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10 Coffee-Themed Kitchen Curtains

Coffee is an important part of many people’s day and many cannot go without it first thing in the morning. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee while gazing out of your kitchen window decorated with coffee-themed curtains.

Coffee is known for its brown color, but some of these kitchen curtains are decorated in other colors. Here are some kitchen curtains for coffee lovers to enjoy.

Coffee Valance and Tiers

Coffee Valance and TiersPin

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Decorate your kitchen windows with this coffee-themed valance and tiers set. These curtains depict different types of coffee, such as espresso, coffee beans, and frappe. Each cup is decorated in different shades of brown and tan on a cream background.

Enjoy outdoor light that is filtered and privacy when these curtains are closed. Add dark-brown rods or other colors of rods to match these curtains and other colors you have in your kitchen.

Match these curtains with other coffee-themed décor in your kitchen, along with décor in different shades of brown.

Coffee Heart Curtains

Coffee Heart CurtainsPin

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This set of two kitchen curtains shows different cups of coffee hand-drawn in brown on a white background. The coffee cups, teapot, snacks, and other coffee words and motifs are in the shape of a large heart, with each half on one curtain, meeting where the curtains close.

Add other décor with coffee images. Mix and match décor in shades of brown and other colors for a colorful kitchen.

These curtains are made of satin and can be cleaned in the washing machine to be enjoyed for many years.

Coffee Curtain Set

Coffee Curtain SetPin

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This coffee-themed kitchen curtain set has a variety of coffee images in brown and white with red details. The images are done in watercolor on a white background. This is great for those who prefer some color in their kitchen.

This set comes in two different sizes, so make sure to measure your kitchen window to get the right size of curtains. This three-piece set comes with a valance and two short curtains for some privacy.

Match these kitchen curtains with décor in white, brown, and red. This kitchen curtain set is made of 100% polyester and can be washed in the washing machine when dirty to enjoy.

Coffee Kitchen Curtains

Coffee Kitchen CurtainsPin

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These kitchen curtains are made in a retro design with bright colors. The word “coffee” is printed in red block colors on the top and bottom of the curtains. A green coffee cup is in the middle, with yellow lines on either side on a mint-green background.

The entire image can be seen when both curtains are drawn closed. The image is split between both curtains, with the coffee cup in the middle. Keep closed for privacy and to enjoy the image.

Add other décor and coffee accessories in similar colors to match with these curtains. Curtains are made of satin.

I Love Coffee Curtains

I Love Coffee CurtainsPin

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This set of kitchen curtains has the words “I love coffee” written out with coffee beans where the two curtains come together. Various images of coffee and coffee beans surround the words. These curtains are made up of different shades of brown with some white and tan.

Add other coffee-related décor in browns, white, and tans to match with your new kitchen curtains. Place a rug with coffee images on it or a brown one on the floor near the sink. Add coffee décor to the walls, as well as other décor in matching colors.

These curtains are made of silky satin and are easy to keep clean by cleaning in the washing machine from time to time.

Espresso Coffee Curtains

Espresso Coffee CurtainsPin

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This blackout curtain will go great in your coffee-themed kitchen. Large coffee beans in dark brown border the bottom of each curtain. Coffee beans in the shape of a cup create the center image between both curtains on a burlap-printed background with various coffee-related words.

Match this kitchen-curtain set with other coffee-related décor pieces. Purchase mats, towels, and other décor with coffee symbols and in neutral browns and tans.

This curtain is made of 100% polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine when dirty. These curtains also block out light when needed.

Coffee Curtains and Valance

Coffee Curtains and ValancePin

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Various images of coffee can be seen in brown, tan, and cream on this curtain and valance set. Spoons, coffee cups, a container filled with coffee, and other coffee-related images can be seen in blocks of brown, tan, and cream backgrounds.

Ruffles are in tan to match the rest of the set. Add other décor with coffee in neutral browns and tans to complete the look of your coffee-themed kitchen.

Coffee Tier and Swag Set

Coffee Tier and Swag SetPin

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This curtain tier and swag set are bordered with images of coffee cups and saucers in various shades of brown and tan. The top tier is white with tiny coffee beans floating all over the curtain. There is a dark-brown border at the top of this curtain with a coffee-cup border at the bottom.

The bottom set of curtains has a thick border with coffee cups and saucers in brown with the background in blocks of brown and tan. Small designs are in some of the brown and tan blocks. This set would look great in a kitchen decorated with coffee images and neutral colors.

This set comes in two different sizes to fit the right window. Make sure to purchase a matching rod that will go well with this curtain set.

Colorful Coffee Curtain Set

Colorful Coffee Curtain SetPin

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This colorful set of kitchen curtains contains images of coffee cups, saucers and coffee-related words. Some of the images of cups are in colorful backgrounds in red, purple, and brown. Each cup is in a different color, such as green, white, blue, and brown.

These colorful images are set on a white background with a dark-brown ruffled border at the bottom of each curtain. Add other colorful images and décor with coffee in your kitchen to complete the look.

These 100% polyester made curtains are machine washable and can be ironed to smooth out when needed.

Coffee Doodle Curtains

Coffee Doodle CurtainsPin

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These curtains depict various sketches of coffee-related products and drinks. The words “coffee” are printed in black and thin letters where the curtains meet in the middle. Other images include a French press, coffee scoop, grinder, bag of coffee beans, and a cup of coffee on a saucer.

The words and images are sketched in black ink on a white background. These curtains come in various sizes to fit different window dimensions. They are made of satin and can be cleaned in the washing machine when needed.

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