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27 Fun, Fascinating and Fashionable Cat Shower Curtains

Cats are amazing, intriguing and beautiful animals, and their qualities and habits are constantly observed and studied. While some cat characteristics and behaviors seem like mindless habits, they often serve a definite need or purpose. For example, cats have about 100 different vocalizations, but they actually developed meowing as a way of communicating with people.

Cats are known to have 230 different bones, while people have just 206. Cats also move with a distinctive type of coordination, walking like giraffes and camels. Moving their right feet first, they then move both left feet as they go forward.

When a cat looks your way with a slow blink, this is a sign of true contentment and trust that is called a “kitty kiss.”

27 delightful and colorful shower curtains with fascinating and fashionable motifs for enhancing bathroom decor include the following:

Starry-Eyed Space Cat Bounding Through Sky-Scapes

Starry-Eyed Space Cat Bounding Through Sky-ScapesPin

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This colorful shower curtain displays the image of a grey and white cat with starry eyes flying through space. Surrounded by a starlit sky, this cute cat has wide-spread front paws with its ears standing straight up and tail trailing through the air. The sky and atmosphere around the cat are multi-colored in blue, green, violet, amber and gold.

With its rich color scheme, this curtain will complement vivid aqua and sea-foam green walls and curtains in ocean-side cottages. It can also enhance rich cocoa marble floor tiles and light marigold walls in modern boho bath decor equally well. This popular shower curtain design is made of durable polyester and is machine washable.

Happy Kitty Cartoon Shower Curtain Decor in Pleasing Colors

Happy Kitty Cartoon Shower Curtain Decor in Pleasing ColorsPin

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This happy kitty pattern shower curtain decor is a great choice for family bathroom decor. Its lighthearted design of cats in various shades of green, pink, brown and grey as well as black is charming. Against the white curtain background, this casual design can brighten traditional, farmhouse, retro or modern bath interiors.

In an all-white or neutral bath design, this stylish curtain can enliven the room with its cute cat pattern and uplifting quality. It can also lend a light, carefree effect to a bath interior with navy or charcoal walls and grey tile flooring. This eco-friendly polyester shower curtain is color-fast, and it can be used as an attractive wall tapestry as well.

Cat with Flowers Shower Curtain in Attractive Boho Pattern

Cat with Flowers Shower Curtain in Attractive Boho PatternPin

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As a colorful and uplifting boho design, this appealing shower curtain displays a large, artistic pattern of engaging cats. These felines are surrounded by bold images of pink, yellow-gold, lavender and pumpkin-colored flowers. This curtain can be a stunning decorative center of attention for your bathroom decor.

The vibrant colors of this durable polyester curtain are achieved through HD printing technology, and they are fade-resistant. Although this curtain is a rustic boho design, it can be included in bathrooms with vintage classic or country-cottage decor. It will also add charm and character to a sleek modern minimalist bath design.

Cute and Clever Peeping Black Cat Theme Shower Curtain

Cute and Clever Peeping Black Cat Theme Shower CurtainPin

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This clever shower curtain design of a cute black cat peeping out from the curtain is a consumer favorite. With big round eyes, this amusing cat seems to be peeking over the bottom half of the curtain, which is light sky-blue. The curtain’s top half is white, framing the kitty perfectly for a dynamic, compelling image.

Due to the digital printing techniques used to produce this curtain, it will not fade when machine washed. No harmful dyes were used to create the curtain’s image, and its durable polyester fabric is long-lasting. This clever and practical shower curtain is equally dynamic as a major element of decor in a boho or country-cottage bath featuring strong primary or neutral colors.

Black Cat Silhouette Design on Grey Mosaic Print Fabric

Black Cat Silhouette Design on Grey Mosaic Print FabricPin

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These playful black cats shown in stunning silhouette fashion create a stylish decor focus for your bathroom. With a fashionable background mosaic print design in white and varied grey tones, this curtain complements many modes of decor. The HD printing technology used in the production of this waterproof and non-PVC curtain prevents color fading or streaking.

