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How to Decorate a Brown Leather Sofa? (27 Ideas)

A couch is usually the main piece of furniture in a living room. Some come with pillows, while others look more like a blank slate, ready to be decorated in your choice of colors and designs.

Adding plain or colorful pillows and blankets that match the colors in your living room is a great way to decorate your sofa. Keep reading to get some ideas on how to add décor to your brown leather sofa below.

Brown Leather Couch

Brown Leather CouchPin

Add some neutral-colored pillows to dress up a brown leather couch, like this one in the photograph. Each pillow is in a different size and color, but still match the couch and rest of the décor throughout this living room.

The two metal tables on either end create an urban look while keeping the focus on the couch on this side of the room. The lamp will give off more light when needed, while the smaller table holds vases with flowers as décor.

The small brown coffee table matches the leather couch nicely. Adding a brown pillow to the armchair would match it up better with the couch, instead of leaving it plain.

Sofa Pillows

Sofa PillowsPin

Pillows are a great way to decorate a brown leather couch. You can choose from any color to match the rest of the décor in the living room. This leather couch has black pillows and a single dark green one on the far left.

The pillows seem a little dark for the couch but match the wall behind it. To lighten up the look of the couch, cream, silver, and orange pillows can replace the dark ones. Adding other furniture and accessories in lighter colors can also offset the dark look on the couch and pillows.

Blanket on Couch

Blanket on CouchPin

Add a blanket as décor to a couch. The blanket can be used as a decorative piece and to keep family and friends warm on cool nights.

This black blanket with white dots and fringe matches the black metal furniture around the couch. The coffee table matches both the couch with its wooden tabletop, and blanket with its black metal legs.

The houseplant in black pots is a nice addition to this room as well. The containers go with the black throughout the room, while the plants add extra color.

Pillows and Blankets

Pillows and BlanketsPin

Using a combination of pillows and blankets is a great way to dress up a brown leather sofa. This sectional has a mix of pillows and a blanket in several colors.

The couch is dark, but the colorful pillows and blanket lighten up the space a bit. The blanket and pillows can be used as functional and decorative pieces as needed.

The mustard-yellow blanket and pillow match the light wooden coffee table in the middle of the room. The black pillow goes with the pillow on the armchair, while the circular pillow on the chair matches the color of the couch.

White Pillows

White PillowsPin

Adding white pillows to a brown leather couch is a classic way to decorate it. White goes with many pieces of furniture and brightens up the dark brown on the couch.

Both the white pillows and brown couch match well with the walls, flooring, and other furniture in this living room. These pillows can also be changed to match with the seasons and additional décor in the room.

A huge mural or series of pictures on both walls would complete the look in this room.

Pillows on Couch

Pillows on CouchPin

Pillows are a popular choice to decorate brown sofas with. One way to do this is to add pillows in different colors and designs. This creates an interesting look on the couch, as this photograph shows.

A mixture of gray, cream, and a black-and-white pillow adds a unique look to this brown leather sofa. All the colors match the rest of the room to pull everything together.

Dark-gray curtains border the windows and match the two gray pillows on the couch. The pillow with the black-and-white design goes with the rug in the same colors. The brown on the couch can be seen on the beautiful coffee table in the foreground.

Contrasting Pillows

Contrasting PillowsPin

The pillows are in a contrasting color compared to the couch. The light brown on the couch is a great color choice and can match with a variety of color schemes. The dark-brown pillows keep the look neutral while darkening the living room.

A little bit of color can be seen on the dark leaves of the large house plant off to the side of the couch, along with the fruit in a glass bowl sitting on the round coffee table.

The rug matches both the couch and pillows with stripes in light and dark shades of brown.

Colorful Pillows

Colorful PillowsPin

Add color to a brown leather couch with some pillows in bright colors. These pillows are in a lime-green and white color with a bold red stripe across the middle or top. While the bright pink roses stand out against the gray wall, they match well with the red in these pillows.

Other red and green décor can be brought in so that the room looks more put together. Another vase with pink or red flowers can be placed on the large coffee table in front of the couch.

A variety of pictures in similar colors can also be added to the wall in the background. Red-and-green curtains can be placed on each side of the sheer ones as well.

