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18 Awesome Burgundy Vases

If the décor in one of your rooms need updating, add some pieces in a different color. Burgundy is a dark-red color in shades of purple and brown.

Add some beautiful burgundy vases to your home’s décor. Here are 18 beautiful burgundy vases to update your rooms.

Burgundy Floor Vase

Burgundy Floor VasePin

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Add this beautiful burgundy floor vase to your home’s entryway or living room. This vase is made of ceramic in deep shades of red. It is a little over 12 inches tall, so it can be placed on the floor or on a table.

Add some flowers and greenery to the vase, or use alone as a decorative piece. Mix and match with other burgundy-colored décor and vases to create a cohesive look in the room of your choice. The top is dark red that drips down to a lighter red shade.

Gold and Burgundy Vase

Gold and Burgundy VasePin

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This burgundy vase is made of metal and embossed with floral designs all over. This vase is made entirely of metal with shades of red, gold, and brown. At 17 inches tall, it can be displayed on a table or the floor.

Add other pieces of décor in similar colors to match. Display vases and other décor pieces in burgundy in your entryway, bedroom, or living room. The metal burgundy vase will look beautiful being displayed on a mantel, shelf, table, or other place where it will stand out for you to enjoy.

Burgundy Glass Vase

Burgundy Glass VasePin

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This antique pedestal vase will make a beautiful décor addition to your bedroom, living room or entryway. This beautiful burgundy-colored vase is made of glass with an inner liner made of speckled mercury foil.

This vase has floral designs on it and is decorative enough to stand alone, or can have a small floral arrangement added to it. You can also add water to display floating candles inside. This vase is not safe for food.

When dirty or dusty, hand wash the vase with mild soap to clean and enjoy for many years.

Burgundy Dry Vase

Burgundy Dry VasePin

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This gorgeous slim vase is made of mango tree wood. It is painted in dark red with a black center. Flowers are hand-carved over the black part in white, making them stand out against the black and red.

The wood vase is 14 inches high and 3.7 inches wide. You can use it alone or decorate with silk or dried flowers. Place this burgundy vase in the entryway, living room, or guestroom in your home for all to enjoy.

Add other burgundy décor to the room to match with your new vase. You can also decorate with some black and white as well.

Burgundy Bamboo Vase

Burgundy Bamboo VasePin

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This decorative vase is made of natural bamboo and handspun, making each a unique piece of art. The top is natural, with the bottom of the vase finished in red and distressed black. The middle is decorated with broken coconut shells.

Do not add water to your vase. Use alone or you can add dried or silk flowers to the inside. Place on the floor of your entryway or add to a side table.

Display with other décor pieces in tan, red, and black. This vase would look great on a table made of natural bamboo.

Burgundy Pitcher Vase

Burgundy Pitcher VasePin

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This highly decorative pitcher vase is made of ceramic and resin to last a long time for enjoyment. The vase and handle have detailed designs carved into them. The background is sponged on in colors of gold, cream, and copper to make the vase look older.

Burgundy flowers and green leaves are carefully painted against the light background to stand out on this beautiful pitcher. The solid portion around the sponged-on areas is painted a solid burgundy.

Decorate a side table or shelf with this burgundy pitcher vase. Use alone or add silk or dried flowers to the inside.

Burgundy Flower Vase

Burgundy Flower VasePin

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This stoneware vase is made of ceramic and fired to create the deep red and brown colors all over. Each vase is glazed to give them a different look.

These vases are available in several sizes. You can purchase one or one of each to create a set of vases to decorate your entryway, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else you want to display your beautiful ceramic vase.

Add dried or silk flowers to your vase, or use alone and display on a table or on the floor.

Burgundy Gold Vase

Burgundy Gold VasePin

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This vase is hand-painted with gold flowers on a burgundy background. Tiny designs, painted in floral patterns in gold are on the base of this beautiful vase. Use as a décor piece alone, or fill with dried or faux flowers.

Place this burgundy and gold vase on the center of your coffee table in your living room. Add other gold and burgundy décor to the room. Mix and match with other decorative vases throughout the living room as well.

You can also purchase several of these vases and display them on different tables.

Rustic Burgundy Vase

Rustic Burgundy VasePin

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This burgundy vase would look great in a bedroom or living room with a farmhouse design. This metal vase is painted in a weathered red to look rustic with a vintage flair to it. Red roses and green leaves are printed on a worn-looking white background with words related to Valentine’s Day printed in black.

