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25 Cute Deer-Themed Nursery Décor Items

Parents can have fun choosing a theme and decorating their child’s bedroom. There are many themes to choose from for a little girl or boy’s room.

One theme that can work for both is decorating your child’s room with deer. Here are 25 deer-themed nursery décor items to add to a child’s room.

Deer Security Blanket

Deer Security BlanketPin

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Wrap your baby in this snuggly baby deer security blanket on cold days and nights. When not in use, place in crib or shelf with other stuffed animals. The deer and blanket are 13 inches long, so it will fit in a variety of places when the baby is not using it.

This stuffed baby deer and security blanket will go great in a deer-themed nursery room. Mix and match with other deer décor and stuffed animals for an outdoor look. The deer and blanket are made of soft fabric to keep your baby super comfortable when wrapped in it.

Deer Laundry Hamper

Deer Laundry HamperPin

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Place this storage basket in your child’s deer-themed bedroom. White deer heads with antlers and crossed arrows stand out against the black background of the storage basket. Mix and match with other storage baskets, blankets with similar patterns, and other deer themed décor to match in your child’s bedroom.

The storage basket can also be used as a laundry hamper to place dirty clothes in. Buy several to use for both laundry and to store unused toys. This basket is mostly made of linen cotton and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined if liquid spills on it.

Stuffed Wall Mount

Stuffed Wall MountPin

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Hunters will love this stuffed deer head wall mount. Place on the wall of your child’s room to bring out the hunter in them. This stuffed head is a replica of a whitetail buck deer. Purchase other animal head mounts to create a faux hunting headwall in your child’s deer themed bedroom.

Add other deer stuffed animals and deer décor to create a child hunter’s paradise. Place this deer head between pictures of other wildlife. The head and antlers are posable, so your child can move them around for a different look or to play with.

Deer Baby Blanket

Deer Baby BlanketPin

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Wrap your child in this cozy baby blanket, or fold neatly in their crib or bed when not in use. A pattern of white deer and crossed arrows are printed on a gray background. Keep the rest of your child’s room neutral, or add some brightly colored blankets and décor to brighten up the room.

This blanket is made of 100% plush polyester, making it super soft and comfortable for your child. This blanket can be used as extra warmth at night or during the day, and can also be used as a mat for your child or baby to play on.

Deer Wall Decal

Deer Wall DecalPin

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Create an outdoor atmosphere with this deer wall decal set in your child’s deer themed room. Place these decals on one wall for a forest and deer scene, or scatter the decals on every wall. A buck, doe, rabbit, and birds all live among a forest of tall light and dark trees.

The sun can be seen setting in the distance. Just peel and stick to the wall of your choice. If you or your child don’t like how the decals are placed on the wall, you can take them off and place on another wall or section of the wall without leaving any residue behind.

Pink Deer Blanket

Pink Deer BlanketPin

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This deer blanket is perfect for a baby girl with a deer-themed bedroom. Pink deer heads with lanterns are decorated with a pink flower crown with black arrows on a white background. Get your child’s named printed in handwriting on the blanket as well.

Decorate the crib with this watercolor print blanket when not in use. Decorate the rest of the room with a mixture of white, pink, and deer motifs. Add some stuffed deer and other wildlife throughout the room as well.

Deer Storage Basket

Deer Storage BasketPin

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This deer-themed storage basket can be used to store toys, clothes, or used as a laundry basket to place dirty clothes in before they are washed. It can easily be folded when not in use. A white deer head with antlers and crossed arrows create a design against a gray background.

Add other deer and arrow décor throughout the room of your mini hunter. This storage basket is made of canvas fabric and lined with a waterproof PE coating to keep it strong and make it last for a long time.

Deer Stuffed Toy

Deer Stuffed ToyPin

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This cute little deer will make a great addition to a little girl’s deer-themed room. This stuffed animal is also an activity and teething toy to help soothe your child’s teeth as they grow in. The pink outfit and light colors make this perfect for a baby girl to enjoy.

There are plenty of textures on this multi-sensory stuffed toy to keep your young child entertained. Crinkles, rattles, and other noises and textures can be discovered on this diverse toy for babies.

When not in use, place it with other stuffed animals in your child’s room.

Deer Nightlight

Deer NightlightPin

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Install this deer nightlight in the future hunter of your home’s room. This makes a nice wood décor piece during the day. Mix and match with other wood and deer décor for your child’s room.

At night, your child can easily click on the power to enjoy the soft light from the deer silhouette. This wood carving stands at almost 6 by 6 by 1 inches. Place other décor around it so that it doesn’t not stand alone.

When ready, just plug into the wall and sit next to your child’s bed on a small table to shelf.

Deer Statue

Deer StatuePin

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Place this cute deer statue on the shelf or table in a little girl’s room. At 4.3 inches, this deer figurine will fit in any place in your child’s room. Mix and match with other deer and wildlife figures.

This little deer has a crown of pink and white flowers covering her antlers. She quietly smiles at the little blue bird sitting on her back while she is resting herself.

This resin figure is hand-painted to look real. Made of resin, it is non-toxic and will last a long time.

Deer Blanket Crib Set

Deer Blanket Crib SetPin

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This wildlife crib set shows a mix of printed wildlife and plaid. The fitted sheet shows images of deer and other wildlife in black against a white background. The crib skirt shows black lines against a red background in a plaid pattern.

The quilt is a mix of plaid, the wildlife scene, and other plaid and arrow images. Red, black, white, and gray are the colors scene on each part of this baby quilt. This set will look great in a boy or girls room decorated with deer.

