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12 Christmas Coir Doormats for the Holidays

Add some festivities to your outdoor space with a Christmas doormat made of coir. Coir is also known as coconut fiber and is a very hardy and durable material to use for an outdoor mat.

There are plenty of coir mats available for a variety of holidays and seasons. Here are some great coir doormats to display on your porch during Christmas time.

Rudolf Coir Doormat

Rudolf Coir DoormatPin

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Display this cute Rudolf coir doormat on your front doorstep for family and friends to enjoy during the holidays. This doormat is minimally designed with Rudolph’s large-red nose, black eyes, and black antlers against the dark-brown coir background.

Add matching mats throughout the house. You can also add some décor on your front porch, such as Christmas lights and Rudolph statues with plenty of red and green.

Coir is so tough it can scrape off any debris on your shoes before you enter your home. Your mat is backed with vinyl to help prevent it from moving around. This mat will retain its color and is durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

Santa Belt Coir Doormat

Santa Belt Coir DoormatPin

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This doormat is decorated with snowflakes and covered in red, with Santa’s belt in the middle. The word “believe” is printed in capital block letters and surrounded by small, round snowflakes. Place this red holiday doormat below your door to add to your patio and porch décor for Christmas.

This doormat is made of durable coir and can last through all kinds of weather. It also will not fade, so that you and your family and friends can enjoy this festive doormat for many holiday seasons.

The bottom of the doormat is made of sturdy vinyl to keep your mat in place in all kinds of weather.

Christmas Trees Coir Doormat

Christmas Trees Coir DoormatPin

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Add some Christmas spirit to your porch with this holiday-themed doormat. Two Christmas trees in different shades of green take up the lower right part of the doormat. A star decorates the top of each tree.

White snowflakes float all over the mat on a red background. This coir doormat will brighten up any front door space during the Christmas holiday.

This doormat is made of coir and is 0.5-inch thick. It has a PVC backing to keep it even more sturdy and to stay in place when family and friends visit.

Merry Christmas Coir Doormat

Merry Christmas Coir DoormatPin

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This Christmas tree doormat is decorated with four different trees that are popular during the holidays. Each tree has details such as ornaments, a star on top, tree lights, or branches. “Merry Christmas” is printed in red letters just above a string of holiday lights on a natural background.

Add this doormat to a lightly-decorated porch or one decorated in neutral colors with just a little added color. Add some green-holiday plants on either side of the door in natural pots to match your new doormat.

This doormat is made of sturdy coir and is 0.5-inch thick to catch dirt from shoes and other debris before entering your home.

Merry and Bright Coir Doormat

Merry and Bright Coir DoormatPin

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This doormat will look great on a patio that is minimally decorated for the holidays. “Merry & Bright” is printed in black handwriting in the middle of the mat. Small trees with some snow and red stars decorate the natural mat.

A single snowflake is used as the dot for the “i” in the word “bright”. Add other holiday, green, and red décor to your porch to match this coir mat.

The doormat is backed with vinyl to keep it in place. Coir keeps this safe in all weather and won’t fade. Scrape your shoes clean with the sturdy coir fiber to keep dirt out of your home.

Red Christmas Coir Doormat

Red Christmas Coir DoormatPin

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This simple and cheerful mat is great for those who want a holiday mat that does not have too much detail on it. “Merry & Bright” is printed in black and handwritten in cursive large enough to cover most of the mat. The rest of the mat is dyed a festive red for holidays.

This mat comes in several sizes to fit a variety of porches and door spaces. Add color to a dull porch this holiday season with this sturdy mat. It is made of durable coir to last in all kinds of season and keep its color.

Happy Holidays Coir Doormat

Happy Holidays Coir DoormatPin

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This mat will go with a rustic or farmhouse look that is festive for the holidays. Four Christmas bulbs hang from the words “Happy Holidays” in red, green, and white plaid. The words are handwritten in black cursive with the entire scene on natural-brown background.

Add ornaments on nearby plants to match. You can also add décor in plaid that are in holiday colors as well. You can even dress up a plain porch area with just this doormat.

The coir fibers are durable enough to withstand heavy outdoor traffic during all seasons.

Holiday Trees Coir Doormat

Holiday Trees Coir DoormatPin

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Add some holiday décor and bright colors to your porch with this doormat. This coir doormat is made up of three trees decorated for the Christmas holiday. The trees on either side are the same with the middle tree standing out on its own against a bright green background.

The two outer trees are decorated in red and white garland with a red star on top. The middle tree is decorated with large-red and green ornaments. Add as much décor as you like to your porch to match your festive holiday doormat.

This Christmas-themed doormat is made of coir and will last through all kinds of season and plenty of traffic.

Holly Coir Doormat

Holly Coir DoormatPin

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Red and tan are the main colors of this holiday-themed doormat. Red holly berries with green leaves decorate the words “Merry Christmas” in red block letters. The rest of the mat is left plain.

Add red and green ornaments to match with your doormat. You can also decorate the door with a wreath that is decorated with red hollies and green leaves.

The durable coir on this mat is great at scraping off dirt and other debris from shoes. The colors won’t fade and the mat will last throughout all kinds of weather and seasons.

Red Christmas Doormat

Red Christmas DoormatPin

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This Christmas doormat is colored red with the words “Merry Christmas” handwritten in cursive in black. A black snowflake is on the left side of the words. The rest of the coir doormat is in a bright and festive red color.

Add to your porch for some extra color and to greet guests for the holiday season. The vinyl backing will keep your doormat in place in all kinds of weather. Add green holiday plants and other holiday décor that will go with your sturdy doormat.

Snowman Coir Doormat

Snowman Coir DoormatPin

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This coir doormat is decorated with a snowman that looks like he is about to throw a snowball. The snowman is wearing a red scarf and black hat. He has pieces of coal for his eyes, mouth and buttons and a carrot for a nose.

The words “Merry Christmas” are printed in red letters next to the snowman. Small pieces of snowfall all around on a bright green background.

Red Truck Coir Doormat

Red Truck Coir DoormatPin

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This coir doormat has a vintage truck carrying a Christmas tree home for the family to decorate. “Home for the holidays” is printed in white letters above the red truck.

The tree has some snow from being picked from an outdoor lot or mountaintop. The black tires from the truck form part of the shape at the bottom of the doormat. The windows and other details on the truck are white, while the background is kept natural.

Add other vintage and holiday décor to your front porch to match your new coir doormat.

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