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22 Dinosaur-themed Bedroom Accessories

People have been fascinated by dinosaurs since their fossils have been discovered. So far, 700 different species of dinosaurs have been discovered.

Children are known to enjoy dinosaurs. Here are 22 bedroom accessories with dinosaurs to add to your child’s bedroom.

Dinosaur Bedding for Kids

Dinosaur Bedding for KidsPin

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The dinosaur-loving child in your family will enjoy having this dinosaur bed set in their bedroom. The set comes with a comforter, sheets, and pillowcase. You can choose from a five-piece twin set or a six-piece full-size set.

The pillow and comforter have two different designs on both sides. The set is made of high-quality material to keep your child soft and cozy at night. Make sure to decorate the rest of the room with plenty of dinosaur figures and décor.

Dinosaur Neon Light

Dinosaur Neon LightPin

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Place this dinosaur-shaped neon light on an empty space on a wall or shelf in your child’s dinosaur-themed bedroom. Light it up at night as a nightlight or use as an extra décor piece in the bedroom.

This dinosaur neon sign needs three AA batteries to run, or USB power supply. You will need to purchase the batteries separately. There are two holes on the dinosaur to easily hang on a wall.

Just add nails with a hammer or stand up on a shelf. Mix and match with other neon signs or dinosaur décor.

Jurassic World Storage Set

Jurassic World Storage SetPin

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This Jurassic World storage set will go great in a playroom or child’s room covered in dinosaurs. The set comes with four containers in different sizes. The large container has a lid.

Place dirty clothes in the pop-up hamper, toys in the storage cubes, and other items such as stuffed animals in the storage trunk to keep the room neat after cleanup. Place these storage containers in the closet or corner in the bedroom.

Velociraptor Sign

Velociraptor SignPin

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Hang this dinosaur warning sign on the door or wall in your child’s bedroom. The sign is made of metal and it 8 by 12 inches. It comes with holes to easily hang on the wall of your choice.

“Danger” is printed in capital white letters within a red oval to stand out. “Velociraptor containment” and other words are printed in black block letters on a white background. The edges are painted to look worn from hanging for a long time.

Dinosaur Wall Decals

Dinosaur Wall DecalsPin

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Your child will enjoy decorating one of the walls in their bedroom with these dinosaur decals. Each set comes with nine decals showcasing different dinosaurs in a variety of colors. These decals will keep your child company at night, since they glow in the dark.

The decals are made of vinyl, and easily peel and stick to the wall of your choice. Make sure the wall is clean and flat before sticking the decals on. These fluorescent wall stickers will glow for as long as they were given direct light during the day.

Dinosaur Canvas Wall Art

Dinosaur Canvas Wall ArtPin

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Place these canvas wall art pieces in your child’s dinosaur-themed nursery, bedroom, or playroom. This set comes with three canvases in red, blue, and green. Each canvas is in a different color, with a different dinosaur skeleton covering the front.

The name of each dinosaur is printed in block letters behind the white skeleton. Each print is on poly canvas with a wood frame. Simply hang with the sawtooth backing or install on the wall with the plastic picture hangers included.

Dinosaur Curtains

Dinosaur CurtainsPin

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Cover the windows of your child’s bedroom with this set of dinosaur curtains. A variety of dinosaurs in gray, blue, and green walk or stand on a white background. Volcanoes and plants are scattered between the dinosaurs.

The curtains are 84 by 42 inches and come in a pair. Find a matching table lamp and bed comforter in a similar design. Decorate the rest of the room with dinosaur figures and wall décor for your child to enjoy.

Dinosaur Storage Basket

Dinosaur Storage BasketPin

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This storage basket is covered in dinosaurs that are yellow, red, and green. Different types of dinosaurs walk or fly against a white background. Two black handles are attached to the top and are made of leather to easily pick up and move around.

You can use this basket for storage or laundry. It is made mainly of linen cotton and is waterproof. The basket can collapse and be stored in a flat area when not being used. Place in the corner of your child’s room for easy access to clothes and toys.

Dinosaur Night Light

Dinosaur Night LightPin

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This nightlight will help your child sleep soundly at night. It is a 3D night lamp and can change into three different dinosaurs. Your child has the option to change the color of the dinosaurs with 16 options.

The remote gives you the option to change the image to a triceratops, velociraptor, or T-rex in all kinds of colors. There is a wall charger and USB port. The night light can also be powered with three AA batteries which need to be purchased separately.

Dinosaur Waste Basket

Dinosaur Waste BasketPin

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Colorful dinosaurs cover the front of this wastebasket. The back has one dinosaur on a tan background. A variety of different dinosaurs cover the front of the trash can.

The border on the top and bottom can be ordered in black or white. This wastebasket can be personalized with your child’s name on the front and back. There is space under the green triceratops for the name.

If you order the double-sided trash can, your child’s name can be printed underneath the T-rex.

Dinosaur Bed Set

Dinosaur Bed SetPin

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This dinosaur bed set comes with four pieces, which include a comforter, sheets, and two pillowcases. You can order the set in twin or full size.