Deer Horns Sign

Deer Horns SignPin

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Place this wood pallet hanging sign on the outside or inside part of the door in your boy’s deer themed room. “Little MAN cave” is printed in white, with two tan horns emerging from the wood background. Just nail a hole in the door or wall and hang this cute sign from the rope.

This wood sign is 7 by 7 inches, so it can fit a variety of doors and walls with other deer décor. Purchase several wood signs to create a neat wood pallet design on a wall in your little boy’s room. Add other wood and weathered décor with stuffed deer animals and deer décor to complete the look.

Deer Antler Switch Cover

Deer Antler Switch CoverPin

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Cover up the light in your child’s deer-themed room with this rustic switch cover. Two single worn antlers form an oval against the wood background and surround the cover. Purchase several of these if there is more than one light in the room so that each switch matches each other and with the rest of the décor in the room.

The switch cover is made of polyresin and hand-painted for a realistic look. It is easy to install. Screw in on the top and bottom so that it can be used at night and during the day.

Deer Stuffed Animal

Deer Stuffed AnimalPin

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Your little boy or girl will love playing with this cute stuffed deer in their deer-themed bedroom. You can also use this deer as a décor item in your child’s crib or bed. Place in your child’s deer storage basket or with other stuffed animals when not being played with.

This brown and white deer is 9 inches high. It is made of material that is soft and fun to carry around. When dirty, wash in the washing machine so that your child can enjoy their stuffed deer for many years.

Deer Toy Basket

Deer Toy BasketPin

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This deer toy basket is the perfect addition to your little girl or baby girl’s bedroom. This canvas storage bin has the image of a deer with antlers. The deer looks out with its eyes wide open. The top is decorated with a pink ribbon as a pretty and colorful border.

Place stuffed animals and other toys in the bin as a way to easily clean up after playtime. When not being used, this canvas bin can be collapsed to store easily under the bed or in the closet.

Deer Baby Rattle

Deer Baby RattlePin

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This cute deer rattle will keep your baby boy or girl entertained with its softness and rattle. This little brown fawn has cream markings on its face and cream spots on its face and body. It has a pink and gold flower decorating its forehead, and a cute, gold nose embroidered on its face.

This deer rattle is 6 inches tall and has a small hole under its body so that your baby can easily hold on and shake to hear the rattle.

Fawn Security Blanket

Fawn Security BlanketPin

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Your baby girl will love this pink fawn security blanket. The fawn has a pink flower over one ear. The blanket is covered in soft pink roses and green leaves on a light pink blanket. When not in use, place in your baby’s crib or in a basket with other stuffed animals and baby blankets.

This 100% polyester made blanket and deer are super soft and comfortable to the touch. The blanket is 14 by 14 inches, which is plenty of space to snuggle your baby in.

Stuffed Deer Hanging Décor

Stuffed Deer Hanging DécorPin

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This stuffed deer head will make a great décor piece in your future hunter’s bedroom. Mix and match with other animal heads, or place on a wall with deer decals and pictures. Display on the wall above your baby’s crib for an interesting wall décor piece.

This stuffed deer head is easy to hang with a string loop located on the back. Just hammer a nail where you want it in the wall and easily hang. The stuffed deer head is made of soft material so that it can be played with safely as well.

Baby Deer Pillow

Baby Deer PillowPin

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Place this floral fawn pillow on your little girl’s bed or baby girl’s crib as a décor pillow. A cute image of a fawn is seen with a crown of pink flowers and leaves on her head. She seems to be looking out at the viewer curiously.

Add to a bed or crib with pink sheets and a pink comforter. Decorate the room with a combination of deer and pink floral motifs so that the pillow does not look out of place.

Deer Horns Lamp

Deer Horns LampPin

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Place this lamp next to your child’s bed on a table as a functional light and statement décor piece. Several weathered antlers emerge from the blanket base toward the light bulb. A light tan shade keeps this lamp in neutral colors with its interesting base made up of deer antlers.

The pull to turn the lamp off and on has small antlers at the end. Make sure to add other antler and deer décor to the rest of the room to match up with this lamp, as well as a bed done in neutral colors.

Deer Figures

Deer FiguresPin

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These deer figures make great décor for a child’s deer themed bedroom. Your child can play with his or her deer figures during playtime, then display them on a shelf, desk, bedside table, or dresser when not in use.

These deer are made of PVC to be durable and last a long time for your child to enjoy.

Deer Wall Art

Deer Wall ArtPin

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This cute deer wall art will look perfect in a little girl’s deer-themed bedroom. Place on a wall with other décor, or keep alone so that it can be the focal point on the wall. Several deer are painted in watercolor with crowns made of flowers.

Names, birth states, and additional deer can be added to make this cute print more personal.

Stuffed Deer Pacifier

Stuffed Deer PacifierPin

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Your child will love carrying this stuffed deer pacifier around. When not in use, display with other stuffed animals in your child’s deer themed room. This deer can be used as both a pacifier and stuffed animal to cuddle at the same time.

When dirty, just put this stuffed deer in the washing machine to keep it clean for your child to use and enjoy.

Gray Deer Baby Blanket

Gray Deer Baby BlanketPin

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Your baby will love being snuggled in this gray and white deer blanket. Display in the crib or on the bed when not in use.

The silhouette of a deer head with antlers is set against a gray background. This will make the perfect addition to a baby boy’s room decorated with deer.

Deer Growth Chart

Deer Growth ChartPin

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Keep track of your little girl’s growth with this deer growth chart. A beautiful fawn is painted in watercolors, with a crown of flowers on her head. She gazes out at the viewer from a pink background.

Add to the door or wall next to the door of your child’s room as a functional piece of art.

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