18 Awesome Gold Bedroom Ideas

Gold has been considered a valuable material and used as jewelry for many years. People have even associated it as a representation of the sun.

Gold can be used for other purposes besides jewelry. Using this color in the bedroom can upgrade the look of the room. Here are some gold bedrooms you can reference for inspiration.

Golden Bedroom

Golden BedroomPin

The headboard and footboard of this gorgeous bed are covered in gold fabric that is tufted with a gold border, which is heavily decorated with floral designs. The pillows and comforter are in a silvery-gold color. Sheer curtains hang from above the bed, held up by a gold ring with floral designs.

Each side of the curtain is fastened to the wall with gold loops. A gold vase with pink roses sits on the floor on the right side of the bed.

Gold Bedroom

Gold BedroomPin

The headboard of this bed is decorated with tufted-gold fabric and gold-and-black fabric in floral designs. The outer part of the headboard is finished with a gold frame. The bed is covered in a gold comforter that shines in the light.

The gold-and-black frame on the mirror matches the border on the bed’s headboard. Gold curtains decorate the side and top of the windows that are covered with a sheer curtain. The dresser and seat are also decorated with gold.

Luxury Golden Bedroom

Luxury Golden BedroomPin

The gilded headboard on this bed shines by the light of the two lamps on either side. Each lamp has a golden base with a cream-colored shade. Gold pillows covered with designs sit on top of the cream pillows and blanket.

The wall right behind the bed is covered in red velvet with red and gold curtains on either side. Gold tassels decorate the edge of these curtains. The round tables on each side of the bed are also decorated with red tablecloths and gold tassels.

Gold and Blue Bedroom

Gold and Blue BedroomPin

Gold curtains decorate the windows and wall just above the bed. The bed’s headboard is made of metal and gold. The wall just behind the bed is covered with a yellow fabric with floral details. A yellow and blue valance decorates the top of this space.

The bed is covered in a silvery-blue comforter. Yellow-gold pillows sit on top of white ones on the bed. A light-yellow bench next to the windows is covered with blue and yellow pillows.

Gold and Brown Bedroom

Gold and Brown BedroomPin

A huge chandelier with gold details hangs from the middle of this large bedroom. The bed’s headboard is edged with gold and black. The main part of the headboard is white with gold details.

The comforter is gold, black, and cream, similar to other colors in the bedroom. The same pattern on the bed is seen on the couch, chairs, and table near the bed. The windows are decorated with curtains in cream, black, and gold.

Gilded Bedroom

Gilded BedroomPin

This entire bedroom seems to be covered in gold. The headboard and footboard of the bed are covered in designs in gold. The table and dressers on either side of the bed are also covered in golden designs.

Sections of the walls are covered with gold wallpaper in floral designs. The light fixtures on the walls are decorated with gold and crystal details. Cream and light-gold pillows and sheets cover the bed to match the rest of the room.

Gold-Decorated Bedroom

Gold-Decorated BedroomPin

This bedroom contains two beds covered in gold comforters and pillows with designs in gold. The headboards are upholstered with tufted gold fabric. Golden lights with small spheres hang on the walls above each bed.

The walls are covered in gold wallpaper with floral trim in gold. The couch below the television is covered in gold fabric. The curtains are also decorated with gold fabric in a similar pattern that is also on the pillows.

Gold and Red Bedroom

Gold and Red BedroomPin

A red and gold chair and ottoman sit next to a gold bed in this bedroom. The headboard, footboard, and base of the bed are all covered in gold. The headboard and footboard are decorated with floral designs for a vintage look.

The pillows and sheets are also decorated with gold patterns. A white table stands next to the bed with gold trim and gold décor on top. The chandelier-like lamp is covered in gold as well.

Gold and Striped Bedroom

Gold and Striped BedroomPin

The walls in this bedroom are decorated with gold-and-gray striped wallpaper. The headboard on the bed has a gold trim with cream fabric. The pillows and bed are covered in gold sheets.

