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33 Gift Ideas for Plumbers

No one likes it when their toilet breaks or the faucet starts to leak water on the floor. It’s time to call the plumber when these unfortunate events happen in your home.

Tell your plumber “thank you” with a special gift. Here are some plumber gifts that will make them feel appreciated.

Plumber Tree Ornament

Plumber Tree OrnamentPin

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This funny ornament will get a laugh from the lucky plumber who opens it up on Christmas morning. Two legs and an arm with a gloved hand holding a wrench stick out from under a sink. The leaky faucet drips out water as the small plumber tries to fix the leak.

The name of your favorite plumber can go on the front of the red toolbox.

Plumber Book

Plumber BookPin

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This would be a great gift to give a plumber just starting out, or even as a gag gift to someone who has been doing their craft for a long time. The book comes in paperback and Kindle form, so you can choose which one to get based on preference.

The book covers everything from why the dishwasher overflows to a leaky faucet, as well as non-plumbing issues every house has. At 240 pages, this will give a plumber plenty of time to read between jobs.

Three-piece Wrench Set

Three-piece Wrench SetPin

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Anyone working in plumbing will appreciate wrenches for a job. This set comes with three wrenches in different sizes. They are made of alloy steel for sturdiness to last a long time.

They are made from Craftsman and have a lifetime warranty. Each wrench is finished in chrome to avoid corrosion. They are also adjustable.

Place in a bag or gift box wrapped up, or place in a toolbox to give both as a gift.

Bucket Tool Organizer

Bucket Tool OrganizerPin

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Any handyman, especially a plumber, will appreciate this bucket tool organizer. This organizer is brown and has plenty of compartments on the outside to hold small tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and cutters.

Small sections are in the inside, as well as one large space in the middle which can fit a good-sized flashlight and other larger tools. It can also fit into a bucket that is 5 gallons.

Plumber Charges Shirt

Plumber Charges ShirtPin

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This plumber shirt will be a delight to your favorite handyman. This t-shirt features “plumber extra charges” that a plumber would add onto their final charge if they had to do any of these descriptions on the front side.

There are a variety of sizes for men, women, and youth. You can also get this shirt in navy blue, black, red, gray, and royal blue. Based on what color you buy, the shirt will be cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both materials.

Toilet Dish

Toilet DishPin

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This gag gift will get your favorite plumber to chuckle when they unwrap it. The coffee mug is in the shape of a toilet with a black rim. The water tank sits in the back and attaches to the toilet seat from the lower back.

This mug is made of ceramic and is white. It can also be used as a serving dish for candy and other favors. You can also purchase a set of two mugs to keep one or give them both away to a couple.

Patriotic Plumber Shirt

Patriotic Plumber ShirtPin

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This patriotic plumber shirt will make a great gift any time of the year. The American flag is shown tattered and lying horizontally downward on a solid-colored shirt. The word “plumber” is printed downward on one of the white stripes.

Various tools can be seen in black along the lower part of the flag. This shirt can fit men or women and comes in several colors, such as black and blue. It is made of cotton or polyester, based on what color you purchase.

Plumber Socks

Plumber SocksPin

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These socks will keep a handyman warm while working or lounging around the house. One pair of socks have images of plumbers, poop, and rolls of toilet paper all over the socks. The images are on a black background.

The toe, heel, and ankle area are gray. These socks fit men’s shoe sizes from 10 – 16. These socks will make a great gift and can be washed in the washing machine.

Plumber Mug

Plumber MugPin

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Give this mug as an appreciation gift or any other time during the year to a plumber you know. “Best. Plumber. Ever” is printed in black block letters on a white background. The handle and inside of the mug are black.

The mug comes in a high gloss finish to shine every time it is filled with coffee, tea, or whatever your plumber’s favorite hot drink is. Keep in the cupboard when not in use.

Magnetic Tool Wristband

Magnetic Tool WristbandPin

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This magnetic wristband will be handy for a plumber who has their hands full fixing a leak. Special magnets are located in the material and can hold onto small items such as screws, nails, bolts, drill bits, and other small pieces that can easily be lost when loose. 20 different magnets will easily hold all kinds of these small parts.

The wristband is made of 100% ballistic polyester with a mesh design that is softly padded to keep it comfortable and lightweight. It is adjustable and comes off and on with Velcro.

Shirt for Plumbers

Shirt for PlumbersPin

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This shirt pays homage to the Budweiser brand with an image similar to the popular drink’s logo. “Plumber” is written in white script on a red background, which looks very close to Budweiser’s logo. Below the image are the words “king of trades” written in white block letters.

