24 Innovative Cactus Room Décor Images and Ideas for Fresh Home Interiors

Cactus plants are popular items of interior decor in many homes today. They bring to mind images of bright sunlight in dry climates and starlight over open, arid nighttime terrain. Yet cacti are popular food items and have multiple health-promoting properties as well.

Over 200 different cactus species have been identified, and beneath their prickly exteriors, these plants contain valuable nutrients. Nopal cactus plants (“prickly pear cactus”) contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are part of many people’s daily diets.

Fresh innovative and inspiring images and ideas for attractive new room interiors during your home decor update include the following:

Spacious and Bright Room with Appealing Cactus Decor

Spacious and Bright Room with Appealing Cactus DecorPin

The beautiful neutral shades of this spacious room’s furnishings are set aglow by sunlight shining through tall windows. Floor-length filmy beige curtains filter the natural light, creating a warm desert-like interior. The natural fiber floor cushion lends casual style.

Emphasizing the room’s open, outdoor atmosphere are the unfinished natural wood sofa frame and earth-color pillow fabrics. Ladder-style shelving filled with cacti and cactus plants on the low chest and floor complete this desert-room decor.

Calm Living Space Design in Grey and Black with Casual-Chic Cactus Room Decor

Calm Living Space Design in Grey and Black with Casual-Chic Cactus Room DécorPin

This sleek modern living room in varied tones of grey and black offers a calm, restful ambiance. Its outstanding features include a tall cactus plant and two smaller ones in attractive light grey floor urns. Across the room, more cacti and pottery decorate tall ladder-shelving and a low maple-wood credenza.

A framed wall-mounted cactus print repeats the room decor’s cactus motif. The imposing black wall with a series of small white accents resembles a star-lit night sky. Below, the minimalist grey couch and stunning black and white square-patterned rug lends a sense of stylish order.

Charming Bedroom Corner with Large Window and Cactus Wall Poster

Charming Bedroom Corner with Large Window and Cactus Wall PosterPin

A large window with floor-length sheer white curtains lights this inviting bedroom corner. An outstanding feature is the framed wall poster displaying a large potted cactus plant in black, white and gray. Black and white striped bed pillows add pleasing accents.

The medium-toned grey bedspread fringed in black complements the poster and the stylish woven rug in black and white geometric patterns. Designed in a simple rustic fence mode, the natural pine-wood headboard and simple bedside table add outdoor freshness to this room decor.

Beautiful Green Interior Space with Cactus and Vertical Garden

Beautiful Green Interior Space with Cactus and Vertical GardenPin

This welcoming open-concept home interior has an appealing grass-green wall leading into a larger area. This room’s decor includes bookcase-style shelving full of cacti and other plants and potted cactus plants nearby. The casually draped sofa is decorated with many pillows in light green and black-and-white plus a forest-green throw.

A narrow lush green window-wall of climbing vines forms a beautiful vertical garden at one end of the sofa. The simple wooden desk and chair and sand-colored natural fiber rug lend pleasing simplicity to the decor. As a central focal point, the stunning handcrafted redwood table near the sofa, although small, serves as a mini coffee table.

Colorful Bedroom with Rustic Brick Wall and Cactus Plants

Colorful Bedroom with Rustic Brick Wall and Cactus PlantsPin

This warm, inviting bedroom interior has a multi-colored rustic brick wall serving as a background for the double bed. Soft lavender blankets are accented by framed geometric wall-mounted prints above the bed and a rustic crate night table.

Two farmhouse style wire pendant lamps and an abstract open-wheel wall-piece design enhance this artistic room decor. A number of potted cactus plants adorn a decorative walnut chest and textured wall panel nearby the bed. The nubby, natural fiber rug adds a sense of calm relaxation.

Multi-Functional Loft Apartment with Casual-Chic Fashion

Multi Functional Loft Apartment with Casual Chic FashionPin

This attractive modern loft living area is abundant with varied types of potted floor and shelf cacti and hanging plants. Even the desk against the far wall is decorated with green, healthy cactus room decor.

Designed with neutral shades of decor, this large open living space is enhanced by the natural sand-colored woven fiber rug. The glow of the light hardwood flooring adds natural warmth to the room. At one side, a charming suspended hammock with a neutral-tone pillow and a white tasseled throw make this space a home.

Green Corner Haven with Cacti in Modern Apartment Layout

Green Corner Haven with Cacti in Modern Apartment LayoutPin

This warm, cozy corner green garden haven in a large, loft-style room offers a canary-yellow modern easy chair. The stylish and comfy chair is bordered by a group of potted floor cacti and other lush green plants.

The nearby window sill is also adorned with cacti, and an additional plant is suspended from above. A delightful miniature three-legged round table beside the chair adds to the warmth of this window-side garden.

