12 Gray House with Red Door Ideas

Red is a bold color choice when it comes to decorating the outside of your home. It can add color and interest to homes that need a little updating.

Make your front door stand out by painting it red or replacing it with a bright red door or doors. Check out these 12 gray houses with beautiful red doors.

Bright Red Door

Bright Red DoorPin

This red door stands out against the gray color on the walls of this house. This red door is finished in a high gloss with metal details. The knocker looks old-fashioned with a lion as the face.

A red storage container matches with the red door, as well as the red berries on the green wreath. The windows on either side of the door breaks up this wall space. Black rain boots add more color and design next to the door.

Gray and tan mats cover the space on the porch near the door and windows. A rustic lamp hangs to give light outside at night.

Red Door with Windows

Red Door with WindowsPin

This red door is surrounded with a white panel and windows to bring in sunlight during the day. Both the white and red stand out against the gray walls of this house. The flowers near the door and below the windows add some life and décor to the space.

The bright and red door is plain, besides the knocker, peephole, and mail slot. The white panels and windows add more design to this area. Windows on either side of the door and the windows shaped like an arch above the door make it look larger than it is.

Red Door with Plants

Red Door with PlantsPin

The wall around the door is covered in beautiful plants. The red wooden door is plain, besides the handle that opens it up to the inside of the house. A huge hydrangea plant that is blooming pink flowers spills out and over its weathered pot.

Another green plant crawls up the wall from its pot on the other side of the door. Other vines grow all over and around the walls near the door and window. The pink hydrangeas and red door add some color to this neutral space.

Red Door Stone House

Red Door Stone HousePin

The red door matches the red shutters and red frame around the windows. Tiny white and red flowers bloom in flowerboxes on the windowsill to add even more color to this area. These colorful parts stand out against the gray stones on the walls of this house.

The door is made of wood painted a bright red color with a simple knocker. The top of the door curves over in an arch to follow the pattern of the gray stones. The shutters are also made of wood painted over in bright red.

Red Door White Columns

Red Door White ColumnsPin

White marble columns jut out from the stone floor around the red door on this house. The white columns sit in front of a beautiful white border around the door. Decorative windows sit in an arch above the door to bring in sunlight during the day.

This decorative door area looks beautiful and elegant against the dark-gray brick wall and white steps leading up to the house. The door has added style to it with cut-out areas, a slot for mail, and fancy door knocker.

Red Front Door

Red Front DoorPin

This red front door pops out against the light gray walls on this house. The white panels around the door and windows is a nice contrast with the red and gray. The white garden bench and white container also bring out the white around the windows and door.

The door is painted red with a black handle and keyhole. The two windows on either side have a border that is red and then a white border, which makes the door and windows appear larger than they are.

Red Door with White Frame

Red Door with White FramePin

The dark gray on this house gets some bright color added to it with the red door and white frame. The door is painted red, with a brass handle and keyhole, as well as small peephole. The white frame around the door makes it look larger than it really is.

The white frames around the other two windows on either side of the door stand out and look large against the gray walls of the house. Green bushes are a great way to add some life to this front door area.

Red Door Gray Columns

Red Door Gray ColumnsPin

The dark walls and columns on this house get a bright splash of color with a red front door. The door is painted a glossy red with gold details. There is a gold buzzer, envelope slot, keyhole, and knocker.

A rectangular window sits above the door with a white frame around the door and window to make this space appear tall and large. Dark-gray columns are built into the gray walls to hold up a slab of gray stone above the door.

Red Door Gray Home

Red Door Gray HomePin

This light and dark gray house gets some added color with a bright-red door as the front door. The red brick on the chimney and steps leading up to the door also add some red to this house. The door is surrounded by white columns on either side and white panels to look larger.

A small, dark window decorates the top of the door. The rest of the door is painted red. The red stripes on the American flag also enhance the color on the door.

Green plants on both sides of the door add some color and life to this house.

Georgian Red Door

Georgian Red DoorPin

This front door is painted red with brass details. The numbers, door handle, mail slot, and knocker are all made of brass to add some shine and décor to this red door.

The white columns and window above the door add some design and make this space look larger than it is. Bright-white columns with decorative scrolls at the top create some design on either side of the door. The window above the door is in the shape of an arch with a white border to enhance the space around it.

Red Door Luxury House

Red Door Luxury HousePin

The bright-red door on this luxury house stands out against the blue-gray planks on the walls. The door has small windows located at the top to allow some sunlight into the house. The handle, keyhole, and windows are the only decorative additions on the door.

A simple and white frame surrounds the red door. This white frame matches the other frames around the house and windows for a tidy look.

Double Red Doors

Double Red DoorsPin

These double doors in red go well with the gray planks on the walls of this house. The light-red bricks on either side of the doors match the red on the doors.

Festive wreaths add some décor with matching red to the doors. A large window above these doors adds some height to this area, making the front doors look taller than they are.

A tan welcome mat is the only décor on the gray porch. Some colorful flowers are in pots near the steps that lead to the bright-red doors.

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