A red and white ribbon with plaid design is tied to the top. Add other rustic-farmhouse décor to your bedroom or living room. Include metal and worn-looking pictures to the wall in similar colors.

This decorative-looking milk can is only for décor and cannot hold water. Use as a décor piece alone, or place faux or dried floral arrangements in it.

Italian Burgundy Vase

Italian Burgundy VasePin

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This gorgeous vase is made in Italy using genuine Murano glass. This hand-made glass vase is in the color of deep burgundy. The thin neck opens up to a wider space at the bottom for a slender and beautiful look.

Place on the dining table as the centerpiece during meals. You can also decorate your coffee table with this glass vase. At 16 inches high, this can also be displayed on the floor of your entryway to greet guests and family that are visiting.

Burgundy Vintage Vase

Burgundy Vintage VasePin

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This galvanized watering can will make a great addition to a room decorated with farmhouse and rustic décor. This metal pitcher is painted over in red with a floral sticker on one side. The top is tied with a plaid ribbon in matching red and white.

The sticker is decorated with red roses and green leaves and black words in block and cursive letters. Do not fill with water, but you can add faux or dried flowers in this can and use as a rustic vase. This vase can also be used alone as a décor piece.

Tall Standing Vase

Tall Standing VasePin

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This floor vase stands tall at 30 inches high. It is made of mango wood and painted in distressed red with black and white details. Stand in your entryway or living room with your other burgundy-colored décor.

Use alone or decorate the vase with various plants, such as dried bundles of long grass, dried branches, and long-stemmed flowers. Mix and match with other vases and décor in black and burgundy.

This tall and thin vase is a great way to add some colorful texture to your home.

Burgundy Swirl Vase

Burgundy Swirl VasePin

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This large Italian vase is made of glass with beautiful swirls of color all over. The vase stands at 13 inches high, and can be used as a floor vase or can be displayed on a table in the living room or bedroom.

This vase is made of glass and swirls in colors of gold, red, orange, and black. Add other vases and décor in similar colors to match. This vase would look great on a coffee table next to a cream or dark-brown couch in the living room.

Use alone or decorate with dry or faux flowers with greenery.

Small Burgundy Vase

Small Burgundy VasePin

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These small glass-made vases are made of Spanish glass in solid red. They come in two different sizes, ranging from five to eight inches high. These bottleneck vases are great to use during the holidays or any time of the year in a bedroom or living room with other red décor.

Add faux or dry flowers and plants in this vase to dress it up. Decorate with holly berries during the holidays. You can also use these vases all year long, just change the plants based on what time of year it is.

Burgundy Vase Set

Burgundy Vase SetPin

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This set of vases comes in a package of three red vases in different sizes. Each vase is small, ranging in size from five to ten inches high and all are three inches wide. Each vase is painted in the same distressed red.

These ceramic vases will add color and style to a living room, bedroom, entryway, or anywhere else you choose to display them. They also make great holiday décor due to their bright-red color.

You can add fake or dry flowers and greenery to each vase. Do not add water. You can also display these vases without plants.

Decorative Burgundy Vase

Decorative Burgundy VasePin

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This elegant burgundy vase will look beautiful when displayed in your living room, entryway, or study. This vase is made of strong, polyresin material to make it last to enjoy.

The floral design on the vase is painted gold with a burgundy background. Match with other décor in a similar design. You can also purchase candlesticks, lamps, and other décor from the same designer to match.

Three Burgundy Vases

Three Burgundy VasesPin

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These vases come in a set of three bud vases made of metal and painted over in red. All are 2.75 inches wide and 4.5 inches high.

These bud vases can be displayed alone, or you can add a small flower or plant to each one. Do not use with water and fresh flowers. You can add faux or dry flowers and plants to these small vases.

Add to your living room, bedroom, entryway, or other place in your home that has some red and metal décor.

Mosaic Burgundy Vase

Mosaic Burgundy VasePin

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Decorate your entryway, living room, or bedroom with this beautiful vase. This vase is made of mosaic glass in different shades of red glass. You can display this vase alone, or with a candle or faux plants and flowers.

Add other glass and red-colored décor to match with your hurricane vase. When dirty or dusty, dry your vase off with a soft and dry cloth to keep clean and looking new.

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