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16 Horse Decorations for Bedrooms

Horses have been loved and cherished by people for ages. Even today, horses are still a favorite animal for many. 

Bring in your love for horses by creating a horse themed bedroom. Add plenty of horse décor to enjoy this steed in your home. Here are 16 horse decorations that will look great in the bedroom.

Horse Box Sign

Horse Box SignPin

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This small box sign would look great on a bedside table, dresser, or shelf with other horse décor in a girl or master bedroom. “Horses make me happy” is printed in black block letters on a white background. White horse silhouettes are against a black background on all four sides.

This box sign is only four by five inches, so it will fit in many small areas of a bedroom. Set it on a bedside table with a lamp and small houseplant as some décor in this part of the room. Mix and match with other equestrian-themed décor.

Horse Throw Pillow

Horse Throw PillowPin

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Place this horse throw pillow on top of a bedspread to add some color and décor to your child’s, guest, or master bedroom. An image of a horse painted in watercolors runs across the front of the pillow. The horse is shaded in blues with a colorful mane and tail. 

Splashes of different colors of watercolor cover the white background for a colorful pillow. Add to an all cream or white bedspread to make this area of the bedroom stand out. Mix and match with other colorful and equestrian-themed pillows as well.

Horse Curtains

Horse CurtainsPin

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These horse curtains would look great in a child’s bedroom or guest room. Horses in different colors run across a gray background for a colorful and neutral look you can add to dress up a bedroom window. This set comes with two long curtain panels for a dramatic look next to the bedroom window.

Add other horse-themed décor in similar colors to match up with these curtains. These can be pillows for the bed, horse figures in similar colors, or canvases showing horses’ pictures to decorate the bedroom walls with.

Horse Nightlight

Horse NightlightPin

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This horse nightlight is the perfect addition to your child’s horse-themed bedroom. This three-dimensional rendition of a horse head lights up in seven different colors to keep your child feeling safe as they drift off to sleep at nighttime.

Many lines come together to create a realistic version of a magnificent horse’s head at night. The lamp is flat when not in use. When turned on, the lamp creates a three-dimensional visual figure of a horse head. Pair up with other colorful horse décor in your child’s room.

Two Horses Wall Painting

Two Horses Wall PaintingPin

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This beautiful print of two horses will look great above the bed in the master or guest bedroom. This vintage-looking painting depicts two gray horses nuzzling against a white and gray background. Keep the rest of the furniture and décor similar in whites, creams, and grays for a monochrome designed room.

Mix and match with other horse décor in similar colors. You can also decorate the bedroom with prints in similar designs. Contrast this light print with a darker one that is browner, for example.

Horse Lamp

Horse LampPin

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Place this horse lamp on a bedside table in a guest or child’s bedroom. A horse rears up against an old fence, just behind the rod that holds the light bulb. The shade on this lamp is decorated with the shadow of a horse in a forest in black and brown.

Choose from a brown or white horse in realistic colors at the base of the lamp. Add a light brown bedspread to the bed for a subtle look, or pair this lamp up with a bedspread that has a scene of horses on it. 

Add other décor and elements in white or brown so that the lamp blends in with the rest of the décor in this bedroom.

Horse Wall Decals

Horse Wall DecalsPin

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These horse wall decals will look cute on the wall of a child’s horse themed bedroom. Place above the bed, desk, shelves, or any wall that needs to be filled up with some décor. These decals easily peel and stick to walls and other hard surfaces.

Mix and match with other horse décor in similar colors and styles. Place all 22 decals in the same area, or spread out to cover all the walls in your child’s bedroom. If you or your child do not like the placement of the decals, just peel off and stick somewhere else.

Colorful Horses Canvas

Colorful Horses CanvasPin

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This colorful horse wall art will be beautiful in a master or guest bedroom. Place above the headboard of the bed to make this wall a focal area of the bedroom. Make this colorful print stand out by keeping the bedspread and pillows in cream and white.

This print shows two colorful horses running, their white manes blowing in the wind. Their heads, necks, and shoulders are painted in a rainbow of colors. The soft gray background makes these two animals stand out with their colorful coats.

Horse Wall Clock

Horse Wall ClockPin

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Add this horse clock above a desk or wall in another area of a horse themed bedroom. Mix and match with other horse-themed décor in similar colors, or keep the décor simple with cream-colored décor. Add pictures, a bedspread, and other décor with scenes of horses in white and brown to match the clock, too.

This clock would look great in a master, guest, or teenager’s room. Three images of horses in different colors are can be seen prancing around a white background. The white horse in the foreground keeps the design on this clock bright and minimal.

Three Watercolor Horses Canvases

Three Watercolor Horses CanvasesPin

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This set of three horse paintings will look great on the walls of the master or guest bedroom in your home. Each print is of a beautiful horse against a colorful background. Two of the horses are white, while one is black. These watercolors of realistic horses are against a colorful black and white background, which creates a unique and beautiful design to add to your bedroom’s wall.

Keep the prints the main focal point by adding a neutral colored blanket and pillows to the bed. Use cream or dark colors based on what you prefer. You can also mix and match these wall paintings with other colorful pillows and décor throughout the bedroom.

Engraved Horse Statue

Engraved Horse StatuePin

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This beautiful silver engraved statue of a horse would look great on a dresser, bedside table, or wall shelf. The horse rears up, with its mane and tail flowing behind. Floral designs are engraved on the body of the horse.

This statue is 12 inches tall, making it stand out among other décor. Pair up with other horse statues, or mix and match with other silver décor for a unique look in the bedroom.

Horse Fan Pull

Horse Fan PullPin

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Add an equine touch to your bedroom fan with this cute horse fan pull. This brown horse gallops at full speed with its black main and tail blowing in the wind behind it. This hand-painted figure of a horse will look great in your horse themed bedroom.

Add other horse figures in realistic colors throughout the bedroom. Decorate your bed with an equine comforter and your walls with realistic images and canvases of horses.

Mix and match with other horse fan pulls if you need more than one for your fan.

Galloping Horses Bedspread

Galloping Horses BedspreadPin

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This beautiful horse bedspread set comes with a duvet, comforter, and two pillow covers. Three wild white and brown horses run across a field to an unknown destination. This set comes in twin or full size.

This bedspread would look great in a guest or teenage girl’s bedroom. Add some horse statues and pictures with realistic images of horses so that the décor matches the bedspread and pillows. 

Colorful Horse Painting

Colorful Horse PaintingPin

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This canvas is printed with a horse painted in beautiful watercolors. The horse is outlined and shaded in black while the rest of his body is painted in all the colors of the rainbow. His long mane flows behind him in splashes of green, blue, purple, red, and orange. 

Splashes of watercolor are on and around this colorful horse. The white background makes him stand out beautifully as well.

You can purchase this painting in several sizes to hang up on a variety of walls and to match with the furniture in your bedroom.

Horse Blanket

Horse BlanketPin

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Fold this horse blanket neatly on your bed for extra warmth and décor. You can also place this blanket on a chair for added warmth and décor in the study section of the bedroom. 

A dark yellow horse with black legs, mane, and tail walks across a grassy field with its main and tail flowing behind him. Add décor in neutral colors in your bedroom to match with this realistic looking image.

Horse Statue

Horse StatuePin

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This figure of a brown horse will go great in a child’s, guest or master bedroom with other horse décor. A brown horse with white blaze and socks runs across a dirt road, with its dark mane and tail flowing from behind. At 6.5 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide, this figure will fit in a variety of places.

Add this horse figure to a bedside table, desk, dresser, or wall shelf with other horse décor. Complete your horse themed bedroom with an equine comforter and pictures of horses on the walls.

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