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30 Butterfly-Themed Kitchen Décor Ideas

Butterflies delight many people with their colorful wings and how they flutter from flower to flower in the garden. They are beautiful to watch as well.

Bring in the beauty of butterflies and the outdoors to your kitchen with butterfly décor. Here are 30 butterfly-themed kitchen décor ideas to add to your kitchen design.

Metal Butterfly Wall Art

Metal Butterfly Wall ArtPin

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These three metal butterflies would look great on the wall of a butterfly-themed kitchen. Hang them up together on one wall, or hang on separate walls with other wall décor.

These are small enough to all fit behind a stovetop or other small wall area in the kitchen.
Add plenty of other butterfly décor to the kitchen for an outdoorsy look.

Each butterfly is in a different color and will make a plain white wall pop with color as well as by being three dimensional. Each are made of high-quality metal to last and enjoy for many years.

Butterfly Mat

Butterfly MatPin

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This butterfly mat would look great next to the kitchen sink or stove. It is made of plastic and plenty of foam to allow you to stand on it without getting sore or fatigued. It has a no-slip back to stay firmly in place on the kitchen floor.

Add plenty of butterfly and floral elements to the rest of the kitchen to keep the look the same throughout. Add light green towels or other green décor pieces since this is a dominant color in this rug.

Purchase several of the same rug to make the kitchen floor pop with plenty of color.

Butterfly Clock

Butterfly ClockPin

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Keep time in the kitchen while cooking and baking with this beautiful vintage looking butterfly and rose clock. It is just under 12 inches by 12 inches wide, so just big enough to see anywhere you place it on your kitchen wall. Make sure to get an AA battery to be able to keep time while cooking in the kitchen.

Add other butterfly and rose décor to the rest of the kitchen. You can even display vintage farmhouse décor that looks worn, similar to the look of this clock. Pair up with pictures and other décor to keep it a focal point in the kitchen.

Butterfly Window Drapes

Butterfly Window DrapesPin

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These sheer butterfly window drapes will allow plenty of sunshine to filter into your kitchen area on bright, sunny days. The colorful butterflies allow for some privacy while letting in plenty of light. Use one or both drapes, based on how large your kitchen window is.

Add other butterfly décor to your kitchen to complete the look. The décor can be as colorful as this curtain. You can also add butterfly décor in specific colors, such as orange and green, to bring these out in the curtains.

Butterfly Placemats

Butterfly PlacematsPin

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Butterfly placemats are a great way to serve guests and family their food in your butterfly-themed kitchen. Use a plain tablecloth with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as the centerpiece. Get out your best butterfly-themed china to serve food on to your guests as well.

These placemats are great to use on a plain table, since they will protect the table from spills and scratches. They are stain-resistant and just need to be wiped clean, since they are made of 100% Polypropylene.

Butterfly Wall Decals

Butterfly Wall DecalsPin

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Wow guests with these glittery three-dimensional butterfly wall decals. Place them in unique designs on one kitchen wall, or scatter around the kitchen with other butterfly pictures and wall décor for a unique look. Mix and match these 24 gold butterflies in large and small wall spaces throughout the kitchen.

Just peel and stick to the wall of your choice. If you don’t like how they look, just take off your butterfly stickers from the wall without worrying about leaving any residue behind. These wall decals come in three different sizes for you to add to your kitchen.

Framed Butterfly

Framed ButterflyPin

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Add some realism to your butterfly-themed kitchen with this framed and mounted butterfly. Impress your guests with facts about this blue Morpho butterfly from the Amazon. Double pane glass allows you to see this butterfly in detail from the front and backside.

Purchase several different mounted and framed butterflies for a realistic art area in your kitchen. You can also hang this piece alone or with other butterfly décor. Add other blue features to your kitchen to keep the area cohesive in appearance.

