25 Green Bathroom Décor Ideas

Add some life to your bathroom by decorating it in green. This can be with green walls, furniture, décor, or houseplants.

Mix and match all for a unique looking bathroom! Here are 25 green bathroom décor ideas to use to update your own bathroom.

Mint Green Bathroom

Mint Green BathroomPin

This bathroom has mint green colored walls covering the top parts of these walls. White panels and tiles cover the lower parts of the walls. A decorative curtain in mint matches the light green walls in this bathroom.

A dark green stripe near the shower and bath enhance the green in that area. A mint green soap dispenser, green clear candle holder, and other green décor match the walls in this green and white bathroom.

Houseplants Bathroom

Houseplants BathroomPin

This green and white bathroom has beautiful leafy houseplants that add color and life to this bathroom. The white and green decorated rug enhance both the green and white in this bathroom. A mint green privacy door and green leaf print on the wall are both a nice addition of green in this space.

The round wicker décor piece on the white brick wall matches with the tan tiles on the floor. The light wood on the table legs and sink add a natural look to this bathroom space.

Green Tile Bathroom

Green Tile BathroomPin

This modern bathroom has a great balance of white and green in the space. The green-tiled wall in the foreground balances well with the white wall by the sink. The green below the washbasin and surrounding the mirror match perfectly with the green wall in the foreground.

A decorative wall piece near the shower has some green in it as well. The white tiled floors and brown flooring in the shower match up beautifully with the green.

Green Checkered Bathroom

Green Checkered BathroomPin

The modern bathroom has light and dark greens mixed with white in the design. Small light and dark green checkered climb up the wall behind the toilet. The same green checkered wall pattern is behind the towel rack.

The vertical green checkered details on the wall make the room appear more vertical and with more space than it has. The green tiles with vertical lines is an interesting contrast with the checkered wall details.

Wicker Houseplants Bathroom

Wicker Houseplants BathroomPin

This natural-looking bathroom is filled with beautiful houseplants. The white, browns, and tans also give it a natural look and feel. A tan bathroom rug covers part of the light tan tiled flooring.

Beautiful green houseplants fill the windowsill area, where they get plenty of light from the sun to grow. The large wicker basket with small palm tree has a tropical look and feel to it. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub surrounded by houseplants in this bathroom.

Green and White Bathroom

Green and White BathroomPin

Images of pond lilies in some of the tiles on the walls give this bathroom a unique and beautiful look. Dark green and white tiles decorate the floor in a pattern. Bright and dark green tiles cover the top and bottom parts of the walls as a border.

A teal green water basin is also a nice touch to this part of the bathroom. Pictures are not needed on the walls with the details in the floral tiles.

Lime Green Bathroom

Lime Green BathroomPin

This vintage style bathroom has lime green walls that add color to this space. Small dark green and cream tiles break up the larger green tile design on the walls for an interesting look.

The white basin is surrounded by green on all sides. The wood cabinets below the basin and wood detailing below the mirror are a great contrast with the greens and white in this bathroom.

Bright Green Bathroom

Bright Green BathroomPin

The bright green cabinet really stands out against the white and black in this bathroom. The beautiful black and white checkered floor is a great contrast with the bright green cabinet. The tropical colors in the hanging print also adds some color in this bathroom.

The pink houseplant in the black pot blends in nicely with the colors here. Small green houseplants also add some color and life to this bathroom space.

Light Green Bathroom

Light Green BathroomPin

These light green walls are a great way to add color to this bathroom. The white toilet, basin, and white borders along the windows and near the bottom of the walls brighten the space up. The colorful striped shower curtain also adds some color to that area of the bathroom.

The dark tiles match up nicely with the dark wood in the cabinets below the basin. All of these colors match nicely in this bathroom design.

Green and Yellow Bathroom

Green and Yellow BathroomPin

This colorful vintage bathroom design has splashes of yellow and green throughout. The lime green floor tiles, basin, tub and toilet contrast beautifully with the bright yellow walls.

The yellow and green in this bathroom are enhanced in the design on the shower curtain. The white in the shower curtain and floor mats stand out against the green and yellow.

The green bordering the yellow walls is also a great way to design this unique bathroom.

Green Mosaic Bathroom

Green Mosaic BathroomPin

This huge bathroom has a nice balance of green, white, and tan added to the design. The shower has a unique design with a wall that looks like it is wrapping itself around the area. This curved wall is covered in green tiles, making it stand out against the rest of the bathroom.

The white tiles on the wall, along with the green tiles and tan parts, match up nicely with the rest of these colors in this bathroom. The beautiful leafy houseplants further enhance the green in this gorgeous bathroom design.

Green Countertop Bathroom

Green Countertop BathroomPin

This beautiful green marble countertop helps the walls painted a light green to stand out. The green marble countertop matches the green marble tiles against one side of the wall by the shower. Mint-green towels also enhance the green marble countertops.

The wooden cabinets add some natural beauty to this bathroom. Small white circles in the tiles on the floor add some décor and design to the space as well. Lights above the large mirror brighten up this green bathroom.

Bathroom with Green Tiles and Jacuzzi

Bathroom with Green Tiles and JacuzziPin

Relax after a long day at work in the huge Jacuzzi in this green bathroom. Beautiful green tiles cover the area around the Jacuzzi, shower, and bordering the lower part of the walls by the windows.

