What Color Curtains Go with a Green Couch? (12 Examples with Images)

Green is a common color seen all over the world. It represents peace in many places.

Pairing a leafy-colored couch with curtains can be a difficult endeavor. Where do you even start? Here are some ways to combine a green couch with curtains.

White Curtains

White CurtainsPin

The bright green couch sits in front of a large window with white curtains. One of the curtains is pulled to the side, while the other covers part of the window. Plenty of light filters through the window, even on the side where the curtain falls.

Plenty of houseplants are great décor to add to this room and match the cushions on the couch. All the colors match well together in this room. The wooden legs and arms of the couch go with the small, wooden side table next to it.

Taupe Curtains

Taupe CurtainsPin

The green couch adds some bright color to this living room scene. It also goes well with the taupe curtains that are tied to the side of the windows. This lets in sunlight during the day, while allowing those inside to enjoy the views.

The black pillow with gray-and-white leaves give a tropical feel to the living room. The black shade on the tan lamp is an interesting combination of colors, along with the white tabletop on a solid-black table.

Other colors can be added to the room with large, green houseplants and flower bouquets that change with the seasons.

Mint Curtains

Mint CurtainsPin

The mint curtains tied beside the windows almost match perfectly with the fabric on the couch and some of the pillows. The bright-green pillow adds a nice touch of bright color to the couch, as well as the pillows with green-and-purple stripes.

The sheer curtains in the background is a great way to enjoy some sunlight while getting some privacy, too. The side table on the left of the couch is a little dark, but with some light décor, will go nicely with it.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer CurtainsPin

This forest-green sectional couch really stands out against the gray and white in this living room and kitchen. White curtains go with just about any color, and this green couch is no exception.

The green pillows blend in nicely in the same shade of green as the couch. The look can be changed up throughout the year by trading in some of the pillows with others in a variety of colors and designs.

The gray coffee table, blanket, and rug go well with the green on the couch. The green houseplants on the coffee table is a nice addition of décor.

Green Curtains

Green CurtainsPin

The green curtains around the window are just a little darker than the cushions on this couch nestled in a nook. The blush pillows add a hint of more color, while staying soft, like the other pillows and cushions.

This nook also has plenty of storage space and a shelf for décor. Drawers can be seen below in a light shade of wood. Tried flowers and other décor match well off to the left side.

Gray Curtains

Gray CurtainsPin

Light-gray curtains are a great choice of color with the dark green mattress sofa and other colors in this living room. Add sheer curtains in the middle of the windows creates an illusion of extra wall space and widens the room.

There is more space for pillows on the sofa, but the two there have a great combination of color and design to add to the couch. The shelves on the back wall are a great place for storage and décor without looking too cluttered.

Bright Green Curtains

Bright Green CurtainsPin

The green plaid on the fabric on the sofa gives a vintage feel to the space. The multi-colored curtains with bright-green match well with the green on the sofa. The dark-green pillows bring out the darker lines in the couch, although lighter pillows will also work.

These pillows can be switched with lighter-green or cream-colored pillows to soften the look. The wooden coffee table and wood on the bottom part of the couch pair up nicely with the rest of the green in the living room.

Light-tan Curtains

Light-tan CurtainsPin

Light-tan curtains peeking out of the right-side match up well with the light wood color on the couch and lime-green cushions. The green is a soft color that does not stand out too much against the soft, neutral colors in the room.

The gray wall is a modern choice of color but is light enough to go with the green and tan colors. The gray pillow and pink blanket are a great addition of color on the couch. The wicker furniture, lamp, and rug also match with the curtains and base of the couch.

White Curtains and Green Rug

White Curtains and Green RugPin

The sheer-white curtains soften the look of this living room. Several shades of green can be seen in the furniture and décor, which match with the white curtains drawn across the windows.

A fuzzy, mint-green rug takes up much of the space on the light-wood floors. The olive-green couch adds more green to the room. The palm tree in the white pot matches with both the couch and the curtains.

The gray pillow goes well with the green couch, as well as the one on the wicker chair near the plant.

Gray Curtains

Gray CurtainsPin

These textured-gray curtains cover up the windows in the corner of this living room. They add some dark color to the wall, as opposed to the bright-green couch on the other wall. The rug on the floor matches well with both the curtains and couch since it has some green and gray in it.

The modern chandelier looks like a piece of abstract art that brightens up the room. The wall near the lamp has too much white space and would look better with pictures or artwork that matches the framed pieces on the other wall.

Cream Curtains

Cream CurtainsPin

The curtains look to be the same shade of soft-green that is also on the sides of the couch. The green-plaid chair on the right also matches with its green fabric.

The decorative pillows are a nice touch. They add décor, color and style to the solid-colored couch. The green wall behind it also adds some interesting color to this living room.

Chocolate Curtains

Chocolate CurtainsPin

This bright-green couch stands out against other furniture and décor in this home. The light-chocolate on the curtains is an interesting color to pair with the green on the couch.

Green flowers and plants throughout this room and the kitchen are a great addition of décor. It would be nice to see a decorative rug with some green in the design below the sofa and white table.

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