The shirt comes fitted for men or women and comes in black, heather blue, navy, dark heather, or royal blue. Sizes range from small to 3XL. The shirt will arrive made of cotton or polyester, based on the color chosen.

Business Portfolio

Business PortfolioPin

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This pro contractor’s business portfolio will be great to give to a plumber just starting a business. The portfolio will also work for a plumber who needs a more organized way to keep all their paperwork and other items together in one place.

The black portfolio is made of strong poly cover to carry around, keep in a knapsack, or have on a desk in an office. The zipper opens up to the inside, which includes a calculator and plenty of compartments for bills and other papers.

Plumber Parking Décor

Plumber Parking DécorPin

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Your favorite plumber will love putting this sign on a wall in their office or in their home. This sign is 8 by 12 inches tall, a good size that will fit on plenty of wall spaces. Letters are all in blue and uppercase to be easily seen from a distance.

A man with a blue hat can be seen working on a leaky pipe. A thin, blue line is used as the border around the sign. This wall piece is made of high-quality plastic and comes with 4 mounting holes to easily place this on the wall of your plumber’s choice.

LED Flashlight Gloves

LED Flashlight GlovesPin

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These flashlight gloves will come in handy for a plumber who needs to see the cracks and other dark places while working on plumbing. The set comes with a pair of gloves for each hand. You can also purchase only the left-hand or right-hand glove, too.

The gloves wrap around the wrist and cover the thumb and forefinger. Two lights are located on the thumb and finger part of each glove. A Velcro strap easily comes off and on.

LEGO Plumber Joe

LEGO Plumber JoePin

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This little figure is only 1.7 inch high but will delight LEGO lovers young and old. Joe the Plunger LEGO minifigure is dressed in overalls and comes with an oversized plunger. He wears a blue cap and has a small image of a leaky pile on the front of his overalls.

This would be a great gift for a child to give to their parent, or an adult to give to a plumber as a gag gift. This figure would be a great item to display on a desk of a plumber or another place to be admired.

Desk Accessory Holder

Desk Accessory HolderPin

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This desk accessory hold will work great for a plumber. The tape dispenser is in the shape of a person in blue. The mouth can hold pens.

The figure can be lifted up to reveal a toilet bowel, where paper clips can be stored. The back of the toilet can be used as a memo holder and pen holder. This 5-inch-high toilet accessory holder also comes in orange and green.

Toilet and Plunger Ornaments

Toilet and Plunger OrnamentsPin

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Give these toilet and plunger ornaments to your favorite handyman over the holidays. This set comes with two glass-blown ornaments. One is a toilet and the other a plunger.

The toilet is white with a blue bowl. The plunger is red with a gold handle. These will blend in well with other glass blown ornaments.

Pickup Gadget Tool

Pickup Gadget ToolPin

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This magnetic pickup tool comes with LED lights to look for lost items in hard to reach places and areas where other sources of light cannot reach it. This tool needs four LR44 batteries, which are included.

Pipefather Shirt

Pipefather ShirtPin

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Give your favorite plumber this shirt for their birthday, as a Christmas gift, or just to say thank you. This shirt pays homage to “The Godfather” logo in the color with an image in the same style.

A person’s hand holds a wrench horizontally with strings on it. “The Pipefather” is written in block words similar to “The Godfather” logo. The outline of the hand, the wrench, strings, and words are white printed on a dark background.

Plumber Belt Buckle

Plumber Belt BucklePin

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A cowboy who works as a plumber, or a handyman who enjoys wearing buckles will love this gift. The belt buckle is gray and made of durable material.

The word “plumber” is at the top in all capital letters. A wrench and other tools can be seen near the middle of the belt buckle on a plaque. A pipe can be seen in the background with other tools around it.

Wrap this up on its own or wrap with other gifts to give.

Plunger Christmas Tree

Plunger Christmas TreePin

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This small Christmas tree will make a great gift for a plumber you know. A small Christmas tree appears to grow from the wood of the plunger. The plunger is red at the bottom with a wooden handle.

It is 15 inches tall, including the fake branches. It can be displayed alone or with ornaments. The plunger is for displaying only.

Include Christmas decorations to add to the tree when you give it or wrap some toilet paper around it as décor before wrapping it up.

General Purpose Tool Set

General Purpose Tool SetPin

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This toolset will have everything a plumber needs and more. The gray tool case opens up to 170 different tools and pieces that can be used for a variety of projects around the house. The tools are made of alloy steel and made to last and use for a long time.

