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16 Cat Candle Holders

Although Egyptians were known to adore cats, a cat grave was found in Cyprus dating back 9,500 years ago, making that feline the oldest cat pet. Cats have been pets for a long time.

Cats continue to hold our interest, as shown in these candle holders. Pick one to add to your décor in your home.

Egyptian Cat Candle Holder

Egyptian Cat Candle HolderPin

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A black Egyptian cat sits proudly between two places to put tea lights. Golden hieroglyphs match the gold necklace around the feline’s neck. Choose your two favorite tea lights to place on either side of the cat.

This cat candle holder would look great on a bedside table or table in the living room. Add other cat or Egyptian décor to match with the candle holder. This would also look great in a room decorated in black and gold.

Curled Cat Tealight Holder

Curled Cat Tealight HolderPin

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A cat lover will enjoy having this tealight holder in the shape of a cat in their home. The holder is made out of a piece of acacia wood and carved into the shape of a cat all curled up, sleeping peacefully. The piece comes all the way from Thailand.

The candle is 5 by 8 centimeters and comes with a tea light candle in the shape of a flower. Use the holder with your favorite tea lights or purchase a set of candles separately.

Cat Rotary Candle Holder

Cat Rotary Candle HolderPin

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This candle holder has several cats floating above the space where the candle goes, with a single cat sitting above the others. The carousel of cats moves as the candle heats up. The candle holder is made of metal and comes with one unscented tea light candle.

Place in a bedroom or other room decorated in cats. You can also include other pieces made of metal as well. This would look great on a bedside table or table near a wall in the living room.

Cat Tealight Holder

Cat Tealight HolderPin

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A cat plays on its back, holding up a tea light holder for one light. The figure is made of brass with antique finish and is 2 by 3.5 by 3 inches, so it will fit in all kinds of small spaces. A tea light is not included, so use your own or purchase some tea lights separately.

Place on a shelf with other cat or brass figures. You can also decorate a small table in the living room or bedroom with this cat tea light holder.

Vampire Cat Candle Holder

Vampire Cat Candle HolderPin

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This cat has turned into a winged vampire, just in time for Halloween. There is a place to fit a tea light or candlestick on the vampire cat’s back, in between its wings. The cat vampire is made of designer composite resin, is hand-painted and polished to make a beautiful addition to Halloween décor.

This piece would also make a great addition to a cat lover’s room. Match with other cat vampire figures or display with figures and candle holders in a similar design and color.

Crystal Cat Candle Holder

Crystal Cat Candle HolderPin

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Enjoy watching this sleeping cat flicker in the light of the votive candle while it’s burning in the evening. This candle cat holder will make a great figure alone during the day. The sleeping cat is made of crystal by Indiana Glass in the USA.

Purchase two candle holders to place on either end of a table. You will need to buy your favorite candles, since the holder does not come with any.

Cat Glow Candle Holder

Cat Glow Candle HolderPin

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The cats on this tea light candle holder glow alive when a candle is lit from behind, illuminating the entire image. This candle holder is made from Chinese porcelain and is white when not lit up. It has a lithophane design that can be seen from all sides when a candle it lit.

Votive candles or tea light candles can be used with this holder. You will need to purchase the candles separately. Place next to a lamp or on a shelf with décor to make the space glow at night.

Halloween Cat Candle Holder

Halloween Cat Candle HolderPin

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Decorate your home for Halloween with these votive candle holders decorated with black cats and jack-o-lanterns. You can purchase one or a set of 12 candle holders.

The candle holders are silver, while the cats and pumpkins are black or outlined in black. The inside of the holder is black as well. Place these all over your living room and the rest of your home, lit up with some fall candles to set the mood for the season.

Black Cat Candle Holder

Black Cat Candle HolderPin

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This candle holder will be enjoyed by a cat lover or someone who enjoys Halloween. This candle holder and oil burner are made of glazed ceramic in black. The tea light candle fits in the lower back part of the holder.

There is space on the cat’s head for the oil to go. You will need to purchase oil and candle separately. Place the holder in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or other space where both the candle and oil can be enjoyed.

White Cat Candle Holder

White Cat Candle HolderPin

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This cute cat is holding up a pink dish where a candle can sit. The cat is made of ceramic and is painted with colorful pansies. The majority of the cat is white, with a pink ribbon around its neck and large eyes.

This 5-inch candle holder would look great in a room decorated in similar colors. The figure looks similar to vintage items and would match well in a room that had a rustic or vintage look to it as well.

Black Cat Candle Holder

Black Cat Candle HolderPin

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The black cat on this candle holder seems to jump out, wanting to touch whatever candle is placed in the glass holder. The base and cat is black, with the holder made of clear glass. Candle is not included, but there are plenty to choose from.

You can use tea light candles in different scents, or faux candles that flicker and give the look of a real one. Display this black cat candle holder among Halloween decorations, or place in a room decorated with different types of cats.

Skeleton Cat Candle Holder

Skeleton Cat Candle HolderPin

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This skeleton cat will make a great candle holder during Halloween. The skinny, white cat has its two front paws on a black hat with an orange stripe. A tea light candle can fit inside the hat.

This candle holder can also be on display all year long in a cat-lover’s room. The cat candle holder is a hard-to-find item and will also make a great décor item during the fall or all year long. Purchase your favorite tealight candle to enjoy the scent in this.

Ceramic Cat Candle Holder

Ceramic Cat Candle HolderPin

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This cute ceramic container with the face of a cat is only four by four inches. Tiny ears can be seen emerging from either side of the opening. Four small legs keeps the container off the table.

The container can fit a variety of items in it, include a small pillar candle or tealight candle. Place on a table beside your bed or on a shelf. You will need to purchase candles separately.

You can clean the dust off your cat container with a soft cloth and hand wash when needed.

Rotary Cat Candle Holder

Rotary Cat Candle HolderPin

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This rotary candle holder can hold a small tealight in the container at the bottom. The carousel will spin when heat from the candle touches it.

Four metal decorations hang from the carousel. Each hanging décor is made of metal. Two cats sit on a crescent moon filled with stars. Make sure you purchase some tealight candles separately before your purchase this carousel candle holder.

This will look great on a bedside table in the bedroom, on the counter in the bedroom, and on a side table in the living room.

Cats Candle Holder

Cats Candle HolderPin

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Several cats surround a glass candle holder. Seven gray cats look curiously inside the glass container, wondering what is inside. Some cats have striped coats, while others have solid ones.

A votive candle is included. This candle lamp will look cute with other candle holders and cat statues.

Cat Tealight Holder

Cat Tealight HolderPin

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This tealight holder is in the shape of a cat body and head with a tail curled up against its body. Holes are cut out throughout the body to allow light in.

Each ceramic statue is handcrafted so that no two are alike. Place in a room where you want to use candlelight in the evenings.

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