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45 Cool Things For Your Bedroom

A bedroom can be personalized in many ways, such as the use of color, design, décor items, and even how the furniture is arranged. Different items can be used to make your bedroom stand out among others.

You can keep it cooled the literal way, such as by adding humidifiers and fans when the weather heats up. Other interesting ideas include adding unusual décor items. Here are some great ways to keep your bedroom looking and feeling cool.

Sanitary Humidifier

Sanitary HumidifierPin

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This humidifier is a great addition to a bedroom where you need pure air to help you breathe if you have a condition or illness. You can choose from a black or white humidifier for the base. It will cover 600 square feet of space in your bedroom.

The humidifier will work continuously for eight hours or as needed. It will turn various colors as it humidifies the air. You can also set it on one color, with no light, and it also has a quiet mode.

Cube Closet Organizer

Cube Closet OrganizerPin

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This closet organizer can also be used as a shelf unit next to a wall in your bedroom if you have the space. There is enough material to make six cubes to store clothes, books, and décor. You can build the squares as steps or in even-numbered rows.

This organizer is made of plastic and metal. Each cube can hold up to 15 pounds. You can choose from black, gray, pink, or white to match with your other bedroom furniture and décor.

Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm ClockPin

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This digital alarm clock will project the time on the wall with a built-in projector. Place the clock on your bedside table, then aim the projector where you want it. The device is adjustable for 180 degrees.

The time can be seen 1.6 to 11.4 feet away. USB ports are included to charge your smartphone and other devices. There are three levels of brightness so that you can view the time at your comfort level.

Neon Wall Sign

Neon Wall SignPin

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Light up your bedroom wall with this neon sign. Soft-pink light will come from the sign when lit up. It can be used as wall décor or a nightlight.

It lights up with a USB plug. Make sure you have a power adapter to plug into or purchase one. Two holes are behind the sign to easily hang on a wall in your bedroom.

This neon display is 12.2 by 16.9 inches, making it larger than typical neon signs.

Mini Basketball Hoop

Mini Basketball HoopPin

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A teenager will love having this pro mini basketball hoop on the door of their bedroom. It is made of foam and alloy steel for a sturdy fit. The hoop comes with a pro mini basketball as well.

Slide-on door mounts make it easy to place and play on the door. Choose from several sizes and styles, such as glow-in-the-dark, standard, and extra-large. Playing mini basketball is a great way to take breaks between work or studying.

Globe String Lights

Globe String LightsPin

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String lights are a great accessory to use to illuminate certain parts of the bedroom. These globe string lights are in a Moroccan design that are made up of many shapes on each globe. This set comes with 40 lights to hang from a wall or other part of your bedroom.

These lights are 13.5 feet long. They will look great above a window and over curtains. The lights come with eight modes, including slow fade, waves, flash, and combination. They need three AA batteries to enjoy.

Hammock Chair

Hammock ChairPin

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Create a quiet rest or reading area in your bedroom with this hammock chair. Make sure your wall or ceiling is sturdy enough to hang the hammock from. The hammock is made from cotton and polyester for a sturdy seat.

The chair can hold two people or children and up to 320 pounds. Add a blanket and pillow for extra comfort when you want to take a nap or read your favorite book from here.

Charging Station

Charging StationPin

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This cool charging station has plenty of room for multiple smartphones and tablets. Place on a table or chest out of the way in your room to keep your devices charged up throughout the day.

Pick from silver, pink, or blue to match décor in your bedroom. It is made by Hercules Tuff with corded electric power. Cables are compatible with iPhones, Galaxy phones, iPods, and related items.

Motion Activated Bed Light

Motion Activated Bed LightPin

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The cool light illuminates the bottom edge of the bed as a night light. This is a great alternative for those who don’t want a lamp in their room, or if you prefer a nontraditional lighting source at night.

These motion-activated lights glow a soft light when you get near your bed. The shut-off timer can be set 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Clean the area where you want your lights to go, then take off the 3M adhesive backing to use.

Black & Decker Fan

Black & Decker FanPin

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Keep cool during the day and evening with this Black & Decker standing fan that comes in black or white. The fan can be controlled by fan or a remote, which features an on button, off button, and button to control the speed of the fan.

There is also a timer on the fan that you can set. It is quiet and has 90-degree oscillation. You can also adjust the tilt and height so that the airs blows up or down throughout your bedroom.

Jellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish LampPin

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This jellyfish lamp is a great way to enjoy underwater creatures without the responsibility of caring for them. It also makes a cool lamp to show off to family and friends. The fake jellyfish float with the help of a current from a motor in the lamp.

Enjoy this relaxing scene that is lit up in several colors with an LED light. A universal AC adapter cable is included so that you can take your jellyfish lamp with you wherever you go.

Bedside Shelf

Bedside ShelfPin

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This bedside shelf will work great for students who are studying late and want a place to put snacks and drinks at night. When you have no room left on your nightstand, clip this shelf in place on your bed.

There is a groove to fit a drink on, as well as a cut-out where a plug for a phone or other device can go. This small shelf can hold an impressive 50 pounds.

Mosquito Net

Mosquito NetPin

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Pretend you are vacationing on a tropical island with this mosquito net installed over your bed. If you live in a place with a ton of mosquitos that bite you at night, this net can protect you from these pesky insects at night.

This net can fit beds in sizes twin to king. It is easy to install, lightweight and can be cleaned in your washing machine. The nest is made of fine mesh to keep the smallest bugs out of your way while sleeping.

Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

Coca-Cola Mini FridgePin

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Keep your favorite drinks cool in this miniature fridge that you can keep in your room. The portable fridge is decorated in red with “Coca-Cola” printed in white script on the front. A polar bear holding a small can of the classic drink can be seen standing to the side of the door.

Six cans of drinks can be cooled in this fridge. You can also store other drinks and foods, such as mild, yogurt, cheese, and fruit.

Electronic Word Clock

Electronic Word ClockPin

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If you need a clock for your bedroom, but are looking for something different, this is the clock for you. The light-up electronic word clock tells you the exact time throughout the day. LEDs light up each word during the day and night.

Choose from copper or black. It is 7.75 by 1.13 by 7.75 inches, making it large enough to see anywhere in the room, but small enough to place next to your bed on a table. The clock is powered with its own USB power cable and adapter.

Rose Tree Lamp

Rose Tree LampPin

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Impress your friends with this rose tree lamp. Pink roses bloom from white or black branches on a sturdy vase. 24 warm-white LED lights are used to light up each pink rose.

Your rose tree will look like a décor piece during the day, and a night light in the evening. It can be powered by batteries or the USB port. You will need to purchase three AAA batteries to enjoy the lamp.

Wall Mount Corner

Wall Mount CornerPin

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This set of wall mount corner shelves is a great way to use wall space when you need another place to display some décor. You can order one set, or up to five packs at a time. These shelves are made of plastic and come in white or gray.

Show off your décor pieces or pictures on five tiers in a corner of your room. If your bed is in the middle, purchase two of these to have on each corner.

Blackout Eye Mask

Blackout Eye MaskPin

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Rest your eyes at night with the Manta sleep mask. This mask is great for light sleepers who need it dark to sleep. This mask keeps out 100% of light.

Eyecups are adjusted to keep you comfortable while wearing the sleep mask. The breathable mask is easy to wear with the velour strap and super-soft eyecups that can be moved around as needed. Look forward to a good night’s sleep with this mask.

Tabletop Fountain

Tabletop FountainPin

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Enjoy a feeling of relaxation with this tabletop fountain running in your bedroom. This fountain features three tiers of waterfalls with natural stones that is relaxing to watch and hear throughout the day.

The submersible pump is quiet and keeps the water running until you turn it off. Keep on a table with other Zen-like décor. Turn on your fountain when feeling stressed or wanting to relax.

Vintage Guitar Hooks

Vintage Guitar HooksPin

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These cool hangers will look great in a guitarist’s bedroom. Each hanger is made in the shape of a vintage guitar at the top. Details include décor in the shape of guitar strings wrapped around the tuning pegs.

Each hanger is in the shape of a different type of head of a guitar. The heads are made of resin and painted to look like real parts to guitars. Each hook can hold up to 25 kilograms, or 55 pounds.

Bladeless Fan

Bladeless FanPin

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This bladeless fan is small enough to fit on a dresser or the small table next to your bed to keep you cool on warm evenings. It is made by Misby and comes in white, although you can light it up in five different colors with the LED light.

You only need to gently touch the buttons to get the fan to blow air and light up. A high-density battery is built in the fan to make it last for several hours. Make sure to charge it before using it.

