12 Different Types of Candle Holders

Candles are a simple and affordable way to add atmosphere and warm, inviting ambiance to any space indoors and out. Candle holders help to showcase your candlelight and keep messy wax-drippings to a minimum.

These candle holders come in a variety of enchanting design styles and types, including centerpieces, candelabras, jars, lanterns/lamps, sleeves and sconces among many others. Here are a few of our favorite candle holders to give you some inspiration.

Seashell Floral Tea Light Holders Add Elegance & Ambiance

Seashell Floral Tea Light Holders Add Elegance & AmbiancePin

Tea lights are small round candles popular for table decoration, lining a walkway and floating in glass water-filled bowls. Although these candles might be tiny, they quickly transform an ordinary space into a romantic and serene haven.

This delightful floral tea light holder instantly adds elegance and ambiance to a room. We adore this demure turquoise-hued version made of beach glass and formed into an uncurling lotus blossom. The blossoms are edged in gold, and the candlelight is beautifully reflected in the sea glass. Best of all, these tea light holders are inexpensive and can be used practically anywhere.

Lovely & Cozy Warm Hygge-Styled Cream Candle Holder with Feminine Filigree

Lovely & Cozy Warm Hygge-Styled Cream Candle Holder with Feminine FiligreePin

Scandinavian interior design themes tend to be rather neutral, clean and tidy with little frills or distractions to be seen. This area of the world sees brutally cold and dark winters, and these people groups have learned to adapt well.

At the heart of Scandinavian Hygge design is that warm, welcoming and cozy focal point that should feature rich textures, warm accents and naturally rustic materials. Colors are modeled after the cold oceans there, but winter themes can have some pops of rich jewel colors, lavish plush fabrics and oversized comfortable furniture.

Of course, a roaring fire and a few decorative objects are always the final touch. Try this lovely feminine lacy filigree candle holder in a pale but warm shade of luxurious cream. Pillar candles are typically used, and like the picture, this candle holder looks spectacular next to a soft and lacy blanket throw on a bedroom dresser, near a reading chair or window seat.

Gorgeous Red Glass Candle Holder with Gothic Wrought Iron Detailing

Gorgeous Red Glass Candle Holder with Gothic Wrought Iron DetailingPin

Perhaps you love everything about gothic architecture and decorative design with its magnificent and splendidly ornate wrought-iron detailing work. This somewhat spooky design style was popular in medieval times from the mid-12th century to the 16th century.

This sensational red glass candle holder with a definite gothic base stem is something that you will treasure forever. The red is repeated in the base of the feet in tiny, almost flowery accents among the bewitching black metalwork typical of this time era.

This candle holder is timeless and will look stunning in Victorian-style and other older homes and décor that’s a little bit melancholy without being depressing. Set it on a mantle, on a bedside table or in an entryway. This darkly-toned item is somewhat haunting in its beauty. Some will describe it as almost other-worldly.

Rustic Style Wicker Candle Holder for Tabletop or Hanging

Rustic Style Wicker Candle Holder for Tabletop or HangingPin

This rustic-styled candle holder is made out of natural brown wicker/rattan making it the ideal choice for backyard summer celebrations. Like a basket, this holder includes a vintage glass jar where the actual candle sits. It’s much like a lantern, except the glass is replaced with the airy see-through black mesh.

This candle holder is terrific for farmhouse and other rustic design styles, and it can add some welcoming warmth and texture to otherwise austere industrial or ultra-modern urban design styles too. This retro candle holder includes a loop on top, enabling it to be hung from a low branch or porch hook.

We like that the lighter-weight basket is easy to move from one location to another. The heavy glass jar inside keeps the basket weighted down and upright when standing alone.

Modern Contemporary Black & Pink Cement Candle Holder with Moss

Modern Contemporary Black & Pink Cement Candle Holder with MossPin

These coordinated black and pink cement candle holders with live moss accents are wonderful additions to complement any modern contemporary décor theme. Place them atop a metal and glass shelf or on a table, desk or windowsill. These chic holders fit smaller votive candles.

