What Color Curtains Go with Brown Couch? (20 Examples with Images)

Brown is a color that has been used by men for as long as they have been roaming the earth. There are many different shades of brown, as with many colors.

A chocolate couch is a common scene in many living rooms today. You might have a difficult time figuring out what color curtains to use that will go well with this dark color.

You can go with dark or light brown in the curtains, or a similar shade that is in the couch. You can also mix it up with colors and patterns.

Below are some ways to match brown couches with different curtains.

Brown Curtains

Brown CurtainsPin

Brown curtains will go with a brown couch, as seen in this photograph. Even though the couch and curtains are in different shades of brown, they still go together. The curtains also match the wooden table and shelves in the corner of the room.

The wood floors are a nice addition to this space. The bouquet of yellow flowers on the table brings in some different color in the room. It would be nice to see even more color added, such as colorful prints on the wall and décor pieces on the cabinets.

Black and White Curtains

Black and White CurtainsPin

The brown leather couch is the darkest pieces of furniture in the room. There are plenty of dark and light neutral pieces to balance each other out. Another way to do this is with the patterned black-and-white curtains.

These curtains add design to the room. The sheer curtains add another layer of protection over the windows, while allowing some natural light to filter through during the day. Other details in the room include the flowers in the gold-and-white vase, the feather in the textured vase, and the white rug.

Cream Curtains

Cream CurtainsPin

These cream curtains complement the brown velvet corner sofa. The black-and-white photographs add a nostalgic feel to this living room. These colors are repeated in the shelf next to the couch.

The green plants on the top shelf and green apples in the bowl on the coffee table are a great way to add more color to this space. While the striped pillows don’t necessarily match the sofa, they do go with the black and white found throughout the room.

Gray Curtains

Gray CurtainsPin

Dark, neutral colors can be seen in this living room, starting with the gray curtains pulled to the side of the windows. These curtains match well with the solid and striped-gray pillows on the brown leather sofa.

The coffee table with wheels goes well with the industrial look the rest of the living room has. This includes the floor lamp with tripod legs. The brown and gray throughout the room also go with this industrial style.

Turquoise Curtains

Turquoise CurtainsPin

The brown couch against the gray wall makes this room appear dark. The turquoise curtains are a great way to add some bright color to this dark space. The sheer, white curtains also help with this, while allowing sunlight in.

The pictures on the wall and light-colored blanket also help to balance the darks and lights in this room. Adding turquoise pillows on the couch would help bring in this color more in the room. There is also space for another table with décor on the right side of the couch.

Beige Curtains

Beige CurtainsPin

Beige curtains are paired with this brown-leather couch. A gold pillow sits on the couch, which helps match it to the curtains. This brown couch stands out in the room because of the lighter color on the curtains, walls, and floor.

Another gold pillow and a blanket in the same color as the curtains can bring the look together. More décor and furniture in the room will help as well. Add a colorful rug between the couches with a coffee table and several side tables with lamps and décor.

Light Gray Curtains

Light Gray CurtainsPin

The light gray curtains blend in with the walls in this living room. The brown leather couch gives a classic look to the room and goes well with the gray curtains and other furniture and décor in the room.

The pink and purple textured pillows add some bright color to the couch, along with the matching teacups and saucer on the long table. The green houseplants on either side of the couch add additional color to this space. The brown cupboard with a black-and-white door creates an interesting look with its colors and patterns.

Sheer Gray Curtains

Sheer Gray CurtainsPin

This light brown sofa matches well with the light gray curtains shading the large windows in the background. Including pillows on the couch is a great way to add some color and pattern in this living room.

An additional chair gives extra space for family and friends to visit and catch up. The rug on the floor matches the couch, but also includes some colors that match with the pillows nicely.

There is even some color on the round table that blends in well with the colors on the green pillows.