Many Pillows

Many PillowsPin

Another way to decorate a brown leather couch with pillows is to fill up the back of the couch with pillows from one armrest to the other to create a line of pillows. These pillows will add extra support for family and friends resting on the couch. They also add some color and design to the couch and the rest of the room.

The pillows are covered in light or dark tan and white in varying patterns and designs. This keeps the couch looking interesting from the other side of the room.

The pillows and couch also match the coffee table and bookstand in the corner. Artwork and photographs should be added to the dark-blue wall so that the space does not look so empty.

Single Blanket on Sofa

Single Blanket on SofaPin

Something as simple as a blanket can really add design and color to a couch. This mustard-yellow throw blanket brightens up this dark leather sofa, for example. While the couch seems to blend in with the wooden floors below it, the blanket draws the eye to the light wall and the carpet below in similar colors.

The blanket wall behind would look great with photographs and art in similar colors that are on the couch, floor, and blanket to complete the look.

Colorful Blanket and Pillow

Colorful Blanket and PillowPin

Brighten up a leather sofa with a brightly-colored blanket and pillow. The brown leather couch would look plain if left alone, but the dark-purple pillow and light-pink blanket add some color to it.

The two mugs on the oval coffee table match both the blanket and pillow, along with a dark-red blanket in a wire basket next to the couch. These few pieces in colors really brightens up this living room.

Patterned Pillows

Patterned PillowsPin

Pillows and blankets in various patterns can add to a brown leather sofa. The pillows and blanket on this couch are in classic black and white, but the patterns add design to the couch, which would look plain without these.

The pillows and blanket also match the rest of the décor in this living room. The room looks great in neutral colors, with just a hint of color on the wall and display case in the back.

Pastel Pillows

Pastel PillowsPin

Pastel pillows can add a touch of color to a leather couch. Soft colors are seen throughout this room in the furniture and décor. The pillows are each in different colors and in patterns with white to create a beautiful look on the sofa.

Some of these colors can be seen on the chairs and vases, as well as the small coffee table in the center of the room. A huge mural in similar hues as the pillow would be a great addition to the blank wall behind the furniture.

Dark Pillows

Dark PillowsPin

This classic-looking brown leather couch looks great with the addition of the dark-colored pillows off to one side. These pillows match the couch and other parts of this living room.

The green pillow goes with the miniature lemon tree in the back, green cushions on the chair, and green vase on the coffee table. The black pillow goes well with the black lampshade next to it and black pot where the lemon tree is growing. The reddish-brown pillow matches the couch, as well as the coffee table and brick wall in the back.

A blanket in similar colors would also make a nice addition to the other side of this sofa.

Striped Pillows

Striped PillowsPin

These striped pillows stand out against the solid brown on this leather sectional. While the black-and-white pillows don’t immediately match the reddish-brown on the couch cushions, they do go with the rest of the furniture and décor in this living room.

A beautiful tapestry in black, white, and gray takes up most of the floor space. The chair off to the side is covered in a pattern with black and white. Images in gray and white can be seen on the walls.

Adding a few items that are in similar colors to the couch would make it blend in better with the rest of the room.

Pillows with Two Designs

Pillows with Two DesignsPin

You can also decorate a brown leather sofa using pillows with complementary designs and colors. The two yellow pillows on the inside of the couch stand out against the brown on the couch. The other two pillows on the outside blend in with black crosshairs over yellow.

The solid yellow pillows really pop out on the dark-colored couch but go great with the two lemon chairs on either side of the gray coffee table, as well as the pale yellow privacy shades in the back of the living room.

The two lamps add some dark elements to the room, while the coffee table appears to be lacking in décor. Other items can be added to the bottom of the table in yellow, black, or brown to match the rest of the room.

Variety of Pillows

Variety of PillowsPin

A variety of pillows in different designs and colors can be seen on the far and near couches in this living room space. The solid-brown and cream-colored pillows are a classic choice. The pillows with polka dots add a bit of fun and design to the look on the couches.

These colors are subtle but match the rest of the furniture and décor in the living room. The brown pillows on the couches match the ones on the chairs near the lamp. Similar colors on the pillows can be seen on the vases and other décor throughout the room as well.