Try these at work or anywhere that needs a small pop of color without being overly dramatic. This upscale classy but contemporary sleek candle holder set blends effortlessly with industrial and rustic designs as well. These are fantastic as last-minute gifts for unexpected guests, a child’s teacher or a coworker.

Wall-Mounted Vintage-Styled Double Taper Candle Holder in Dark Pewter

Wall-Mounted Vintage Styled Double Taper Candle Holder in Dark PewterPin

We love this wall-mounted vintage-styled double taper candle holder in a dark pewter/iron. Two crouching lions are featured on each of the two curved arms for a touch of ancient flair that isn’t over-the-top for a smaller space.

This holder is designed for two taper styled candles like shown. This ivory candle set gives the room a touch of old-world styled class. Choose deep-red, silver or other hued candles for holidays or for a nice change-of-pace that’s simple and low-cost.

Grouping of Various Candles in Mix of Candle Holders on Wood Table

Grouping of Various Candles in Mix of Candle Holders on Wood TablePin

Adding a touch of welcoming elegance to a rustic wooden entryway table is easy with this grouping of pillar and taper white/ivory candles in a variety of different candle holders. We love the honest simplicity and versatility.

Candle Garden Decorative Holders for Weddings and Parties

Candle Garden Decorative Holders for Weddings and PartiesPin

If you love festive garden decorations that also give illumination at night, consider adding these impressive yet graceful glass flasks. Each candle is covered with glass so your lights won’t get blown out by a wind gust.

Try it on your porch or sunroom, and of course the garden. Add a bench for a peaceful reflection garden space to rest and meditate.

Vintage Candle Lantern in Painted Metal & Glass

Vintage Candle Lantern in Painted Metal & GlassPin

Those who live on the coastal region or by other large water bodies are often drawn to water themes and hues in their preferred interior design style. This vintage-styled candle lantern is just the thing to line up on a balcony ledge as the sun sets on the horizon.

Try combining several sizes and styles for a slightly eclectic look reminiscent of New England summer homes. Pick your favorite sized pillar candle or combine a set of three with varying heights for added interest. These lanterns can be hung on hooks or taken for walks in the dark. The result is simple yet classic in an understated way.

Festive Black & Gold Patterned Christmas Market Candle Holder Finds

Festive Black & Gold Patterned Christmas Market Candle Holder FindsPin

As the winter holidays approach, many countries have community Christmas markets featuring holiday ornaments and decorative patterned candle holders. These are beautifully detailed in gold and black with themed designs suited for the season. Shoppers will find anything from Indian elephant holders, nighttime sky patterns, winter landscape pictures and themes from cultures around the globe.

These fun and enchanting candle holders can be found in glass, various metals and painted ceramics. Choose a grouping or purchase a single memento. Find these treasures at local markets that sell Christmas items or online.

Romantic Retro Candle Holder in White Metal & Glass Floor Lamp Design

Romantic Retro Candle Holder in White Metal & Glass Floor Lamp DesignPin

This collection of three different sized floor lamp/lantern candle containers are a wonderful way to light up dark corners come nightfall. These soft yellow or amber glass candle holders add a touch of nostalgia. Reflective light will dance in the dark while you converse with that special someone. Colored pillar candles without the glass holders are another decorative option.

Metal Decorative Glass/Cup Candle Holders on Table

Metal Decorative Glass/Cup Candle Holders on TablePin

This is an easy-to-do table centerpiece using gold or copper metal glasses and cups that feature a subdued but warm design pattern. The candles inside reflect through the metal perforations or pattern outline for a welcoming glow well-suited for any casual dinner table.

Group these candle containers by combining several heights for depth and interest to your table setting. Add bundled flowers and place settings for a look that’s just right for a shared meal and conversation. The amber tones against the distressed black pattern lines make for a beautiful look that’s simple yet eye-catching.

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