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20 Copper Bathroom Accessories to Make Your Bathroom Shine

Copper has been used by people for a long time. It can also be used to make beautiful accessories and décor.

Add some shine to your bathroom with some copper bathroom accessories. Here are 20 copper bathroom accessories you can add to use and decorate your bathroom with.

Copper Accessory Set

Copper Accessory SetPin

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Make your bathroom shine with this three-piece bathroom accessory set. This set comes with a toothbrush holder, lotion pump dispenser and tumbler, all made in copper. The rough ridges on each container create a three-dimensional effect that make the copper shine and stand out.

Decorate the rest of the bathroom with copper and brown accessories for a neutral, but glamorous look in your bathroom. These are made with ceramic and function as décor and useful pieces in your bathroom.

Copper Bathroom Trashcan

Copper Bathroom TrashcanPin

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Complete your copper decorated bathroom with this oil rubbed bronze finished wastebasket. The ridges all over this trashcan really make it stand out as it shines against the floor of your bathroom. Add other copper accessories, such as a copper toilet bowl cleaner and jars.

Keep the rest of your guest or master bathroom simple with creams and whites, or mix and match with shiny browns and whites on the towels, bathmats, and shower curtain to really make your bathroom stand out among the other rooms in your house.

Copper Towel Ring

Copper Towel RingPin

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Add elegance to your guest or master bathroom with this copper towel ring. This towel ring is made of pure copper that was hand hammered to fit a variety of towel sizes. Texture can be seen all around the ring due to how it was made.

Purchase one or several of these copper towel rings so that there are plenty of towels available for visiting family and friends. Don’t forget to add other copper accessories to your bathroom, such as a toilet paper holder and trashcan.

Copper Facial Tissue Box Holder

Copper Facial Tissue Box HolderPin

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This copper facial tissue box holder is a great accessory to have in your copper decorated master or guest bathroom. Add some plants and other décor around this tissue box holder for an interesting space in your bathroom. Just place over the cardboard box containing the tissue paper, then pull through the opening at the top.

This box is made of stainless steel and has a durable finish that is rust-resistant, making it perfect to use in bathrooms. If you see a dirty spot on your facial tissue paper, just wipe it off with a clean cloth to keep it looking new.

Copper Bathroom Organizer

Copper Bathroom OrganizerPin

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Organize all the clutter in your bathroom with this copper bathroom organizer. At 5.9 inches long, 3.1 inches wide, and 4 inches tall, this organizer will fit perfectly next to the sink on the counter or shelf on the wall. Places toothbrushes, lotion, toothpaste, and anything else that is small that you don’t have a place for.

This organizer is made of heavy-duty stainless steel overlaid with antique red copper, making it built to last and withstand temperature changes in the bathroom. Mix and match with copper and other shiny accessories and décor.

Copper Lid Jars

Copper Lid JarsPin

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You can also store extra bathroom goodies in these copper lidded jars. These jars are perfect for storing q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, and anything else that is small that needs its own place in your bathroom. Each jar has a metal lid that shines like copper.

The jars range from 3 to 6.5 inches tall, so you can fit a variety of small bathroom items in them. If displayed on the counter, make sure to pair with other copper items in your bathroom.

Copper Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

Copper Toothbrush and Toothpaste HolderPin

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The copper finish on this toothbrush toothpaste holder will make your countertop shine. There is space for four toothbrushes, and one or two tubes of toothpaste. Conveniently place next to the sink to use in the morning, evening, and after meals.

This holder can also store makeup, brushes, and other small items for use in the bathroom. This will look great on a marble or white countertop to really make this container stand out.

Copper Toilet Paper Holder

Copper Toilet Paper HolderPin

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Place this free-standing toilet paper holder next to the toilet for convenience and as an additional décor piece in your copper decorated guest or master bathroom. This toilet paper holder can hold up to three rolls of toilet paper. Place rolls in container, then store the rest under the sink or bathroom cabinet.

This toilet paper holder is made of durable steel wire and is rust-resistant to withstand temperature changes in the bathroom. It is overlaid with a copper-like finish to make it shine and look decorative.

Copper Storage Basket

Copper Storage BasketPin

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Place this copper storage basket under the sink, in the cabinet, or on the floor of your guest or master bathroom. You can store extra toilet paper, towels, or other bathroom accessories that have no place left to go.

These come in medium and small sizes to fit your storage needs. The label plate can be personalized so that everyone can remember what to put in it. Pair up this copper wire basket with other copper wire accessories and décor to make your bathroom shine.