This attractive shower curtain can enhance an all-white or black and white bath with vintage traditional or modern minimalist decor. It can also add style and charm to a rose or pumpkin bathroom with white or grey woodwork and accessories. Children, teens and adults all give this curtain design high approval.

Space Cat Design Shower Curtain with Intriguing Light Beams

Space Cat Design Shower Curtain with Intriguing Light BeamsPin

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This fascinating shower curtain displays a wide-eyed grey and white kitty in outer space. The cat appears to be standing on its hind legs, and mysterious beams of blue light connect to its eyes. A modern spacecraft passes by nearby while stars and planets shine through a misty dark blue-violet atmosphere.

This intriguing imported polyester curtain is waterproof and can be machine washed on a gentle cycle using mild detergent. It is the perfect choice for kids’ bathrooms and baths used by adults who love cats. This curtain’s color scheme combines beautifully with bath decor featuring cool blues or violets, light greys and deep purple shades.

Comical Cat Riding a Whale in the Ocean Theme Shower Curtain

Comical Cat Riding a Whale in the Ocean Theme Shower CurtainPin

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This delightful Japanese art fabric shower curtain design depicts a standing grey cat riding on the back of a whale. As they navigate high ocean waves, the cat holds onto the reins with one paw. Brandishing a large pitchfork in the other paw, the cat strikes a comical pose on a curtain background design of natural wood planking.

This durable polyester curtain is non-vinyl and non-PEVA, and it comes with quality installation hooks. As a colorful and amusing item of bathroom decor, this curtain can embellish a seaside-cottage bath decorated in cool, calming ocean blues and sea-foam greens. It can also enliven an all-neutral toned forest green or light grey-walled bath interior.

Funny Shower Curtain Design of Cat with Blue Towel and Rubber Ducks

Funny Shower Curtain Design of Cat with Blue Towel and Rubber DucksPin

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If you like amusing shower curtain scenes, this funny cat curtain design may be just the right choice. This curtain is a favorite among kids, teenagers and adults of all ages. It features a charming cat in a bathtub with rubber ducks and a shower curtain displaying anchors and duck designs.

This colorful curtain in blue, brown, white and grey with yellow and orange rubber ducks is cleverly designed. The polyester curtain fabric is waterproof, eco-friendly and machine washable if tumble dried. A child’s bathroom with light yellow, blue or coral walls or teen and adult baths with navy and white or grey and aqua decor are perfect for this curtain.

Cool Cat and Unicorn Shower Curtain for Man Cave Bathroom

Cool Cat and Unicorn Shower Curtain for Man Cave BathroomPin

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This unusual shower curtain design showing a cool cat riding a unicorn is perfect decor for a man cave bathroom. The bright-eyed unicorn has fire shooting from its nostrils, and the cool cat carries a ray gun. The horse is rearing, creating an awesome action scene with a stunning rainbow and a castle fortress in the distance.

This soft polyester fabric curtain fits any standard size shower or tub, and it arrives with hooks for easy installation. The many vibrant colors in this shower curtain design make it suitable for baths with virtually any color scheme. Whether your man cave bath is black and tan, grey, navy or dark brown, this curtain will spark and enliven the overall decor.

Cute Cat with Curled Tail Shower Curtain Design for All Ages

Cute Cat with Curled Tail Shower Curtain Design for All AgesPin

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This delightful shower curtain design depicts cats with stripes, spots and solid shades in black and white. This bold graphic on a smooth white curtain is lighthearted and appealing to children, teens and adults of all ages. Each cat has a curled tail and is facing backwards, which gives this curtain an amusing appearance.

This eco-friendly shower curtain has sturdy grommets along the top border to ensure secure installation with the hooks supplied. As a black and white design, this curtain can enhance a bath with red walls and black, white and red floor tiles. It can be equally appealing in a bath with pastel or white walls, grey marble flooring and bright chrome accessories.

Sweet Cat Couple Sitting on a Branch Shower Curtain Image

Sweet Cat Couple Sitting on a Branch Shower Curtain ImagePin

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A warm, charming scene is displayed by this lovely shower curtain design with a cat couple sitting on a branch. With their backs to the viewer, the sweet cat pair is gazing at a huge harvest moon. Their tails are curled together to form a heart shape in this romantic nighttime scene on a waterproof, washable polyester curtain.