The curtains surrounding the windows are light yellow and sheer white. The lights and lamps in the room give off a soft glow that makes the entire room look like it is covered in a soft layer of gold.

Golden-White Bedroom

Golden-White BedroomPin

This bedroom is decorated in gold, white, and pink. The comforter on the bed is light pink. The headboard and footboard are decorated with a beautiful floral design with carvings that include details in gold and pastel colors.

The nightstand is white with gold trim and in a similar design as the headboard. The wall behind the bed is covered in a light-peach wallpaper with a floral design.

Brown and Gold Bedroom

Brown and Gold BedroomPin

The wall, where the mirror hangs, is covered with a gold wallpaper in floral designs. The wall where the headboard is has a brown and gold wallpaper with flowers and other designs on it. The headboard and some of the pillows are brown, while the rest of the bed is white.

The golden border around the mirror brings out the gold on the wallpaper and the rest of the room. Small lights that are gold add light to each side of the bed at night.

Gold-Designed Bedroom

Gold-Designed BedroomPin

The head and footboard of the bed are bordered with a strip of gold with tan fabric. The pillows are covered in solid-gold, orange, fur, and patterned cases. The bed is covered in a blanket with a design in gold and orange.

Antique tables are overlaid with gold on both sides of the bed. The lamps on the tables seem to glow with liquid gold on their base. Two pictures above the bed are decorated with gold and cream frames.

White and Gold Bedroom

White and Gold BedroomPin

This bedroom seems to shine bright in gold and white. The headboard is tufted with gold and has a gold trim. The pillows and rest of the bed is covered in a white comforter.

The side table and drawers are cream with gold-trimmings and other details in gold. Bouquets of flowers are displayed in gold vases on the floor and on top of the set of drawers. The windows are decorated with curtains in white and gold with cream wallpaper in a floral design.

Dark Gold Bedroom

Dark Gold BedroomPin

Dark gold curtains and valances cover the windows in this gold-themed bedroom. The bed frame is black with a comforter decorated in a gold-floral design and fringe on top of the bed. The pillows are covered in a case with a gold-floral design and fringe as well.

A black rocking chair sits next to one of the smaller windows. A bedside table and drawers made with wicker and woven together stand next to the bed. A huge clothes closet stands next to the wall across from the bed.

Gold and Yellow Bedroom

Gold and Yellow BedroomPin

This bedroom is decorated in gold and yellow. The light-brown walls and carpet make the yellow and gold stand out in the bedroom. The bed is decorated with a golden-yellow comforter with gold covers over the pillows.

The headboard and footboard are decorated and carved with beautiful gold details. The nightstands next to the bed and vanity with mirror are also decorated with gold and carvings.

Gold and Tan Bedroom

Gold and Tan BedroomPin

The headboard on this bed is covered in gold fabric with texture. The bedspread and pillows match with tan, brown, and light blue. Two golden lamps stand on the dressers on each side of the bed.

Two gold mirrors hang above the bed on the wall as décor. A golden chandelier in abstract shapes hangs from the ceiling as well.

Gold Bed and Walls

Gold Bed and WallsPin

The four-poster bed in this room is dripping in gold. The edges of the bed and columns are covered in gold and carved with floral designs. Gold sheets cover the bed, along with gold pillows at the top.

Yellow-gold curtains are tied at each poster to add privacy and more color to the bed. A gorgeous vase in purple and gold stands next to the bed. The walls are cream and decorated with gold details.

Gold and Gray Bedroom

Gold and Gray BedroomPin

This bedroom shines in gold with a gray wall. The bed’s headboard and footboard are white and decorated with gold details and floral designs in gold. The pillows are white and silver, with floral designs on the bedspread in gold.

Golden lamps stand on bedside tables that are white and trimmed with gold. Golden leaves and mirrors surrounded by gold decorate the gray wall behind the bed.

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