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15 Best Christmas-themed Shower Curtains

It’s never too early to start thinking about how to decorate for Christmas. When people think about Christmas decorations, they think about how to dress up their yard with figures and lights, as well as a huge tree and other décor for their living room.

One room that may not be thought much about is the bathroom. There is plenty of Christmas decorations that would fit well in a bathroom.

One fun way to decorate a bathroom for Christmas is to install a temporary shower curtain for the holidays. Here are 15 of the best Christmas-themed shower curtains.

Large Rudolf Head Shower Curtain

Large Rudolf Head Shower CurtainPin

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Get into the Christmas spirit by installing this fun Rudolf themed shower curtain in your bathroom. This would look great in a guest bathroom or child’s bathroom. Use just a little bit of red and white throughout the rest of the bathroom, since this shower curtain stands out on its own with its bright red coloring.

This polyester made shower curtains comes with its own plastic hooks for easy installation. Add an inner plastic shower curtain to keep your holiday one looking great for years to come. This easy to clean shower curtain just needs to be air-dried since water easily slides off the fabric.

Bring Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer into your home for the holidays with this fun shower curtain.

Car with Tree

Car with TreePin

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Bring back your childhood holiday memories with this cute Christmas shower curtain. This would look perfect in a farmhouse style bathroom or children’s bathroom decorated with cars. Add a red or green holiday bathmat to the floor to bring the entire room together for a cohesive holiday look.

The artwork on this shower curtain is unique, making it hard to find anywhere else. Make your friends and visiting family jealous with this one of a kind holiday curtain.

Your Christmas curtain comes complete with hooks for easy and quick assembly. If someone accidentally gets their holiday dinner on your curtain, just throw in the washing machine and it will look like new in no time.

Snoopy Curtain

Snoopy CurtainPin

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This holiday shower curtain is perfect for Charlie Brown and Snoopy lovers. Fondly remember childhood holiday evenings watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with décor and characters from the movie on your very own holiday shower curtain.

Add some whimsical décor to the bathroom with a miniature Charlie Brown tree and figurines from the children’s movie. Add some holiday baubles and lights around the bathroom to complete the look.

Your shower curtain will be made of 100% polyester, making it durable and easy to clean. If any holiday guests or family members stain your shower curtain, just place in the washer machine and it will look brand new in no time. At the end of the holiday season, carefully store away to enjoy for years to come.

Snowman Band

Snowman BandPin

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Bring holiday music to your bathroom with the snowman band on this shower curtain. This would make a great gift for those who love snowmen in their holiday décor. Dress up your own bathroom with these snowmen, adding other snowmen elements, such as figurines and towels with similar figures and colors to bring the entire look of the room together.

Your snowman band shower curtain is made of polyester, making it easy to clean and long-lasting. Plastic shower rings come with your curtain for easy assembly. Your shower curtain is also waterproof, so that water will slide right off and dry quickly after each use.

Reindeer Curtain

Reindeer CurtainPin

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Enjoy a rustic Christmas indoors with this reindeer themed shower curtain. Small Christmas ornaments, holiday presents, colorful reindeer, and other décor are designed to create one large reindeer as the main part of this unique shower curtain. Add more color to your bathroom with holiday greens and reds, or keep the look simple with creams and whites.

The bright colors on your reindeer curtain won’t fade when periodically washed in the washing machine to keep it looking bright and new year after year. This long-lasting shower curtain is made of polyester and comes with hooks to place in your shower as soon as your package arrives.

Fireplace Curtain

Fireplace CurtainPin

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Get warm and cozy with this holiday fireplace curtain in your holiday-themed bathroom. Make the rest of your bathroom come alive with holiday elements, such as green and red towels and bath mats. Hang red ribbons or ornaments from the hooks to give the curtain a three-dimensional look.

The environmentally friendly shower curtain is made of durable polyester and comes with plastic hooks for easy and quick assembly. Purchase holiday-themed hooks to give your curtains an extra flair.

There is no need to buy an inner shower curtain, since this fireplace one is waterproof and easy to clean. Hand wash or machine wash it to keep it looking bright and new to enjoy for many holiday seasons.

White and Blue Snowman

White and Blue SnowmanPin

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The cloth snowman on this printed holiday shower curtain seems to come alive with the high quality made curtain and details that will brighten up your bathroom. This shower curtain is perfect for those who want to get away from typical green and red holiday-themed décor.

This snowman themed shower curtain would look great in a children’s bathroom or guest bathroom decorated with snowmen. Add turquoise towels and bath rugs with snowmen and snowflake décor throughout the bathroom.

This festive shower curtain is made with 100% polyester, making it easy to clean. Just throw in the washer machine and let it air dry.

