How to Decorate Bookshelves with Plants? (30 Ideas)

Plants have been adored by people since the beginning of time. Decorating with plants is a great way to add some life and color to a room.

There are many ways to decorate a bookshelf with plants. Below are some ideas to help inspire you to decorate your bookshelves with plants flowing with leaves and flowers.

Variety of Plants

Variety of PlantsPin

One way to decorate a bookshelf with plants is to tuck bunches of plants between books on the shelf. Most of the plants are green, with some flowers for color, while the majority of the books have covers in a yellowish tan. The book covers match the green on the plants.

The plants rest between the books on the diamond-shaped shelves. This unusual choice of shape creates a beautiful display of books with the plants. Some bunches of plants include flowers with the greenery, while others just have green branches of plants sitting with the books.

Dark Plants

Dark PlantsPin

Tiny plants are dispersed on this wooden bookshelf with gray sides. Small plants are a great choice, since the sections on this bookshelf are small and can only fit a few books and items in them.

The books and plants act as décor, along with empty vases and other figures. The bookshelf is balanced out with the large plant on the other side of the door, which is a great choice for filling up this space.

Green Pot and Plants

Green Pot and PlantsPin

The light green pot stands out against the other pots and books on this white bookshelf. All the books, pots, and other décor are on one side of the shelves, which is an interesting placement.

Small plants in pots are dispersed on most of the shelves, giving balance to the image. Adding large plants or other décor by the blue wall would balance this part of the room out better.

Few Plants

Few PlantsPin

Another way to decorate bookshelves with plants is to use plants sparingly. These bookshelves are decorated with just a few potted plants. Their green leaves add some natural beauty to the wall space in this room.

Each plant is in a pot that is in the same bluish-gray color, which matches the bookshelves and white wall. Clear blue glass vases also decorate some of the shelves. These would look great with flowers or other plants added to the space.

Rearranging the plants so that all three were spaced out on the highest shelve would add some balance to this space as well.

Many Green Plants

Many Green PlantsPin

These bookshelves seem to come to life with all the plants growing here. The shelves double as planters for the green plants nestled inside. The green vines on the top shelf contrast well with the plants in the potted portion of the shelves.

There is little space for books, but they are more a part of the design than for reading. The books fastened to the wall make up for the few on the shelves.

Adding another green vine to the left side of the books would add more balance to the space, as well as adding more books to the lower two shelves.

House Plants

House PlantsPin

Natural-looking pots are used to display the plants on these white bookshelves. The wooden pots stand out against the white shelves behind them. The green house plants are also a great color to use with the white.

The plants take up most of the space on the top shelf, while the books are on display on the lower shelves. A variety of vases and other décor take up space on one of the shelves as well.

Other house plants can be seen throughout the room, which balances out well with the plants on the bookshelves.

Fern Plants

Fern PlantsPin

A huge fern hangs down from the top part of the bookshelf in this living room or study. The green plants on the shelves and around the room contrast well with the dark wood furniture.

Another fern or décor piece should be added to the right side of the top shelf to get rid of the empty space in that part of the room. Ferns and other green plants decorate other parts of the room so that the ones on the shelves do not look out of place.

Two Plants

Two PlantsPin

Using plants sparingly is a great way to decorate bookshelves with plants. Only two plants are used as décor on this natural wooden bookshelf. There are also not many books placed here, which allows plenty of white space to show through from the wall in the back.

The pots are in containers that are in similar colors as the shelf, which make them all match nicely with each other. The tropical leaves print on the wall and large plant next to the couch make up for the lack of greenery on the bookshelves.

White Pots

White PotsPin

The white and off-white pots seem to blend in with the white bookshelves in this home office. Books and folders take up most of the space on these shelves. The green house plants are a great way to break up the monotonous look on this back wall.

The large tropical plant on the ground is a great use of this space. More plants should be added to tone down the white in this office. There is plenty of space for more plants on the top shelf.

Some can also be placed on the desk to take up some of the empty space here.

Single Plant

Single PlantPin

A single plant is perfect for a minimalist’s bookshelf. The gray pot off to the side goes with the comfy sitting couch and gray lamp in the corner of this room. Another house plant next to the window balances this space out as well.

