65 House Entrance Décor Ideas

Guests, friends, and visiting family members want to feel welcome as soon as they enter your home. Provide a welcoming space with your home’s entryway.

Decorating your entryway does not have to be an elaborate project, as long as visitors are happy with it. Here are 65 house entrance décor ideas for you to add to your entryway.

Green House Entrance Décor

Green House Entrance Décor

This charming entryway has a farmhouse feel with white brick walls and soft brown tiled floors. Green details around the space is a great way to bring in some color. The bright green wall, green and cream pillow, and green leaf rug offset the neutral colors in the space.

Light tan features in the furniture and doormat also tone down the bright whites. The denim jacket on the hanger also adds some color to the entryway. Some tan décor and green houseplants complete this welcoming space.

Red House Entrance Décor

Red House Entrance Décor

This entryway adds a hint of color to suggest the holidays are just around the corner in this house. Bright red jackets hang from the hangers, a wreath decorates the top of a soft side table, and Christmas ornaments are used as décor on the side shelves.

A tan privacy screen on the side helps tone down the bright colors. The white brick wall, light gray sitting bench, light gray carpet and cream tiled floor all keep the rest of the room neutral. The gray rimmed clock also helps tone down the festive colors in the room.

White House Entrance Décor

White House Entrance Décor

The soft white and cream in this entrance brightens up with natural light coming in from the stained-glass windows on the door and other windows. The mirrors add depth to each side of the space. The orchid and small bouquet of flowers add some color.

The brown on the mirrors, and tan carpet warm up the space. A grandfather clock on one side is a unique way to decorate this entryway. The beautiful chandelier in the middle of this room is a great way to brighten up this entrance at night.

Brown House Entrance Décor

Brown House Entrance Décor

This entrance features two impressive chandeliers to brighten up the space on dark days and evenings. The décor is kept simple with a brown side table and green plants in white pots. A large mirror trimmed in dark wood adds depth and space to this entryway.

This entryway is perfect for a large number of guests with its spaciousness. The brown trim on the entryway, brown door and stairs, and tan floors keep the space warm and neutral for plenty of room to add colorful elements throughout the year.

Red Chairs Entrance Décor

Red Chairs Entrance Decor

The two bright red chairs take the spotlight in this neutral colored entryway. The black front door has a modern look with slatted windows to bring in extra light. The dark wood wall and cabinet on the side balance each other out.

The white floors and cream carpet make the red chairs stand out even more. A coffee table with white flowers is an excellent way to dress up this space. The line of lights on the ceiling is a great way to add lighting to the rest of the décor and furniture in this entryway.

Gray Entrance Décor

Gray Entrance Decor

This modern entryway looks distinct with a dark gray front door with privacy windows. Another dark gray door and light gray walls keep the space looking consistent with light and dark colors. The white walls and ceiling, white shoe rack, and tan tiled doors brighten up this entryway.

Bits of color is seen in the décor in the room. The white and red abstract image, photograph on the corner shelf, red and white daisies in blue vases on the opposite wall all add some color to this dark space.

Simple House Entrance Décor

Simple House Entrance Decor

Simple and neutral décor is a great way to dress up this small entryway. The simple modern light fixture brightens up this space during the day and night. The slatted windows on the door, décor, and white space give this entryway a farmhouse feel.

The tall, dry plant in a metal vase and basket of acorns suggest that it is fall. The black-framed pictures on the wall warm up the space, as well as the tan doormat, wood flooring, and tan carpet on the stairs.

Plants Entrance Décor

Plants Entrance Décor

This beautiful space looks alive with so many plants around the entryway. A skylight in the hall gives plenty of natural light to the green plants. The wood floors and door frames add a natural feel, along with the green plants.

The rock wall on one side makes it feel as if you are still standing outside in a tropical forest. The two potted plants on either side of the door appear to greet guests as they pass this impressive entryway.

Chair Entrance Décor

Chair Entrance Décor

The armchair gives an old-fashioned feel to this entryway, along with the coat hanger and side table. Plenty of light can be enjoyed from the small lights above the mirror and frosted windows on the door. Guests can rest of the printed armchair while hanging up their coats, hats, and purses.

The white door and coat hanger, light gray walls, and light gray carpet help to lighten up the space. The horizontal mirror makes the room look bigger while also functioning as a décor piece in this entryway.