Striped Pillows on Sofa

Striped Pillows on SofaPin

Adding striped pillows is a great way to include extra color and design on a leather sofa. The light beige on the couch blends in well with the beige on the striped pillows. Adding a blanket in red or brown would be a nice touch to the chaise part of the couch.

While the couch looks complete with the pillows, the rest of the room still needs some work. End tables, lamps, a coffee table, artwork for the walls, a large rug, and décor all in similar colors will complete this living room.

Bold Pillows

Bold PillowsPin

Bold pillows in various designs is another choice way to decorate a leather couch that is brown. Each pillow on this couch varies in color and design but goes with the rest of the décor in the living room. The black-and-white striped pillow, solid yellow pillow, and pillow with red, blue, and white triangles all look different when looked at individually but create a great look on the couch when put together.

The rose gold coffee table matches well with the brown on the leather couch. The gray-and-white rug, along with the worn gray cushion seats, black metal side table, and other black elements matches the black on the pillows on the couch.

Pillows in Different Colors

Pillows in Different ColorsPin

These colorful pillows add some interest to this leather sofa. The blanket with red-and-blue designs is a great addition to the lounge area of the couch.

A mix of solid and patterned pillows can be seen on both sides of the couch. The colorful pillows add a little to the design in this living room.

The small coffee table is close enough to be considered an additional décor piece to match the couch and pillows. A large rug under the coffee table and couch in similar colors as the pillows would be a nice touch and make the room appear larger than it is.

Pillows with Stripes

Pillows with StripesPin

Striped pillows can make a statement on a brown leather couch. These striped pillows stand out in black and white and with a variety of thick and thin stripes. They seem to clash with the brown on the couch but stand out all the same.

Adding other decorations with black-and-white stripes will help the pillows to blend in more with the living room look. A rug in black and white will look great on the floor, along with a coffee table in the same colors. Black-and-white images on the wall will also make a great addition.

Brown Pillows

Brown PillowsPin

Adding pillows that blend in with the couch is also a great idea. These brown pillows with tan stripes match the sofa with the same brown and tan seen on different parts of the couch.

This look will work well for those who don’t want the design in their living room to stand out too much. The rug is a nice touch in a different shade of brown and tan. A large painting on the wall, two end tables with lamps, and a coffee table with décor will also add to the look of the couch and pillows.

Black-and-White Decor

Black-and-White DecorPin

Add black-and-white decorations to a brown leather couch. While two of the pillows are in solid black, one is black with small, white stripes, while the other is patterned with diamonds in black and white. A blanket draped over the side has a different pattern in black and white.

The blanket and pillows stand out against the solid-brown sectional. They do go well with the other black and white elements in the room, such as the coffee table, bookshelf, rugs, and vases.

Neutral Colors

Neutral ColorsPin

A variety of pillows in light and dark neutral colors cover the back of this brown couch, along with a fringed blanket in a dark and light brown pattern. While the pillows and blanket are in neutral colors, they pop against the bright brown seen on the couch.

Other décor in white and tan go with the couch, pillows, and blanket. Small prints in similar colors would lighten up the dark wall in the back.

Green Pillows

Green PillowsPin

Green pillows match the green wall and some of the décor in this stylish living room. A small throw blanket in solid green can be seen on the lower part of the couch as well. A little bit of green can also be seen on the rug, which adds a nice touch to the look of the room.

Colorful pillows and blankets in similar colors to the room are a great way to match a couch if it is made in a different color.

Gold Pillows

Gold PillowsPin

There is nothing wrong with adding pillows that match the same colors and patterns as a couch. This chase lounge is covered in rich chocolate brown fabric with a gold pattern on the seat cushions. The pillows are also covered in a mix of the chocolate and gold seen on this beautiful couch.

These pillows add extra cushioning as well as design to this couch and living room that is done in both chocolate and gold colors.

Gray and White Pillows

Gray and White PillowsPin

This brown sofa is covered in pillows and blankets in gray and white. Each pillow is covered in a different color and pattern to add an interesting look to the couch.

The couch and pillows both stand out in this living room which is done mainly in light neutral colors. A large rug in a gray and white pattern with a coffee table and décor would make a great addition to this living space.

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