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12 Butterfly Tablecloths with Fashionable Style and Allure

Most people agree that butterflies are beautiful and fascinating creatures. We are accustomed to seeing them flying around, landing on leaves and flowers. Yet if the temperature dips below 55 degrees F, they lose their ability to fly.

Butterflies have taste receptors located on their feet to help them find nectar, their main source of food. They also get essential nutrition by drinking from mud puddles, which have high contents of salt and minerals. (They do this gracefully, to avoid soiling their colorful wings.)

These beautiful, stylish and intriguing insects can see a variety of ultraviolet colors, which are not visible to the human eye.

The following twelve butterfly-theme tablecloths offer elegant, appealing style and unique allure:

Blue Butterflies Round Table Cover for Holiday Parties

Blue Butterflies Round Table Cover for Holiday PartiesPin

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This beautiful blue butterfly tablecloth design features large, stunning butterfly images on white lace-trimmed fabric. Designed for use on a round table, it is perfect for birthday parties, family dinners and holiday celebrations. Made of durable polyester fabric, this tablecloth is heat resistant and rarely wrinkles.

Two of the butterflies in this bright, creative fabric design have pumpkin-colored sections on their wings. This dynamic cloth offers casual elegance for your next party or other special event. With blue, white, gold and amber wall decorations, place mats and party hats, this stylish tablecloth is the only other decorative item you need.

Hippie Flying Butterfly Tablecloth for Colorful Party Décor

Hippie Flying Butterfly Tablecloth for Colorful Party DécorPin

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As a lighthearted, colorful table décor, this hippie style flying butterfly tablecloth will light up your party or dinner table. With cafe or dining chairs covered in matching fabric, you will feel like celebrating every day. The vibrant display of large multi-colored butterflies all in flight offers a dramatic entertaining and dining decoration.

This artistic butterfly fabric design is ideal for a country-cottage or boho-style interior. Children are fascinated by this large, bold and beautiful table décor, and adults are drawn to its vibrant character. This cloth is made of tight-weave polyester, and it can be machine washed in cold water and air-dried.

Vivid Butterflies Collage with Floral Branches Design

Vivid Butterflies Collage with Floral Branches DesignPin

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This detailed butterfly-print tablecloth features every color of the spectrum in a highly appealing design. It is equally appealing for a cheerful breakfast table setting or an outdoor deck or terrace gathering. Its many vivid and pleasing hues make this tablecloth design easy to pair with bright pink, violet, aqua or gold party plates, napkins and decorative streamers and bows.

This tablecloth is made of 100 percent vinyl overlaying a 100 percent flannel backing. It is durable and designed for long-term use, and this cloth is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. This dynamic and colorful cloth design also makes a lively and desirable wall hanging for a party, dinner or other special event.

Sunflower and Butterfly Round Vintage Tablecloth Design

Sunflower and Butterfly Round Vintage Tablecloth DesignPin

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This large and colorful round tablecloth design features sunflowers and Monarch butterflies in a decorative display. The appealing color scheme of this table décor includes the warm golden-yellow, brown and green of the sunflower blooms and foliage. Enhanced by the stunning amber, brown and gold of the Monarch butterfly’s coloring, this stylish cloth pattern offers vibrant warmth.

Made of strong and durable polyester, this table covering is water resistant and spill-proof. This tablecloth is an excellent choice for use on farmhouse or boho style dinner, kitchen, party and holiday tables. It is also a desirable gift during the winter holidays and for birthdays and bridal showers.

Creative Round Butterfly Pattern Table Cover

Creative Round Butterfly Pattern Table CoverPin

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The creative, colorful and whimsical butterfly design of this tablecloth is lighthearted and uplifting. A single line of multi-hued butterflies with flowers and leaves stretches across this stylish table covering. On a crisp white cloth, this pattern is charming, and its unique display is well-suited to a round-shaped table.

Made of 100 percent PVC, this tablecloth is washable and can be wiped clean after meals with a damp sponge. For a holiday snacking, patio parties and poolside gatherings, this artistic design makes an attractive table cover. You can accent the pleasing colors of this butterfly cloth with a pink shag rug and violet flowered wall and ceiling streamers.

Floral Springtime Outdoor Tablecloth with Abstract Butterfly Silhouettes

Floral Springtime Outdoor Tablecloth with Abstract Butterfly SilhouettesPin

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This decorative floral picnic table cover with its abstract butterfly silhouettes motif is ideal for outdoor gatherings. In springtime flower shades of purple and lilac, this cheerful design complements and accents natural hues of your flowering garden. Made of 100 percent high-quality polyester, this cloth has smooth, hand-sewn finished edges.