The toolset includes wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, washers, and many other items that will be useful when fixing leaks and other plumbing issues. The set is made by Crescent and has a lifetime warranty.

Bigmouth Toilet Mug

Bigmouth Toilet MugPin

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This golden ceramic mug is in the shape of a toilet. Get a laugh from your favorite handyman when they open this gift. The miniature toilet comes complete with a water tank and attachment that connects to the main part of the toilet.

This toilet-shaped mug can hold 10 ounces of coffee, water, tea, or another favorite beverage. It can also hold small pieces of candy. This would make a great conversation piece to leave on a work desk as well.

Plumber Legend Shirt

Plumber Legend ShirtPin

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A plumber who also happens to be a dad and husband will love this shirt as a gift during the holidays or as a birthday present. The words “husband”, “dad”, “plumber”, and “legend” are printed in block letters on the front of the shirt. The words are in blue, yellow, beige, and red, respectively.

The shirts come in different sizes, from men’s small to 3XL and in a variety of colors. Color choices include black, navy, olive, red, slate, and blue. Each shirt is made of polyester, cotton, or a combination of both, based on the color chosen.

Faucet and Sink Installer

Faucet and Sink InstallerPin

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This faucet and sink installer will come in handy for a variety of plumbing projects. The tool can be used to align holes, fasten and remove nuts, and as a suction cup. It can also be used as a temporary pipe for a water basin, kitchen sink pipe, and toilet pipe.

The sink and faucet installer is made of zinc alloy with a plastic cover that is orange. The mounting head is in the front with groves that help grip the tool, as well as other uses. It even comes with a level!

Plumber Cufflinks

Plumber CufflinksPin

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A plumber will enjoy having these cufflinks to use on a suit for a special event. Each cufflink is in the shape of a faucet handle. The words “hot” or “cold” are printed in the middle of the cufflink.

The pair of cufflinks comes in a nice display box where they can be stored when not in use. These items have a silver finish and come with a microfiber polishing cloth to keep them shining and looking new.

Plumber Hoodie

Plumber HoodiePin

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Give this hoodie as a gift to your plumber when he or she has to work in colder weather. The hoodie has an image of two wrenches forming a cross. The background is in turquoise, white, and gray stripes on a circle.

Choose from black, gray, or blue. The hoodie comes in unisex sizes from small to two extra-large. Each are made from a combination of polyester and cotton, based on the chosen color.

Wrench Heartbeat Shirt

Wrench Heartbeat ShirtPin

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A handyman will enjoy wearing this shirt on mild days. A heartbeat in white lines is shown on the top part of a solid-colored shirt. The silhouette of a wrench takes the place of one of the beats.

The t-shirt comes in sizes for men, women, and children in small to 3 extra-large. Colors range from black, gray, and blue. Based on the color you pick, the shirt will be made from 100% cotton or a combination of polyester and cotton.

Tool Roll Bag

Tool Roll BagPin

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This tool roll bag will be great for a plumber who needs quick access to his tools. Your favorite plumber can put all his prized tools in one space when he needs them. Wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, and other tools can fit in the 20 pockets in the bag.

The bag is made of heavy-duty waxed canvas. Place the flap over the tools and roll it up into a small duffle bag with straps to close it securely.

Funny Plumber Shirt

Funny Plumber ShirtPin

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The plumber in the family or a friend will be delighted when they open up their gift to find this shirt under the wrapping paper. The shirt is dedicated to plumbers who aren’t “afraid to get their hands dirty”.

A skull with crossed bones wears sunglasses covered in flames. The words are in taupe or whatever color you choose for the shirt.

Plumber Notebook

Plumber NotebookPin

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Get this lined notebook for a plumber you know that needs something to write work notes on. The funny saying is in both yellow and white on a dark-gray background. There is a page inside for the person to write their name on.

The rest of the pages are white with lines to write on. The cover is matte and comes with 120 pages to write notes or doodle on.

Industrial Strength Suspenders

Industrial Strength SuspendersPin

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These suspenders will give a plumber extra support when they have to move around or get into awkward positions while fixing a leak. These industrial strength suspenders are made mainly of polypropylene, with some rubber, cotton, leather, and polyester.

The suspenders are made by Dickies and come in one size. You can choose from the colors khaki, orange, black, or navy.

Universal Socket Grip

Universal Socket GripPin

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This universal socket grip can fit all kinds of bolts, hooks, nuts and other shape fasteners. The socket option fits onto a drill for multiple uses. The set comes with a 3-function ratchet driver and other pieces to make a plumber’s job easier.

Both options are made from stainless steel to last a long time for many uses.

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