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20 Fox Pillows

Foxes are mammals with distinct red-and-white coats and bushy tails. They are also familiar since foxes live on many continents.

Fox lovers will enjoy these fox-shaped pillows and pillows with fox images. Get inspired to decorate a room with fox pillows by when you read this article.

Pillow Pet Fox

Pillow Pet FoxPin

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This stuffed fox can be used as a pillow or stuffed animal. The fox’s body is tan with a tan tail. The ears, nose, and feet are brown, with a white mouth and legs.

The fox unfolds to lie flat to use as a pillow for naptime or to rest. It can be folded in place when your child wants to play with it as a stuffed animal.

This pillow is made of chenille and can be cleaned in the washing machine. Place in a white pillowcase and tie the open end closed.

Orange Fox Pillow

Orange Fox PillowPin

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This square pillow has the face and ears of a fox. It is orange with orange-and-white ears. The bottom part of the face is white with a brown nose and black eyelashes. The back of the pillow is solid orange.

Place this pillow in a crib or chair in a fox-themed nursery. It can also be placed on the bed in a child’s room. Add other orange décor and decorations with foxes on it to match.

Fox Body Pillow

Fox Body PillowPin

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This body pillow is in the shape of a fox that is resting. It looks real with its tan fur, black ears, and white-and-tan tail. The fox’s front paws lay on either side of its head.

Your child will love cuddling up to this fox pillow at naptime and bedtime. It is made of poly-acrylic for a soft and comfortable feel.

Spot clean when dirty. Display on the bed or chair when not in use.

Fox Travel Pillow

Fox Travel PillowPin

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This bright-orange stuffed fox has a zipper on its belly that contains the outer part of a neck pillow. Unzip and pull out the neck pillow. Shake the stuffing from the fox into the pillow, then place the outer shell of the fox into the pillow to use while traveling.

The fox is bright orange with a black nose and ears. It has a white mouth and belly. The neck pillow is designed with white triangles on an orange background.

Squishmallow Fox Pillow

Squishmallow Fox PillowPin

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The squeezable pillow is in the shape of a fox with large ears on top of its head. The inside of the ears, mask around the eyes, and belly are cream colored while the majority of its body is orange. The eyes, nose, and whiskered are embroidered on with black thread.

This pillow is made of polyester and other soft material to make it easy to squish. It is 16 inches long and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Plush Fox Pillow

Plush Fox PillowPin

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The pillow is in the shape of a sleeping fox with all four of its legs stretched out and behind it. Bright-orange is mixed with cream on the fox’s body. It also has a black nose, little pink cheeks and half-circles representing its sleeping eyes.

Place on your child’s bed when not used as a sleeping companion. Add a matching fox comforter with orange-and-cream pillows. You can also decorate the windows with orange curtains to complete the look.

Fox Decorative Pillow

Fox Decorative PillowPin

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This oval pillow has the ears and face of a fox. The fox’s ears and most of its face is gray with white around the eyes and inside the ears. Its nose and eye are brown.

The soft, plush fabric will keep your child comfortable while they sleep with their fox pillow at night or during the day. Place on the bed or couch when not in use. Add other animal pillows on the bed that are similar.

Round Fox Pillow

Round Fox PillowPin

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This Cuddle Pal is a round pillow in the shape and color of a fox. Most of the pillow is soft tan with a white face and ears that are black and white. The fox’s little tail is white and tan with black paws.

The pillow is made of super-soft polyester so that your child will feel like they are cuddling a squishy marshmallow. This pillow is machine washable so that your child can enjoy their stuffed fox for many years.

Fox Head Pillow

Fox Head PillowPin

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You won’t have to worry about your baby developing a flat head with this fox-shaped newborn pillow. Place your infant’s head in the middle of the pillow, just below the nose. Both sides are made to prevent the head from moving around.

The top of the pillow also protects your baby’s head. It is made of 100% cotton to keep your child comfortable when sleeping. This fox pillow will also make a great decorative piece in the crib when not being used.

Holiday Fox Pillow

Holiday Fox PillowPin

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This fox pillow is made for indoor or outdoor use. A fox’s head pears out from under an ugly Christmas sweater in red and green with white snowflakes. The tan-and-white fur of the fox stands out against the festive background with snowflakes and stripes in red and white.

