What Color Curtains Go with a Gray Couch? (20 Examples with Images)

A gray couch can range from a light pearl to almost black color on the fabric. It may be challenging to find curtains to go with the couch if you don’t have much experience doing this.

White curtains go with just about any colors, as do sheer ones. Feel safe with gray curtains or branch out by experimenting with a variety of colors. Get an idea of what curtains to pair with a gray sofa below.

Tan Curtains

Tan CurtainsPin

Light-tan curtains are swept off to the side of the window. A blanket draped over the gray couch matches the color of the curtains. Even though the curtains and couch are different neutral colors, these hues can be seen throughout the room to create a beautiful design.

The lone, green pillow on the couch looks out of place at first but matches with the houseplants scattered throughout the room. The wood furniture also goes with the wooden legs of the chair and color in the curtains.

Pink Curtains

Pink CurtainsPin

Gray goes with an array of colors. One of these is pink. The combination of pink and gray in this living room look beautiful.

Soft, pink curtains match a similar shade of gray on the couch. A matching pink pillow and blanket also go well on the couch, along with the soft, gray pillow.

Blush Curtains

Blush CurtainsPin

Peachy-blush curtains are pulled to each side of the corner windows. These curtains go well with the gray, sectional couch in this living room.

Although the curtains are in a lighter color than the couch, the blush pillows on the sofa help match the curtains with the sofa even more. The furry, gray pillows are an interesting addition of texture and design to the couch.

Draping the white curtains over the windows is a great way to incorporate design in the corner of the room.

Gray Curtains

Gray CurtainsPin

This beautiful, tufted couch looks silver in the sunlight. Silvery-gray curtains are pulled to the sides of the large windows, while the middle is covered in a thin curtain to allow some sunlight with privacy.

The tufted windows blend in with the silvery couch. It would be nice to see more color in this living room. Additional pillows and blankets in different colors and designs would be great to add for those who enjoy more colors.

Blue Curtains

Blue CurtainsPin

Bright blue curtains add a pop of color to the gray and white in this living room. The decorative pillow in shades of blue and white is a great way to add color to the gray couch, as well as match the curtains with the couch.

Draping the cream blanket is another way to add some design to the couch. The beautiful pink-and-yellow roses add some color and more design to the living room. The vase even looks stylish with its uneven surface.

Lilac Curtains

Lilac CurtainsPin

Lilac curtains add some soft color to the walls and windows in this living room. The gray couch stands out as the darkest piece of furniture in the room. The lilac and other colors help brighten up this room.

Add colorful accessories to the couch helps it match with the other colors, such as the green pillows and purple blanket. Dried lilac can be seen displayed throughout the room in metal pots. A toy bike on the side table is a unique choice for décor.

Teal Curtains

Teal CurtainsPin

Teal curtains also go with a gray sofa. This bold color of blue looks beautiful when paired up with the dark gray couch. The huge, turquoise pillows and small, yellow one is a great way to add some color to the sofa.

The blue blanket with patterns adds more color to the couch. The rug includes both gray and blue to go with the rest of the room. Gray-and-blue pictures on the wall would also be a great addition to this living room.

Beige Curtains

Beige CurtainsPin

Beige curtains partially cover the windows in this living room. The gray couch would blend in better with the beige in this room if some of the pillows were in this color. The curtains and other beige parts seem separate from the couch and wall with green décor.

The green pillows on the couch help it match with the houseplants and green pictures on the wall. Green houseplants found all over this space help to bring the beige curtains and gray couch together in design.

Cream Curtains

Cream CurtainsPin

This living room is full of colors. Cream-and-beige curtains partially cover or are tied near the windows. The gray couch is covered in gray and bright orange pillows. The orange pillows are a great way to add color and design to the couch.

The table is also filled with color and design. The top of the coffee table has a beautiful marble finish in brown and cream. A bouquet of yellow flowers is displayed in a clear vase with stripes.

Soft Gray Curtains

Soft Gray CurtainsPin

This couch is different from the others because of its thin and thick stripes. The soft-gray curtains go perfectly with the patterned couch.

The wood skeleton and gray cushions on the chair also match the peach pillows and gray all over the sofa. The lightly-striped pillows are also a great addition to design on the couch.

Different types of décor add interest to the room. Rabbit figurines stand next to a brown lamp in the corner. Globes cover the coffee table, with a tall plant standing next to the couch.

