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15 Glitter Curtains You Will Love

Curtains are a great way to update your windows, as well as add décor and color to any room in the house. You can make your windows shine by adding glitter curtains to them.

Create a glamourous living room or princess room with glitter curtains. Here are 15 glitter curtains to add to your home.

Silver Glitter Curtains

Silver Glitter CurtainsPin

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Get festive with these silver glitter curtains. Place in a living room that is decorated for the holidays or a girl’s room to brighten up the indoor area. Add other silver and glittery elements to the room. These can also be put up for the day as part of birthday or other celebration décor.

These curtains come in several sizes to fit a variety of windows. They are made of 100% faux linen polyester that gives them that shine and glitter. Place in the washing machine to keep these looking new and to use over and over again.

Gold Glitter Curtains

Gold Glitter CurtainsPin

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These gold glitter curtains have tiny sequins sewn in to make them really sparkle. Use as décor for the window or for a special birthday or holiday celebration. Add these panel curtains to the side with a sheer, white curtain in the middle for a beautiful window treatment.

Add other gold and glittery décor to the room, or keep the rest of the room neutral to keep the focal area the window. Leave up just for the day or use as room décor for your special event.

Sequin Glitter Curtains

Sequin Glitter CurtainsPin

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These silver curtains have sequins sew on to add some extra glitter and shine. Put these up for the day as part of your special event décor, or keep up as part of the room’s décor for the season. Pull back the curtains and use a sheer white curtain to allow extra light to filter through the room.

Use these as your everyday curtains, or use as a backdrop for special events and holidays. Pair up with other glittery and silver décor for a sparkly room that shines.

Pink Glitter Curtains

Pink Glitter CurtainsPin

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A little girl would love having these pink glittery curtains in her bedroom. The sequins sewn into the curtains really make them shine and sparkle. These curtains can also be used as a backdrop for special events.

These curtains would look great as background décor for a girl’s birthday party, gender reveal party, baby shower, or other special event.

Add to a cream or light neutral colored living room to really make them stand out against the other colors in the room. Add other sparkly and pink décor for a fun living room design.

Hot Pink Glitter Curtains

Hot Pink Glitter CurtainsPin

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These glittery hot pink curtains will go great as décor at your next party or social event. You can also use these to decorate windows. Add to an all-white bedroom, or living room for a pop of color. Make sure to decorate the rest of the room with some gold and hot pink décor, such as statues and plants.

These shiny curtains are made of polyester and sequins. Purchase a plain or decorative rod to install in the room of your choice. You can also use these curtains as décor on your windows by installing sheer, white curtains behind them to use to filter sunlight and for some added privacy.

Night Sky Glitter Curtains

Night Sky Glitter CurtainsPin

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This unique set of curtains shines and glitters with the night sky. These will look great in a bedroom or living room in grays and blacks. Add silver décor to bring out the glittery parts of these beautiful curtains.

The tops of these curtains are black, then flow into a glittery pattern with sequins, with the bottom half a sheer, silvery gray. Use with sheer, white curtains behind or use alone.

Faux silk looks real as it shines in front of your windows in your room of choice.

Silver Blackout Curtains

Silver Blackout CurtainsPin

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These metallic silver blackout curtains will give you plenty of shade and privacy when you want it. Take these curtains out during the holidays, or place them in the living room or bedroom to use as part of the décor. Add white and cream furniture, with stainless steel lamps and silver décor to really make these curtains go with the rest of the room.

When dirty and worn, place these curtains in the washing machine and dry to reuse and enjoy for many years with the right care.

Gold and Pink Glitter Curtains

Gold and Pink Glitter CurtainsPin

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These fun curtains would look great in a little girl’s room, guest room, or living room. These sheer pink curtains are decorated with a gold Moroccan tile pattern that really shines in the light. Plenty of sunshine can still come through when these curtains cover the windows.

For more privacy, add sheer white curtains behind these glitter curtains. These curtains are made of polyester. When dirty, just place in the washing machine and dry to keep them looking new.

Add a combination of pink and gold décor throughout the room so that the curtains match with the rest of the décor.

White Glitter Curtains

White Glitter CurtainsPin

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These beautiful curtains shine with intricate geometric patterns outlined in shiny silver linen. These curtains come in several dimensions to fit a few different sized curtains. Install in your bedroom, guest room, or living room as décor and privacy around your windows.

The geometric circles and curves form wavy stripes down the curtains to create a unique and beautiful design. Pair with silver and white décor and furniture for a minimal, but shiny look to the room of your choosing.

These 100% polyester made curtains can be spot cleaned or hand washed when needed.

Rose Gold Glitter Curtains

Rose Gold Glitter CurtainsPin

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Add these beautiful rose gold glitter curtains as décor for a baby shower, wedding, birthday party, or other special event. They can also be hung on a window as shade, privacy and décor in a bedroom or living room.

These come in several dimensions to fit a variety of walls and windows. The sequins are tightly sewed on to not make a mess when on display. Make sure to add plenty of other décor in rose gold to go with your sequin glitter curtains.

Black Glitter Curtains

Black Glitter CurtainsPin

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Create a dramatic look to your window and room with these black glittery curtains. Decorate your living room windows with these black glitter curtains for a special holiday, such as Halloween, or add to your windows to update your living room with a darker color scheme.

Add other black and dark, shiny décor and details to the rest of the room. This can be replacing lights with black shades, black candles, black pillows, and other décor in the rest of the room.

These curtains come in a variety of sizes to fit all kinds of windows.

Champagne Gold Glitter Curtains

Champagne Gold Glitter CurtainsPin

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These champagne gold glitter curtains would go great in a girl’s room or a living room in soft colors. Add other champagne gold décor and features to match up with your new glittery curtains. Since this color is light, you can also match it up nicely with white, cream, and other neutral colors.

These curtains are covered entirely of sequins, which make them glitter and shine in the light. The sequins are attached to mesh fabric and won’t make a mess. Take care of your curtains so you and your family can enjoy them for a long time.

Red Glitter Curtains

Red Glitter CurtainsPin

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Add these festive curtains to your windows during the holidays, or add to a room that you want to update with red details. These curtains go great with sheer, white ones in between. Add some red and white décor throughout the rest of the room, while keeping the furniture in neutral colors.

Sequins are sewn into the fabric to make them shine. Sequins will not make a mess, since they are sewn tightly into the fabric. Purchase a decorative rod to add some style to your windows with these sparkly curtains.

Silver White Glitter Curtains

Silver White Glitter CurtainsPin

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These blackout curtains add some sparkly style to your windows while giving you complete privacy. They also shut out light when you want a darker room or just to use electrical lights in the room. When you want to enjoy natural sunlight, just pull the curtains back.

Add these silvery-white glitter curtains to a living room or bedroom where you want to update the window space. Make sure to add sparkle and glitter throughout the room. This could be décor, silver and white vases with flowers, and glittery pillows.

Star Glitter Curtains

Star Glitter CurtainsPin

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These sheer, pink curtains will look great in a little girl’s bedroom window. Place white curtains underneath for some added privacy. Tiny silver stars float across the pink fabric, shining in the light.

You can also dress up a white and neutral-colored room with these sparkly curtains. Add some pink décor and furniture so that these curtains blend in with the rest of the room, or keep the room in soft colors to make the window space stand out.

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