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How to Decorate a Beige Sofa? (29 Ideas)

Decorating a room is part of the fun of putting together a space in a new place or redecorating an older home. This can even be done with specific pieces of furniture.

A beige sofa is a blank canvas that has so much potential in a living room. Below are some ideas on how to decorate a couch in this color.

Two Pillows

Two PillowsPin

This beautiful beige sofa is decorated with two pillows that look very different. One is covered in a floral design with white and pink roses on a black background. The other is a solid-blue pillow.

The pillow with a floral design on the cover adds interesting color and design to the beige couch. The blue one adds extra color to this space as well.

The design and color are minimal in this living room, but the pillows add to the overall look. The blue pillow goes with the blue curtains, while the other pillow matches the plant in the blue vase.

Light-Gray Pillows and Blanket

Light Gray Pillows and BlanketPin

Adding pillows and a blanket in a slightly darker shade than the couch is another way to decorate this space in the living room. The pillows and blanket add a little bit of contrast and comfort to the sofa.

The pillows are on each end, which gives a symmetrical look to the couch. The throw blanket laying on one side offsets the balance just a bit. Have the small coffee tables on the other side balances out the space again.

This look would be great in a home where just a little color and design are desired. For those who prefer more color, the white rug can be switched with one that has more design, while a large print behind the couch would finish off the room nicely.

Brown Pillows

Brown PillowsPin

The pillows and blanket add a little more color to the couch, while keeping everything in neutral shades. The light-gray pillow and round brown one give the space an interesting look while not matching the other pillows and blanket.

The tall floor lamp on one side and wooden table with flowers and grass on the other keeps things in balance. A matching coffee table with décor would look great in front of the couch, along with a rug in similar shades as the pillows.

Having multiple prints or one large mural on the wall behind the sofa would make the space look more personal and finish the room off.

Gray Pillows

Gray PillowsPin

The gray pillows on this beige sectional add to the soft look in this living room. Each pillow is in a different design and texture, with one blue-and-white one to add diversity to the space. The solid-gray blanket and one with patterns also add to the look on this sofa.

Both the pillows and blankets can be moved around or off the couch to give the space a different look. The gray-and-white rug on the floor is a nice touch and matches blankets and pillows.

The prints on the walls in white and soft blue are a great way to fill in some of the space on the wall and make the gray pillows look almost blue.

Chevron Pillows

Chevron PillowsPin

Make a statement with chevron pillows on a beige sofa in the living room. The dark gray and white pattern pops on the beige couch in this living space. The white throw off to the side adds another dimension of design here.

White and gray can also be seen on the rug, curtains, table and lamp. All of these items, including the couch, have elements of white, cream, and various shades of gray to bring them altogether.

The only thing missing is something on the wall. This could be a mural or print in similar colors, or something colorful to make this area of the room stand out.

Pillows in Same Color

Pillows in Same ColorPin

Using pillows and blankets in the same color is another way to add to a beige sofa. The three pillows on both sides of the sectional almost blend into the back of the couch. A light-gray blanket on the lounge part also adds to the design on the couch.

The rest of the living room is put together nicely in similar colors. The square coffee table is a beautiful addition to the room with a marble top, candles, a clear vase with white roses, and other décor.

The only item left to add to this living room is a picture in similar colors to the wall behind the couch.

Lots of Pillows

Lots of PillowsPin

The back and side of this sofa is covered in cushions and pillows. The pillows are in a slightly darker beige with light designs mixed with solids. Even the ottoman has a faux beige blanket that can be added to couch on cooler nights while watching television.

The pillows add extra support to the back and sides of the couch. They can also be used by guests who spend the night. The blanket can also act as a décor piece and as a blanket.

The large television and entertainment center takes up most of the wall space on the other side. House plants and other small decorations can be seen on both sides as well.

Orange Décor

Orange DecorPin

The orange decorations really stand out against and around the beige couch in this living room. The shiny orange pillows and throw make a great addition to the sofa during autumn and other times throughout the year.