Scandinavian Interior Display of Cacti and Succulent Plants

Scandinavian Interior Display of Cacti and Succulent PlantsPin

This fresh, appealing display of cacti and succulent plants gives this room interior a light, uplifting atmosphere. The healthy, thriving green plant life against the light hues of the Scandinavian hardwood tabletop is pleasing.

More plants on the floor beneath the table add a sense of stability to this lush green table garden exhibit. With the background of a soft grey wall, this growing garden decorates and enlivens the room with natural allure.

Minimalist Style Living Area with Coral-Pink Walls

Minimalist Style Living Area with Coral Pink WallsPin

With bright coral-pink walls and floor, this minimalist-style living space is furnished sparsely yet dynamically. The slim bright aqua sofa is paired with a small pink table with a matching pendant lamp suspended above. To one side, two cylindrical forms in muted pink join the few room accessories.

The single tall, slender cactus plant in a light pink cylindrical pot on a pink cabinet-top adds green character. Standing alone, it gains visual power and presence as the one natural, live item of decor in the room.

Laundry or Bathroom Cacti Decor on Window Sill

Laundry or Bathroom Cacti Decor on Window SillPin

This dreamy interior scene displays a row of cactus plants on a window sill overlooking outdoor trees and foliage. The soft green of outdoor and indoor plant life seem to merge into a single natural setting.

The stack of fluffy, pristine white towels on the smooth white counter-top add to the soft, quiet ambiance of this interior. The dark grey and black flower pots and the black inner border of the window frame define the space in this merging collage of soft colors.

Tabletop Display of Flowers, Cacti and Aloe Vera Plant

Tabletop Display of Flowers Cacti and Aloe Vera PlantPin

This lovely arrangement of pink peonies, a large aloe vera plant and two small cacti beside a window is elegant. The mix of pink and grey flower pots in combination with the small pink candle enhances this delightful plant decor.

Hanging green vines extend the visual impact of this pleasing display. Surrounded by the white tabletop, white painted wood paneling and white Venetian blinds, this window-side floral exhibit is compelling. It brings natural allure indoors to color and brightens this interior.

Stylish Mexican Bedroom Decor with Flowers and Cacti

Stylish Mexican Bedroom Decor with Flowers and CactiPin

This enchanting Mexican bedroom decor is accented by beautiful deep red-violet flowers and two tall cactus plants. The attractive black and white bedspread pattern is brightened by the deep pink headrest behind black, white and grey pillows.

The colorful framed wall-mounted painting, mirror and bright pink and chocolate-hued throws resting on a ladder-rack glow cheerfully. The attractive basketry, sand-colored floor mat, large round glass flower vase and redwood stand add glamour to the room’s decor.

Creative Cactus-Theme Room Decor Products to Enliven Your Interiors

Cactus Watercolor Prints as a Charming Set of Four

Cactus Watercolor Prints as a Charming Set of Four

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These engaging cactus watercolor prints are ideal for decorating the walls throughout your home. They are sold as a set of four 8 by 10-inch designs that are printed on card-stock for easy framing. Offered by the Maria Inc. brand, these items of cactus-theme artwork are in popular demand.

You can add glamour and style to any room with these bright, colorful works of art. They complement many different modes of decor. These unique prints also make wonderful holiday gifts for friends and family members alike. As gifts, they will be greatly appreciated.

Cactus-Theme Canvas Laundry or Toy Boxes for Children’s Rooms

Cactus-Theme Canvas Laundry or Toy Boxes for Children's Rooms

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These bright green and white square canvas storage bins with their attractive cactus theme are waterproof and durable. Measuring 13 inches on all sides, these handy bins are made of 85 percent cotton/linen and 10 percent PE with leather handles. They are made by the Langyashan brand.

Displaying cactus designs in an appealing cartoon style, these storage bins can be used for many different purposes. They are attractive and useful items of decor for kids’ rooms, craft rooms, baby nurseries, laundry rooms and dens. Even home offices brighten with the addition of one or several of these decorative canvas bins.

LED Cactus Night Table Lamp for Kids’ Bedrooms or Party Decor

LED Cactus Night Table Lamp for Kids' Bedrooms or Party Decor

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This LED cactus lamp is ideal for a cheerful, sparkling table lamp in children’s bedrooms. Its soft, magical light is never too bright, but adds a soft reassuring glow to kids’ rooms at night. Made by the Koicaxy brand, this unique lamp design can be hung on the wall as well.

As a popular party decoration, your cactus-theme lamp will draw plenty of attention from guests, from young kids to adults. In your entertainment room or placed on a table for your outdoor deck party, this stylish lamp delights everyone.

Cactus Room Decoration for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen or Den

Cactus Room Decoration for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen or Den

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This colorful boho style wall decor canvas depicting a vivid cactus design comes in a set of three panels. Each panel measures 12 by 16 inches. The printed theme includes green tropical cactus plants and flowers painted on a wooden background by Yoooahu brand designers.