This refreshing spring-like tablecloth design is also perfect for enclosed patio or deck parties during colder weather. Its light, uplifting hues and butterfly theme can brighten bleak winter days or dark, rainy days in early spring. This unusual table covering can offer decorative style to a boho, retro or modern minimalist interior with hardwood floors or grey and white tiling.

Pink Printed Tablecloth with Delicate Flower and Butterfly Motif

Pink Printed Tablecloth with Delicate Flower and Butterfly MotifPin

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Inspired by a real-life garden interior, this lovely white tablecloth displays a delicate flower and butterfly print. With its fresh springtime colors of pink, violet, blue and green, this classic-style cloth brightens tables throughout the year. With this elegant table cover decorating your autumn or winter brunch or dinner table, the meal will be brightened by an ambiance of springtime warmth.

The fabric of this tablecloth consists of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester, and it is fade-resistant and durable. This tablecloth design is perfect for use in a traditional classic setting. Yet it can be just as effective when included in a contemporary-chic dining room or another entertainment area.

Brilliant Watercolor Styled Butterfly Tablecloth Collage

Brilliant Watercolor Styled Butterfly Tablecloth CollagePin

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This cheerful tablecloth display features a brilliant watercolor-styled butterfly print. The bright, vibrant tones of red, blue, yellow and aqua in this happy, uplifting table covering design bring joy to your birthday, baby shower or holiday celebrations. Colors affect our moods, so why not lift every party guest’s spirits by including this brightly hued table cover in your next party-room décor?

This attractive round lightweight butterfly tablecloth is made of 100 percent vinyl overlaying a 100 percent polyester flannel backing. It is ideal for party decorations in a child’s streamlined modern playroom with blue, red or yellow painted walls. Even in a white or neutral-toned traditional interior, this dynamic tablecloth design will enliven the entire room.

Birds and Butterflies Among Flowers Tablecloth Motif

Birds and Butterflies Among Flowers Tablecloth MotifPin

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This elegant tablecloth décor displays a beautiful motif of birds and butterflies among flowers. On a light olive green patterned background decorated with graphics of vintage drawings postmarked “Flora and Fauna Post,” this table cover design has touches of Asian style.

Made of 100 percent vinyl overlaying a 100 percent polyester flannel backing, this spill-proof tablecloth is durable and easy to clean. This table covering looks elegant when used in a neutral-toned room with rustic shabby-chic décor. It can be equally attractive in a sleek modern minimalist interior for a touch of sophisticated artistry.

Doily Boutique Tablecloth Embroidered with Butterflies

Doily Boutique Tablecloth Embroidered with ButterfliesPin

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This doily style boutique tablecloth, or “table topper square” is decorated with embroidered multi-colored butterflies. On an ivory background, the stylish, colorful squared design of Art Deco mode butterflies resembles stained glass. The center of the square and the outside border in light grey-blue lend subtle, quiet elegance to the cloth’s overall theme.

This square table topper is attractive as a full tablecloth on a small square table. It is equally attractive as a central decorative item on a larger rectangular tabletop. This unique tablecloth is stunning when accented with silver and black or white and gold accessories in a classic or contemporary interior.

Christmas Season Round Flying Butterfly Tablecloths Motif

Christmas Season Round Flying Butterfly Tablecloths MotifPin

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This beautiful bright graphic print of large red, green, blue and gold clustered butterflies in flight is captivating. The butterflies seem to be leaving the tabletop to soar upward. The holiday colors will bring a sense of joy and celebration to your dinner or party table.

This 100 percent polyester tablecloth is splash-proof and stain-proof and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The bright, dynamic butterfly print on a soft white background complements the natural beauty of mahogany, walnut or cherry wood furnishings. It can lend creative elegance to a large, open farmhouse style dining area or a small, intimate country-cottage cafe table.

Large Round Butterfly Print Tablecloth with Lace Edges

Large Round Butterfly Print Tablecloth with Lace EdgesPin

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This large, sophisticated butterfly print tablecloth design with non-slip lace edging lends subtle fashion to your holiday table. Designed for round tabletops, this light silver-blue cloth with white and deeper blue butterfly designs is beautiful with vintage silver or antique pewter trays, pitchers and candlesticks.

For more casual parties and events, this tablecloth is also highly effective with handcrafted wooden serving trays and bowls. By adding fragrant evergreen branches with red or silver bows, you can create an attractive and welcoming holiday table setting. This durable polyester table covering will not fade or shrink when washed and can last for many future winter holiday events.

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