The stunning green, blue, charcoal and black hues of this curtain can enhance bathroom decor of many varied styles. This curtain will bring beauty to a rustic bath with vintage furnishings, blue-patterned ceramic wall tiles and white porcelain floor tiles. It can also complement neutral beige walls, wood paneling and hardwood flooring in a farmhouse style bath.

Raining Cats and Dogs Cartoon Shower Curtain for Kids

Raining Cats and Dogs Cartoon Shower Curtain for KidsPin

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This fun-loving shower curtain design for kids displaying a “raining cats and dogs” motif in cartoon fashion is delightful. The image shows a showerhead with water and endless little cats and dogs tumbling downward in a triangular design. These cute kitties and puppies of different types in various shades of brown, white and black all have different expressions, some enjoying this unique experience.

This cute and clever cartoon curtain will brighten kids’ bath decor of many different styles. It can bring fun to a kid’s showering time in a vintage farmhouse, cozy country cottage or modern urban bathroom. When this durable, color-fast polyester curtain is accented with animal-face wall lamps and brightly colored curtains and wall shelves, kids of all ages will be charmed.

Autumn Kitten Shower Curtain Decor with Halloween Theme

Autumn Kitten Shower Curtain Decor with Halloween ThemePin

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This adorable kitty autumn shower curtain displays a small cat wearing a big-brimmed hat and sitting under a tree. Red, gold and brown autumn leaves fall from the tree, and near the kitty is a Halloween pumpkin. On the brim of the hat are a bright red cardinal and a sprig of more multi-colored fall leaves.

Behind this sweet reddish-brown kitty is a green picket fence with a decorative pine cone. This vividly colored autumn curtain of washable waterproof polyester makes a cute and beautiful central focus for children’s bathroom decor. Its many vibrant hues can complement and blend or contrast with a wide variety of color schemes for boho, farmhouse or contemporary bath decor.

Funny Shower Curtain Scene with Cat Riding on a Sea Turtle

Funny Shower Curtain Scene with Cat Riding on a Sea TurtlePin

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This humorous underwater shower curtain scene displays a grey cat riding on a turtle’s shell. The turtle’s blue, green and brown hues echo the vibrant colors of the sea life on the ocean floor below. Ocean vegetation and animals exhibiting every color and shade of the rainbow join together to create a vivid colorful scene.

This hotel quality shower curtain made of waterproof, eco-friendly polyester fabric is designed for long-term use. It lends bright, lustrous color to all-white, neutral and multi-hued bathroom interiors. Even in a bath with dark wall colors or wood paneling, this unique curtain will brighten and enliven the overall decor.

Cute and Funny Climbing Cat Shower Curtain Design

Cute and Funny Climbing Cat Shower Curtain DesignPin

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This endearing shower curtain design shows a black cat with big golden eyes sliding down the white curtain background. The cat’s claws are leaving track marks in the polyester fabric as it glides downward. The cat’s curled tail makes a stylish design, and the black cat fur on the white fabric is stunning.

This clever and amusing curtain is popular with household members of all ages, and it is washable, waterproof and durable. It also makes a lively wall tapestry in children’s bedrooms or playrooms and for party decorations. This cat curtain design is ideal decor for a country cottage, farmhouse or beach house bath with brightly colored or pastel wall paint.

Black Cats on Tree Branches in a Nighttime Full-Moon Scene

Black Cats on Tree Branches in a Nighttime Full-Moon ScenePin

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This nighttime moonlit scene of black cats in a tree is the perfect Halloween shower curtain or wall decor. Five large black cats perch with backs arched on gnarled, curling branches of a tree. This eerie and intriguing scene is portrayed in black silhouette fashion on an all-white curtain.

Three more cats run beneath the tree, and all of these cats have bright, shining eyes. This quality polyester fabric curtain needs no liner and comes with strong plastic installation hooks. As a fascinating autumn design, this curtain adds stunning character and mysterious style to black and white, all-white or brightly colored bathroom interiors.