Drawers Entrance Décor

Drawers Entrance Décor

This minimally decorated entryway looks beautiful with white furniture and small amount of plants to add color to this space. The simple white drawers are a great place for guests to place their belongings, as well as space for the family to place their extra items in.

Décor is kept simple with some plants, small lamps, and a mirror. A small bouquet of blue hydrangeas is a great way to add some color to this entryway. Two small lamps on either side can add light at night and stormy days.

Brick Wall Entrance Décor

Brick Wall Entrance Décor

This bright entryway gets plenty of light with the huge windows on the side. Sheer curtains filter some light, while still brightening up the white brick walls. Tan furniture keeps this space looking neutral. The palm tree to the side is a great way to add some color while keeping the space looking natural.

The vanity with circular mirrors, round seats, and cream carpet give this space a modern boho feel. The brass lamp is a great way to add some light at night and overcast days. The mirrors seem to add more space to this simple and beautiful entryway.

Window Entrance Décor

Window Entrance Décor

The door and side window brighten up this home’s entryway. The sheer curtains add some privacy while still letting in plenty of light from the window. The brown door and dark brown dresser, along with the wood panel on the window give the space a modern farmhouse feel.

The white ceiling and walls, as well as the white tile on the floors at plenty of light features to this space to balance out the dark wood. The yellow flowers in the clear vase and framed picture are nicely added décor pieces.

Blue Bench Entrance Décor

Blue Bench Entrance Decor

The huge window on the wall makes the entryway look twice as big as it is. The doubles doors with windows and surrounding decorative windows allow plenty of natural light to spill through on mild weathered days. The blue bench is a nice addition of color and furniture where guests can place belongings.

The sitting space with four blue chairs is also a welcoming space among the neutral colored floors and mirror. Three circular light fixtures also add light to this regal entryway for plenty of room for guests and visiting family.

Neutral House Entrance Décor

Neutral House Entrance Decor

The browns and creams give this entryway a farmhouse feel with minimal color and design. The gray rug adds dark neutral color to the rest of the bright space around it. The chandeliers and windows allow for plenty of light in the entryway.

A side table with round mirror is just enough furniture in this minimally designed entryway. Silver décor on the table go with the metal on the table legs and gray in the oval rug. The brown doors and wood flooring add warmth to the space as well.

Front Door Entrance

Front Door Entrance

This impressive entryway is a welcoming space for plenty of family and guests. The tropical plants surround the space in natural red pots, which bring out the reddish-brown in the couches and pillows. The decorated wood doors stand out in the natural sunlight and at night when the large lights are turned on.

The couches and chairs offer plenty of space to visit on mild weathered days. The tall ceiling and windows make this space look larger. Indoor and outdoor lights brighten up this huge space.

Minimal House Entrance Décor

Minimal House Entrance Décor
Interior view of front entance of house

This entryway has functional pieces that also work as part of the design in this small space. The windows in and around the door allow natural light to stream in on sunny days. These windows also act as stained-glass décor with floral designs and patterns.

The beautiful chandelier adds more light in the evening and also can be seen as an additional décor piece on the ceiling. The doormat adds some extra color and décor to the space as well. Mint green walls, a beautiful tiled floor, and white on the trim and doors completes the look on this entryway.

Black House Entrance Décor

Black House Entrance Décor

Black is a dominant color in this entryway, with some cream, brown and green mixed into this space. The black and tan geometric design in the rug bring out the black in the seating area and wood in the floor. The black table and mirror balance out the black bench on the other side.

Light-colored walls and light wood floors lighten up the space so that the black is not overwhelming to the space. The green plant in white planter is also a nice touch with some added color.

Grand House Entrance Décor

Grand House Entrance Decor

This grand entryway is impressive with how much space there is, while keeping the décor minimal and with basic colors. The beautiful dark marble floor in the entryway make the dark details in the staircase and wall art piece stand out. The beautiful side table looks elegant with a few decorative vases as décor on the side.

The white walls, cream stairs, and white floors in the rest of the house balances out the dark features in the entryway. The mirrored art piece on the wall adds some interest and design for guests and friends to enjoy as they walk into this beautiful home.

Dark House Entrance Décor

Dark House Entrance Decor

This house entrance opens up to a grand staircase with plants. The dark wood floors and staircase contrast well with the white walls. The high windows brighten up the dark spaces in this entrance.

