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How to Decorate a Blue Sofa? (30 Ideas with Pictures)

A sofa is a must in a living room, along with other furniture. A sofa can stand alone as the main part of the living room but can stand out even more with some decorations.

Pillows and blankets are a great choice to decorate a sofa with. These items can be used as functional pieces, as well as décor when not used. Below are some ways to decorate blue couches to inspire you to change up your sofa in the living room.

Beige Pillows

Beige PillowsPin

One way to decorate a blue sofa is to add beige pillows and blankets. These light-colored pillows and blankets stand out against the darker blue color.

More blue and beige elements can be added to match the sofa and decorations on it. While the side chair in wood with dried flowers is a nice addition, switching out the flowers for blue or white ones would go with the couch more.

Matching Pillows and Chairs

Matching Pillows and ChairsPin

The chairs and pillows match perfectly with this dark-blue sofa. The pillows can be used for extra cushioning on the back, or pillows for guests to sleep on. The chairs are placed neatly on either side to encourage conversation while in the living room.

The black coffee table and rug with some blue are great additions, along with the lamp and large dried plant on the left side of the sofa. A large mural in similar colors would be the finishing touch this room needs.

Striped Pillows

Striped PillowsPin

Striped pillows in various colors and blankets create an interesting scene on this blue couch. The pillows with gold, navy blue, and black stripes with white are a great addition of design to this living room and go well with the rest of the furniture and décor.

The dark-gray and navy-blue throw blankets break up the center of the couch and will be great to snuggle in on cool evenings. The blue wall with ocean and floral prints go along with the couch and wooden furniture throughout this living room.



Minimal décor on a blue sofa can include just a pillow or blanket. This couch is dressed up with just one throw in a dark gray-blue with cream fringe. This simple look works great for those who prefer less décor on their couch.

Almost the entire room is made up of various shades of dark blue, except for the white-and-blue prints on the blue wall and the light wood floors. Adding some lighter elements to the room can balance out the dark blues.

One way to do this is by adding cream pillows and blankets to the couch, along with white décor to the side bench and floor.

Orange Pillows

Orange PillowsPin

These orange pillows really pop against the blue sofa against the wall. While this light and dark-orange pillow brighten up the space, they also match the orange armchair and light wood pieces of furniture.

A mix of blues, oranges, and other colors really balance out this living room. A huge mural or series of images would be a great addition to the wall space behind the couch and wooden bookshelf.

White Pillows

White PillowsPin

These white pillows lighten up the space on this light-blue sofa. White can go with just about anything, and these two pillows are no exception. The white pillows match the tabletop and décor on the coffee table, rug, lamp, the panel and white bricks, white décor by the window and the white curtains.

The only things missing in this living room are some pictures and artwork on the walls. Images in blues, whites, and yellows would look great in this space.

Gray Pillows

Gray PillowsPin

These light-gray pillows look great on this blue couch. The pillows make the couch look lighter in color, along with the light streaming in through the sheer curtains by the window. They also match the gray pot the eucalyptus branches are in.

Other gray pieces can be added to the room as well. Sheer-gray curtains can be placed on the outside of the white ones. Images in gray and blue can be placed on the walls by the window and couch as well.

Yellow Pillows

Yellow PillowsPin

These yellow pillows really make a statement on this dark-blue sofa. The black pillows with white crossing over create a great design on the couch, along with the yellow pillows.

A good mix of yellow, black, and blue can be seen in other pieces of furniture and décor throughout this living room. A yellow armchair sits on a light-yellow rug. A blue ottoman is partially covered by a black throw rug.

The floor is made up of a black-and-white chevron pattern which really pops. Two yellow lights can illuminate the couch at night as well.

Blue-and-White Pillows

Blue and White PillowsPin

Blue-and-white pillows in various designs is another great way to decorate a white couch. This sectional has a mix of different pillows in blue-and-white, along with a light-gray throw on the lounge part of the sofa.

The small blue pot with a green plant matches well with the couch and pillows. The lamp with a white shade and white pot with branches brings out the white in the pillows.

A large picture in browns or blues and white would look great on the wall in this modern living room.

Two Pillows

Two PillowsPin

This sofa is minimally decorated with just two pillows. One is checkered with blues and the other in two shades of brown. The back cushions are the same color as the couch and blend in with it.

The bouquet of flowers adds some nice addition of color to the room with reds, purples, and white. Gold elements on the coffee table and lamp give a sophisticated look to this living room.

Adding paintings to match the bouquet will make the space in this room really stand out against the blues.

Pillows with Stripes

Pillows with StripesPin

Each pillow has a different design with various stripes and colors on this blue sofa. While the pillows stand out against the solid color on the couch, they go well with the rug decorated with blue, brown, and tan stripes.