The bold, bright, vivid style of this desirable cactus theme canvas display adds an exotic bohemian ambiance to your room decor. The vibrant combination of green cactus plants and bold pink flowers on a repurposed wooden plank background is highly appealing.

Floral Cactus Backdrops for Parties and Other Special Events

Floral Cactus Backdrops for Parties and Other Special Events

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This lively floral cactus backdrop design measures 5 by 3 feet. Made from professional photography cloth, its vivid design is achieved by computerized printing techniques. This fabric product is lightweight and easy to fold up and carry.

It is also easy to clean and maintain for long-term use and enjoyment. This creative backdrop provides a pleasing artistic touch to any birthday party or other special event. This item has been used for weddings, holiday parties and office celebrations.

Colorful Shower Curtain Displaying Cactus Under Blue Sky

Colorful Shower Curtain Displaying Cactus Under Blue Sky

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This enchanting and colorful shower curtain depicts a beautiful outdoor scene of a tall cacti and other plants. Overhead is a brilliant blue sky with light, fluffy clouds. This curtain measures the standard 72 by 72 inches.

Made of imported polyester fabric, this curtain exhibits vibrant colors in precision designs. These effects are created using advanced digital printing techniques. This waterproof, eco-friendly curtain is ideal for your home bath shower or for use as a beautiful wall hanging.

Potted Cactus Flower Design for Linen Pillow Cover

Potted Cactus Flower Design for Linen Pillow Cover

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This delightful arty design of potted cactus plants and flowers makes an ideal decorative pillow cover. This cover from the Bnitoam brand adds color and vitality to any room in your home. It is suitable for living room, den, bedroom, solarium or outdoor deck chair decor.

Made of cotton and linen with an invisible zipper, this cushion cover measures 12 by 20 inches. It is machine washable in cold water, and the fabric will not fade, streak or stretch. You can either tumble-dry or air-dry this item for best results.

Cactus Hanging Storage Bag for Various Essential Items

Cactus Hanging Storage Bag for Various Essential Items

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This convenient hanging storage bag with separate pockets is ideal for storing keys, glasses, smartphones, earbuds and other incidental items. Whenever you need to leave home quickly for work, school or social events, you know where to find these items.

Produced by the Ricye brand, these pocket bags hang neatly on closet walls or the backs of doors. Since they are decorative and colorful, you may want to display them in your bedroom or home office as items of decor. This storage bag measures 21.6 by 9 inches and has three storage pouches.

Cactus Plant Bedding and Girls’ Duvet Cover Set

Cactus Plant Bedding and Girls' Duvet Cover Set

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This highly appealing cactus plant pattern bedding and duvet cover for girls transforms every little girl’s bedroom into a wonderland. This bright, natural plant design makes charming decor that enlivens and enhances the entire room.

As a unique design from the FenDie brand, this item is growing rapidly in demand. Made of 100 percent imported cotton, this bedding set should be washed in cold water and tumble-dried to maintain its shape and attractive colors. This set is designed to fit a child’s twin bed.

Rose Gold Cactus Motif Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Rose Gold Cactus Motif Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer

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This elegant and practical wall-mounted jewelry holder in rose gold with a cactus motif keeps necklaces and bracelets from tangling. It also keeps all of your earrings organized so that you never need to search for a pair. This stylish item is from the Ruby Mae brand.

As well as being a much-needed organizer for all of your jewelry, this item is also an attractive decorative accent for room decor. Its artistic cactus design in stunning rose gold lights up your wall with a touch of traditional glamour and style.

LED Green Cactus Wall Lamp and Neon Sign

LED Green Cactus Wall Lamp and Neon Sign

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This bright green neon cactus LED light serves as a bedroom lamp or party light for children and young teens. As a USB operated light, it is frequently used for birthday parties and even bar celebrations, wedding receptions and holidays. This light is from the Bailey brand.

Handcrafted by experienced professionals, these neon tubes will not overheat or break. This light is completely safe for use around children of all ages. This unique light makes a perfect gift for birthdays or holidays, and children of all ages love it.

Cactus Green Leaf Round Acrylic Silent Wall Clock

Cactus Green Leaf Round Acrylic Silent Wall Clock

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This non-ticking round wall clock with a cheerful green leaf cactus plant design will brighten your decor in most any room. Ideal for hanging on the wall in your kitchen, family room, bedroom or entryway, this silent clock keeps excellent time.

As a popular design from the Alaza brand, this clock has a diameter measuring 9.5 inches. Made of acrylic, this clock’s face is painted with durable oil paints. It can be used indoors or outdoors on a wall adjoining your deck or around your poolside terrace. This clock runs on a single AA battery.

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