What to Put In Glass Bottles or Vases for Decoration? (25 Ideas)

Glass bottles and vases have been around for a very long time. Glass bottles were first made around 100 B.C. in southeast Asia and eventually became a popular item found all over the world.

Glass bottles come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Once you have one, how should you decorate it? Below are some ideas on what to place in vases or glass bottles for decoration purposes.

White Candles

White Candles 1Pin

One way to decorate vases is by placing candles in them. The clear vases in this picture have white candles at varying heights. The candles look to be randomly placed in vases that vary in height as well to keep the look interesting.

This type of décor works great at a wedding. It can also be a low-cost way to decorate a table in the living or dining room. Guests can enjoy watching the flames flicker through the glass vases.

Small Plants

Small PlantsPin

Another way to decorate a glass bottle is to place plants in it to use as décor in a room. These glass containers are filled with various plants, succulents, cacti, and air plants. Soil and rocks are placed at the bottom to hold the plants and allow them a place to expand their roots.

The wooden table is a great place to display the plants and keep the space looking natural. While bunching up the plants is one way to show them off, they can also be scattered throughout the room for a uniform look.

White Peonies

White PeoniesPin

A bouquet of fresh flowers is a popular way to decorate a clear vase. These white peonies look elegant sitting in fresh water in this glass vase. The stems and flowers are arranged to keep this piece looking tidy and fresh.

A bouquet of flowers is a great way to freshen up a dining table, side table, or bedroom. Replace the bouquet with different ones each time the flowers are spent to update the vase in the room.

Mini Garden

Mini GardenPin

Enjoy a low-maintenance garden by placing plants in glass vases. Each vase is in a different shape with small plants arranged in a unique way to add interest to these décor pieces.

The plants are arranged neatly and even the soil and rocks are placed in layers to form a design at the bottom of each glass.

Filling glasses with plants and dirt is a natural way to decorate them. These terrariums can be displayed together, scattered in a room or throughout the house.

Dried Flowers

Dried FlowersPin

Adding dried flowers to a vase can update the décor piece. This glass jar gets some added color with small, purple flowers added to it.

The small vases and candle holders on the decorative bowl create a great centerpiece display on the table.

The dried flowers can be easily replaced with others. Add other dried flowers and greenery to keep the vase looking interesting.

Dried Leaves

Dried LeavesPin

Fill a simple square glass vase with dried leaves to celebrate the fall season. Small cones and acorns fill the space at the bottom, while the dried leaves in orange and brown stand up to imitate a bouquet of flowers.

Two larger cones create an additional decoration that can be placed next to the vase, or in another spot in the room. Leaves can be added or replaced as more are found during autumn.

Green Leaves

Green LeavesPin

Adding a small amount of greenery can update and change the look of a plain vase. This eucalyptus branch adds some color and lines to the smoky glass vase in the foreground.

The natural round mat below the vase emphasizes this decoration and creates a great space as a centerpiece. Some dried flowers can be added for additional color and interest.

You can also switch out the plant for different ones throughout the year to match each season and holiday.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry BlossomsPin

Plants are a popular way to decorate a clear vase. These tree branches filled with cherry blossoms are no exception. Plenty of the buds have not opened, so fresh flowers can be enjoyed for several days.

The pink buds that open up to white flowers make a great décor piece during the springtime. Keeping the plant in a clear vase keeps the focus on the plant and not the glass that it is in.

Wheat Décor

Wheat DecorPin

This wide vase with a narrow neck is a great place to display some wheat for a fall decorative piece. The brown glass on the vase matches well with the tan colors of the wheat. The stems and tops of the plant are placed to take up room in the vase and spread out all around the neck of the vase, creating a beautiful scene for autumn.

The small pumpkins on a wooden plate in the background make a nice addition as a natural decorative scene. Pumpkins can also be placed around the vase to add additional decorations around it.

Turquoise Rocks

Turquoise RocksPin

Another low-maintenance option is placing colorful stones in a glass bowl. This glass bowl is filled with turquoise sea stones. Adding water to cover the stones creates an ocean-like scene that would make a great addition to a beach-themed room.

The stones around the glass can be placed in another vase or left alone to create a serene scene around the glass. Add seashells or rocks in other colors to change up the look.

Single Leaf

Single LeafPin

Keep the look simple with a single leaf in a glass jar with a gold top. This look would be a great addition to a room with minimal decorations. The small gold detail on the glass matches the tiny gold vase next to it.