Houseplants and palm trees grow in dark pots to compliment the dark floors. A black-framed picture hangs on one wall to add lines and color to the white space. A plant sits back in a wall lit up by lights to create a focal point.

Red Brick House Entrance Décor

Red Brick House Entrance Decor

This entryway has an urban feel to it with a red brick wall and dark gray wall. The black and white geometric design in the rug adds some interest to the floor, while the light tile brightens up the space. Functional furniture also doubles as minimal décor pieces.

The gray on the stool and storage areas by the wall balance out the gray painted wall. The white door, lightly colored tiles and white storage area brighten up the space, despite the dark gray. Shoes, jackets, and purses add some muted color to this entryway.

Tan House Entrance Décor

Tan House Entrance Decor

Minimal design and color brighten up this home’s entryway. The white panel on the wall is an excellent way to break up the muted yellow walls and wood tiled floors. Natural sunlight coming through beautifully designed windows brightens up this entryway.

The tan and cream rug is a nice way to add some décor to the beautiful wood floors. The green houseplant is a welcoming space for visitors. The side table with décor and several pieces of wall art is a great way to use this space as well.

Old Glass Entrance Décor

Old Glass Entrance Decor

The white doors and walls keep this space bright, while the beautifully tiled wood floors warm up the entryway. The houseplant and tree stump are lovely décor pieces to keep the room feeling natural. A minimally designed coat rack does not take away from the rest of this minimally designed entryway.

The vertically placed mirror is a great way to use this wall space so that friends and family can make sure they look presentable before going outside. The glass on the double doors adds depth to an otherwise small space.

Brown and White Entrance Décor

Brown and White Entrance Decor

This brown and white space has a modern farmhouse look with minimal colors and design.
The brown doors, side table, shoe rack, and wall shelves are contrasted with the white walls and light wood flooring. A small metal light hangs from the ceiling, giving plenty of light to this space.

The green houseplant adds life to this space, while the floral candle holder is a great way to use the wall space next to the plant. White frames hang on either wall to add lines and dimension to these spaces. The wall shelves add space for décor and more lights in this entryway.

Gray and White Entrance Décor

Gray and White Entrance Decor

Dominant colors in this entryway are gray and white, with hints of pink and black. The black and white rug goes well with the white walls and black and gray details in this entryway. Gray drawers and the white shoe rack are a great place to store belongings for guests and extra belongings for family members.

A black floating shelf holds some décor. The black geometric wall art and black and white picture frame add interest to the wall while breaking up the white. A stylish black coatrack is a great way to store hats and coats for guests coming over.

Elephant House Entrance Décor

Elephant House Entrance Decor

This beautiful entryway has an exotic feel with the choice of colors and décor. The walls appear to be covered in what looks like a neutral patterned backsplash. The light yellow tiled floor is decorated with tiles in the shape of a colorful rug. A small, decorative light fixture brightens up this entryway, as well as the other lights in the ceiling.

The elephant painting stands out in gray and yellow, as do the bright yellow seats below it. Wood details in the door frame, walls, table and clock is a great way to bring this entryway look together with light and dark colors.

Geometric Rug House Entrance Décor

Geometric Rug House Entrance Décor

This black and white geometric rug is offset by the bright orange drawers. A gray seat is an excellent place for guests to rest or to sit belongings while visiting. The shelf and hangers are also great locations for guests and visiting families to store and hang their belongings.
The horizontally placed mirror on top of the drawers adds length and depth to this entryway. Décor is kept minimal with a small houseplant in front of the mirror. This functional space has an outstanding balance of color and light.

Brick House Entrance Décor

Brick House Entrance Decor

The white brick wall and cream door brighten up this entryway, as do the storage shelves and light brown and tan flooring. A small tan doormat can be used to place shoes for visitors. The wall racks are a great place to store coats and purses.

One small houseplant in a white pot is all the décor this functional entryway needs. The storage space under the plant can be used for extra belongings that guests bring, or to place some décor as a welcoming sight for guests.

Modern House Entrance Décor

Modern House Entrance Decor

This beautiful entryway is kept simple in design and color. The double doors with privacy windows brighten up the space, as well as the modern chandelier right above the doors. A balance of light and dark can be seen with the white walls and dark brown flooring.

A large neutral abstract painting is a great way to use the wall space on the right. A straightforward but elegant table with beautiful white flowers decorates the room on the opposite wall. Extra windows above the door add more light and depth to this modern entryway.