The side table with pots and the taller silver pots with plants on the other side is a great way to decorate the surrounding areas of the sofa. The blue ottoman with tan throw also adds some design to the room.

Tie-Dyed Pillows

Tie Dyed PillowsPin

These pillows with tie-dyed patterns adds a retro look to this blue loveseat. The soft blues on the couch and other pieces of furniture go great with the white in this space.

The circular pattern on the tabletop of the small coffee table is repeated with the pot that contains the small palm tree. The light blue on top matches perfectly with the blue rocking chair.

Images in soft blue and white take up some of the wall space, while the rug in creams and light grays is a great use of the floor space.

Orange Cushions

Orange CushionsPin

Dark-orange cushions stand out on this blue sofa, along with the image in orange and blue above. The cream-colored throw softens the look in this part of the living room.

The rest of the room is done in neutral colors with the sofa standing out in its dark blue. Curtains in a lighter blue match the sofa, along with the turquoise chair off to the side.

Soft grays, browns, and white make up the rest of the design in this living room space.

Pillows in Two Colors

Pillows in Two ColorsPin

A light and dark-colored pillow stand out against the dark-blue velvet of this couch. Additional pillows in dark blue blend in with the cushions on the couch.

The turquoise pillow matches the green tropical plants growing in the room. The silvery-gray pillow goes with the teacup, face statue, and abstract paintings on the wall. A rug can also be added to the floor for additional decoration and design.

Pink Throw

Pink ThrowPin

The pink throw can be clearly seen draped against the dark-blue sofa. These colors are repeated in this living room, along with white to create a beautiful design.

The loveseat next to the sofa is covered in pillows in solid pink and a floral pattern. Even the rose-gold coffee table is paired with a blue flower pot to keep both blue and pink together, just like the sofa.

Both colors are beautifully balanced throughout the living room to match the couch. The abstract image in blue and pink is a great addition to the wall, along with curtains in blue and blush pink.

Various Shades of Blue Pillows

Various Shades of Blue PillowsPin

This blue sofa is decorated with pillows in different shades of blue. These pillows can be moved around the couch to change up the look and paired with blankets as needed.

The gold coffee tables with golden candle holders is a great combination with the blues in this living room and bedroom combo. The lit candles become the focal point of the room at night, with the blues on the outer edges of the room.

Adding gold and orange pillows and blankets to the sofa would be great to match with the tables and candles.

White and Blue Pillows

White and Blue PillowsPin

A combination of pillows in white and the same shade of blue on the couch is another way to dress up a sofa in the living room. The rest of the room is put together with blues white, and gold.

The velvet chair in deep blue stands out against the white wall. Bright blue flowers in a glass vase match the armchair. A rug in navy blue and white match both couches.

The round coffee table looks elegant in white with golden legs that cross over each other to form diamonds. The bare white walls would look more balanced with pictures in shades of blue to match the couches and rug.

Patterned Pillows

Patterned PillowsPin

These patterned pillows in various designs and colors stand out against the dark-blue material on the couch cushions. Gray, yellow, black, and white contrast with the blue on the sectional.

A picture with a black frame matches the black seen on some of the pillows. The gray and black pots filled with green plants matches pillows in similar colors.

These pillows can be used as extra cushioning and to add design and color to this sofa as well.

Various Pillows

Various PillowsPin

Pillows in different sizes, shapes, and colors decorate this blue sofa. A solid gray and blue blankets also cover up the couch. This combination of pillows and blankets would work great for those who prefer just a hint of color on their living room sofa.

The two coffee tables made of black metal match the darker cushions on the couch, while the green plant adds some additional color to this part of the room.

The wall looks great painted in several shades of blue in solid colors with defined lines to block out each shade. A picture may or may not add to the design on the wall.

Purple Pillows

Purple PillowsPin

Purple pillows mixed with blue ones add some contrasting color to the blue sofa in this stylish living room. The two blue chairs with purple pillows pair nicely with the sofa.

The nesting coffee tables add an interesting look in color and design to the living room. These coffee tables and other white parts of the room brighten up the look.

Sheer white curtains between brown ones also brighten up the room by allowing some sunlight in to add some light to the blue couches and walls.

Bright Pillows

Bright PillowsPin

Two rectangular pillows decorated in bright colors pop on this stylish blue sofa. These pillows also stand out against the moody black wall.

The decorative black coffee table matches both the pillows and wall. The blue rug under the table also goes well with the sofa and pillows.

The green plant near the window stands out while being a great addition of color to this living room. The black wall looks bare without a picture. A large mural or series of images in various colors would break up the dark space on the wall.