Hexagon Wall Decals

Hexagon Wall DecalsPin

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These Hexagon wall decals are a cool way to add mirrors with a decorative touch to your bedroom. Each set comes with 12 pieces to arrange any way you like.

Peel off the backside and place where you want it on the wall, then peel off the front to enjoy in your bedroom.

Homesick Candle

Homesick CandlePin

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Enjoy the smell of home with this Homesick scented candle. The candle is made with scents of woody mangroves, smooth vanilla, Spanish moss, amber, bergamot, and Florida citrus, hence its name.

The candle is made of wax and comes in a 13.75-ounce clear jar. The candle will burn for 60 to 80 hours. The natural soy-wax blend is hand-poured in the United States.

Trim the wick to ¼ inches before lighting. Let it burn for only a few hours at a time for best results.

Newton’s Cradle Magnetic Balls

Newton’s Cradle Magnetic BallsPin

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Amaze your friends and family with Newton’s cradle magnetic balls. This unique decor piece is great to look at as the balls swing from side to side and hit each other. Destress and take a break by watching the magnetic balls on the contraption.

Each ball hangs from a fiber rope. The pedestal is made of wood and the balls are made of solid steel. Place on your work desk, bedside table, or shelf in your room to look at and use as needed.

Bonsai Tree Décor

Bonsai Tree DécorPin

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If you don’t have a green thumb, then this bonsai tree is for you. This beautiful décor piece is made of different types of stone.

The leaves of the money tree are made of rose-pink quartz wrapped in copper. Move around the leaves and branches as you like to create a design with your tree.

Place on a corner shelf in the bedroom or on top of a set of drawers. At other décor made of crystal and stone.

Moon Lamp

Moon LampPin

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This three-dimensional moon lamp is a great way to add some light in the evening. This can also be used as a night light for a child who is afraid to sleep in the dark.

The lamp is printed with a surface that looks like the moon’s. Display the moon in 16 different colors using the remote control. The LED lights are battery powered to last for hours if needed.

There are four modes where you can choose to display one color or switch colors throughout the night.

Floating Shelves

Floating ShelvesPin

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These floating shelves will look cool in a bedroom with a rustic or farmhouse look to it. The set comes with three shelves in different lengths. You can choose from various natural colors that will match the rest of your bedroom.

The shelves are made of wood with metal brackets to support them on the walls. There are several options for installing each shelf.

Using shelves is a great way to get more organized, or when you want to display more décor and pictures in the bedroom.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tapestry Wall HangingPin

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Hang this beautiful tapestry as a decoration on a blank wall in your bedroom. The tapestry is made of polyester fiber and depicts a print of the Great Wave Kanagawa, a famous painting.

Huge, blue waves with white foam rise from the ocean. Several boats are tossed in the waves, with one about to crash down on a boat. This tapestry comes in several sizes. It is made of polyester fiber and will make a beautiful art piece to cover a wall in your bedroom.

Cloud Humidifier

Cloud HumidifierPin

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Use this cloud-shaped humidifier in your child or baby’s room. This is a great way to add moisture to your child’s room with a fun-shaped humidifier. This mister comes in the shape of a white, fluffy cloud with a flat bottom to stand on its own.

Use as a night light in the evening to give your child or baby a good night’s rest. It can rotate through several colors, such as green, purple, pink, and blue. It is easy to clean and makes a great décor piece when not being used.

Ocean Wave Projector

Ocean Wave ProjectorPin

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Transform your or your child’s bedroom into an underwater world with this ocean wave projector. The nightlight projects images of the ocean from the viewpoint of the ocean floor while looking up at the surface.

It also has a speaker, since it can connect to a variety of devices, such as an MP3 player, computer, and tablet. View the ocean in several colors that can be enjoyed while falling to sleep or at a party with friends.

Star Wars Nightlight

Star Wars NightlightPin

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Star Wars fans will love having this nightlight in their bedroom. You can choose to display the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, or R2D2. Each image can be displayed in seven different colors based on your preferences.

This nightlight by New Hiya comes with a plastic base and acrylic base that displays the images. The images are displayed with an LED light that is controlled by a remote.

Quiet Table Fan

Quiet Table FanPin

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Keep you and your family cool at night with this quiet table fan. Keep on the table near the bed or dresser on warm nights. This quiet personal fan by Honeywell has four power modes based on how cool you need your room at different times of the day.