Butterfly Kitchen Towels

Butterfly Kitchen TowelsPin

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This set of three butterfly kitchen towels is perfect for a butterfly-themed kitchen, especially in the springtime. Two of the towels have butterflies on them, while the third has only flowers, but they all look similar in design and color. Add other floral and butterfly elements to the kitchen for the perfect look.

These are made of 100% cotton and easy to clean in the washing machine. Hang these beautiful butterfly kitchen décor pieces on the oven handle to use, or leave out just to display in your butterfly themed kitchen as décor pieces.

Metal Butterfly Wall Art

Metal Butterfly Wall ArtPin

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This brightly-colored metal butterfly wall art piece would look great in a butterfly-themed kitchen with similar colored décor items. Mix and match with butterfly and floral wall pieces to create an indoor butterfly garden in your kitchen for you and guests to enjoy while visiting and cooking in the kitchen area.

This butterfly wall art piece is made of durable metal to last and enjoy for a long time. Each piece is individually designed to keep them unique. They are approximately 12 by 12 inches on each side, so you can hang one in a small area, like above the stove or pair with other wall décor on a larger wall space.

Butterfly Kitchen Runner Rug

Butterfly Kitchen Runner RugPin

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This runner rug will look great in your butterfly-themed kitchen. It will also add plenty of color and design if you have a plain kitchen floor. Multi-colored butterflies fly around flowers and other floral designs on a tan background.

The dark brown border makes the light tan and other light colors stand out on this runner rug. Mix and match with other butterfly themed rugs. Add other décor with butterflies and flowers to keep the same design throughout your kitchen.

Just vacuum and spot clean to keep your rug looking new and to help it last.

Butterfly Metal Wall Art

Butterfly Metal Wall ArtPin

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This beautiful metal wall art will look great next to the burners or on another small wall space in your kitchen. Pink, blue, and green butterflies fly around pink and yellow flowers on this colorful metal wall sculpture. Mix and match with other wall art for a colorful wall.

You can also decorate your wall with other butterfly metalwork for a three-dimensional look. Easily hang your butterfly wall décor on the kitchen wall of your choice with a hook that is already attached to the back of the metal piece. Hammer a nail in the wall, then your metal art will be ready to hang for you and guests to enjoy.

Butterfly Wall Art Quotes Set

Butterfly Wall Art Quotes SetPin

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Decorate your kitchen wall with these cute butterfly quote prints. Each canvas has different butterflies flying around a different motivational quote. These canvases are not framed, so that you can choose frames to go with the rest of your kitchen décor and colors.

Once you have your butterfly quote canvases framed, hang them side by side or in different patterns on your kitchen wall. Place the canvases on the same wall, or spread them out throughout the kitchen with other butterfly décor.

Butterfly Curtains Set

Butterfly Curtains SetPin

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This adorable curtain set is just what your butterfly-themed kitchen window needs. The set comes with four different curtain pieces and a rod to cover windows in two different sizes. Colorful butterflies fly on a white background with a green border for a fun and colorful look.

Enjoy plenty of privacy and some sunlight when you install this curtain set on your kitchen window. Purchase kitchen mats in similar styles separately and other butterfly themed kitchen décor to keep this look cohesive in your kitchen space.

Butterfly Ceiling Fan Pull

Butterfly Ceiling Fan PullPin

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This cute butterfly ceiling fan pull is just what you need to dress up the fan in your kitchen. The monarch butterfly seems to float from the chain that can adjust the speed of your fan, as well as turn it off and on. Mix and match with other butterfly fan chains if you need more than one.

Add other butterfly décor in your kitchen. You can even decorate the rest of your kitchen with just monarch butterflies. Add kitchen towels and décor in orange and black to emphasize the monarch butterfly’s wings.

Black and White Butterfly Wall Art

Black and White Butterfly Wall ArtPin

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Place these black, white, and blue butterfly canvas prints above the dining or other area in your kitchen. Each canvas is decorated with a dark blue and black butterfly. Each butterfly dances around bright blue flowers on a light gray background.