Japanese Ink Painting Shower Curtain of Fluffy Black Cat and Dragonflies

Japanese Ink Painting Shower Curtain of Fluffy Black Cat and DragonfliesPin

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In this stylish and engaging Japanese ink painting shower curtain design, a fluffy black cat watches the movements of two dragonflies. The vintage soft white curtain provides a classic background for this fashionable, simplistic design. This polyester curtain is washable, dries quickly and does not fade.

Although this sophisticated shower curtain motif is popular for use in adults’ bathrooms, children and teens like it as well. This curtain is ideal decor for black, white or beige tiled baths. With the addition of red or golden silk window curtains and a beautifully woven natural-fiber rug, an elegant bath interior is created.

Romantic Black and White Cat with Red Hearts and Black Stripes

Romantic Black and White Cat with Red Hearts and Black StripesPin

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This stylish and sophisticated shower curtain exhibits two sleek romantic cats, one black and one white, sitting together. On either side is a large red heart, and the scene is bordered by thick black stripes that resemble abstract piano keys. This long-lasting curtain is composed of fine quality Turkish polyester fabric and is washable, non-vinyl and non-PEVA.

Adding this fashionable curtain to the decor of a sophisticated contemporary bathroom lends chic charm and warmth to the room. Its streamlined, simplistic style can coordinate well with detailed print wallpaper and tiling. This curtain is also an ideal choice for all-black, black, white and grey or subtle marble bath interiors.

Art Deco Shower Curtain with Cats, Butterflies, Plants and Flowers

Art Deco Shower Curtain with Cats, Butterflies, Plants and FlowersPin

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This beautiful Art Deco style shower curtain brings the joy of a stunning colorful painting to brighten bath decor. Depicting cats, butterflies, plants and flowers in a lovely outdoor scene, it fascinates children and pleases adults. With its wide array of colors and tones, this curtain enhances dark, light or complex interior bath design.

This curtain is made of high-density, non-toxic polyester and printed using the latest digital technology. It can withstand everyday use without fading or looking worn. Aside from being the central focus of your updated bathroom decor, this curtain also makes an attractive wall tapestry or party decoration.

Delightful Cat Shower Curtain to Make You Laugh

Delightful Cat Shower Curtain to Make You LaughPin

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Everyone laughs when viewing this clever and funny shower curtain design. Displaying two mischievous cats with their tongues sticking out, this scene brings lighthearted humor to any style of bath decor. Its adorable cats and plain light grey curtain background make this curtain easy to mix with many interior bath color schemes.

This durable polyester shower curtain is waterproof and fits all standard size tubs and shower stalls. Kids love this funny cat design, and you can combine this curtain with traditional, country cottage or ultra-modern interior bath design. Even pets seem to be intrigued with this amusing curtain image since the funny cats look so real.

Colorful Kitty Cartoon Shower Curtain for Kids and All Cat Lovers

Colorful Kitty Cartoon Shower Curtain for Kids and All Cat LoversPin

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Displaying many bright and cheerful colors, this attractive kitten cartoon shower curtain is popular with kids and cat lovers of all ages. This large group of happy cats in a simple abstract design gives a pleasing, relaxed and uplifting atmosphere to any bath decor. Made of smooth, high-quality polyester, this curtain is eco-friendly and does not fade when washed.

If you are refurbishing a farmhouse or boho bathroom, adding this curtain to your new decor can provide the perfect spark of color and vitality. In an arts and crafts style room design or as part of an industrial bath decor, this unique curtain can bring all of the other elements of decor together. The vivid hues and unique design of this curtain can create a lively new bath interior that your entire household will enjoy.

Cats with Glasses Shower Curtain Design for Bathtubs and Shower Stalls

Cats with Glasses Shower Curtain Design for Bathtubs and Shower StallsPin

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This enchanting shower curtain design features adorable portraits of cats, many of whom are wearing eyeglasses. In pleasing neutral and earth colors, this curtain can blend with and accent varied bathroom color schemes. In a sleek, industrial style bath, it brings out tones and highlights in other neutral-toned decor.

