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15 Awesome Golf-Themed Décor Items For Your Office

The number of golfers around the world this year is estimated at 108 million people, and it continues to grow. The sport of golf is most popular in Scotland, where it originated in the 1500s. Across the U.S. this year, approximately 34.2 million people from the age of six through senior years played golf.

Office golf décor has gained high popularity in the workplace over the last few years. From golf-ball wall clocks to desktop golf cart pen holders to decorative “executive sand trap” displays, golf décor is huge. Even small kids are fascinated by these golf-themed decorations when they visit their parents’ offices.

Even in our current slowed-down economy, golf-related décor is expected to be among high-selling holiday gift items this winter.

Fifteen totally awesome golf décor items that you really must have for your office this year include the following:

Miniature Desktop Golf Bag Pen Holder for a Golfer or Golfing Fan

Miniature Desktop Golf Bag Pen Holder for a Golfer or Golfing FanPin

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This clever desktop golf bag pen holder is the ideal gift for the golf enthusiast in your office or family. In handsome silver and black, this stylish item of golf décor is composed of PU leather and a zinc-aluminum alloy. Its cart design includes a movable handle and rubber wheels, reminding coworkers of happy days on the golf course.

Sitting on a base of plastic green lawn, this golf bag on wheels holds three golf clubs, each of which is a pen. The L driver has red ink, the L putter has blue ink and the L wedge has black ink. Included in this innovative design is a small zippered storage area for keeping small office supplies.

Dynamic Black and White Golf Course Paintings as Office Wall Art

Dynamic Black and White Golf Course Paintings as Office Wall ArtPin

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This 5-piece golfing artwork display is ideal for home or office wall décor. It includes large close-up prints of paintings depicting a golf ball and shiny club ready for action on the golf course. These five high definition giclée artworks create a modern realism collection of golf décor canvases, each reproduced with an advanced inkjet printer.

This unique style of golf-themed artwork is the perfect office décor in businesses with staff members who are golfers. The streamlined contemporary style of these wall canvases also enhances sleek minimalist office furnishings. These dynamic prints in black and white offer highly effective accents in rooms with bright, vibrant color schemes or in neutral interiors.

Unique Golf Water-Globe Game Challenge with Ball on Tee

Unique Golf Water-Globe Game Challenge with Ball on TeePin

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With this unique and challenging game, you can practice your “chip shot” right at your office desk. The tricky part is maneuvering the golf ball onto the tee, since it is suspended in water inside a sealed glass globe. This product is made using non-toxic materials and liquid, and it does not mold or discolor over time.

Whether your office or showroom has traditional classic, modern minimalist or contemporary chic décor, this golf water-globe game will enliven the environment. It can also raise coworkers’ spirits during stressful workdays. This game is sure to intrigue your business clients and other visitors while it provides an active, uplifting ambiance for your workplace.

Vintage Golf Wall Art Print Set for Golf Advocates at the Office

Vintage Golf Wall Art Print Set for Golf Advocates at the OfficePin

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This fascinating stylish retro prints set in black and fading white has four separate sections. One section depicts two antique golf bags, and another reveals how a vintage golf club is constructed. A third section shows a dissected golf ball with all of its intricate parts, and a fourth one depicts a vintage golf ball on a tee.

Placed on an office or conference room wall, this series of prints will attract plenty of attention. Nearly every office today has golf enthusiasts, and they will be intrigued by this artwork. This antique print set can enhance virtually any style of office décor, including traditional, contemporary and industrial modes.

Bronze-Finish Man Golfer Statue Made of Durable Resin

Bronze-Finish Man Golfer Statue Made of Durable ResinPin

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This handsome polyresin statue of a male golfer in action has an attractive bronze finish. It is durable and will last for long-term enjoyment. Ideal as an office desktop display or to brighten a nearby cabinet top or shelf, this statue will be an office conversation piece.

This vintage golfer is wearing the traditional golfer’s cap, knee-pants and leggings worn during earlier days of golfing in Scotland and across Great Britain. About to tee-off, he will evoke golfing conversation among all of the golfers in your workplace. This charming statue will add vintage character and style to any type of office décor.

Focus Motivational and Inspirational Golf-Related Quotes Photo Print

Focus Motivational and Inspirational Golf-Related Quotes Photo PrintPin

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This colorful cotton canvas displays a beautiful scenic golf course photo print. A quote beneath the scene reads, “Focus on your goals and let nothing get in the way of your dreams.” These words of wisdom are suitable for use both in the office and while playing a game of golf.

Lightweight and easy to hang, this canvas print does not need a frame. It comes with a pair of D-rings and is ready for hanging as soon as you unpack it. This stunning wall art for your office will be equally effective and pleasing in an older office setting with classic, detailed furniture or in a sleek, modern business interior with streamlined, minimalist furnishings.

Rustic Wooden Golfer’s Prayer Plaque as Wall Décor

Rustic Wooden Golfer's Prayer Plaque as Wall DécorPin

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This charming rustic wall plaque displaying the Irish Golfer’s Prayer reads, “May my Swing be Straight and the Ball Fly Far, May my Round be Blessed with No Worse than Par.” Hung on a wall in your office, this plaque will no doubt be the center of attention for all of the golfers in your workplace.

The Golfer’s Prayer plaque also makes a great gift for any of your family members, friends and coworkers who are golf enthusiasts. The white lettering on a vintage grey painted wood background is enhanced by an image of a golf ball, tees and a pen. The paint is non-toxic, and this plaque is an ideal addition to country cottage, boho or casual chic office décor.

