27 Best Curtains for White Walls

Dress up any room with white walls by adding colorful curtains to complete the look of the room. You can also add plain white curtains to match your walls if you want the focal point of the room to be elsewhere.

There are many types of curtains that you can match up with white walls in your home. Here are 27 of the best curtains for white walls you can add to your home’s windows.

Gray Curtains

Gray CurtainsPin

The gray curtains in this room are used as a divider between the closet and the rest of the bedroom. These curtains are a dark contrast against the white walls, but go great with the rest of the bedroom.

The hexagon patterned headboard is gray, black, and yellow. Some pillows on the bed are in light gray and the blanket is also gray. The dark gray curtains keep the main color in the room gray.

Light Tan Curtains

Light Tan CurtainsPin

The light tan curtains on the windows is just the extra color this room needs. These curtains go great with the light wood flooring and light wood features on the furniture. Even the basketweave design on the light fixture is in this same, light tan color.

These curtains lighten up the room, as do the walls. These light tan curtains give a bright, yellow hue to the rest of the room. These curtains are also opaque enough to allow plenty of privacy during the day and night.

Pink Curtains

Pink CurtainsPin

The white and pink curtains are just what this room needs for privacy and some extra color near the walls. This living room and eating area have plenty of color in the décor, while the walls stay minimal in color and décor. The light pink windows add a little extra color, and bring out other pink found in the décor.

Little pink flowers on the dining table and side table, a pink chair cushion, pink pillows and some dark pink décor on the bookcases go with these curtains. The gold décor pieces also go well with the pink curtains, making up for the plain walls in this part of the house.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer CurtainsPin

The sheer white curtains allow for some privacy and sunlight to filter in this room on sunny days. The dark, gray curtains are a great contrast with the white curtains, and bring out the dark features in this light-colored room. The minimal design and color in this room are brightened up by these curtains and light coming into the room from outside.

The blue colored glass on the coffee table creates a focal point in the room with just a hint of color. The sheer curtains and dark curtains on each side are a great way to add some décor and privacy while keeping with the minimal design and color in this living room.

Blue Curtains

Blue CurtainsPin

The blue curtains with a tie-dyed like design are a nice contrast against the light-colored walls in this room. The light colors in the décor in this room go well with the light material in this blue curtain.

The sheer white curtains on the other side keep the room looking airy and bright. These sheer curtains are a great way to have some privacy while allowing plenty of natural sunlight to filter through the room.

These white and blue curtains are a great way to add color to these walls and further brighten up the room while matching with other décor in this space.

Yellow and White Curtains

Yellow and White CurtainsPin

Another great way to add curtains to a plain wall is to install curtains in a completely different color than the rest of the room. These yellow curtains really pop against the black, white, and tan colors in this living room. The bright, yellow curtains will be the first thing that guests will see in this room as they walk in.

The yellow curtains also bring out the tan and light wood parts of this room. The light wood side table, steps, plant pots, floor cushion and rug all complement the bright yellow in the curtain.

The white curtains in the middle are a great way to keep white in the room and add some privacy and sunlight in this welcoming space.

Bright Yellow Curtains

Bright Yellow CurtainsPin

These bright yellow curtains brighten up the white and other colors in this living room space. The yellow curtains also accentuate the yellow pillow and white vase with yellow flowers.

Using yellow curtains is a great way to add color to the walls and harmonize the colors already in the furniture and décor in this living room. There is also plenty of white to balance with the colors.

Light Pink Curtains

Light Pink CurtainsPin

These pink curtains are a great way to bring in more color to this mainly white kitchen and dining area. The pink curtains are light enough where they will not overtake the room, but act as a functional and décor piece. The sheer gray shades are a great way to add more gray and some privacy to the kitchen.

The pink curtains can also add more privacy when pulled over the entire window. They look great as a colorful accent curtain that can stay off to the side to add color and dimension to the kitchen.

Floral Curtains

Floral CurtainsPin

Matching curtains with patterns in the room is also a way to dress up the plain wall space. These curtains match the floral patterns in the light green pillow on the blue couch in this living room. These curtains can also function as a decorative piece, even when open to let in plenty of sunlight.