Merry Christmas Shower Curtain

Merry Christmas Shower CurtainPin

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For those who enjoy simplicity while making a statement, this is the shower curtain for you. This holiday shower curtain gets straight to the point with “Merry Christmas” printed in large red letters against a crisp white background. A red Santa hat decorated with white fur and a red and white candy cane complete this Christmas shower curtain.

This holiday shower curtain would look great in a guest bathroom with some red and white towels and other simple holiday décor. There are many décor options that would go with this curtain, since it is simple. You can also add a little color to your décor while keeping the focal point of the room on the curtain.

Ornament Curtain

Ornament CurtainPin

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This festive shower curtain would look great in any holiday-themed bathroom. The large red and silver baubles look so real you could try to reach out and touch them. The colors really pop against the soft needles of the pine tree they hang on.

The simple cream background keeps the viewer focused on the Christmas ornaments on the tree along the top and lower border of the shower curtain.

Incorporate this design in the rest of your bathroom by hanging faux green garland pin along the top of the walls. Place similar red and silver baubles on the garland and even on the top of the shower curtain. Complete your holiday-themed bathroom with cream-colored bath rugs and towels.

Santa and Rudolph Curtain

Santa and Rudolph CurtainPin

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This fun Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer holiday shower curtain will look great in a children’s bathroom or a guest bathroom to help bring the inner child out of whoever enters.

The bold colors and large images of Santa and his reindeer sidekick will keep this Christmas shower curtain the main part of the bathroom. Keep the rest of the bathroom looking as simple or bold as you want by adding as little or more similar colored décor.

You can also balance out the look of your holiday-themed bathroom by placing a white bathmat on the floor and hanging up white towels to match. Bring in some color with a little bit of red and green throughout the bathroom for the ultimate holiday look.

Snowman Lace Shower Curtain

Snowman Lace Shower CurtainPin

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This elegant looking snowman curtain will look beautiful in a guest bathroom or main bathroom. Tiny snowflakes dance between the snowmen while the bottom part of the curtain is completed with a pretty scalloped border. This polyester blended curtain would look beautiful in a farmhouse or minimally decorated styled bathroom.

Make your guests feel like they stepped into a snowy paradise by adding simple décor elements in white and cream, such as the towels and bath mat. This snowmen shower curtain would also look great with some splashes of holiday reds and greens throughout the bathroom.

Mix and match the curtain with different colored liners for a unique look. Add a clear or white liner to keep the curtain looking simple, or place a red or green liner behind the snowmen and snowflakes for an extra festive look.

Santa Curtain

Santa CurtainPin

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This cartoon Santa looking Christmas shower curtain would look great in a children’s bathroom. Every color of the rainbow can be seen on the image. Cookie like cutouts of various holiday images can bring the child out in any person who sees this.

Keep the rest of the décor in the bathroom simple so the shower curtain can remain the main part of the bathroom, or add décor with some of the colors from the shower to bring the entire look of this bathroom together.

Involve the kids in the decoration process by having them create images similar to the ones Santa is surrounded by.

Gray Ornaments

Gray OrnamentsPin

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This subtle looking ornament shower curtain is perfect for those who prefer a softer holiday look in their bathroom. Feel festive with red and silver-colored Christmas ornaments while delicately shaped crisp white snowflakes dance along the bottom of the gray shower curtain.

This curtain is perfect for a minimal farmhouse Christmas look with just a hint of color. Mix and match red, white, and gray in décor such as towels, bath mats, and even some extra Christmas tree ornaments that you can hang around the bathroom.

Keep the bold design in your shower curtain looking fresh by washing it to keep it looking new every holiday season.

Bells Curtain

Bells CurtainPin

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Make a bold statement with this Christmas red holiday shower curtain. Classic Christmas bells are tied together with red ribbon against a deep red background for a classic look. The “Merry Christmas” words seem to float in a snowball with twinkling stars flashing all over the curtain.

You can balance out the red with white and cream décor elements in the bathroom. Tie some bells together with ribbons so that your guests can enjoy a starry holiday while visiting.

Snowman Quilt Curtain

Snowman Quilt CurtainPin

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Here is a fun snowman-themed shower curtain in cutouts that remind you of warm quilt on a cold winter evening. Typical holiday colors of red, green and white are set against a tan background. A red and white quilt light pattern line the cutout images of snowmen and snowflakes to complete this colorful shower curtain.

There are plenty of décor options that can be incorporated with this Christmas shower curtain. Pick one color to bring out in the rest of the bathroom, or showcase a little of each color in décor and festive towels that can be displayed throughout the bathroom.

Hang sparkling snowflake ornaments from the top of the shower curtain to really make this shower piece stand out.

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