Copper Shower Caddy

Copper Shower CaddyPin

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Place this shower caddy in your shower for some elegance and shine in this area of the bathroom. This shower caddy can fit a variety of items that do not fit anywhere else in the shower. Shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and soaps can fit in the two storage shelves at the top. Hang wash clothes, razers, and other items below on the hangers.

The copper-like finish on this shower caddy is resistant to rust so it can last for you and other family members to enjoy. Add other copper and rose gold décor to the rest of the bathroom to match with this beautiful copper shower caddy.

Copper Switch Plate

Copper Switch PlatePin

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Add this light switch plate to your copper decorated bathroom to add some more shine. Purchase several to match up all the switches if needed. Match your copper accessories with brown and white towels and bath mats for a sophisticated look in your bathroom.

These plates come in several sizes to fit one to four switches. These are easy to install with screws. Each plate is made of oil rubbed bronze to give them a nice finish.

Copper Single Toilet Paper Holder

Copper Single Toilet Paper HolderPin

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Another beautiful accessory you can add to your copper decorated bathroom is this copper made toilet paper holder. Easily install this toilet paper holder next to the toilet with screws to mount it on the wall or cabinet.

The groves in the holder are from the copper being hand hammered into the shape it is in. The oil rub Bronze finish gives it a nice, sheen look that can be matched with other copper bathroom accessories.

Ombre Copper Shower Curtain

Ombre Copper Shower CurtainPin

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Update the shower and tub in your guest or master bathroom with this beautiful ombre copper shaded shower curtain.

The polyester fabric seems to shine with copper. A lighter shade of copper can be seen on most of this shower curtain. The bottom portion darkens for an ombre effect.

Purchase copper hangers to match with this shower curtain and other bathroom accessories.

Dark Copper Wastebasket

Dark Copper WastebasketPin

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Place this copper-colored wastebasket under the sink, next to the toiler, or other small area in your guest or master bathroom. This trash can is only 6.75 inches wide, so it is small enough to fit in narrow areas in the bathroom.

This copper wastebasket can be easily picked up with the cut-out handle when you need to dispose of the trash. When dirty, just wipe clean with a damp cloth to keep it looking nice.

Copper Faucet

Copper FaucetPin

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Update your bathroom’s sink with this beautiful copper faucet. Water comes out of this faucet, looking like a waterfall for an elegant look and feel. The copper finish makes the faucet look like an antique.

Match this faucet with other copper and weathered looking accessories for an old fashioned looking bathroom. It comes with cold and hot water hoses and accessories for easy installation. This faucet is easy to install for you and your family to enjoy in no time.

Copper Vanity Lights

Copper Vanity LightsPin

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Add these copper vanity lights to your bathroom to update your master or guest bathroom for family and friends to enjoy. This modern-looking vanity light fixture includes two-light wall sconces with a copper globe glass canopy. Light bulbs are not included, but halogen bulbs will work best with these.

Mix and match with copper, gold, and brown accessories for an elegant looking bathroom. Replace your bathroom vanity mirror with a mirror that has a copper border to match.

Copper Bathtub Mat

Copper Bathtub MatPin

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A bathtub mat is a great way to prevent falls and injuries when friends and family are using the bathtub. This copper-colored bath mat is a great addition to a neutral-colored bathroom decorated in browns and creams. Hundreds of suction cups on the bottom will keep this mat firmly in place.

This mat is larger than others at 35 by 16 inches to cover the entire bath. When dirty, place your bathmat in the washing machine to keep it looking nice and new.

Copper Striped Shower Curtain

Copper Striped Shower CurtainPin

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This beautiful copper shower curtain is a great way to update the look of your shower and bath space. Shades of copper in brown, orange, and tan flow into each other to create soft stripes of color.

Match up with other brown and copper-colored accessories. You can also hang cream and white towels to keep the bathroom from looking too dark.

Copper Marble Set

Copper Marble SetPin

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Add an elegant look to your bathroom space with this beautiful marble and copper bathroom set. This bathroom set comes with a soap dish, tumbler, soap dispenser, and toothbrush holder. Each is made with ceramic in a marble design with details finished in a shiny copper color.

Match these accessories with other white, brown, and copper décor in the rest of your bathroom for a beautiful look.

Copper Tray

Copper TrayPin

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Use this copper finished tray as a place to store extra bathroom accessories. Store on the back of the toilet, on a shelf, or next to the sink.

Unique grooves on the tray are from it being hammered into the shape it is. Each groove shines with copper for a unique and beautiful look.

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