Sheer Gray Curtains

Sheer Gray CurtainsPin

The bright yellow on the couch overshadows the gray cushions and sheer curtains in the background. The pillows on the sofa are each in a different color and design, which adds interest to this space.

The pillows and blanket can be changed out through the different seasons and holidays in the year. The black-and-white rug in geometric patterns also adds interesting design to the light floors.

A black-and-white image of a giraffe is a great use of the brick walls in the back.

Gray and White Curtains

Gray and White CurtainsPin

Gray curtains are tied over white ones in this living room. They go with the grayish-purple couch. The large, gray curtains have stripes similar to the ones on the gray pillow. The bright-yellow chair adds some color to the room from the other side, as well as the fruit in the bowl on the table.

The room is made up in gray, black, and, white, besides some color. To add more color to this room, the gray rug can be replaced with one that has more color to match the room, such as gray, yellow, and purple.

Orange Curtains

Orange CurtainsPin

These orange curtains stand out against the soft gray in the couch. There are also gray curtains that are almost in the same shade of gray as the sofa. The yellow blanket and red-and-white pillows add some festive color to this fall-themed room.

These colors can also be seen in the candles and dried plants on the small, round table. The tan mat on the ground will go with just about any color scheme. It would be great to see fall colors in a more festive rug.

There is also plenty of space to add pictures and artwork on the white walls.

Cyan Curtains

Cyan CurtainsPin

Beautiful cyan-blue curtains go well with the comfy, gray couch in the picture. Just a little color added to a room really makes a difference. The blue rhino on the table and turquoise blanket draped on the couch are great additions of décor.

The gray pillow on the couch can be switched with a blue one, or blue ones can be added with the gray one to add even more color to this space.

Adding houseplants is always a great choice and keeps the air healthy, such as this monstera. The honeycomb pattern on the wall is a great way to use up the wall space. It adds an interesting design to the wall.

Blue Curtains with Bookcases

Blue Curtains with BookcasesPin

Navy-blue curtains match the baby-blue walls and gray couch. The blanket and pillows on the couch add some décor, design, and color to the couch as well. Another way to bring in more blue in the room is to replace the gray rug with one that has a design in different shades of blue.

Having cupboards and shelves on both sides of the window is a great use of space in a small room like this one.

Sheer Blue Curtains

Sheer Blue CurtainsPin

These sheer-blue curtains work well with the gray couch and other gray features in this room. Having the curtains tied to the side gives a decorative look to the windows.

Gray pillows in various sizes and designs add interest to the couch. The gray pouf can be used as a décor piece, table, or extra seat.

The room seems off-centered since blue pieces are on one side and gray on the other. This room would look more balanced with a mix of blue and gray all over the room.

Cream Curtains with Big Sofa

Cream Curtains with Big SofaPin

This cozy living room has a great mix of color with neutral grays. The cream curtains and gray sofa are great together. Adding the pink pillows with black-and-gray ones adds beautiful color to the couch and room.

The soft, gray rug is a nice addition. This can be switched out with a rug in a pink design to match with the pillows. The chalkboard could be replaced with soft, pink artwork on this wall and the walls between the window.

Pink Curtains and Fresh Plants

Pink Curtains and Fresh PlantsPin

Pink curtains can be seen off to the right side of this living room. There is a great balance of pinks and grays in the room. A soft-pink table and white one sit on either side of the sofa.

White décor stands on the pink table, with pink décor on the white one. Another way to add more pink and white to the room is to replace the gray rug with a rug in soft pinks and white.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer CurtainsPin

Bold yellow and soft gray are the main colors in this living room. Soft, sheer-gray curtains cover the windows and match the gray-sectional sofa nicely.

The yellow pillow and blanket covering the lounge on the couch stand out against the soft-gray fabric. The turquoise pillow with designs blends in well with the gray on the couch.

The rug is more decorative than many others and fits well with both the gray and yellow in the room.

Gray Curtains with Large Corner Sofa

Gray Curtains with Large Corner SofaPin

Soft-gray curtains partially cover the large windows behind the gray couch. The black-and-white decorative pillows go well with the gray on the couch and the rest of the room.

The blue one stands out but adds some color to this neutral space. The tree in the wicker basket is a beautiful décor piece next to the couch.

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