Since the bookshelf is small, one plant is plenty for this space. This makes room for the clock and coffee sign above the books and storage space. Another option is to replace the clock and sign with several smaller plants.

These décor items can also swap places with the plant by the window to keep the look minimal.

Green Plants

Green Plants 1Pin

Green plants in between books is a great way to showcase plants on bookshelves. While all these plants are green house plants, each is different in shape and form. A great way to display a plant that grows down is by having it up on the highest shelf, as the one off to the left is.

The books all blend together in form, shape, and color, which helps the plants stand out. Most of the greenery also grows in the same kind of pot, which is just a darker shade of the natural wood on the bookshelves.



Another way to display plants on a bookshelf is to use a succulent terrarium. A terrarium is a great way to enjoy plants on a smaller scale. Several small succulents grow inside a container filled with tiny rocks.

The container is small enough to stand just in front of a row of books on the bookshelf. Several of these can be placed on the shelf for a uniform look. A hanging plant with wispy leaves droops just next to the succulents to add diversity to this space.

Tall and Short Plants

Tall and Short PlantsPin

Using a variety of plants in different sizes is a great way to decorate a bookshelf. Small plants fit on top of and next to books on the bright yellow bookshelf that is self-standing on the right side of the room.

A few more plants can be seen on the shelf built in the wall. The large house plants next to the bookshelf is a great way to use up this empty floor space. The yellow flowers in the vase and natural décor on the ground balances out this side of the room.

White Bookshelves

White BookshelvesPin

Plants are dispersed on all the bookshelves in this living room. They almost blend in with the other décor and books found against the walls. These plants are a great décor choice, since they add some life into this room.

Plants are randomly placed throughout the room on top and lower bookshelves. A mix of other décor is on display, as well as books piled next to each other or on top of each other.

Plants on Fence

Plants on FencePin

This bookshelf is surrounded by plants on a fence. The small, white bookshelf is filled with colorful books, with various plants hanging onto the fence that blends in with the shelf.

All three of the plants have red flowers blooming from green leaves. These flowers bring out the red on some of the book covers. These beautiful red flowers also stand out since they are much brighter than the weathered white fence they hang on.

Plants on Small Shelf

Plants on Small ShelfPin

A small bookshelf can be given some life with small houseplants as part of the design. Books, prints, and other décor are mixed in with a few small planters in planters that match the overall design and colors on this bookshelf.

The prints with leaves are a great match with the house plants with their green leaves. The white background and borders of the prints blend in with the white on the bookshelf.

The plants are small enough to move around with the other décor when a change is wanted with this design look.

Plants on Shelf

Plants on ShelfPin

House plants are mixed with fresh bouquets on and around this bookshelf located in a home office. Light pink flowers in a clear vase on the top shelf of the bookcase add some color to this space.

A beautiful bouquet of pink flowers matches the pink piggy bank on the white desk, also adding some color to this space. The house plants with their large, green leaves create height and are a great addition of color as well.

Their pots match with the pages of the books on the bookshelf. The leafy plants and flowers can also be moved around to update the look in this home office.

Book Nook

Book NookPin

A variety of green plants takes up space on and around the bookshelf in this reading area. All the plants are green house plants, but vary in shape, length, and size.

Most of the books are kept neatly on one side of the shelves, with plants and other décor near the middle. Smaller plants are kept on a small shelf off to the side on the wall.

The large plant on the floor in the wicker basket creates some dramatic height between the bookshelf and the chair. This plant would look better in an empty corner of the room.

Flowers Between Books

Flowers Between BooksPin

This unique design showcases flowers and green plants in between open books on a wall. The open books act as shelves by being stacked on top of each other, forming several columns. Flowers and vines take up the space between the books.

The green vines keep the design of the books long, as they have enough space to grow down between the books. White and lavender flowers add some color and shape to this beautiful look.

Having the books stay open creates a three-dimensional effect on the design as well.

Indoor Plants on Shelf

Indoor Plants on ShelfPin

This book reader enjoys reading, as is seen on the number of books on these shelves. The books take up most of the space, leaving little room for anything else. Placing a few books in a stack on top of others gives some space to the small house plant on the lower shelf.