Gold Curtains

Gold CurtainsPin

The gold, textured curtains stand out in this vintage-styled living room. The couch matches up nicely with the curtains in brown and gold in a floral pattern. The gold pillows emphasize the gold throughout the room.

The red rose in a red bud vase is a nice addition of décor in a different color. The wooden cabinet and coffee table go with the brown in the couch. A blue Tiffany lamp on the cabinet adds some color and design to this space as well.

Cream-Colored Curtains

Cream Colored CurtainsPin

These cream-colored curtains match the brown-leather sofa and chair. A floral and solid pillow are added to the couch as extra comfort and décor.

The light-floral rug and white table also go with the curtains that are swept to the side of the large window.

The light-colored rug with floral designs is a great way to add some color and design to the carpet in this living room. The rug also has some cream in it, which matches the curtains.

Chocolate Curtains

Chocolate CurtainsPin

The chocolate-brown curtains are in almost the same shade of brown as the corner sofa. The light-gray walls go with the green blanket on the couch and other green elements in the room. This combination of gray, green, and brown go well together in this modern living room.

The computer table fits well next to the window, as a quiet place to study. The geometric lamps that hang down go with the brown tabletops on the side table and computer table. The long windows make the room appear larger.

Tan Curtains

Tan CurtainsPin

The huge windows in this room are partially covered with decorative tan curtains. The curtains match well with the gold-striped wallpaper, as well as the golden wall sconces and gold frames around the mirrors.

There is a small brown fringe on the outside of the curtains, which match with the brown leather sofas surrounding this part of the room. The huge bouquet of flowers in the gold vase is the only piece of décor in the room, but the combination of the furniture and walls create a beautiful space that doesn’t need much décor.

Light Brown Curtains

Light Brown CurtainsPin

The light brown curtains blend in well with the leather couch and soft brown chairs. The browns in the living room add plenty of warmth, along with the fireplace.

The brightly-colored pillows on the couch stand out against the chocolate color on the cushions and match the red frame around the mirror above the fireplace.

White Curtains

White CurtainsPin

Sheer-white curtains partially cover the window near these leather couches. Since white goes with anything, they go well with both couches.

The table with a lamp and décor is a nice addition between the two couches. The side table and coffee tables incorporate interesting designs to this space.

Wavy Curtains

Wavy CurtainsPin

Colorful curtains cover the windows in this living room. They stand out against the solid-brown couch just in front of it.

The curtains add some color and design to this bare space. The gray-and-purple designs on the curtains match the light-purple paint on the walls.

Sheer Tan Curtains

Sheer Tan CurtainsPin

Sheer-tan curtains are pulled closed for privacy in this living room. They match well with the two brown couches, along with the cream couch and ottoman.

The closed curtains create a golden hue throughout the room. Having a lamp between the leather couches gives some light when the ceiling lights are not needed.

Sheer White Curtains

Sheer White CurtainsPin

You can’t go wrong with white curtains. These sheer ones are a great choice to pair with these brown couches. Even when closed, plenty of light can stream in through the curtains or horizontal curtains at the top of the wall.

Pillows and blankets provide some added comfort and style to the couches.

Orange Curtains

Orange CurtainsPin

The shiny-orange curtains add some color near this light-brown couch. The curtains also make the couch look a little orange.

The pillows add some color and design to the couch, especially the one made of sequins. The color on the pillows, couch, and curtains look great together.

Brown Curtains with Wooden Coffee Table

Brown Curtains with Wooden Coffee TablePin

The brown-leather sofas go well with the brown curtains covering part of the window in the background. The wooden coffee table matches both the couches and curtains.

This room looks like it needs more color added to it. Pink or green décor pieces and pillows would add some style to this living room.

Chocolate Curtains with Fireplace

Chocolate Curtains with FireplacePin

The chocolate curtains are placed neatly between each set of windows. They also go well with the leather couches and chairs.

The bit of floral design in the black pillow, red cushions, and rug add a great touch of décor to the room.

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