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16 Cherry Blossom Shower Curtains

Although cherry trees have been growing for Japan for thousands of years, Macon, Georgia is considered the “cherry blossom capital of the world”. These trees boom beautiful pink (and white) blossoms for a short amount of time during their growing season in the springtime.

Add some of this spring cheer to your bathroom. Here are cherry blossom shower curtains to turn your bathroom into a spring paradise.

Cherry Blossom Shower Curtain

Cherry Blossom Shower CurtainPin

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Cherry blossoms bloom from dark branches and float to the ground on this shower curtain. The blossoms are in different shades of pink with a dark-pink center. The flowers fade as they fall to the ground against the white background.

You can hang the curtain with the plastic hooks it comes with, or you can purchase hooks with cherry blossoms to add more décor to the shower curtain. Add a faux cherry blossom plant and pictures of cherry blossoms to the walls to complete the new look in your bathroom.

Blue Cherry Blossom Curtain

Blue Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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These cherry blossoms are growing on a black tree against a blue background. The tree emerges from the lower left-hand side of the curtain, filled with beautiful cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms range from light to dark pink.

Purchase a matching bath mat to place on the floor near the tub. Hang up towels that are pink and blue as well. Add other décor with cherry blossoms to complete your newly-updated bathroom.

Cherry Blossom Painting Curtain

Cherry Blossom Painting CurtainPin

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The dark cherry blossoms grow on a tree with black and gray branches. Two small black-and-brown finches flutter above the tree. This Asian-style print stands out on a white background.

Purchase hooks made with stainless steel to add some shine to your curtains and to make sure they stay hung for a long time. You can also buy a white liner to add an extra layer of privacy and protection against water.

This curtain comes in two different sizes, is made of polyester, and is machine washable.

Cherry Blossom Mountain Curtain

Cherry Blossom Mountain CurtainPin

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Bright pink cherry blossoms stand out against the black-and-white landscape on this shower curtain. Mount Fuji can be seen in the background, with white cranes flying in the distance. The brightly-colored cherry blossoms stand out in the foreground.

Add decorative shower hooks, or install your shower curtain with the white hooks that are included. Place a bathmat with cherry blossoms on the floor of your bathroom. Hang up dark-pink and black towels to match as well.

This shower curtain comes in many sizes to fit a variety of showers and baths.

Dark Cherry Blossom Curtain

Dark Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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A park with dark trees blooms colorful cherry blossoms. There are so many cherry blossoms blooming that they block out views of the sky. A path with trees on both sides ends in the middle of this scene, with cherry blossom trees standing in the way.

Add beautiful rose hooks for more color and décor on the shower curtain. Place a pink mat on the floor, with pink towels hanging nearby for family and friends to use. Add pictures of pink trees and pink accessories to the rest of the bathroom.

Large Cherry Blossoms Curtain

Large Cherry Blossoms CurtainPin

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Large cherry blossoms are painted with watercolors on this shower curtain. The flowers are in various shades of pink with a dark center on a white background. Green stems and leaves can be seen between some of the blooms.

This shower curtain would look great in the guest, master, or a girl’s bathroom. Add floral hooks for more décor and color around the shower curtain. Add towels and mats in a combination of pink and cream to match with the curtain.

Cherry Blossom Art Curtain

Cherry Blossom Art CurtainPin

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Branches and flowers of cherry blossom trees can be seen at the top of this shower curtain. Sailboats can be seen in the distance, floating quietly along the water. Water plants with butterflies flying around and other scenes can be viewed at the bottom.

This curtain is styled with ink wash, similar to Japanese-style ink paintings. The pink cherry blossoms, flowers near the bottom, and bird have some color on them. Decorate the walls with other Japanese paintings in ink with cherry blossoms.

Dark Cherry Blossom Curtain

Dark Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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Cherry blossoms hang from trees that surround the edge of the shower curtain. Black branches with pink flowers and petals decorate the white curtain. This shower curtain would look great in a master or guest bathroom for all to enjoy.