Made of PEVA, this curtain is non-toxic and waterproof, making it safe for use around children and adults of all ages. This curtain can also be used as a stylish shower curtain liner to entertain children with its cute cat faces while they shower. This curtain will coordinate well with brightly colored, white or neutral shades in wall paint and accessories.

Cute Cats Sitting on a Fence with Bathtub and Flower Decor

Cute Cats Sitting on a Fence with Bathtub and Flower DecorPin

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This cute and colorful shower curtain with cats, a bathtub and glorious flowers brightens any bathroom interior. Radiating warmth and natural beauty, this scene depicts three cats perching on a rustic fence. Behind them is a deep vintage bathtub with a warm, vividly colored backdrop of huge sunflower blooms against a blue sky.

This curtain is non-vinyl, non-PEVA, waterproof and eco-friendly. Produced using advanced 3D digital printing, this durable image will not fade with use or when washed. This curtain will bring new life to a vintage farmhouse or children’s boho bath design decorated in a wide variety of colors. It also makes a lovely wall hanging for a kid’s playroom.

Spooky Black Cat and Pumpkin Halloween Shower Curtain Motif

Spooky Black Cat and Pumpkin Halloween Shower Curtain MotifPin

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This vivid orange and black Halloween shower curtain display shows a spooky black cat perched with arched back on a pumpkin jack-o-lantern. The cat has a startled, wide-eyed look while the jack-o-lantern shines, smiling brightly. Owls, spiders, trees and distant houses add mysterious intrigue to the scene.

Kids love this scary yet colorful and delightful autumn season shower curtain motif. It adds character and spooky atmosphere to a sleek contemporary or country-cottage bath interior equally well. Made of high-quality, washable polyester, this curtain is manufactured for long-term use and makes a stunning harvest-theme wall tapestry.

Black and Orange Kitten Couple in “Catanic” Boat on Teal Ocean

Black and Orange Kitten Couple in "Catanic" Boat on Teal OceanPin

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This cute and sweet romantic shower curtain image displays a black and orange kitten couple standing in a washtub boat named the “Catanic” afloat on a lovely teal-blue ocean. Beside them in the boat is a basket of freshly caught fish, and several mice play on the washtub rim and in the water below around a life preserver.

Foaming waves, seagulls and a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds add scenic charm to the setting. This eco-friendly curtain is fade-proof, and the beautifully colored image is produced with advanced digital printing techniques. As a vivid and refreshing item of decor, this unique design can bring nature indoors to accent rustic, sleek modern or boho bath decor.

Delightful Shower Curtain Image with Cat Preparing to Brush Its Teeth

Delightful Shower Curtain Image with Cat Preparing to Brush Its TeethPin

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As a cute and appealing shower curtain design, this curtain displays a red-brown kitty holding a toothbrush, tube of toothpaste and towel. The kitty licks its whiskers while preparing to brush its teeth, reminding small children to follow this example. The smooth white curtain as the backdrop is all that is needed to showcase this cute scene.

This high-quality polyester curtain is waterproof, wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. This adorable design is ideal for small children’s bathrooms and playschool baths. Its cheerful, instructional motif reminds kids to brush their teeth while providing bright, refreshing decor to enhance earth tones and other natural colors in bathroom interiors.

Funny Cat Shower Curtain Image with “I Tore the Curtain” Sign

Funny Cat Shower Curtain Image with "I Tore the Curtain" SignPin

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This cute and amusing shower curtain depicts a guilty-looking kitty holding a sign that reads, “I tore the curtain.” Behind the cat is a striped curtain in light neutral shades that resembles a lined writing ledger. This clever design appeals to kids of all ages and to many adults as well, especially those who have cats in the household.

Made of durable and attractive smooth polyester fabric, this shower curtain fits standard size bathtubs and shower stalls. It comes with strong installation hooks for easy and secure hanging. This clever, cute curtain is a delightful addition to updated decor in farmhouse, rustic boho, country collage and sleek contemporary bathrooms.

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