the beautiful faux-stucco walls in textured tones of golden-edged cocoa. In front of a large window-wall, a dark-wood desk with a mocha-hued chair overlooks a stunning green garden view and veranda. Brown and cocoa patterned drapes border sheer white curtains, and both are fully open to expose the scenic outdoor setting.

Elegant Upscale Bedroom with Mirrored and Upholstered Walls

Elegant Upscale Bedroom with Mirrored and Upholstered WallsPin

In this elegant upscale bedroom interior, one wall is mirrored while another features stunning brown suede upholstery. The king-size bed displays mocha bedding with a lovely silk quilt in mocha, deep brown and emerald green. Decorative pillows feature matching fabrics as well as patterned cocoa silk. Across the room, one deep gray-brown wall has doors in light gray and deep mocha.

One mirror reflects the stylish colors of the bed and light from a tall window at the room’s other end. A cocoa-toned carpet adds soft light accents to the overall décor. The wall of mirrors opens up this elegant space, lending depth and character to the unique materials and color scheme of this highly attractive brown-based bedroom.

Modern Brown Bedroom with Charming Twin Beds and Soft Sunlight

Modern Brown Bedroom with Charming Twin Beds and Soft SunlightPin

This restful and appealing modern brown bedroom with attractive twin beds gets soft sunlight from a window with sheer white curtains. Rich dark brown drapes bordering the curtains complement a deep brown wall behind the beds. The two beds have warm brown lightly quilted covers and white bedding with decorative pillows that match the quilted covers.

White-shaded sconce lights on either side of the beds align with a slender modern floor lamp with a white rectangular shade to offer soft indoor lighting. A small round dark-wood table and matching chair near the bed provide cozy seating. The smooth walls and textured carpeting, both in tones of cocoa, lend gentle bright hues to this relaxing, peaceful interior.

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