What Color Curtains Go with Beige Couch? (20 Examples with Images)

Beige is a type of grayish tan that is a common color choice for furniture. How do you match curtains with a beige sofa?

You can use a similar color on the curtains or go bold with bright colors and patterns. Get ideas on what type of curtains to pair with a beige sofa below.

Dark Gray Curtains

Dark Gray CurtainsPin

One color of curtains that go with a beige couch is dark gray curtains. This beige sectional sofa balances out the dark gray curtains with its lighter color. The darker beige pillows match the darker color of the curtains.

The herringbone pattern on the wood floors creates a beautiful design across the room. The plants in dark planters with other décor adds some variety to this living room. A small coffee table with décor would be a nice addition to the middle of the room.

Cream Curtains

Cream CurtainsPin

These cream curtains have a yellow touch to them and brighten up the light colors on the beige couch and pillows. The pillows are in a great variety of beige and gray shades that add some interest to the couch.

The greenery in the brown vase and flowers behind the couch add some neutral décor to the space. The sheer curtains covering the windows brighten the room with natural sunlight while also providing some privacy.

Light Gray Curtains

Light Gray CurtainsPin

These light gray curtains match well with the beige couch without overpowering the couch since it is a sheer and light curtain. The large pillows in blue and purple add color to the sofa, along with the pink blanket draped across it.

The blue bench is a great way to add color to a functional piece, matching with the blue pillows and large rug underneath the wooden table. The wall space would look more balanced with more pictures and décor added.

Herringbone Curtains

Herringbone CurtainsPin

These herringbone curtains are a great way to add some design and color to the windows. The gray and the cream in the patterns on the curtains match well with the beige color on the couch. The pillow with a similar herringbone pattern also helps the curtains not look so out of place.

Adding colorful pillows is a great way to spice up a neutral color on a couch, like the bright yellow and turquoise pillows. Painting a wall, a different color can also add to the room, such as the blue wall.

Yellow Curtains

Yellow CurtainsPin

These sheer-yellow curtains add some cheery color to this living room made up of beige and light brown. These curtains also match beautifully with the beige couch in this room.

Pillows in a variety of shapes and some colors dress up the couch nicely, such as the beige square pillows and blush-colored pillows that are in the shape of cylinders.

A light hangs down, covered in a woven shade, which matches the woven and light-wood items in the room.

Beige Curtains

Beige CurtainsPin

Long, beige curtains have from windows that take up the entire wall in this living room and kitchen space. They match well with the beige-sectional couch. The matching pillows look fine on the couch, although it would be great to see pillows in different designs and colors here.

The black bowl on top of the white coffee table is a nice touch of décor in this space, and match with the black chairs by the dining table. Flowers or fruit in the bowl would be a great addition of color here.

Tan Curtains

Tan CurtainsPin

The tan curtains match the couch and other furniture in this living room well. The soft colors create a relaxing atmosphere.

The pillows and décor add some nice color to the neutral space. The pillows have a combination of colors and décor that add style to the couch. The lace details on some of the pillows add a feminine flair to the space.

The bouquet of white flowers look beautiful in the geometric-shaped blue vase. The large bouquet is a great alternative to a lamp on this side table.

Gray Curtains

Gray CurtainsPin

The light gray curtains pair up well with the light beige couch in the living room. The pillows and blanket add plenty of soft color and design to the couch.

The gray pillows go well with both the couch and curtains. The yellow pillow stands out a bit but matches with the pillow that is covered in yellow and other colors in geometric shapes.

The black-and-white blanket in a herringbone pattern also works well with the couch and dark colors in the room.

Blue Curtains

Blue CurtainsPin

Blue curtains are a great color choice for this living room. They go well with the beige couch, as well as with other blue décor in the room.

The pillows on the couch are in different colors but match the couch and go with some of the décor in this space. The large wall has plenty of pictures that are evenly spaced and a great use of this wall.

Two rugs overlap each other on the floor but work well together. The blue-geometric rug adds some color to the floor and also matches the bold-blue curtains.

