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30 Cool Things For Your Swimming Pool

A great way to keep colder in the summer is spending as much time as possible in your swimming pool with family and friends. You can up the coolness with a variety of items.

Items that you add can keep you and friends even brisk in the heat, or just add a neat vibe when swimming around in the pool. Here are some cool things to create a summer to remember in your pool.

Underwater Swimming Pool Lights

Underwater Swimming Pool LightsPin

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Light up your pool at night with these LED underwater swimming pool lights. You can choose from either 20 or 50 feet of cord to wrap around your pool for a cool light display when swimming around at night.

You can choose from 10 different color settings. Seven various colored lights are included with three color modes. These are easy to install on the wall. It is best to place the lights one foot below the water for best results.

Pool Volleyball Game

Pool Volleyball GamePin

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Enjoy playing volleyball with friends and family in your pool with this floatable net and ball for the pool. The ball and floating net are both made of vinyl to enjoy in the pool. There is an option to add anchor weights to keep the net in the same area when playing volleyball in the water.

The net is 94 inches long, which covers the length of many pools. There is a repair kit and shelf box included to use when needed.

Floating Hammock

Floating HammockPin

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Enjoy some sun from your pool with these floating hammocks. Each set comes with two hammocks in either blue and green, or pink and light blue. These hammocks are designed to lay on or sit in.

A pump is included to inflate each hammock. Pillows for the head and feet are attached to keep you comfortable when relaxing. Each floating hammock can hold up to 265 pounds, or 120 kilograms.

Pool Ball

Pool BallPin

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You and your family can play some fun underwater games with the pool ball. Once it’s filled with water, enjoy all kinds of underwater games with this ball. This ball is different from other pool balls because it can be kicked, passed, and dribbled underwater.

This ball is made of triple tech PVC and is covered in red, white, and blue. It comes with a hose adapter to easily keep it filled with water for hours of fun in the pool. This is a great addition to any pool.

Pool Basketball Game

Pool Basketball GamePin

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Enjoy the great American sport of basketball from your pool. The floating basket comes with one ball to enjoy games with family and friends while cooling down in the pool on a hot day. You can purchase one pack or a two pack of baskets and balls.

The basketball set is by Swimline and comes in bright orange and blue. Shoot from all angles. Numbers above each port help you keep score.

Silicone Wine Glasses

Silicone Wine GlassesPin

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Enjoy a glass of wine or other beverages in the pool with this set of four silicone wine glasses. Each glass is made of silicone that is BPA free and flexible enough to carry in your pocket when not being used.

Each glass can hold up to 12 fluid ounces. These glasses are made by Brovino and are designed to clean in the dishwasher after being used.

Pool Skimmer

Pool SkimmerPin

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This pool skimmer catches debris floating along the top of the pool water. If you are tired of cleaning up trash with a net, then this floating pool skimmer is just what you need. A pump is built into the back to keep the debris floating in the same direction to be caught by the Zak pool skimmer.

The pump and filter are designed to keep from clogging, so that you can enjoy a swim while the Zak collects debris in your pool.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakersPin

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Enjoy listening to your favorite music from the pool with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. You can purchase one in white, yellow, or purple. The portable speaker can float so you can enjoy listening to music while playing in the pool.

The battery will allow music to play for up to eight hours. The Bluetooth can light up in seven various colors with different themes to light up your pool at night.

Inflatable Drink Holders

Inflatable Drink HoldersPin

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Keep your favorite drinks with you in the pool in this inflatable drink holder. This miniature floatie can hold up to five different drinks. You can also use the holes to place snacks in as well.

You can choose between a blue or pink floating drink holder. The holder is made of anti-static materials. The holes are deep enough to keep drinks firmly in place while floating.

Pool Cleaner

Pool CleanerPin

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Clean the bottom of a dirty pool with this Pool Blaster. This vacuum can quickly clean up dirt and debris that ends up at the bottom of your pool, spa, or hot tub. It can run up to 45 minutes at a time.

The vacuum comes with everything you need, including a vacuum head with brushes, suction cups, and charger. The vacuum head is 7.5 inches long to easily clean the pool with one hand. A wall charger is included to charge the cleaner when not in use.

Floating Pool Lights

Floating Pool LightsPin

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These floating lights are a great way to brighten the water in your pool at night. Each pack comes with 10 color-changing LED ball lights. You can choose from a 1-pack, 2-pack, 6-pack, or 10-pack.

Make sure to tighten the battery lid before placing it in the water to prevent damage. You will need to purchase batteries separately. These lights are also great to use with children who are afraid of the dark.

Floating Pool Thermometer

Floating Pool ThermometerPin

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This rubber duck thermometer is a fun way to find out the temperature in your pool. It will read your pool’s temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Temperature limits are that it will read up to 50 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The Aquatix Pro rubber duck thermometer is shatter resistant and made of durable material to last for a long time.

Pool Pong

Pool PongPin

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Another way to cool down during the hot summer is to play some rounds of pool pong. Each game comes with several softballs and rings that float in the water. Yellow rings are worth 10 points, blue rings are 20 points, and red rings are worth 30 points.

Purchase more than one if you enjoy large groups of people in your pool. You can also buy the game with swim-through rings. Rings lock so that they all float as one unit, making it a fun and challenging game.

Pool Float with Canopy

Pool Float with CanopyPin

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Relax in this pool float that even comes with its own canopy to give you some shade from the sun. Lounge in the pool while reading a magazine or take a nap while cooling your feet in the water.

The float is made of soft, cool fabric that can hold up to 200 pounds of weight. If you want to use the canopy, make sure to attach it to the float before inflating it. The soft-fabric mesh keeps you cool and comfortable.