Brown and red tiles decorate some of the space around the green tiles for a beautiful design and additional color in this bathroom. Gold details can be seen on the Jacuzzi faucet, jets, holding up the glass in the shower, and other parts in the shower.

The walls and ceiling are white, besides the wood detail on the ceiling.

Green Houseplants Bathroom

Green Houseplants BathroomPin

The white brick wall in this bathroom is decorated with beautiful houseplants with large and small green leaves. A circular and green mirror by the sink also adds some color to this bathroom.

The gray wall by the window and gray detail behind the toilet add some neutral color to this space. Wood details by the sink, window, and other side of the bathroom, as well as the wicker basket, give a natural feel to the space with the houseplants.

Green Walls Bathroom

Green Walls BathroomPin

The bright and green walls stand out in this small bathroom. The toilet, sink, and other details are white, making the green walls stand out even more. A colorful green picture and green accessories on the right side also add some color to this bathroom.

Dark-green stripes can be seen bordering some of the white tiles near the shower and bathtub. White-circular tiles on the floor add some detail and décor to this small bathroom.

Bright Green Bathroom with Jacuzzi

Bright Green Bathroom with JacuzziPin

The bright green walls and around the Jacuzzi create a unique look in this bathroom. Natural and artificial light seems to come from the ceiling, brightening up the green and white in this space. Beautiful wood floors darken the bright colors on the walls and the white Jacuzzi.

The long-rectangular mirror by the sink makes the room seem larger and longer than it is. The relaxing Jacuzzi bath doubles as the shower with the showerhead above the mirror. A white shower curtain can be seen in the mirror to wrap around the bath to keep the water in while taking a shower.

Soft Green and White Bathroom

Soft Green and White BathroomPin

This bathroom has a soft-green wall with white and wood details. Double sinks in white sit on a wood platform against the green wall for a beautiful scene.

White tiles on the floor are a great match with the green walls. A plain-white shower is to the left, with a houseplant sitting above the shelf on the right.

Bathroom with Green Tiles

Bathroom with Green TilesPin

This luxurious bathroom is covered in tiny light and dark-green tiles. Solid-green tiles in the same shade cover the floor in this bathroom. The walls are covered in light and dark green tiles, and brown tiles for a unique and beautiful look.

The bathtub, toilet, and sink are all finished in a bright white. The door and mirror by the toilet are made of wood. Other white and silver details cover some of the wall space by the mirror.

This bathroom has an outdoor feel to it because of all the green on the walls and floor.

Neutral Green Bathroom

Neutral Green BathroomPin

This beautiful and luxurious bathroom is covered with walls in a neutral green. The brown cabinets match up beautifully with the green walls. White and marble countertops and light-tan tiles on the floor lighten up the dark spaces in this bathroom.

The white bath matches up nicely with the tan space around it. The picture of green palm trees also enhances the green walls in this bathroom. Beautiful miniature lamps brighten up the vanity area, as well as the ceiling lights.

Green Curtains Bathroom

Green Curtains BathroomPin

Dark-green tiles decorate the entire bathroom floor. The bright-green curtains by the window are a great way to add more color to this bathroom space. More green is seen on the small houseplant in the terra cotta pot next to the sink.

The rest of the bathroom is decorated in white and cream. Cream tiles cover most of the walls and space around the bathtub. The tub, sink, and top of the walls remain white.

Colorful tiles and curtains are a great way to add color to this space.

Green Stripes Bathroom

Green Stripes BathroomPin

This bathroom has colorful green and yellow stripes on the top of the walls and on the cabinet. Tiny green tiles decorate the wall below the large mirror.

The brown tiles on the floor are decorated with green rugs. Matching green rugs are below the toilet and bidet. A fluffy-green rug is near the striped cabinets where the sink is located.

Thick-wood planks are used to cover up the wall space next to the toilet and bidet.

Forest Green Bathroom

Forest Green BathroomPin

Beautiful green marble covers the countertop in the luxurious bathroom. The large mirror above the countertop makes the room appear larger and more spacious than it already is. Tiles that are made of green marble cover the walls in the bathroom and the bathtub/shower area.

The white towels, sink, and ceiling brighten up the dark-green tiles in this bathroom. The beautiful green marble on the countertops and walls adds enough design to the bathroom that no other décor is needed.

Green and Wood Bathroom

Green and Wood BathroomPin

The white, brown, and green in this bathroom give it an outdoor and natural feel. White-marble walls brighten up the room with an airy feel. The light-wood cabinets and wood around the mirror add to the natural look in this bathroom.

Beautiful houseplants add life and color to this space. Each green houseplant is a different type and size, adding design and décor to this beautiful bathroom. The tan woven rug is a great way to cover the natural-looking tiles.

Green and Black Bathroom

Green and Black BathroomPin

This black and white bathroom gets additional color with houseplants all around. Large windows allow plenty of light to be enjoyed by both the plants and guests in this bathroom.

The black and white bathtub gives a bold look to this modern bathroom. The decorative mirror with a black border creates more space and light.

The houseplants against the wall and surrounding the bathtub is a great alternative to using decorative pieces in this dramatic modern bathroom.

Green Curtain Bathroom

Green Curtain BathroomPin

A bright blue and green shower curtain stands out in this green bathroom. The green walls match the green in the colorful shower curtain.

Wood details keep the room looking natural and fresh. The brown-marble countertop matches nicely with the wood cabinets underneath. The brown, green, and white parts of the bathroom look great when put together.

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