The rose gold wires on the two small tables in front of the couch match well with the blanket and pillows on the couch. These tables can be used as coffee tables or be placed on either side of the sofa.

The small, beige pouf matches the couch and single beige pillow. Two images in similar colors and designs would look great on the wall as well.

Fall Pillows

Fall PillowsPin

These pillows in shades of green, gold, orange, and red would look great in a living room as décor pieces during the autumn months. They also really stand out against the beige on this living room couch.

Even the abstract painting on the wall matches the pillows. Other décor items in similar colors would look great around the room as well.

A beige rug in a light design can be added below and in front of the sofa with a coffee table. Two side tables with a lamp and decorations can go on either side of the sofa to make the room look more complete.

Blue Pillows

Blue PillowsPin

Make a beige couch pop with some blue pillows. These blue pillows have a design outlined in white to make them stand out even more on this couch in the living room. They add a nice touch of color and design to this space.

The blue flowers in the vase off to the side match the pillows and help them go with the rest of the furniture in the room. The sofa matches both the side table and standing lamp since they all have legs made of wood.

The room will look more complete once a picture or series of pictures are hanging on the wall in blue and beige.

Neutral Pillows

Neutral PillowsPin

Neutral-colored pillows are a great way to add some design and color to a beige couch. These pillows are a great mix of solids and designs in tan and black. They also go well with the lamps, coffee tables, rug, and floor.

A picture or painting in similar colors would look great just above the sofa. Adding green houseplants on and around the lamps and tables can also be a way to add some life and color to the space.

Off-white Pillows

Off white PillowsPin

These off-white pillows with a brown design are a great addition to this sofa. The pillows blend in just a bit with their neutral colors. They stand out with their zig-zag designs.

The pillows and couch also match nicely with the brass side tables since the metal looks similar to the wood legs on the couch and brown design on the pillows. Flowers and leaves are a nice addition to each table.

The blank wall needs something to create a homey space, such as three-dimensional décor or pictures in frames.



The pillows on this beige sofa vary in color, shape, size, and design. Besides the yellow pillow, the rest are in neutral colors, so they don’t stand out against the rest of the décor in the room. The gray throw is a great addition and can also be used on cooler nights.

The gray pillows match well with the rug and gray walls, along with the bench against the wall. The black and yellow pillows stand out nicely against the other ones on the sofa.

Pillow and Blanket

Pillow and BlanketPin

You can also decorate a beige couch with a single blanket and pillow. The pillow is large, dark, and made up of a large braid, making it stand out on the sofa. The blanket is also large but blends in with the couch since it is made in similar colors.

Both the blanket and pillow match the other furniture and décor in this living room. The pillow goes well with the armchair and rug, since they both have gray in them.

The plants are a great addition with color and are good for the air quality in the room. The only thing missing is a large picture on the wall or series of pictures.

Minimal Design

Minimal DesignPin

Adding pillows with minimal designs on each side can help create a small difference on a sofa, like this sectional. All the pillows are neatly placed near the center. Most of the pillows are white with black lines or a beige design.

These pillows go well with the ink prints on the wall and white rug with diamonds outlined in black. The beige pillow matches the wooden basket with the blanket inside, the coffee table that looks like the trunk of a tree, and other brown décor in the room.

Blanket and Pillow

Blanket and PillowPin

The blanket and pillow are a nice addition to the couch as well as the rest of this living room. The white pillow is a little lighter than the beige sofa and goes with the white rugs, curtains, plant pots and other white parts of the room.

The light-gray blanket with lines and cream-colored fringe on both ends also go with the couch. It is a little darker than the sofa and the lines in the blanket match the lines in the back of the couch.

Blue and Silver Pillows

Blue and Silver PillowsPin

These pillows add just a little color and design to this beige sofa. The solid blue and silver pillows also match the two pillows on both ends that are covered in a chevron pattern in silver, blue, and white.

The pillows are a great way to add some functional design to the sofa. The bright white blanket under the chevron pillow also adds some design to this space as well as some warmth on colder nights.