Pool Noodle Organizer

Pool Noodle OrganizerPin

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This storage organizer is great for those who have plenty of noodles and other floating devices all around their pool. You can keep your pool area clean by having all floating objects for the pool in this organizer.

The inside is 24 by 24 inches, which is plenty of space for pool items to be stored. High-quality mesh material keeps the color from fading and won’t grow mold from being outside in all kinds of weather.

Inflatable Cooler

Inflatable CoolerPin

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Have this inflatable cooler stored with cold drinks for you and friends at your next pool party. This cooler works great for those who don’t have much space outside of the pool to place drinks. Why have a place outside when you can grab your favorite drink while lounging in the pool?

The inflatable cooler is made of vinyl and weighs almost 3 pounds. There are four cupholders located outside the cooler, with plenty of space inside for drinks and cold snacks.

Pool Ladder Pad

Pool Ladder PadPin

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Pool ladders are a great choice for getting in the pool on the deep end when you don’t want to jump in. One downside of ladders is that they can ruin the bottom of pools with a vinyl liner. A ladder pad can help protect the pool’s surface.

This swimming pool ladder pad can work with most portable pool ladders. It is made of durable materials and comes in several sizes to fit ladders in various dimensions.

Mist Fogger

Mist FoggerPin

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Create a mystical atmosphere in and around your pool with this mist fogger. This mist fogger would look great around a pool waterfall to imitate larger ones with real mist.

It is made of stainless steel to last a long time. The current is regulated automatically to produce the right amount of mist. Keep the transformer out of the water, since it is not waterproof, but it is moisture-proof.

Pool Cleaning Net

Pool Cleaning NetPin

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This pool cleaning net comes in several sizes to fit pools or spas. This is for the net only and not the pole, which will need to be purchased separately.

This net can collect leaves, insects, and various amounts and sizes of trash. It can collect up to 50 pounds of trash at a time, due to its aluminum alloy frame. The lifetime guarantee also makes this a great choice for a pool net.

Pool Waterfall Spray

Pool Waterfall SprayPin

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Transform your pool into a fountain with this waterfall spray fountain. This plastic device uses water from your pool to create a waterfall that will be fun to swim in and around for kids of all ages.

This fountain improves the circulation of the water and makes the water colder. It also keeps your pool water fresh by moving it around constantly. The pool waterfall fountain can be installed on your pool pump in just a few minutes for you and your family to enjoy.

Dinosaur Pool Float

Dinosaur Pool FloatPin

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Both kids and adults will love floating around on this dinosaur pool float. The huge pool float is 124 inches long, so that one adult can lay on it, or two kids can float on it while enjoying the pool.

The head and tail of a tyrannosaurus pokes up from both ends. The top of the beast is blue with stripes and spots. The float is made of raft-grade material that is durable and UV resistant, so it won’t fade in the sun.

Suede Pool Mattress

Suede Pool MattressPin

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Enjoy sunbathing in the heat while floating in the pool with this pool mattress. The holes in the mattress allow you to stay cool in a shallow pool of water while floating around all day. You can choose between a double or twin-size mattress in lime, raspberry, or sapphire.

The suede material feels soft to the touch. Each mattress comes with one or two removable pillows. The mattress will quickly inflate or deflate for your convenience.

UFO Spaceship Squirter

UFO Spaceship SquirterPin

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Enjoy getting your friends wet with this floating squirter. This pool float is shaped like a UFO with a water squirter in the front.

Fill up with water as needed to get those around you wet. Choose from a one or two pack for double the fun!



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Get a competitive game of volleyball going in your pool with this super-soft volleyball. It is made for beach volleyball but is waterproof so that you can play with it in the water. The size of the volleyball is 5.

You can order the official Viemahy ball in various colors, such as black, pink, blue, and red with white and other colors combined. The bladder is made of high-quality rubber with PU on the surface.

Swimming Pool Basketball

Swimming Pool BasketballPin

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Cool down with this pool version of basketball. The game comes with one Splash Hoop Pro basket with two inflatable water basketballs and a ball pump.

Once the basket is put together, place it outside of the pool near the edge. The base needs to be weighted with water, so it doesn’t tip over. Enjoy hours of basketball with this game.

Pool Slide

Pool SlidePin

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The kids will have tons of fun splashing in the pool with this inflatable pool slide. The slide is made of 20-gauge vinyl to last a long time and keep your children safe.

Built-in sprayers keep the slide cool during the summer heat. The landing extension keeps your children safe while enjoying a cool slide into the pool. Children ages 6 and up can use the slide, which can carry up to 176 pounds.

Shark Thermometer

Shark ThermometerPin

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Have fun keeping up with the temperature of your pool water with this shark spa and pool thermometer. It can tell the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit in large numbers that are easy to read.

The thermometer comes with a tether, so it doesn’t float away and is shatter resistant.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof Playing CardsPin

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Relax in the pool while playing card games with this set of waterproof playing cards. Each deck of cards is clear and can be played by up to 10 different people.

These are easy to shuffle, won’t get ruined in the water, and are hand-washable to be played over and over again.

Skip Fun Balls

Skip Fun BallsPin

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Play a game of skip ball with this pair of Skip Fun balls. The pair of skip balls comes with a travel bag to take with you to the pool or beach.

Impress friends and family by showing them how the balls easily skip over the surface of the water without sinking.

Floating Pool Games

Floating Pool GamesPin

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These floating pool games will be a hit at your next pool party. The set comes with a floating cornhole game that turns into a ring toss game with an inflatable cactus.

Floatable ring tosses and bean bags in two different colors are included for family and friends to enjoy.

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