Place these prints vertically in the dining area of your kitchen to make them look longer, or mix and match with other butterfly wall décor on several walls in your kitchen. Add décor in blues and grays if you want these colors to remain dominant in your kitchen design.

Butterfly Kitchen Utensil Holder

Butterfly Kitchen Utensil HolderPin

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Place all of your kitchen utensils in this cute butterfly and flowers utensil holder. Multi-colored butterflies fly around pink and red flowers on branches with a cream-colored background. Inside is the same cream color as the outside. A dark, scalloped design borders the bottom of the holder.

You can also use this container to display a bouquet of flowers, or use as a cooler for cold drinks. Make sure to have this out to display with other butterfly and flower décor you have in your kitchen.

Butterflies and Birds Wall Art

Butterflies and Birds Wall ArtPin

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Place these cute butterfly and bird canvas wall art pieces on your kitchen wall to brighten up the area. Each canvas has a different bird and butterfly surrounded by a variety of plants on a light tan background.

Place the canvases side by side to make them appear longer on a long wall. You can also create a larger image by placing them in a square design. Hang them together on one wall or scatter on several walls in your kitchen with other butterfly decor.

Butterfly Candleholders

Butterfly CandleholdersPin

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Place these two butterfly candleholders on your kitchen counter or kitchen breakfast nook as a bright and colorful centerpiece. Each glass candleholder is painted with orange butterflies and purple flowers with a purple border at the top. Tea light candles will shine through the cracked glass when lit.

Add some orange and purple décor in your kitchen. You can also decorate with other colorful butterflies, such as butterfly pictures, table place holders, butterfly and flower figures, and more.

Butterflies Wall Clock

Butterflies Wall ClockPin

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Hang up this butterfly wall clock to keep time while cooking and baking in your kitchen. An orange, blue, and green butterfly fly around a vintage tan background. The black numbers, dots, and clock hands are easy to see against the light colors of the butterfly scene.

This clock is 12 inches long, so it should fit on many different wall spaces in your kitchen. Make sure to purchase AA batteries to keep your butterfly clock running while using it in your kitchen.

Mix and match with other butterfly and vintage décor in your cooking and baking space.

Butterfly Canister Set

Butterfly Canister SetPin

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This butterfly canister set will look gorgeous on a butterfly themed kitchen countertop. Each canister is a different size, painted with different colored butterflies and flowers against a white background.

Place sugar, cookies, or other kitchen items in each canister, or keep empty to display on your kitchen counter as part of your kitchen butterfly décor collection.

These beautiful canisters are made of white porcelain and are dishwasher safe so that you can clean them to enjoy for many years.

Butterfly Oil Bottle Set

Butterfly Oil Bottle SetPin

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Add your favorite olive oil and vinegar to these bottles. Each bottle is decorated with beautiful flowers and butterflies to display in your kitchen when not in use. Store your favorite oil or salad dressing in each bottle to use and display when guests are present.

Mix and match this butterfly oil bottle set with other butterfly and flower décor in the rest of your kitchen.

Butterfly Dinnerware Set

Butterfly Dinnerware SetPin

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Display this beautiful dinnerware set in your china cabinet for guests and family to enjoy while visiting and for dinner parties. The different sizes of cups and plates each have a unique design of beautiful butterflies and flowers. These are made of white porcelain and can be safely used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Place the dinnerware pieces on butterfly placemats with other butterfly décor on and around the table for a springtime lunch or dinner party. Use a white tablecloth or white lace tablecloth so that the focus can be on the dinnerware and décor.

Butterfly Magnets Set

Butterfly Magnets SetPin

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Decorate your refrigerator with this set of six colorful butterfly magnets. At 1.98 by 1.65 inch, each butterfly is large enough to hold one or more pieces of paper on the refrigerator. Display reminders, children’s artwork, and other important paperwork on your refrigerator door with these colorful butterfly magnets.