The painted brown pot stands out against the natural wood on the shelves and tan pages of the books. Another house plant can be seen dangling from a higher shelf, adding height to the space.

The walls are kept white to keep the focus on the bookshelves, books, and plant décor.

Small Shelf

Small ShelfPin

There seems to be more plants that books on this natural bookshelf. The books are stacked neatly on the left side, with most of the plants standing on the right side.

The books blend in with the color on the light wooden shelves while the plants stand out in different shades of green. Each plant is different with leaves that varying in shape, size, and orientation.

The plant on the bottom shelf takes up plenty of open space with its spiky leaves reaching upward. In contrast, the plant on the top shelf seems to reach for the fern below in the black vase.

Green Shelf

Green ShelfPin

Filling a bookshelf almost completely with plants is a great way to decorate it. This bookshelf has more plants than books in it. The variety of green plants gives this space a tropical look to it.

Bunches of leafy, green plants add beautiful color and creates three different columns on the bookshelf. Some books and other décor are added to a few of the shelves. Some additional color can be added with flowers and other décor.

Small Plants on Shelf

Small Plants on ShelfPin

This old bookshelf has small plants between some of the books on display. The shelves almost blend in with the wall since they are painted in a shade similar to the blue on the wall.

All the plants are about the same size and add some beautiful color and life to the weathered shelves. Other tall, green plants and furniture can be seen throughout the room so that the plants on the shelves do not stick out and match other parts of the room.

Flowers on Bookshelves

Flowers on BookshelvesPin

The flowers in vases go well with these vintage-looking wooden bookshelves. The soft pinks and yellows on the flowers blend in with the tan and pink found on the pages and covers on the books.

A mix of matching and diverse plants go well on these bookshelves. The green wreath seems to stand out against the white and pink on the walls and shelves. A wreath or other décor piece in similar colors would match better.

One Plant

One PlantPin

A single plant can be used to decorate a bookshelf. This plant takes up the empty space on one side of the shelf, while books stand side by side on the other part of the shelf.

The leafy green plant in the black pot stands out against the pink wall and white shelf. Plants and other décor can be added to the other shelves so that those spaces do not stay empty.

Plants on Top Shelf

Plants on Top ShelfPin

A variety of plants can be seen on the black bookshelves in the back of this modern living space. Some of the plants are in similar pots, while others are in different colors. Each pot is filled with a different leafy, green plant.

Using plants and empty vases is a great way to decorate a bookshelf. The tall plants on the top shelf seem to stand out, but also take up plenty of the empty space in this part of the room.

Dangling Plants

Dangling PlantsPin

Plants are placed in natural-looking pots on the bookshelf and around the desk. Some of the plants grow downward, while others grow up and outwards, adding some variety to this study space.

Some books are stacked on the shelves, but most of the space is taken up by the plants and other items. The white candles can create a relaxing atmosphere when lit in the evening. The two large plants in unusual pots on either side of the desk match well with the plants and wooden parts of the furniture.

Dried Plants

Dried PlantsPin

Dried plants is another way to decorate a bookshelf with plants. These dried pieces of wheat don’t need any water and can be displayed for a long time on this shelf. These plants stand out against the vivid design on the pot.

The stack of books is almost as tall as the plant and vase, creating a beautiful scene with plenty of color. There is also room for smaller plants on the books and shelf.

Plants in Rustic Pots

Plants in Rustic PotsPin

Worn metal pots filled with green plants blend in with the wooden shelves made in an unusual design. Some of the shelves do not have books, so using potted plants and other décor is a great choice. The green plants also add some color to the room, but match with the overall color scheme of this bedroom.

Many Small Plants

Many Small PlantsPin

Beautiful potted green plants look to be the main choice of decoration on the black metal bookshelf and the rest of this living room. There are more décor pieces than books on the bookshelf.

The shelf on top would be empty without the plants, making them a great choice to fill up this space with. The plants look the same at a glance but are actually all different in varying shades of green. These plants also match up beautifully with the pink and brown throughout the room.

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