What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls? (Including 15 Examples)

Make a statement by painting your walls green or decorate with green wallpaper. You will want to get some curtains to match your new walls as well.

There are many colorful curtains that can go well with green walls. Here are 15 colorful curtains that go with green walls.

Brown Floral Curtains

Brown Floral CurtainsPin

These floral curtains add some color and design to the windows. They also match nicely with the bright green walls. The curtains are decorated with brown and green floral patterns.

A green houseplant on the far right also blend in well with the greens in this bedroom. The wood flooring, wood bedframe and wood drawers match nicely with the green walls as well.

The bed is kept plain with a cream comforter and pillows. The creams on the bed go well with the cream background on the curtains and white border at the bottom of the walls.

Black and White Striped Curtains

Black and White Striped CurtainsPin

These black and white striped curtains stand out against the light green walls in this home office. The large and green houseplants are a nice addition of green in this study room. The bold black and white stripes on the window curtains add interesting design and décor to this part of the room.

Wood furniture matches well with the green walls and black and white curtains. The wood legs on the gray desk, wood back and legs on the chair, and wooden bench match up well with the rest of the colors and design in this room.

Sheer Gray Curtains

Sheer Gray CurtainsPin

The windows in this bold-green room are covered in sheer white and gray curtains to allow some sunlight and privacy into the room. The gray curtains break up the space between the green wall and windows. These tall windows and curtains make the room appear larger than it is.

Other green details in this room go well with the curtains and green wall. The houseplants are a welcoming addition against the green wall. Silver and green pillows decorate the cream couch.

A green chair with gray pillow add color to the left side of the room. Solid and striped-green rugs add bold color to the floors as well.

Yellow Sheer Curtains

Yellow Sheer CurtainsPin

The sheer-yellow and white curtains on the windows add some color and texture to the windows in this bedroom. These curtains also go well with the bright-green walls. Light colors are used throughout the room to enhance the colorful walls.

A dark-green rug matches nicely with the walls and dark-wood floors. Guests can sit comfortably on the green floor pillows on the left side of the bedroom. Light-yellow pillows add some color to the bed and match well with the sheer-yellow curtains on the windows.

The dark-wood furniture also blends in nicely with the colors and décor in the rest of the room.

Blue Curtains

Blue CurtainsPin

These bright-blue curtains go well with the green walls and blue couch in this living room. The green panels and green walls add plenty of color to this room, along with the blue sofa. The tall curtains and windows make this room appear taller and larger than it is.

A beautiful green houseplant next to the blue couch adds even more color and life to this living space. Other small houseplants add some bits of green throughout this room. Wood floors and wooden details in the furniture complete the look in this green and blue living room.

Olive Curtains

Olive CurtainsPin

The olive-green curtains are a nice addition to the windows around the mint-green walls in this bedroom. Other shades of green can be found in décor throughout the room. Dark-green and tan floral prints are on the walls and match the curtains and walls.

Light green can be seen in the floral prints on the pillows. The border on the comforter and sheets on the bed are also in a shade of green. The tan carpet goes well with the olive-colored curtains.

Green Curtains

Green CurtainsPin

The dark-green curtains bring out the green in the walls and chair in this reading space. The green panels on the walls are broken up by the dark-green curtains covering the sides of the windows. Sheer-white curtains are a great way to cover the middle of the windows while allowing some sunlight in.

A gray pillow decorates the seat on the dark-green reading chair. A houseplant sits in the corner in a silver vase. The green pouf can also be used as a seat when there are plenty of guests in the room.

Cream Curtains

Cream CurtainsPin

These cream-colored curtains match well with the green walls in this bedroom. They also go with the whites and creams in the room as well. Two green floral pictures above the bed enhance the green walls.

The white door and white panels around the windows brightens up this bedroom. The white comforter and pillows add some décor with lightly printed patterns on the bed.

The dark-wood furniture goes well with the bright-wood floors. The colorful red and green rug add color to the wood floors.

Gray Curtains

Gray CurtainsPin

Gray and sheer-white curtains decorate the windows in this green-walled bedroom. The green on the headboard and bed also stand out with the green walls.

A large white mirror on the right side makes the room seem larger than it is and doubles as a décor wall piece. It matches the white ceiling and white mattress on the bed.

The bed’s headboard is decorated with a beautiful red and green floral design. Two small, white pillows also decorate this part of the bed.

Dark-Blue Curtains

Dark Blue CurtainsPin

The dark, blue curtains stand out against the green walls in this children’s bedroom. The dark, green cushions on the chair pairs up with the green in the walls nicely. Blue and white curtains are a great contrast with the green walls.

The sheer-blue curtains are a great way to add color and some privacy to the windows. The sheer-white curtains allow some sunlight in while also allowing some privacy in the bedroom.

The white curtains match the white ceiling, white panels near the bottom of the walls, and the lightly-patterned bedsheets.

Green and White Curtains

Green and White CurtainsPin

Dark-green walls add beautiful color to this living room. The curtains to the side almost match the green color on the walls. Sheer-white curtains allow for some privacy and plenty of light.

Green pillows and a green blanket on the cream-colored couch match the green walls. A mint-green armchair adds a different shade of green to the room. Beautiful houseplants in a variety of styles are scattered around the room and against the walls.

Sheer White Curtains

Sheer White CurtainsPin

The matte-green wall goes beautifully with the whites and light browns in this bedroom. White curtains are a great choice, since they go with both the walls and the white in the rest of the room.

Small houseplants and other décor in green add extra color to this beautiful bedroom. The white and light-wood bed keep the focus on the colorful walls. A gray rug adds some color to the floor and also goes well with the green wall and white curtains.

Dark-Gray Curtains

Dark-Gray CurtainsPin

The gray curtains go well with the dark-green walls in this girl’s bedroom. The curtains add some color and privacy to the windows. Both colors also go with the white and pink throughout the bedroom.

Green houseplants match up with the green walls nicely. The pinks and white balance out the dark walls by adding lighter color. White and pink décor on the walls break up the dark color and add interesting design to the wall space.

Dark Olive-Green Curtains

Dark Olive-Green CurtainsPin

Dark olive-green curtains are an interesting choice with the green wall behind the bed. Different shades of green can be seen on the wall, curtains, bed, and décor throughout this bedroom. A dark-green blanket and green pillows add some color with the white pillows and bedsheets.

A large houseplant is a great way to add more green color to the right side of the bed. A small houseplant and other green décor add color to the other side of the bed.

Sheer White and Mint-Green Curtains

Sheer White and Mint-Green CurtainsPin

White curtains are a great choice to go with green walls. These sheer-white curtains in the middle of the windows allow some bright sunlight into the room, as well as provide some privacy.

The dark mint-green curtains to the side match well with both the white curtains and green wall. Other green furniture and décor complete the look in this living room.

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