Wood Floors House Entrance Décor

Wood Floors House Entrance Decor

This cozy but useful space provides a welcoming atmosphere for visiting guests and family with a set of hanging hooks on the wall and a shoe rack. Both can also be used as décor. Festive lights hang from one side of the coat hanger to provide extra light in this entryway.

The warm brown door opens up to two white walls and one light gray wall, where most of the décor and storage items are located. Beautiful stained wood floors provide space to move around while guests hang their coats and take off their shoes when entering.

The vertically hung mirror doubles as a décor piece with gold trim around the edges. A houseplant and candle on the floor are the perfect décor for this small space.

Stairs House Entrance Décor

Stairs House Entrance Decor

This beautiful entryway opens up to a stairwell in a brightly lit space. Yellow shades partially cover the bright sunlight coming in from the windows. The tall windows lining the walls make it look like the room is twice as large.

The dark wood stairs and lines in the flooring darken up the space so that the entryway is not too bright. The bright green plants near the windows is a natural way to decorate this beautiful space in this home.

Scandinavian House Entrance Décor

Scandinavian House Entrance Decor

This welcoming entryway has plenty of light and life with all the houseplants gathered in the corner. The matching pillow with green leaves is a nice touch. The wood bench with metal legs can also be used to store shoes and coats for visitors.

The black and cream rug adds some extra color and shapes to the busy space. Small air plants on wall fixtures are a great way to use plants as décor. Plenty of natural sunlight can be enjoyed by guests and houseplants.

Gray House Entrance Décor

Gray House Entrance Decor

The weathered-looking table balances out the gray flooring and décor in this entryway. The privacy windows in the double doors can stream in natural light during the day to brighten up this space. The windows above the door add more light and heighten the space as well.

The beautiful chandelier and pretty gray lights on the side table can add light as well as decorate this entryway. The mirror on one side and gray pictures near the lights on the other side add more interesting décor to this space too.

Yellow House Entrance Décor

Yellow House Entrance Decor

The warm colors and light in this entryway give off a welcoming feel to this space.
Gorgeous chandelier lights brighten up the space with an exciting design and feel. The recessed ceiling also adds more depth and interest to this entryway.

Tufted gold walls with mirrors add interesting texture and the mirrors create more space. The glossy tan tiles also warm up this entryway. A little color is added with the purple flowers in the black vase in the corner.

Clock House Entrance Décor

Clock House Entrance Decor

Natural light from the window brightens up the white on the walls, door and rug in this entryway. The white crates used to store shoes seem to melt back into the white brick wall. A white coat hanger is also an excellent addition for guests to hang coats, hats, and purses on.

The hanger over the door works great for small spaces or areas where more hooks are needed. The small photograph and light wood clock are nice touches of décor in this minimally decorated entryway. The white run on the light wood tiled floor keeps the color minimal in this space.

Tan Home Entrance Décor

Tan Home Entrance Decor

The wood door and trim seem to blend right in with the beautifully tiled wood floors. The light orange wall keeps the room looking warm and friendly. The white wall, as well as other white features help to brighten up this entryway.

The tan and white drawers is a great place for guests and family members to store belongings when not in use. The lamp and “home” clock add some functional décor to this space. The small palm tree in white wicker basket is also an excellent addition of décor here.

Turquoise House Entrance Décor

Turquoise House Entrance Decor

This minimally designed entryway has a shock of color in the turquoise bench and framed map. The plain white door and white walls brighten up the entryway, as well as the turquoise bench and turquoise map in a thin black frame. The beautiful wood floors warm up the space, creating a beautiful and minimally made space.

Visitors can sit on the bench when they arrive. Shoes can be stored underneath the bench, with jackets and purses neatly placed on the bench.

Luxury House Entrance Décor

Luxury House Entrance Decor

This vast open space is perfect for a luxury home entryway. Huge glass windows let in some outside light. Ceiling lights also brighten up this minimally designed space.

Light tan walls and ceiling match the beautifully tiled tan floors. A glass tabletop on brown wicker table is the focal point of the room. A beautiful orange and green plant spills out of a brown pot, which adds color to this area.

Wood Stairs House Entrance Décor

Wood Stairs House Entrance Decor

This entryway opens up to an open walkway with a wide staircase. The wood on the stairs and ceiling give the impression that this house is located somewhere in the mountains. The brown walls and beautiful tan tiles on the floor warm up this entryway.