The display goes well with the light wooden shelf and dark background. Add other leaves, flowers, and plants to change the décor and look of this space.

Green Plants

Green PlantsPin

Create a natural look with green plants in clear vases. The round, green plants contrast well with the clear, square vases they are in. Moss and other greenery are added to the bottom and spread out to match the shape of the glass.

These can be placed on a table as a centerpiece or in a room as additional décor. Add some water from time to time to keep the plants looking fresh and alive.



Fresh sunflowers are a great way to decorate a glass vase. These bright yellow flowers add color and can light up any room with their bright blooms. The sunflowers are arranged in a way to show off their blooms, as well as their thick stems in the vase.

Sunflowers get their name since they face the direction of the sun. They symbolize long life, sunshine, and happiness, making them a great choice to decorate a vase with.

Floating Flowers

Floating FlowersPin

A short, round bowl can be decorated with flowers floating on water. This is a popular decorative choice for those celebrating a birthday or other celebration during the spring and summer months.

Cutting just the flower and placing it in water to float is an alternative to displaying fresh flowers in a vase.



Fill up a clear vase with fruit to add as the centerpiece of a kitchen or dining room table. This clear vase is filled with fresh lemons, ready to be used for a recipe, lemonade, or just as a natural decoration.

The glass vase is elevated on a metal stand to add height to the vase and make it the main centerpiece in a group of other décor.

Floating Flowers and Candles

Floating Flowers and CandlesPin

Fill up a narrow clear vase with cut flowers and a floating candle on top. The rocks at the bottom add some color and lines to the overall design of this look.

Fill it up with water to watch the candle float on top while the flowers move along with the water below. This would make a great centerpiece for a wedding or other formal event.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas OrnamentsPin

During the holidays, fill up a glass vase with colorful ornaments. This short, round glass bowl is filled with all kinds of colorful and festive glass ornaments. Add fake snow to the bottom or even white sand.

This is a great way to use extra ornaments that don’t fit on a tree, or to use space on a table.

Colorful Flowers

Colorful FlowersPin

A bouquet of colorful flowers can quickly spruce up a plain vase. This bouquet of flowers adds a tropical look to the round vase with plenty of colors and the choice of flowers, such as the bright red amaryllis, dark, yellow daisies, orange tulips, and dark, green leaves.

Dried, brown sticks are added to give the bowl a unique look. Add this vase to a plain table to add some color and design to it.

Glass Ornaments

Glass OrnamentsPin

White and red ornaments are a great way to turn a plain bowl into a decorative holiday piece. Fill up a bowl with extra ornaments lying around, instead of putting them away.

The golden platter with fake snow, pinecone, and fir tree with snow add to the design.



Another way to decorate glass bottles is by placing lights in them. These colorful glass water bottles have been repurposed as outdoor lamps.

Some have bottoms installed, while others do not. It counts on what kind of light is used in each. These can be hung up as shown or placed on tables for an evening event. Each bottle is in a different color and will glow beautifully when lit at night.

Wedding Decorations

Wedding DecorationsPin

Glass bottles also make great wedding decorations. Each bottle is wrapped in twine, then hung with twine from the top. Flowers are placed in each bottle to match the flowers at the wedding.

Glass bottles are a money-saving way to decorate a wedding and other events.

Vintage Lamps

Vintage LampsPin

These vintage lamps are made from glass jars. A hole is cut through the top of the lid where the lightbulb is installed. Crystals and rocks are placed at the bottom to make the jars glow.

These are installed in the ceiling, but they can also be used as a centerpiece on tables.

Ship in a Bottle

Ship in a BottlePin

An old-fashioned way to decorate a glass bottle was by building a miniature ship inside. The glass bottle allows the viewer to admire the ship from all sides, while also protecting the ship from being handled.

The cork, braiding around the neck, and wooden stand are a nice way to decorate the bottle naturally, while adding to the design of the entire piece.

Seed Storage

Seed StoragePin

Glass bottles are a great place to store seeds. These bottles can go in the kitchen or cupboard. They can also be stored as additional pieces of décor in or around the kitchen.

Groups of seeds are placed in layers to add colorful stripes to each bottle. The bottles can be used as decorative pieces, while the seeds are used for cooking as needed.

Colorful Sand

Colorful SandPin

Adding sand to glass bottles is another creative way to use them. Colorful layers can be added for a unique design on a table or as a centerpiece.

Some sand artists are able to make images using different colors of sand, as seen on some of the bottles in the picture. Place on a side table for guests to see as they enter the home to use as conversation starters.

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