The comforter is covered in gray dinosaurs of various types on a gray background. The sheets and pillowcases have black silhouettes of different dinosaurs on a turquoise background. The comforter can be flipped over to a solid-blue.

Kids Play Rug

Kids Play RugPin

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This play rug will be a great addition to your dinosaur-loving child’s room. The rug can be used both as a décor piece and play area. It is 47 by 39 inches, which is plenty of space to play on.

The playmat features Dina Park, an amusement park with dinosaurs. Your child will enjoy playing imaginative games with their dinosaurs on this rug.

Canvas Storage Basket

Canvas Storage BasketPin

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This cute storage basket will make a great addition to a child’s room decorated with dinosaurs. Navy-blue and turquoise dinosaurs of various types float in a pattern along a white background. The basket is made of 100% natural linen and cotton fabric with handles to easily carry it to and from different rooms.

Various items can be stored in the basket, such as toys, clothes, books, and shoes. Place in a closet or the corner of the room. It can also collapse and be stored away when not being used.

Dinosaur Crossing Sign

Dinosaur Crossing SignPin

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Hang this dinosaur sign on your child’s door or on one of the walls in their dinosaur bedroom or playroom. This diamond-shaped sign as the silhouette of a tyrannosaurus rex in the middle with the words “dino” and “x-ing” at the top and bottom of the sign in black block letters.

The background is light-blue and yellow, with a white border around the diamond. Holes are located at the top and bottom to easily attach to the wall.

Dinosaur Wall Plate

Dinosaur Wall PlatePin

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Decorate the lights in your child’s room with this dinosaur wall plate. A black stegosaurus walks along an uneven road at the top of the wall plate. The rest of the light plate is in the same black.

There are several styles you can choose from, based on what type of lights you have in the room. The plate is made of 18-gauge steel with a powder coat finish. You can display either side when installed.

Dinosaur Hamper

Dinosaur HamperPin

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This hamper has a large head of a dinosaur smiling against a white background. “Mr. Wild Boy” is printed on the dinosaur’s blue neck. The hamper is 15.7 by 15.7 by 19.7 inches and can fit a variety of items in it, such as clothes, toys, books, and other small items.

This hamper is made of canvas and ramie cotton, with handles to easily carry around when needed. When it is no longer needed, fold the hamper until it collapses so you can store it for later use.

Dinosaur Bedding

Dinosaur BeddingPin

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This blanket is covered in a scene from the time of the dinosaurs. This Jurassic World blanket has a t-rex and velociraptor in the foreground on a dry piece of land. The Jurassic World logo is located in the bottom left-hand corner in white.

This blanket is made of 100% soft micro-raschel. It will look great on a bed or to snuggle with on the couch. When not in use, fold on the edge of the bed in your child’s dinosaur room. Add pillows in matching colors with dinosaur stuffed animals on top.

Jurassic Curtains

Jurassic CurtainsPin

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Your child will love having this dinosaur-themed curtain set on their bedroom window. A tyrannosaurus rex looks around him as he wanders around a prehistoric jungle. The sky changes colors from blue to pink and yellow.

One part of the t-rex’s body is one curtain and his head on the other. The curtain is made of satin for a silky finish. Clean in the washing machine when dirty to keep it looking new.

Add a matching dinosaur bed duvet and other décor in similar colors with dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Sign

Dinosaur SignPin

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Decorate a wall or table in your child’s room with this dinosaur marquee sign. Choose from a green or white sign. Each sign comes with an LED remote control that can control the brightness and time how long the lights will be on.

You will need to purchase two AA batteries to keep the lights on in your child’s dinosaur bedroom. Hanging hooks allow you to hang up the dinosaur on a wall. This can be used as a decoration or night light.

Dinosaur Pencil Holder

Dinosaur Pencil HolderPin

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This pen and pencil holder will make a great addition on your child’s desk in their dinosaur room. The holder features a green dinosaur, with its back open to hold plenty of pens and pencils.

There is even a spot for your child’s cell phone on the back. The holder is made of resin and is 8.3 x 3.2 x 4.7 inches, plenty of space to hold pens and other items.

Dinosaur Closet Organizer

Dinosaur Closet OrganizerPin

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Place this closet organizer on the door of your child’s bathroom or bedroom. It can also go inside the closet. A variety of dinosaurs in various colors walk in front of a purple volcano with blue clouds behind them on a brown background.

You can place a variety of small items in this organizer, such as cloths, brushes, wallets, small toys, and more. There are four pockets sewn in, with two large and two small ones.

This sturdy wall closet organizer is made of polyester and stiff to hold some weight.

Jurassic Duvet Set

Jurassic Duvet SetPin

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This duvet set will go great in a room where little color is preferred, such as in an older child’s bedroom who likes dinosaurs. Choose from a twin, queen, king, or California king size bedding set. The set comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams.

Different dinosaurs are shown drawn with pencil and printed on a white duvet. Add colorful or matching sheets in white or gray. The set is made of 100% brushed microfiber fabric and can be cleaned in the washing machine when needed.

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