14 Best Couch Alternatives – Unique and Creative Ideas

Most living rooms aren’t complete unless there is at least one comfortable couch to sit on. If you are looking for something different, there are plenty of alternatives to using couches in the living room.

Replace a couch with fancy sitting pillows or make your own. Here are 14 of the best couch alternatives you can use in the living room.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag ChairPin

A classic alternative to the living room couch is a bean bag chair. These have gotten an updated look and come in a variety of styles to allow for comfortable seating in your living room. Bean bags come in fun colors and designs to mix and match with the rest of your décor in the living room.

A downside to beanbags is if they are not handled gently, over time they will tear, causing a mess with the tiny beans they are made of. With gently handling and care, bean bags make great alternatives to couches in the living room of your home.

Reading Nook

Reading NookPin

A reading nook makes a great addition for those who love to lounge and read in a quiet place. Reading nooks are a great way to save space in a small home or home where plenty of areas are already taken up by furniture and décor.

Make your reading nook comfortable by adding a cushion that matches the colors and décor in the rest of the space. Add colorful pillows to each side, or cover all the sides with cushions for a couch-like feel. This reading nook looks perfect spaced near the stairs of this home.

If you don’t have the space for a reading nook, this can be costly since you will have to rebuild your window and wall to make room for a reading nook. A great way to add a reading nook that costs less is to add some cushions and pillows in an empty space by the window or corner in a room.

Platform Sofa

Platform SofaPin

A platform sofa is a simpler version of a regular sofa. Some use wood platforms with a cushion on top while others have a cushion on stilt-like legs. Keep the space below the couch open for a minimal look, or use as a storage space. A downside to platform sofas is that they may not be as comfortable as traditional sofas and you may need time to get use to sitting on them.

This living room space is kept simple with soft colors and minimal design in the furniture. The light gray colored couch sits on a wood support with three short legs. The pink pillows add some color and also blend in well with the soft hue gray of the couch.

Floor Cushions

Floor CushionsPin

Floor cushions are another great alternative to couches for the living room. Mix and match with floor cushions in several colors and designs, or match them up with the rest of the décor in the room. They are also great to have when you need extra seats for guests for a large gathering.

This floor cushion blends in well with the neutrals in the rest of the room. Make sure to let everyone around you know you are sitting on the floor to avoid being walked on. If you have pets, they might mistake a floor cushion as their personal bed, so you might want to keep your cushions in the closet until guests arrive.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise LoungePin

A chaise lounge is an elegant way to dress up a living room without a couch. Many of these can be seen at the end of beds or off to the side of a bedroom. Bring these out of the bedroom and into your living room as part of your seating arrangement.

A change lounge can be pricey, but if you pick a quality made one, it will last you a long time to enjoy in your living room space. Add a few pillows and a blanket in similar colors to the rest of the room for an elegant look.

You can even add one as a statement piece to your living room, or several, so that everyone in your household can enjoy lounging on one at the end of a long workday or while visiting with guests.



A daybed in place of a couch can serve two purposes. It can be a place to lounge during the day and used as a bed at night. Add plenty of pillows for the utmost in comfort during the day and have a pile of blankets nearby to use the daybed as a sleeping area at night.

Some daybeds do not have a backrest, so this may cause discomfort. If you enjoy the look of a daybed with no back, make sure both sides are comfortable for sitting with plenty of pillows and blankets.

Add several daybeds to your living room to use as seats during the day if you plan on having many guests stop by for overnight visits. Make sure to match up the daybeds with the rest of your living room décor by adding colorful pillows and blankets.

Wood Palette Sofa

Wood Palette SofaPin

A wood palette sofa is a great do-it-yourself project for those who love to make items with their hands. Grab some old palettes from an outside job in your yard or ask friends and family if they have any extras.

Clean and stain your palettes, then get some cushions and pillows for your own homemade palette sofa. This look may not be for everyone, and may not last as long as other couch alternatives.

Create an updated boho style room by using an extra palette as a coffee table, and adding other wood elements in similar colored wood. Don’t forget to add pictures and other décor to match your palette couch!

Bubble Chair

Bubble ChairPin

A bubble chair is a modern invention and great to add to a contemporary living room. Many of these can hang from the wall or come with supports to hang itself from. While a bubble chair may be pricey, choosing the right one for your living space and caring for it will guarantee years of enjoyment.

This cozy design appears to partially enclose the sitter in a basket weave shaped shell, perfect for a quiet moment talking on the phone with friends or reading a book. This bubble chair is also great for those who want some space and quiet time.

Sitting Chairs

Sitting ChairsPin

Use several chairs instead of a large couch to dress up your living room. Place three or four chairs around a coffee table to use as the focal point in the living room. For an interesting look, have chairs in different colors, or one in a different color than the rest.

If you choose to purchase chairs in different colors, make sure pillows, drapes, rugs, and décor are in the same colors as the chairs to have a uniform look in the room. Or, focus on one or a few colors to make that pop in the room.

Using only chairs in the living room may not be a great idea if you plan on having many guests over. You can always have floor cushions and large pillows in storage for these guests. Have a bench chair against a wall for people to sit on as well.



Dream a lazy afternoon away in your own living room hammock. Add a pillow and blanket for some extra comfort while you enjoy rocking yourself to sleep in your hammock.

It may be tricky hanging the hammock if you have never owned one before. You want to get the height of the hooks just right on the wall with support from the wall’s beams or you’ll end up sitting on the ground with your hammock.

A hammock would look great in a boho style living room with some cushions, bright colors, and other décor to remind you of hippie days from the past.

Sitting Bench

Sitting BenchPin

Another alternative to a traditional living room couch is a small sitting bench. A sitting bench would be a great addition to a small living room or space that needs a place for friends and family to sit while visiting.

This royal blue sitting bench balances the blue drapes on the window nicely. It is also a bold color to match up with the soft pink on the chair, drapes, and rug in the room.

A downside to including a sitting bench in your living room is that it may look awkward with the rest of the furniture. You can balance it out with small tables and placing another bench in the room as well.

You can even have the sitting bench against a wall and pull it out when there aren’t enough seats when guests come by.

Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable ChairsPin

Add a fun and youthful look to your living room with inflatable chairs. Kids will love sitting in these chairs while watching movies with family and friends. These come in many colors to brighten up a living space.

Since these chairs are inflatable, they may not have a long lifespan, especially if played on by children over time. You can try to expand the life of your inflatable chairs by only taking them out when extra seating is needed or for parties.

Place your inflatable chairs in a corner as extra seating or in the entertainment area of your living room for both children and adults to enjoy.

Cardboard Chair

Cardboard ChairPin

Cardboard furniture is a newer trend that is still gaining popularity. This environmentally friendly cardboard chair doesn’t look comfortable, but are with plenty of cushions and pillows. Make sure the pillows and cushions are in bright colors, unless you want to keep the brown color dominant in the cardboard.

This unique look is definitely not for everyone, but you can mix and match it with other cardboard items and furniture that has a more urban feel to it, like palette furniture.

Swing Chair

Swing ChairPin

A swing chair is similar to a bubble chair but more open and can be installed on a ceiling or floating from its own stem with ground supports. A swing chair is great for those who want to swing while also sitting and resting.

If you prefer a more traditional living room, a swing chair may look out of place. It can also be difficult to install and get the height right for everyone.

Add a blanket and pillow for a place to relax and even a relaxing napping spot during the day. Match up the pillow and blanket with the rest of the décor in the room so the entire space goes together.

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