A beautiful white column sits next to a lit-up window with small plants. Storage space can be seen through the glass where guests can hang their jackets and purses while enjoying a visit with friends and family.

Mirror House Entrance Décor

Mirror House Entrance Decor

The brick red wall and black wall give off an urban feel in this entryway. The light gray rug takes up much of the space on the light wood tiled flooring beneath. A table and bench work great as storage and space to place minimal décor pieces.

The long mirror adds depth to the room and is great for those who want to make sure they are presentable before leaving. The gray frames and yellow flowers help create a beautiful and minimally designed welcoming space for family and friends.

Herringbone House Entrance Décor

Herringbone House Entrance Decor

This narrow entryway allows some space for décor and storage. The white walls and door lighten up the area, while the beautiful herringbone wood floors keep the white from dominating the space.

The tan bench can be a storage space and rest place for visitors when taking off shoes and jackets. Shoes can be placed underneath the bench and on the rug beneath. A round mirror above the bench is a nice use of this small space.

Green and Yellow House Entrance Décor

Green and Yellow House Entrance Decor

Pops of green and yellow dominate this entryway design. The mint green wall compliments the light olive tiles on the floor. The zigzags on the rug also match the green on the walls.

A modern lamp hangs down to brighten up this entryway at night. A framed blue feather and green circular art piece add attractive design and shapes to the wall space. The minimal furniture does a great job of serving its function as well.

Black and Gray House Entrance Décor

Black and Gray House Entrance Decor

This modern entryway is done in shades of gray and black. Some color is added with clothes and décor. The tan tiles on the floor, light wood drawers and bench lighten up the dark walls.

The chalkboard like print on the gray wall is a nice use of the space. The black floating shelf on the black wall can also be used to display décor pieces. Green houseplants add extra color and life to this entry space.

The purse, scarves, and jackets also add color to this otherwise dark area of the house.

Red Door House Entrance Décor

Red Door House Entrance Decor

A bright red door opens up to minimal colors in this bright entryway. The walls are bright white, with beautiful wood floors to tone down the white walls and ceiling. No lights are needed during the day with huge windows to let in plenty of sunshine.

The wood bench serves as both a sitting area and a storage space. The two light blue pillows add just a bit of décor and color to this small entryway. The silver framed mirror also adds design while making the space look larger than it is.

Brown and Black House Entrance Décor

Brown and Black House Entrance Decor

The gray, brown, and black color scheme offers a welcoming feel in this entryway. Warm up on the geometrically designed fuzzy rug while greeting family and friends. The beautifully designed drawers appear as a functional design piece with detailing on the side.

The mirror, with a matching gray frame compliments the design on this wall. The Buddha statue and gray floral arrangement complete the design look against this wall. Ceiling lights brighten up this space in grays and browns.

The brown doors and frames along the doors and walls complement the beautiful tan tiles on the floor to complete this house entrance design.

Marble House Entrance Décor

Marble House Entrance Decor

This grand house entrance is beautifully designed with marble floors and a sweeping staircase. The design on the marble floor is done in a way that it looks like a rug is inlaid in the flooring. Beautiful wood detail in the doors, door frames, room entrance, wall panels and staircase warm up this space.

The cream doors, walls, carpet on the stairs, and marble floors brighten up this space. Natural light from the large windows and light from the ceiling lights and light fixtures further brighten up this entryway.

White Shelves House Entrance Décor

White Shelves House Entrance Decor

The details in this house entrance add a welcoming feel with this storage space that also doubles as an area to display décor for family and guests to enjoy as they enter and leave the residence. Guests and family can enjoy looking at the various pieces of décor as they hang up coats, hats, and purses on the hooks below this area.

The light fixture above this area gives plenty of light to enjoy the décor and put away coats and other belongings. When more space is needed for visitor items, these décor pieces can be put away so that visitors can place hats, purses, and other belongings in this area.

Modern Home Entrance Décor

Modern Home Entrance Decor

There is plenty of space to hang up belongings and visit with guests in this modern house entrance design. Hooks on the left provide space to hang coats and purses, while the seat underneath doubles as a space to place other belongings. Shoes can be placed on the gray rug near the stairs.

Plenty of natural light streams in from the window, with ceiling lights helping to brighten up this space. Bright, white walls and warm wood walls and details balance out the beautiful gray tiled floors. Small house plants in gray pots is an excellent way to add some décor in this modern entryway.