The curtains and pillow have some blue in their design, which brings out the beautiful, soft blue in the couch. A bit of gray that matches with the beautiful gray flooring can also be seen in the curtains and matching pillow.

Black and White Striped Curtains

Black and White Striped CurtainsPin

This black and white striped curtain is the perfect window treatment that goes well with the neutral colors in this room. The walls are kept plain, but have the vintage-looking lockers against them to add interest to this space. Small houseplants in black pots are a nice addition of décor at the top.

The black in the curtain can also be seen in the chairs around the table and metal in the centerpiece and lighting. These curtains are a great way to add some light and dark elements to this urban looking dining area.

Bright Blue Curtains

Bright Blue CurtainsPin

These bright blue curtains bring out the blues in the rest of the room. The blue curtains also go well with the white walls and other white parts of this bedroom. The curtains can be pulled back during the day to allow plenty of sunshine to filter in, brightening the blues and whites in the bedroom.

Light Gray Curtains

Light Gray CurtainsPin

These gray curtains blend perfectly with the grays in this living room, while also contrasting well with the white walls. The sheer curtains can be drawn in to allow some privacy while also letting in some sunlight during the day. They can also be pulled back to add some color to the room.

These gray curtains make the gray couch, pillows, and rug stand out against the white in the room. These curtains are perfect for those who want to add something to their window without adding too much décor and color to a room.

Blue and White Curtains

Blue and White CurtainsPin

Blue curtains are an unexpected match to the soft pink furniture and décor in this room, but they do go well with the pictures and other décor in this room. The sheer white curtains behind the blue ones blend in beautifully with the white walls, flooring, cream couch, and other cream and white elements in this space.

The blue curtains are a great way to add even more color to this already colorful room. The sheer white curtains can be drawn for some privacy and to enjoy natural light. The blue curtains can also be drawn closed for more privacy and to darken the room when needed.

Navy Blue and White Curtains

Navy Blue and White CurtainsPin

The huge navy blue and white patterned curtains are a great way to repeat the pattern in the rug and add color to this bedroom. Sheer, white windows can add privacy while still allowing sunlight into the room during the day. Keeping the navy blue and white curtains to the side adds some color and pattern to the mainly white room and walls.

The navy-blue bedspread and pillows go well with the curtains and rug. The light blue prints on the wall are a great way to add some color to the white walls. The patterned white and navy-blue curtains are a great way to emphasize the blue and white already in this bedroom.

Chevron Curtains

Chevron CurtainsPin

Adding patterned curtains against plain walls is a great way to dress up the walls and match with the rest of the room. These black and white chevron patterned curtains add interesting lines and design to the walls and windows of this living room.

These curtains also bring the rest of the room together, with a black and white pillow and dark gray rug. The rest of the space is balanced with neutral and muted colors, such as the tan couch with solid-colored pillows.

Mauve Curtains

Mauve CurtainsPin

These mauve curtains are a great way to add more color to this minimally decorated room. When drawn, these curtains will be a great contrast against the white walls in this living room. They can also act as another wall with plenty of color.

This mauve curtain brings out the mauve in the pillow on the couch and also seems to add some color to the gray couches. The rest of the living room remains simple with black and white, and beautiful wood floors.

Keeping the curtains allows plenty of natural light from outside in. They can also be closed for privacy and to darken the room.

Brown and Lime Green Leaf Curtains

Brown and Lime Green Leaf CurtainsPin

The patterned curtains in this bedroom allow for privacy and also act as a wall with plenty of color and pattern against the stark white walls. Lime green and white leaves float against a chocolate brown background. This patterned curtain also matches well with the chocolate brown in the bed’s comforter, sheets, and pillows.

These curtains can also act as décor both when drawn closed and when open. Some sunlight streams in when closed, but opening these curtains allow for plenty of sunshine during the day. These curtains also go well with the polished wood floors.