The fan is 10 by 10 by 32.83 inches high, making it slim enough to fit in various spaces in your bedroom. Purchase several to keep in every bedroom in your house.

Skinny End Table and Nightlamp

Skinny End Table and NightlampPin

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This piece of furniture doubles as an end table and nightlamp, making it perfect for small spaces and corners. The narrow nightstand has three levels to place décor and other bedroom necessities on, with the lamp located at the top.

You can purchase the table stand in several finishes to match the furniture in your bedroom. An LED bulb is included, so that you can start using the lamp right away. Keep the table near an outlet so that you can easily plug it in to use the light at any time.

Smart Plug

Smart PlugPin

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This set of four smart plugs will work with a variety of devices, such as Google Home and Alexa. Plug into a wall with a cord, then turn on to use.

Place each plug in several rooms to use throughout your home. Set timers for various home devices and more for your convenience with these smart plugs.

Refrigerator Cooler

Refrigerator CoolerPin

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Keep plenty of cool drinks in your room with this mini bar fridge. The NewAir Beverage Refrigerator can hold up to 126 cans.

It can cool down to 34 degrees and comes with a glass door so you can see what is inside. Add this cool refrigerator in your room when there isn’t space in your regular refrigerator for your favorite drinks.

Iris Circulator Fan

Iris Circulator FanPin

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Keep cool while working or sleeping in your room with this small, tabletop air circulator fan. Choose from pink, white, black, navy, green and gray. It is by IRIS USA, Inc. and is made of plastic.

You can rotate the fan in many ways with its 360-degree tilt. The three-speed settings can cool up to 157 square feet of space.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt LampPin

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A great way to purify the air in your bedroom is with this Himalayan salt lamp. The salt lamp is 100% natural and will help purify the air when heated up.

The lamp comes with a dimmer to use when needed. It also makes a great décor piece when not being used.

Humidifier Nightlight

Humidifier NightlightPin

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This humidifier comes with a nightlight that can be turned on or off as needed. There is enough space for three liters of water to be used with the humidifier to purify your bedroom air.

It has a separate water tank and an atomizer to keep the mist as pure as possible. You can choose how much mist you want to be released at a time.

Globe String Lights

Globe String LightsPin

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Create a soft glow in your bedroom at night with this set of globe string lights. The set comes with 100 LED lights in various colors. The lights are dimmable and can be lit up in various modes, such as slo-glo, waves, twinkle, and slow fade.

The wireless remote lets you change colors and settings with just a click of a button. Place around a shelf or curtains for a cool effect.

Pink Mini Fridge

Pink Mini FridgePin

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Keep cold items within arm’s reach in your bedroom with this pink mini-fridge. The fridge also comes in white, blue, and black.

This fridge can store drinks, medications, foods, and skincare in your room when you don’t have space in your kitchen fridge for more items. The fridge can be set to cool or warm temperatures.

Floating Desk

Floating DeskPin

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This floating desk is a great way to save floor space and more when you need a desk in a small bedroom. The desk is made of wood painted in white. There is space for a computer and several shelves to place books and other items.

Find a space for this floating desk at a good height to sit at and install on your wall to get to work.

Cat Lamp

Cat LampPin

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Add this cat lamp to a child’s room or baby’s nursery to keep them company at night. You can purchase the lamp with or without the remote. The lamp can change into different colors with the remote or by touch.

The cat lamp is made of silicone material that is non-toxic, in case a baby or child decides to chew on it. The built-in battery will keep the lamp running for 12 to 15 hours.

Tortilla Blanket

Tortilla BlanketPin

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Fold this tortilla blanket on the foot of your bed as an extra blanket on cool nights. It will also make a great conversation starter when family and friends come to visit.

This round-shaped blanket looks just like a soft taco shell. It comes in several sizes in cozy flannel.

Cool Floor Lamp

Cool Floor LampPin

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This cool floor lamp comes in several sizes and colors to match your bedroom. The lamp comes in one color. The LED bulb can change into 7 colors in 10 different brightness levels.

The lamp comes with two LED bulbs that can be enjoyed for 50,000 hours in a variety of colors using the remote control.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air ConditionerPin

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Stay cool in your bedroom with this portable air conditioner. It can cool down a space up to 400 square feet. This conditioner is by Costway and comes with several features, such as a 24-hour timer.

It has several modes, such as sleep, cooling, fan, and dehumidifying mode. A variety of options are included on the screen to change the coolness, and more, based on your needs.

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