Metal Staircase House Entrance Décor

Metal Staircase House Entrance Decor

Light wood dominates this beautiful entryway. The front door and window frames, floors, stairs, and door panels are all made in similar light wood color. The walls and ceiling are white to keep the area looking airy and bright.

The beautiful round light fixture above the door adds extra light to this area. A light tan and dark wood bench are perfect for visitors to rest. It can also be used to place coats, hats, and other belongings. The black rug in front of the door seems to be surrounded by tiles to mimic a rug inlaid in the flooring.

The metal staircase looks like an abstract art piece with lines and geometric shapes interlinking for an interesting functional piece.

Pink House Entrance Décor

Pink House Entrance Decor

This entryway is bright and friendly with a pink wall and light wood details. Minimal cut out shapes are used as décor on the wall. The furniture and décor is kept light to keep the main focus on the soft pink wall. The white door and frame stand out as the brightest part of the room.

Guests and family members can place their shoes on the white and tan shoe rack next to the door. Other belongings, such as purses and scarves can be kept in the light wood storage shelves. The blush-colored pillow and vase with a houseplant add a bit of décor to this softly colored entrance.

Storage House Entrance Décor

Storage House Entrance Decor

This spacious entrance is perfect for a large family or home that enjoys plenty of guests. Coat rack, shoe racks, and storage spaces are built into the walls so that there is plenty of room to move around this entryway. There is no need for a closet with so much storage space already built into this modern house.

The white walls compliment the wood in the coat rack, shoe rack, small storage spaces and on some of the walls and doors. The entryway floor in inlaid with dark tiles to balance out the light wood and white in the other parts of this space. Plenty of light can also be enjoyed from the windows.

Grand Home Entrance Décor

Grand Home Entrance Decor

This grand entrance has plenty of décor for guests and family to enjoy when they step into this beautiful home. A large, colorful rug is placed in the center of the entrance area as the focal point of this space. A side table on the left and vintage looking table on the right are a nice contrast to the light areas of this space.

Colorful plants add more design and color to this area as well. Décor set up in the built-in space in the corner wall is an excellent addition. The bright, white walls and beautiful tan tiles on the floor lighten up this welcoming space.

Mirror Home Entrance Décor

Mirror Home Entrance Decor

The warm browns and tans give a welcoming atmosphere to this house entrance. The large wood door and frame stand out against the stark white walls. The beautiful light wood tiles in the floor balance out the dark and light in the door and wall.

The wood bench is a great spot to store shoes underneath, while the sitting area can also hold plenty of décor. The vertically placed mirror adds depth to this small space, making it appear larger than it is. The plants around the door and bench are a great way to decorate this small entryway.

Rose House Entrance Décor

Rose House Entrance Decor

The rose-colored walls warm up the area with a friendly atmosphere. The beautiful gray flooring compliments the deep rose color of the walls. The clock is the only item placed on the wall as a minimal décor piece that is also functional.

The tall mirror adds more depth and space to the room and matches the walls with a light pink frame. This is a great place for guests and family members to make sure they look their best before going outside. The dark gray striped rug is a nice way to add more lines to the floor.

Luxurious House Entrance Décor

Luxurious House Entrance Decor

This luxurious house entrance décor has plenty of style in the design and décor in this space. The large black and tan clock matches the dark wood floors and staircase. The table with drawers also matches with its dark wood stain.

Natural sunlight from the two windows next to the staircase adds plenty of light to this entryway. The cream-colored walls and light tan carpet on the staircase, as well as the white railing on the stairs, keep the space looking bright.

The white orchids on the table and green houseplant on the floor add a lively touch of décor to this space.

White Stairs House Entrance Décor

White Stairs House Entrance Decor

The entryway to this mansion opens up to a huge white staircase with houseplants in a beautifully designed vase. The bright white staircase, walls, and floor tile are toned down with light tan walls.

The huge vase with houseplants on a pedestal is the main décor piece in this entryway. Some framed pictures can be seen on the wall above. The staircase’s delicate metal rails also look like a décor piece with the way it swirls up the stairs.

Plenty of outside light can be seen coming from open windows on opposite sides of the staircase.

Staircase House Entrance Décor

Staircase House Entrance Decor

This beautiful entryway is minimally designed with little décor and colors. Beautiful wood flooring is over the entire floor, as well as the stairs. White arches open up to hallways, where some décor can be seen.

