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13 Unique and Creative Ideas for Egyptian Bedrooms

If it’s time to update your bedroom, you might want to find a unique way to do so. There are many ways to design a bedroom with colors and décor.

Filling your bedroom with Egyptian décor is a unique way to update your bedroom’s look. Here are 13 great ideas for Egyptian bedrooms.

Egyptian Print Duvet Set

Egyptian Print Duvet SetPin

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Feel like an Egyptian king or queen with this regal Egyptian print duvet set for your bed. This three-piece set comes with two pillow shams and one queen size duvet cover.

The duvet and pillow covers show ancient hieroglyphs of Egyptian royalty and symbols that were popular during that time. The images are overlaid in gold for a royal look.

Add other Egyptian-themed décor to your bedroom, such as lamps and images to complete the look. Other décor can be in the same gold or tan, or you can add some color to the bedroom through the décor.

Egyptian Hieroglyph Wall Art

Egyptian Hieroglyph Wall ArtPin

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Hang this Egyptian themed tapestry to one of the walls in your master or guest bedroom. This tapestry shows ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in black and gold. Each stripe shows different symbols in various order to depict life back in ancient Egypt.

This wall hanging is made of polyester fabric and is easy to hang using pins. Place it on the wall at the head of your bed, or on one of the adjacent walls. Make sure the rest of your room is filled with Egyptian décor as well.

Egyptian Royalty Rug

Egyptian Royalty RugPin

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Add this Egyptian themed rug to the foot of your bed in your master or guest bedroom. The image shows a pharaoh and two queens with royal clothes and head dressings. Each person is looking proudly away in the distance to their subjects.

Each Egyptian is wearing clothes and jewelry in blue, tan, brown, and white outlined in black on a weathered tan background. Add other images and décor to match with this rug for an Egyptian themed bedroom.

Egyptian Eye Bedspread Set

Egyptian Eye Bedspread SetPin

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Add some color and Egyptian flair to your bedroom with this Egyptian eye duvet and pillow sham set. A huge Egyptian eye is the focal point of this image. A colorful Egyptian bird is holding up the eye on the left, with a snake on the right side.

These colorful Egyptian symbols are done in blue, red, tan, and gold on a brown background. Add other Egyptian décor in similar colors to the rest of the room to match.

This set comes in several sizes to fit twin, king, queen, and other sized beds.

Ancient Egypt Throw Pillow

Ancient Egypt Throw PillowPin

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This pillow cover will look great on a pillow on your bed or chair in your Egyptian themed master or guest bedroom. This pillow cover depicts two different Egyptian gods surrounded by Egyptian symbols and designs, with hieroglyphs in the background. The colors in this pillow are neutral to match a variety of another décor.

A square size pillow that is 18 by 18 inches will fit in this cover. Place on your bed to go with the rest of your Egypt décor. Mix and match with Egypt and other décor in similar colors, such as red, yellow, tan, and brown.

Egyptian Print Curtains

Egyptian Print CurtainsPin

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Feel as if you live as an ancient Egyptian with these printed curtains. Two colorful columns in red, blue, and white rise up from the floor of this ancient Egyptian place. Two beautifully decorated walls surround the doors that open to an unknown place.

Each curtain shows a column and wall decorated with Egyptian gods with colorful designs. The doors are shown, one on each side where the curtains meet in the middle.

Open up the “doors” of the curtains to allow plenty of sunshine into your Egyptian themed bedroom. Close the windows for privacy and to enjoy this ancient image.

Egyptian Print Bedspread Set

Egyptian Print Bedspread SetPin

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Place this bedspread and sham set on the bed in your Egyptian themed master or guest bedroom. An Egyptian woman dressed as a bird spreads her wings in the middle of the bedspread. Hieroglyphs can be seen behind her on a light tan background.

Each pillow sham shows a matching replica of the image on the bedspread. Add other Egyptian décor in similar colors to the rest of the bedroom to complete the look. Bring out the reds, tans, and black in this set in pictures, lamps, and other décor.

Egyptian Goddess Table Lamp

Egyptian Goddess Table LampPin

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This beautiful lamp depicts an image of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis is seen with her bird wings spread out at the bottom of this lamp. The lampshade is decorated with Egyptians and hieroglyphs.

Isis and the rest of this beautiful lamp is made of crushed stone and resin. It is painted with faux gold, black, and silver to look like a real piece of ancient Egyptian décor.

Place this lamp on the bedside table in your Egyptian themed bedroom. You will need to purchase a 40-watt bulb separately.

Egyptian Wall Sticker Decals

Egyptian Wall Sticker DecalsPin

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Place these realistic-looking wall sticker decals to the walls in your Egyptian themed bedroom. These 3-D art decals look real as if they are displayed in their own cut out square holes in the wall.

A black Egyptian cat statue, black and gold medallion with an Egyptian, and vase showing ancient Egyptian images are depicted on each decal. Each statue and décor piece will look like they are being displayed on their own cubby in your wall.

Place on a wall in any order or placement you like to go with the rest of your Egyptian décor.

Cleopatra Wall Canvases

Cleopatra Wall CanvasesPin

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Place this gorgeous canvas set above the bed in your Egyptian-themed guest or master bedroom. These panels show a beautiful Cleopatra with a blue headdress and heavily made-up face walking next to a wall covered in ancient hieroglyphs. She holds up a special light that brightens up the area around her.

Each canvas is gallery wrapped and framed, ready to hand in your bedroom. Two pairs of canvases come in the same size, while the middle one stands alone for a unique look.

Egyptian Print Pillowcase

Egyptian Print PillowcasePin

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This pillowcase shows an image of two people in ancient Egypt. One Egyptian is seated while the other stands in front. Both are dressed in colorful clothes and headdresses with black hair.

Colorful hieroglyphs can be seen in the background. The Egyptian seated must be royal since he is sitting on a colorful throne.

Cover your favorite square pillow with this image to use to decorate your bed with. Mix and match with other Egyptian sheets and décor as well.

Egyptian Print Tapestry

Egyptian Print TapestryPin

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Hang this Egyptian print tapestry above your bed or on a wall next to your bed in your Egyptian-themed bedroom. A beautiful Egyptian goddess with wings spread sits in the center of this tapestry. She kneels on a decorative pedestal.

The goddess is surrounded by tan and gold-colored hieroglyphs on a light-tan background. Add other ancient images and décor depicting Egypt in the room to match in similar colors. You can also find other Egyptian tapestries to hang on other walls in your bedroom.

Egyptian Lady and Cheetah Canvas Set

Egyptian Lady and Cheetah Canvas SetPin

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This set of canvas prints shows an image of an Egyptian woman resting with a cheetah in the foreground. The woman wears decorative headdress, jewelry and clothes while resting on a bench with beautiful decorative details.

The cheetah rests on a rug made up of patterns in red and other colors. The famous pyramids of Giza can be seen in the background, surrounded by palm trees.

Place this set of canvas pictures above the headboard or pillows on your bed as a focal point in your bedroom. Decorate the rest of your Egyptian room with images and décor in similar colors.

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