Each butterfly is made with soft magnets and epoxy so that they won’t break when dropped. Each butterfly is made in a different design and color to create a colorful refrigerator door. You can also create different designs based on where you place each butterfly.

White Butterfly Clock

White Butterfly ClockPin

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Keep time in your kitchen with this decorative butterfly clock. This vintage-inspired clock is decorated with a print of several blue swallowtail butterflies flying above a pink and yellow rose. The white background has a vintage print to give it a rustic look.

The numbers, lines, and clock hands are black to be easily seen from a distance while cooking and baking in the kitchen. Decorate the rest of your kitchen with a mix of butterfly and vintage décor for a rustic farmhouse look.

Butterfly Window Valance

Butterfly Window ValancePin

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Dress up the top of your kitchen window with this pretty butterfly valance. The sheer polyester allows plenty of sunlight in while decorating the top of your window. Colorful butterflies fly around tan-colored flowers and branches all over the valance.

Purchase butterfly curtains separately for some more privacy and to complete your window treatment design. Machine wash in cold water when dirty to keep this durable valance available to use for many years.

Decorate the rest of the kitchen with flowers and butterflies for an outdoor garden look.

Butterfly Floor Mat

Butterfly Floor MatPin

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Place this beautiful blue butterfly floor mat in your kitchen for extra comfort when cooking or baking. A bright blue butterfly flies around cream-colored flowers on a light purple background for a whimsical look. Purchase several of these to really brighten your kitchen floors and for added design.

This mat is made of soft material for a comfortable feel when on your feet. The backing is made of non-skid material so you don’t have to worry about sliding and falling on the hard kitchen floor.

When dirty, place your mat in the washing machine for clean mat that will last for years with the right care.

Black Butterflies Wall Décor

Black Butterflies Wall DécorPin

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Decorate your kitchen walls with these butterflies. All three butterflies are in the same patterns and design, outlined in mat board. Spray paint your butterflies in colors to match the rest of the décor in your butterfly themed kitchen.

Each butterfly easily sticks to the wall with removable putty for a 3D effect. Bend the wings or leave flat against the wall. Butterflies range from 8 by 5 to 11 by 7.5 inches to fit a variety of walls and spaces.

Purchase several sets to have butterflies flying all over your walls, or mix and match with other wall décor.

3D Butterfly Wall Décor

3D Butterfly Wall DécorPin

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Create a butterfly lover’s paradise in your kitchen with this 72-piece set of butterfly wall décor stickers. This set comes with butterflies in six colors and four sizes to mix and match for unique wall décor designs. Mix and match to fit any design you want to make with these butterfly wall stickers.

If you don’t like how your butterfly design comes out, just remove and place your butterflies somewhere else. You can attach these plastic butterflies to your wall with foam dots that can be removed. Move the antennae and wings out for more of a three-dimensional look on your kitchen walls.

Use these butterflies alone or with other butterfly décor to create a unique wall in your kitchen.

Butterfly Placemats

Butterfly PlacematsPin

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Place these four reversible placemats on your dining table for visiting friends and family. Each side has blue and black butterflies flying around the words, “live, laugh, love” on a light tan background. A matching border with floral designs in blues and tans are around each side of the mats.

Use with plain dishware, or match up with china decorated with butterflies and flowers. These rectangular placemats are made of plastic and are easy to clean by wiping with a cloth. Add other blue and tan décor to match with this pretty butterfly mat set.

Blue Butterfly Curtains Set

Blue Butterfly Curtains SetPin

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This blue and white butterfly curtain set would go great with the placemat set mentioned in the previous section. Blue butterflies fly around blue-colored roses on a white background. The top of each curtain is decorated in the same blue with white and black zig-zag stripes.

This set also comes in red, fuchsia, and cinnamon to match a variety of décor colors. Enjoy as much or little sunlight with these curtains that can also double as décor in a butterfly-themed kitchen.

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