A beautifully designed table with drawers can be seen on the left, with an empty vase as a décor piece. In the other hallway is a huge painting of water, lit up by two lights on either side of the abstract piece of art.

Simple white walls and a black metal railway completed this modern minimally designed entryway space.

Tan House Large Entrance Décor

Tan House Large Entrance Decor

The soft light and colors are a welcoming sight in this entryway. The beautiful tan tiled floor is covered in a gorgeous rug with a floral design in reds, tans, and cream. The rest of the décor in this entryway matches nicely in similar tan colors.

A tan and cream table and matching bench seat work as storage space and a place for family and guests that are visiting to rest. The matching small lamp with light tan shade adds some extra lighting in this space when needed.

Built-in House Entrance Décor

Built-in House Entrance Décor

This modern entryway has built-in shelves and closet space for family and friends to place their belongings when visiting. Through the glass wall is a beautiful white staircase lit up by lights inlaid in the walls near the bottom. Below the staircase is another space for storage.

When guests are not expected, small décor pieces can be placed in these storage spaces to add some color and interest to these areas. A simple gray rug greets guests near the door. Light tan tiles on the floor complement the light wood details on the storage spaces and details in the staircase.

Tiled House Entrance Décor

Tiled House Entrance Decor

The beautiful tiled floor looks like a rug inlaid in the floor with its many bright colors. The gray benches also double as storage for shoes and other belongings. Coats and purses can be hung above the bench on the small wall in the back.

The boat is a nice piece of décor on top of the rack. No other décor is needed, since the colorful flooring takes center stage. Light fixtures and bright, white walls give plenty of light to this entryway.

White Home Entrance Décor

White Home Entrance Decor

This entryway opens up to a bright space with white walls and beautiful wood floors. The rug adds some color to the room with lines in various colors against a tan background. The turquoise sitting bench also adds some color to this entryway.

The blue bench can be used to store belongings and place shoes underneath for family and friends visiting. The ladder on the other wall can be used for storage or to place small décor pieces. The huge mirror above the bench is a nice use of space while enlarging the room as well.

Brick Wall House Entrance Décor

Brick Wall House Entrance Decor

The red brick wall in this entryway does not need any décor, since the bricks in many shades of red are interesting to look at without any added décor. The light-colored floor is a great contrast against the dark brick wall. The white door adds a bright element to the room, with a tan doormat to greet guests with.

There is plenty of storage with some décor in this space. The bench can be used to place décor on and extra items beneath it. A houseplant in a tan pot is a nice touch of décor and color to this space. The self-standing coat and shoe rack is a great use of the space without taking away from the overall look and feel of this entryway.

Chair House Entrance Décor

Chair House Entrance Decor

The mustard yellow chair stands out against the white wall of this entryway. The floating shelf on the wall can be used as storage or space to display small décor pieces. The tan bench is a great place for guests to sit and can be used to store items on and underneath it.

A small round mirror that is designed to look like the sun is a nice addition to the wall, and acts like a functional piece of design. Guests and family members can make sure they look presentable with this decorative mirror. A self-standing coatrack is great for this space as well.

Bright Green House Entrance Décor

Bright Green House Entrance Decor

The bright green wall contrasts sharply with the white brick wall and door. The light wood flooring is a nice contrast to match up all the colors in this entryway. A wood coatrack and storage bench are just the amount of furniture this small space needs.

The large houseplant in the white pot matches the green wall and white brick wall. The two white frames are fine as décor, and can also have pictures or paintings placed in them.

Industrial House Entrance Décor

Industrial House Entrance Decor

This industrial entryway is functional with just a little décor added to it. Dark wood floors are a stark contrast to the white brick wall, white adjacent walls, and white door. A small industrial light and other light fixtures give plenty of light to this entryway.

The white crate can hold shoes and other belongings for visitors and family members. The wreath on the white brick wall adds a festive touch to this minimal but cozy entryway.

Yellow Rug House Entrance Décor

Yellow Rug House Entrance Decor

This small entryway has plenty of color in the décor and storage spaces. The yellow rug brightens up the wood flooring. Colorful coats are hung on the racks on the back wall, while colorful shoes are placed on the shelves.

The industrial light fixture on the ceiling brightens up this entryway in two different directions. The houseplant below the coats provides just enough décor for this functional entryway.