Blue and Silver Pillows

Blue and Silver PillowsPin

Solid and decorative pillows dress up this blue sofa. The solid-blue ones look like they may have come with the couch, but the silver and decorative pillows in blue and silver are a great addition.

Fresh flowers in glass vases add more color to this living room. The golden side table matches well with the wooden coffee table. A light-blue rug matches the darker blue sofa nicely.

A picture would make a great addition to the wall near the flowers, but looks fine as well, since there are already so many additional decorations in this living room.

Yellow and Gray Pillows

Yellow and Gray PillowsPin

The yellow pillows stand out on the turquoise sofa, while the gray ones seem to blend in a little. Yellow décor seen throughout the living room help the yellow pillows go with the design of the room.

Blues, yellows, and browns make up the majority of the color in this living room. The light tan throw blanket goes with the wooden furniture and other brown features.

While the blue sofa stands alone as the only blue piece of furniture, the bright blue vases on the bronze coffee table help it go with the rest of the room, as the yellow pillows do.

Blue Pillows

Blue PillowsPin

Pillows in blues and grays take up some space on the blue sofa in this modern living room. There is also a soft-gray blanket that covers up most of the seat cushions. These pillows and blanket also match the blue armchair and pillow on the other side of the round coffee table.

A blue vase with a bright yellow flower adds some color and design to the metal coffee table. The vase matches nicely with the sofa and armchair. While the abstract painting stands out in bold colors, the blues also go with both couches in this living room.

Floral Pillows

Floral PillowsPin

Floral pillows and a solid-blue one dress up the soft-blue sectional in this living room. Just a few pillows can add to the look of a sofa, just like the ones in this photograph. Soft grays, browns, and turquoise on the floral pillows adds beautiful design to the blue sofa.

The dark-navy lamp in the corner matches both couches. The white candlesticks and decorative globe on the table go with the white on the floral pillows. Peach curtains brighten up the space near the window, and contrast well with the blues in the living room.

A picture that includes all the colors in the room would look great above the sectional.

Geometric Pillows

Geometric PillowsPin

Geometric pillows can add design to a blue sofa, just like these grayish-blue pillows on this blue sectional. An additional shaggy gray pillow gives the sofa a trendy look.

The dark-gray rug matches nicely with the couch. Bright-green armchairs add bright color to the room. The large, open windows help make the living room bright and welcoming.

Light wood floors and walls make the chairs and couch stand out even more with their bright and dark colors.

Gray Pillows in Various Shapes and Designs

Gray Pillows in Various Shapes and DesignsPin

The light-blue couch in this airy living room is decorated with plenty of pillows in various colors, shapes and designs. A tan throw is draped across one corner to add even more color and design to this space.

The pillows and couch match other parts of this living room well. The turquoise desk goes with the sofa that is just a little darker in color. A light-orange pillow and blanket go with the woven rug, baskets, dried plant, and lamp.

There is too much white space on the wall above the blue sofa. A large mural or a series of pictures in similar colors would complete this living room.

Pink Pillows

Pink PillowsPin

The main colors in this living room are pink and blue. The pillows on the sofa contain both pink and blue pillows to match the rest of the living room. The armchair is in a darker blue and the blanket in a darker pink than the pillows and sofa, but still go well together.

Woven pink and blue poufs sit on the floor as extra seating places for guests. The light-pink wall is covered in images in grayish-blue and other colors to match the furniture in this colorful room.

The other colors in this living room, such as the grays and white, balance out the bright blues and pinks. Even the beautiful wood floors warm up the room with their browns.

Orange Pillows on Corner Sofa

Orange Pillows on Corner SofaPin

Bright orange, yellow, white, and red pillows really pop on this dark-blue sofa. The couch and pillows stand out as the darkest parts of this living room. These pillows would make a great addition during the autumn months or for those who prefer bolder colors in their living room.

There are plenty of pillows to use as extra back support and for guests to sleep on at night. These pillows can also be used as extra seats on the floor.

The rug, lamp, coffee table, and side table all match each other in shades of light-gray and cream. The light wooden floors go well with these lighter pieces of furniture.

Leaf-Patterned Pillows

Leaf-Patterned PillowsPin

While all the pillows on this blue couch are decorated in basic black and white, they are done so in interesting patterns and materials. Two of the pillows are covered in leaves that add some beautiful design to the sofa. The rest are in solid silver and gray, but in faux fur and satin.

A dark-blue satin armchair makes a great addition for guests with a pillow in black and white diamonds. The large silver lamp head goes with the silver on the pillows and can illuminate this area of the living room at night.

Floral pictures on the wall are a great addition, since they add some color and design to the walls. The palm tree off to the side is a great design choice, since it goes with some of the pillows and prints on the wall.

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