12 Curtains That Go with Brown Walls

Ancient people from Olynthus, Pompeii and Herculaneum are credited to have been the first ones to make and use curtains.

Today, curtains are made of various fabrics in different designs and colors. Here are some curtains that look great with brown walls.

Black and White Curtains

Black and White Curtains

These patterned curtains look great with the brown walls. They add a different combination of color and design to the room. The curtains are white and covered in leaves drawn in ink.

The curtains also go well with the gray, white, and black furniture and other items in the room. The gray fabric on the bed goes nicely with the shaded parts of the leaves in the curtains.

The metal chair and metal parts of the desk match well with the black outlines of the leaves. The white doors with detailed paneling help the white windows brighten the room.

Sheer, Gray Curtains

Sheer Gray Curtains

White walls surround a lone brown wall in this room. A tall window with an arch at the top is partially covered by sheer, gray curtains pulled over to the right side. The curtains match the gray frames around the windows, and panels on the lower parts of the walls.

Wooden décor goes well with the brown walls. Houseplants are displayed in pots made of trunks that have been hollowed out. A small tree made of wood stands off to the side of the plants, creating a nice display.

Dark, Gray Curtains

Dark Gray Curtains

Dark, gray curtains are off to the side while sheer, white curtains cover the huge windows in this living room. The wall where the television hangs has wood panels, which go well with the wood floors in a herringbone pattern.

Using two curtains is a great idea, since the one on the side can add color, while the sheer one can filter light into the room, creating a soft version of the colors and details.

Tan and White Curtains

Tan and White Curtains

A mix of lines and shapes creates an interesting look in this room. The tan curtains bring out the tan and brown in the wallpaper. White curtains are a great contrast to use with the tan ones.

The soft brown floors made of wood are also accentuated by the light-tan curtains that hang to the side of the windows. Leaving the curtains to one side is an excellent way to enjoy natural light on a sunny day.

Beige Curtains

Beige Curtains

Even though the windows are already covered by white blinds, the beige curtains add an extra layer of privacy and color to this wall. This room probably takes on a different mood with beige curtains covering the white walls, verses exposing the windows and walls.

These curtains go well with the light-brown couch and wood walls. The lights help to brighten up the place at night as well.

Mint Curtains

Mint Curtains

These mint-green curtains go beautifully with the green on the bed and wood features. The sheer, white curtains break up the mint by being located in the middle of these huge windows.

The light brown wall blends in with the flooring in the same colors. The white and mint on the bed matches up well with the white and mint on the window curtains.

Two accent pillows in mint and a mint-colored blanket cover up the white pillows and sheets on the bed. There is also a tan rug with a green trim that adds more color and design to this bedroom.

Bright, Orange Curtains

Bright Orange Curtains

The orange curtains help brighten up the dark, wood walls in this bedroom. The white comforter, sheets, and pillow on the bed also help lighten up the room. This room will look even lighter when the orange curtains are closed.

The walls and floor are made with similar wood, so they seem to blend together in this room. The curtains are a great way to allow privacy in the room, while also enhancing it with beautiful color.

White Curtains

White Curtains

White goes with just about anything, and these white curtains definitely go with the brown in the brick walls. This urban bedroom has an airy feel to it with natural colors and white details. The colors mesh together nicely, while balancing out the light and dark shades.

The large windows and sheer, white curtains help the room look larger than it is. The wood panel wall on the left is enhanced with the wooden bench by the bed and other wood features in the room.

Light Gray Curtains

Light Gray Curtains

These light gray curtains are a great addition to the windows in this room. They also match well with the wooden planks that make up the wall, similar to a cabin.

White curtains already cover the window, but the gray ones add more color and privacy with their thick material. Drawing these curtains closed also changes the look of this area against the wall.

A great way to match these curtains with other items in the room is to have décor in similar colors, such as a gray blanket or gray pillows on a couch or bed.

White Curtains in Cabin

White Curtains in Cabin

This log cabin window has a pair of white curtains that are tied to each side. White goes well with just about anything, including these windows made of brown logs. The windows are also framed with wood details, blending in nicely with the walls.

A black rod holds up the curtains. This can be changed to gold, silver, or another color to match with metal elements in the room. The curtains can be closed when you need some privacy, but are also able to enjoy some natural sunlight coming in.

Sheer, White Curtains

Sheer White Curtains

These translucent curtains are a great contrast against the darker wood on the walls. They filter in beautiful light to create a soft scene in this room.

Other wood elements match beautifully with the walls, such as the chairs and table off to the side.

Light Olive Curtains

Light Olive Curtains

The curtains are a great addition to the windows and add additional color to the walls. The light olive curtains hang from the ceilings and are tied neatly to either side of the wooden windows.

The lights inset in the ceiling and hanging from the ceiling make the walls glow orange. For more privacy, just close the curtains when needed or at night.