Add stainless steel curtains in black to bring out the dark colors in the curtain. Keep bathroom necessities in pink accessories on the countertop. You can also add pink bathmats and curtains to bring out the pink colors in the shower curtain.

Butterfly Cherry Blossom Curtain

Butterfly Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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Cherry blossom branches can be seen growing from both sides of the shower curtain. Large, pink blossoms decorate the bottom left of the curtains. A small butterfly can be seen fluttering by the blooming branches on the left.

Pink petals fall from the trees and float down in the air. The cream background has a design that fades into it.

You can purchase a matching bathmat to keep you and guests from slipping when stepping out of the bath and shower. Hang up pink and white towels to use.

Fish Cherry Blossom Curtain

Fish Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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Koi fish swim around a cherry blossom tree on this shower curtain. Dark and light-pink flowers with yellow centers bloom from black branches. Koi fish in white and orange swim in teal-colored water around the tree.

Install this curtain with the plastic hooks it comes with, or purchase colorful hooks as additional décor. Make sure to measure your shower and bath area to get the right-sized shower curtain for your master or guest bathroom.

Sun Cherry Blossom Curtain

Sun Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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White cherry blossoms grow from dark-gray branches on either side of this shower curtain. A bright-orange sun sets on a light-gray background. A reflection of the sun can be seen on water as it sinks below the horizon.

Add stainless-steel hooks for a more durable fit and to make the top of your curtain shine. Place a white or orange mat on the floor. Add some colorful towels for guests to use when visiting.

Light Blue Cherry Blossom Curtain

Light Blue Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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The light pink cherry blossoms look beautiful growing against a turquoise background. The branches are light gray with details drawn in. The flowers seem to glow with their pink and yellow colors against the light-blue background.

Decorate your bathroom with some houseplants and pink plants. Add towels and mats in matching designs and colors. Purchase accessories in light pink and turquoise to use while in the bathroom and as décor on the countertop.

White and Pink Cherry Blossom Curtain

White and Pink Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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Cherry blossoms in white and pink grow against a sky-blue background. The flowers grow on green stems. Each flower is in different shades of pink, or white and gray.

Add stainless-steel or blossom hooks for extra décor on the curtain. Decorate with mats and towels in solid-blue, white, or pink, or find some with similar designs.

Grow orchids in pink and white in the bathroom to match with the shower curtain. Find floral or solid accessories to use and to keep on the countertop as extra décor pieces.

Pink Cherry Blossom Curtain

Pink Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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This shower curtain is done in shades of pink and white. Pink cherry blossoms grow from a tree on the left-hand side of the curtain. Other blossoms fade into the background.

The shower curtain is pink at the bottom, and fades into white at the top for an ombre effect. Use the plastic, white hooks that come with the curtain, or purchase fancier ones. You can also buy a white or clear liner to add to the inside of your shower and bath.

This curtain comes in several sizes, so measure the dimensions of your shower and bath before you buy it.

Hanging Cherry Blossom Curtain

Hanging Cherry Blossom CurtainPin

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Brightly-colored cherry blossoms hang down from light-brown branches on this shower curtain. Petals in lavender, red, pink, and orange hang down like a willow tree against a pure-white background. This shower curtain would look great in the master, guest, or girl’s bathroom.

Hang up pink towels and place a pink bathmat in front of the shower. Find pink accessories to place around the countertop. The curtain comes with 12 plastic hooks for easy installation.

This shower curtain is made of waterproof polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine to enjoy for years.

Cherry Blossoms Shower Curtain

Cherry Blossoms Shower CurtainPin

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This shower curtain is covered in cherry blossom flowers in shades of soft pink and red. Some tree branches can be seen peeking out of the cream background. Place this beautiful shower curtain in your guest or master bathroom.

Add a cream or light-pink mat to the floor, with rose and cream-colored towels to hangers on the wall. You can decorate the walls with floral images in frames. Place floral or pink accessories on the countertop for family and friends to use.

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