Dark Yellow Curtains

Dark Yellow CurtainsPin

Yellow, beige, and brown are the main colors in this living room. The mustard-yellow curtains give a nostalgic feel to the windows, but also match the beige-and-brown couch. The wood floors go well with both the furniture and curtains.

There are plenty of options to personalize this room with décor and color. A rug in the middle of the floor will look great. One or two side tables with a lamp and décor can go on one or both sides of the couch.

Patterned Curtains

Patterned CurtainsPin

Another way to match a beige couch with curtains is to get curtains that have patterns on them. These patterned curtains in beige have sheer curtains between that look beautiful together.

The pillows on the couch match the beige on the cushions, but many have different patterns on them, which create some design on the couch. This looks better than keeping all the pillows the same solid color. The flowers on the coffee table add a nice touch of décor to the living room.

Striped Curtains

Striped CurtainsPin

These pink, white, and beige-striped curtains add some color to the room while decorating the large window. Although the couch is in a neutral-beige color, the different-colored pillows make up for the lack of color.

The couch, pillows, and curtains all match each other well. There are also hints of pink in other décor. The pink flowers on the gray pouf is a nice addition of color, as well as the birds on the small table in front of the couch.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer CurtainsPin

These sheer curtains allow plenty of sunlight to drift in. These sheer-white curtains will match many colors, including the beige on this couch.

A rug with more color would brighten up the space as well. Adding some colorful pillows and blankets to the couch and chair would also help to personalize the room more.

The green houseplant with large leaves makes a great décor piece. This color can be included in a rug and pillows, too.

Beige Curtains with Wooden Round Table

Beige Curtains with Wooden Round TablePin

These beige curtains match the sofa that is in a lighter shade of beige. The pillows are a nice addition to the couch, since they are either in a different shade of beige or various patterns to add interest to this space.

The pouf is also beige but looks different with the way it is made and the many patterns in the braiding. The green leaves in the clear vase add some extra color to this neutral pallet.

Silver Curtains

Silver CurtainsPin

These silver curtains add some sparkle and sheen to this living room. They also match the beige couch sitting in front of it. The shiny silver-and-gold pillows on the couch also help match it with the curtains.

The glass dishes on the glass coffee table are a great addition to this living room. It would be great to see a rug with gold and silver in it to go with other décor in the room, but the cream one is fine, since it brightens up the dark-wood floors.

Dark Beige Curtains

Dark Beige CurtainsPin

The dark beige curtains allow plenty of sunlight in this living room when pulled to the side. The light helps to brighten up the beige couch and other parts of this living room.

A side table with a colorful lamp and décor will look great next to the couch, along with other décor throughout the room and walls. There is also space for a chair between the couch and television.

Brown Patterned Curtains

Brown Patterned CurtainsPin

The beautiful beige-and-gold damask print on the couches look elegant in this living room. The brown-patterned curtains add to the design in the room and look great when combined with the sofas and other beige parts of the living room.

Each part of this room is beautifully decorated. Plenty of lights hanging from the ceiling, on the walls, and tables provide bright light to this beautiful living space.

Yellow Curtains with Yellow and Green Pillows

Yellow Curtains with Yellow and Green PillowsPin

Yellow is a fun color to pair with beige. These large, yellow curtains next to the small window brighten up the beige couch. The yellow and green rectangular pillows help to match the couch with other colorful décor pieces in the same colors throughout the room.

A small, green rug and houseplant add some color to the wood floors. A mixture and green-and-yellow items are also on the shelves and table behind the sofa.

Olive Curtains

Olive CurtainsPin

These olive curtains are a little darker than the beige couch in this living space right next to the kitchen. The multi-colored rug is a nice addition to the floor and lightens up the floor space. Adding patterned pillows that match the rug, or more colorful pillows would also brighten up this living area.

There is more space to add chairs or a small table in the right-and corner of the room. Adding more décor pieces to the walls and other parts of the room will help add life to it as well.

White Curtains

White CurtainsPin

You can’t go wrong with white curtains. These sheer-white ones go beautifully with the white-and beige pattern on this sofa.

The pillows that look like buttons are a great addition and match the mustard-yellow rug below. The rug is also in a similar swirl pattern as the couch.

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