Copper Pillows

Copper PillowsPin

Two copper-colored pillows and two beige pillows with designs in white decorate the top of this beige sofa. Each pillow is in a different design, but all match in colors and shape.

The copper pillows stand out since they are a darker color. They also work as a design piece on the couch since they match the copper light, tall wooden bookcase, and other brown parts of the living room.

Small Pillows

Small PillowsPin

Small pillows in white and beige and a light-silver blanket cover up parts of this sofa. They add just a little color and design to the couch. The darker pillows also match the rest of the décor in this living room.

Dried flowers in various shades of beige match the darker pillows, along with golds and browns seen on the coffee table and chair to the right of the couch.

Yellow Pillows

Yellow PillowsPin

This sofa is covered in pillows in yellow, beige, and black-and-white. The yellow ones stand out since they are brightly colored. They also make the couch look more yellow than beige.

These yellow pillows are a great addition, since they match the yellow pouf on the floor and abstract painting on the wall.

Dark Beige Pillows

Dark Beige PillowsPin

Pillows in darker shades of beige and a beige throw cover both sides of this sofa. Each pillow is in a different shade of beige and vary with patterns and textures, along with the blanket.

These colors are a great choice since they match the rest of the décor and furniture in this living room. Just about everything is in a shade of brown or beige. The plants make a great addition, since they stand out in a different color.

Round Pillows

Round PillowsPin

Two round pillows is just what this sofa needs to dress it up a bit. One is a lime green and the other a chocolate brown. These neutral colors brighten up the couch just a little.

Two pillows can be easily rearranged to different areas of the sofa, such as the middle or placing one on each end. The rug and the planter are also made in neutral colors to match the beige sofa.

Various Gray Pillows

Various Gray PillowsPin

All the gray pillows on this sofa vary in design and color. Gray is a neutral color, but these create an artistic look on the couch since all the pillows are made in different shades of gray with various textures.

A matching gray throw lies on the left side of the couch. The gray rug matches well with the pillows and other gray décor in this living room.

Silver-Blue Pillows

Silver Blue PillowsPin

These two silvery-blue pillows add some color and design to the beige sofa in this living room. The design in white lines against the blue adds a silver shine to the pillows with the light coming in from the window off to the left side.

The white pillow on the floor can be added to the center or one side of the couch. Other blue décor can be added to the room so that the pillows do not stand out too much.

White Pillows and Blanket

White Pillows and BlanketPin

While these pillows and blanket are in similar colors as the couch, they do add dimension and depth to the space. These décor pieces can also be used in a functional way for guests who want to spend the night.

Other parts of this whimsical room are decorated in white. The white stripes on the rug emphasize the white on the couch. White pots and tables in the same color can also be seen in the center of the room.

Blue and Beige Pillows

Blue and Beige PillowsPin

Blue and beige pillows cover up the back and sides of this couch. A blue throw blanket can be seen on the right side. This can be used as décor or to keep family and friends warm at night.

The soft-blue pillows are a great way to add color to this beige couch. Photos or prints can be added in blues and beiges on the walls to match.

Gray Pillows on Beige Sofa

Gray Pillows on Beige SofaPin

Gray pillows are a great addition to a beige sofa. These beige and gray pillows vary in shades of colors and sizes. The larger pillows make the couch look bigger than it is.

The off-white woven blanket stands out a little on the couch, but matches the curtains made in similar colors. The rest of the room is decorated in colors that are similar to the couch, pillows, and blankets.

Various Pillows

Various PillowsPin

This sofa is decorated with pillows in various sizes, colors, and designs for an interesting look. All the colors go well with the rest of the shades in this living room and couch.

Adding a combination of patterns and colors in pillows creates an interesting focal point on the sofa. It brings the room together since there are similar designs seen all over.

Pink Pillows

Pink PillowsPin

Cream, pink, and blush pillows and a blanket cover the top and bottom of this beige sofa. They go well with the couch and other decorations and furniture in this living room space.

The sheer yellow curtains stand out as the only yellow pieces in this room. They can be replaced with light pink ones to go with the pillows and rest of the room.

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