Novelty Drinking Glass with Implanted Golf Ball

Novelty Drinking Glass with Implanted Golf BallPin

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With this novelty pint drinking glass, you can tee up with your favored beverage and enjoy some relaxing refreshment. This specially crafted item from artisan glass-makers features a real golf ball implanted on the outside of the glass. Each glass is handcrafted to create a unique look and drinking experience.

This glass will be a big hit at your holiday office party, next conference or meeting. It is also a humorous item of décor for your office desk, and it is the perfect gift for any avid golfer. These unique glasses are completely safe for drinking, and they are also dishwasher-safe.

Humorous “Xing” Metal Golf Crossing Road Sign

Humorous "Xing" Metal Golf Crossing Road SignPin

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This amusing diamond-shaped, metal “Xing”-embossed road sign displays the black silhouette of a golfer completing his swing. The sign’s background is the typical bright yellow of traffic signs along highways and busy streets, and the border is black.

This popular sign is manufactured to include two pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting. It will brighten and enliven your office wall or desk, eliciting many laughs and comments from your coworkers. Anyone who likes to golf will appreciate this lighthearted sign, and it can be added to virtually any style of office décor.

Gold Letter Opener for a Stylish Office Desk Accessory

Gold Letter Opener for a Stylish Office Desk AccessoryPin

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This decorative gold-lacquered solid brass letter opener is the ideal desktop accessory for your office. It is designed in the shape of a golf club and will provide long-time practical use while brightening office décor. All of your avid golfer coworkers will also want to decorate their office desks with a touch of gold.

This envelope opener makes an attractive gift for a golfing coworker, family member, or friend who works in an office setting. Its elegant gold hues and smooth finish give this golfer’s memorabilia and item of office décor a classic yet sporty look. All of your golfer buddies and associates will greatly appreciate this clever gift.

Golf Wall Art Prints of Male Golfer Swing in 4 Images

Golf Wall Art Prints of Male Golfer Swing in 4 ImagesPin

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This 4-pack of golfer silhouette particle art prints will delight all of your golfing buddies. Whether you display this set of action prints yourself or give it as a holiday or special event gift, it will be a great hit. This attractive and engaging print series displays a male golfer completing his power swing in four consecutive stages.

These prints will enliven and decorate the walls of any golf enthusiast’s office. They will spark lively conversations among your coworkers who play golf about their progress toward becoming future star players. In a traditional office interior with dark-wood furnishings and neutral walls or a modern brightly-colored office setting, these prints will add the ideal enhancement to your décor.

LCD Display Mini Golf Cart Clock for Golfing Fan Gifts

LCD Display Mini Golf Cart Clock for Golfing Fan GiftsPin

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This novelty mini golf cart clock with its LCD display is available in red, green and white for your holiday shopping. It clearly exhibits the date and time on your office desk. It also offers accurate indoor temperature readings, and it is equipped with a snooze alarm to ensure that you get to every important meeting.

This attractive desk clock can be adjusted to display standard 12-hour or military 24-hour time as desired. This stylish golf cart design lends a sense of intrigue to your office desktop accessories. It can add character and pleasing style to minimalist office interiors and to contemporary elegant-chic business offices as well.

Golf Evolution Quote Art as an Authentic Dictionary Art Print

Golf Evolution Quote Art as an Authentic Dictionary Art PrintPin

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This beautiful and appealing vintage dictionary wall art is created specifically for avid golfers and fans. It comes ready for framing and will embellish your office wall with fascinating designs or quotes about the evolution of the sport of golf. Your business associates and coworkers who play golf or follow all of the top tournament stars will be delighted with this wall display.

This particular print shows silhouettes walking in a line, from early animal life to a modern golfer, presenting an amusing visual progression. It is printed on a vintage dictionary page from the 1900s and will enhance the wall of any office from any era, distant or contemporary.

Golf Coasters for Office Desks and Conference Room Tables

Golf Coasters for Office Desks and Conference Room TablesPin

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This handsome set of four golf-themed coasters for protecting wood finishes on desktops and conference room tables is decorative and pleasing. Whenever you serve cold or hot beverages at a meeting in your office or conference room, these decorative coasters are ideal for placing underneath glasses and mugs.

These all-natural cork coasters are eco-friendly, durable and attractive, and they make great gifts for your coworkers. Anyone who is an avid golfer or golfing fan will be delighted with this attractive and practical gift. Displaying images of a golf cart, a golf bag, a golf club and a golf ball and tee, these coasters are popular items of décor for any style or color of office interior.

Personalized Hole-in-One Golf Plaques of Vertical Grain Cedar

Personalized Hole-in-One Golf Plaques of Vertical Grain CedarPin

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This handsome hole-in-one golf wall plaque can be personalized with the name of the recipient. This highly attractive, colorful plague in red, green, white and brown on a stunning black background will please any golf enthusiast. The design is sandblasted on quality vertical-grain cedar and will last for long-term enjoyment.

You can have this attractive and desirable plaque customized to show the name of the “hole-in-one” golfer to be celebrated. You can also include the golf course name, hole number, yards, club used and date of this historic event. Needless to say, this is a coveted gift among golfing enthusiasts, and those in your office are no exception. This beautiful plaque will enliven any office interior, from ornate vintage to sleek contemporary minimalist styles.

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