This 18 by 18-inch pillow is made of plush material and just needs to be spot cleaned when dirty. Place on a couch in the living room with holiday blankets or outside on a chair surrounded by Christmas décor.

Fox Pillow and Blanket

Fox Pillow and BlanketPin

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The stuffed fox can open up into a pillow during naptime or as an extra blanket to use on cold nights. Huge, green eyes and a little nose cover up most of the face on this fox. Its orange-and-cream fur is made of chenille fleece.

White-and-orange ears perk up at the top of the head. This stuffed pillow easily converts into a blanket with a hood that your child can wear to stay extra-warm.

Fox Scarf Pillow

Fox Scarf PillowPin

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Place this pillow on your bed or couch during holidays. The rectangular pillow shows a fox wearing a scarf while sitting in the snow. The fox is tan with a white belly.

The scarf is decorated with white, red, and green designs. The fox looks like it is sitting in front of a large tree, since the background is brown.

Fox Reading Pillow

Fox Reading PillowPin

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You or your child will enjoy reading their favorite books while comfortably sitting with this reading pillow. The pillow is decorated with bright, orange foxes sitting among green leaves, with white and yellow flowers in a forest.

The background is mint-colored all over the pillow. This reading pillow is made of polyester with Viscoelastic memory padding to keep its shape. The cover can come off to be washed periodically.

Fox Travel Pillow

Fox Travel PillowPin

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This travel pillow is covered in a design with foxes walking and sitting in a forest. The orange foxes are among green leaves, plants, and colorful flowers on a green background. The front and back of the pillow have the same design.

The pillow is in a u-shape and fastens in the front to stay in place while traveling in a car or airplane. The cover is made of 100% polyester and the stuffing is viscoelastic memory foam that is soft and can mold around your head and neck.

Fox Fur Pillow

Fox Fur PillowPin

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This 18 by 18-inch square pillow is covered in faux fox fur. Reddish-brown and tan faux fur cover both sides of the pillow. The cover is made of 100% acrylic with a 100% made poly insert.

This pillow would look great on a bed or couch with other faux fur pillows. The cover can be removed with the zipper closure to be washed when dirty. Just clean in the washing machine to keep it looking new.

Fox Neck Pillow

Fox Neck PillowPin

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This baby neck pillow also comes with a matching blanket. The pillow is pink, with a pink head of a fox on the right. The inside of the ears and muzzle are white, with gray eyes and nose.

A gold headband with pink flowers made of felt are on top of the fox’s head. The pillow is made of 100% polyester to keep your baby comfortable while sleeping. This pillow was made for babies who are three months of age or older.

Fox Spirit Neck Pillow

Fox Spirit Neck PillowPin

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A fox in several colors decorates this travel pillow. The fox is white, with a gray-and-blue tail. The inside of its ears is purple, and it has a red symbol in the middle of its face.

Two blue tears are on each side of the red symbol. Its slanted eyes are closed, and a tiny, red dot is in place of the nose. This travel pillow is made of plush with high-quality PP cotton on the inside.

Gray Fox Pillow

Gray Fox PillowPin

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A beige fox holds up an umbrella in the rain on this Primitives pillow. This pillow is only 7.25 inches high and would make a great décor piece in a crib or rocking chair. It is made of cotton and linen blend.

The fox and umbrella are embroidered onto the pillow in different colors. The umbrella is tan with cream-colored details. The fox wears a yellow hat and is outlined in purple and gray thread.

Hugging Fox Pillow

Hugging Fox PillowPin

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This friendly-looking fox is ready to hug your child. The fox pillow is made of bright-orange plush with a white tummy. It has little orange ears, feet, and tail.

A green leaf and stem are embroidered on its belly. The fox has a tan nose and black eyes. Your child will love cuddling with their stuffed fox pillow while napping or resting in front of the television on the couch.

Place on your child’s bed or in a bin with other decorative pillows. When dirty, place in the washing machine and dry in the sun.

Square Fox Pillow

Square Fox PillowPin

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This beautiful fox pillow is made of 100% acrylic yarn on a cotton base, which gives it some texture. A fox looks out from a rectangular pillow. It’s tan and cream with brown shading.

The background is beige and blends in with the cream details of its face and ears. Decorate a couch or bed with this pillow. Find other pillows with wild animals to match.

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