Blue Curtains for Office Area

Blue Curtains for Office AreaPin

These blue curtains really brighten up the white space in this office area. The curtains also add interesting décor to the windows with the way they are draped and held on both sides of the window. The sweeping blue drapery allows for plenty of sunshine through the windows and blinds during the workday.

The blue curtains also match up with the blue vase and blue elements on the desk. They also are a great colorful contrast against the whiteness of the wall, desk, and shelves in this workspace.

Vintage Floral Curtains

Vintage Floral CurtainsPin

The beautiful vintage prints on these curtains go beautifully with the vintage tablecloth on the corner table in this room. Light yellow and pink flowers are against a cream background, blending in well with the white space and walls. These curtains also add an interesting pattern and design to the window space.

Whether the vintage curtains are drawn or open, plenty of light can be seen in the room from sunlight and the bright walls and patterns in this space. Other vintage décor and furniture in this space match up beautifully with these vintage floral-patterned curtains.

Sheer Pink Curtains

Sheer Pink CurtainsPin

The sheer pink curtains on the windows are a great way to add some color in this pastel-colored room. The sheer white curtains between the pink ones allow for some privacy and lots of sunshine during the day. The sheer pink and white curtains soften the colors and light in this room as well.

The pink curtains match up well with the pink floral prints on the wall and bouquets of small, pink flowers throughout the room. These curtains are also a great contrast against the plain white flooring, walls, and gray couch.

Red Floral Curtains

Red Floral CurtainsPin

These red and tan floral curtains are a great way to break up the whiteness on the walls between and below the high windows in this bedroom. These curtains match up beautifully with the red wall behind the bed, red pillows and sheets on the bed as well. The red color in this room is a great way to add color against all the white.

Red and tan leaves float against a cream background on these curtains, creating an interesting pattern. When closed, these curtains will dominate the walls with their bright colors and patterns.

Yellow and White Curtains in a Colorful Room

Yellow and White Curtains in a Colorful RoomPin

These yellow and white curtains add more color to this room, as well as brighten up the space. Both curtains bring out the colors and patterns in the rest of the dining area. The yellow curtains really make the yellow chair, rug, and pillow stand out among the other pastels in the room.

All the colors in the room, including the curtains, make up for the white space on the floors and walls. The yellow curtains seem to brighten up the room even more. When closed, these curtains can act as a colorful wall against the white space around it.

Purple Striped Curtains

Purple Striped CurtainsPin

These purple and white striped curtains add interesting design and color to the wall space, as well as match up beautifully with the purple in the décor. These curtains for white walls brighten up the space, too.

The striped curtains bring out the purple in the rug under the coffee table, solid purple pillow on the armchair, and some of the décor on the wall behind the chair. These curtains also balance out the white in the room as well.

Colorful Curtains

Colorful CurtainsPin

Plenty of colors and patterns can be seen in this room, with these colorful curtains adding to the overall design. The colorful curtains are a great way to dress up the windows and walls. The sheer white curtains in the middle balance out the white on the opposite wall while allowing plenty of sunlight into this colorful room.

Some white can be seen in the patterns on the rug, pillows, couches, and flooring, so that the walls can be balanced with the busy colors and designs in the rest of the living space.

Dark Pink Curtains

Dark Pink CurtainsPin

The dark pink curtains with white curtains in the middle are a great way to balance out the white and pink in this living space. These curtains also add color to the walls.

The dark pink curtains are a great contrast to the light pink couch with colorful pillows. The white side table goes with the walls and white curtains. Other colors are introduced in the pillows to keep an interesting look to this space.

Light Blue Curtains

Light Blue CurtainsPin

The sheer blue and white curtains are a great way to add some color to the walls and rest of the room. Some blues can be seen in the décor while the rest of the room is decorated mainly in grays and whites.

These blue curtains also break up the white in the walls while adding more blue to match with some of the blue décor.

Tan Curtains

Tan CurtainsPin

This beautiful neutral colored living room gets even more color added with the light tan curtains to balance out with the white in the room. These tall curtains also add drama to this space, accentuating the lines in the delicate lighting fixtures.

The curtains further brighten the room with the natural sunlight coming through the white windows.

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