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15 Best Industrial Floor Lamps You Will Love for Your Room

Lamps have come a long way since Thomas Edison lit up the world with the first light bulb in the late 1800s. Now, you can find modern version of lamps in several rooms of each home all over the world.

Despite modern technology and design, industrial floor lamps remain a popular choice for many. With their simple yet timeless look, these floor lamps make a great choice for those who still appreciate paying homage to those who contributed to the creation of the light bulb. Here are 15 of the best industrial floor lamps you will love for your home.

O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp

O’Bright Industrial Floor LampPin

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This industrial floor lamp is perfect for a minimalist designed room. It is made of metal with a single light socket, and would work great in a corner of the room, beside a reading couch, or another part of the room that doesn’t have much space.

A bulb is not included, which means you can add your own touch to the floor lamp based on what type of bulb you use. This would look great in a study, with other metal and minimalist décor elements to match with the bulb.

This floor lamp comes in several colored finishes so that you can mix and match with other décor in the room you place it in.

Elizabeth Floor Lamp

Elizabeth Floor LampPin

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The Elizabeth lamp is an elegant and simple choice, with a glass shade that allows the bulb to glow while on. It comes with an Edison LED bulb, a great choice of a bulb with a mix of old and new elements.

When carefully used, this bulb will last 20 years. You can always buy another bulb for a different look and as a backup.

Choose from oil-rubbed bronze or brass gold finish. Each color can blend in with similar color elements and furniture in the room you place them in. This lamp will look great next to a living room couch, desk in a study, or student desk.

Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor LampPin

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This tripod floor lamp is a unique take on the industrial floor lamp. This lamp is perfect for those who appreciate photography. The polished wooden legs and studio-like tripod takes one back to the golden days of photography and Hollywood.

This vintage lamp does not come with a bulb, which gives you the opportunity to add your own look to this lamp. Choose an Edison type bulb to keep the lamp with a classic look, or update it with an LED bulb.

Place the camera like top of the lamp at different angles to give different lighting effects. You can also vary the height of the tripod as well.

3 Light Bulb Floor Lamp

3 Light Bulb Floor LampPin

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Bring simple elegance into your home with this three-bulb floor lamp. Add some vintage farmhouse flair to a living room or study with minimal design and décor. Three Edison type light bulbs are included to add to the nostalgic look of the lamp.

This lamp looks great as a stand-alone piece with its sleek lines, iron cage lampshades, and finishes in black or gold. Add similarly finished minimal décor in black or gold, or mix and match the lamp with décor in a variety of finishes.

This lamp is easy to put together, so that you, your family, and guests can enjoy its look and light for years to come.

Pipe Floor Lamp

Pipe Floor LampPin

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This unique looking pipe lamp will be a show stopper and conversation piece in any room it is placed in. The pipes and pieces not only look authentic but are the real thing. Add to the authenticity by installing an Edison bulb to brighten up the vintage look of this lamp.

Since the piping and other pieces are real, they will come with a light industrial grease coating to slow the natural rusting that occurs with piping. You can clean and seal your pipe lamp to make it look more finished.

You will need to assemble this lamp when it arrived, but once put together, you will be completely happy with your industrial pipe floor lamp.

Vintage Floor Lamp

Vintage Floor LampPin

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This vintage floor lamp has room for three bulbs to really brighten up the room you place it in. This industrial floor lamp has an updated feature with a step on swift that is convenient to turn off and on.

This lamp will look great next to a living room couch for evening reading, the dining room, a study, or even the kitchen. All you need to do is attach 3 tungsten filament bulbs to enjoy 360 degrees of light all over the room.

When your lamp arrives, easily put it together by just screwing the pieces together, installing the bulbs, and plugging in the cord to the nearest outlet. You can now enjoy your vintage industrial floor lamp for plenty of years.

Teardrop Floor Lamp

Teardrop Floor LampPin

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This teardrop floor lamp has an industrial look with some farmhouse charm. Three light bulbs are set in a cage that curves down into a teardrop shape for a unique look. Add to a farmhouse styled bedroom or living room for some added industrial décor to offset the whites and neutral typical in farmhouse décor.

Twinkling LED bulbs are included that will last 20 000 minutes, averaging about 3 hours of light a day for years of enjoyment. This free-standing 3 bulb teardrop lamp comes with a 3-year warranty, so you don’t have to be concerned about paying extra for repairs or replacement parts.

Match this lamp with end table lamps in the living room or other rooms in the house to keep the same theme going throughout the room.

Metal Floor Lamp

Metal Floor LampPin

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This simple but functional floor lamp will work in a variety of rooms for your lighting needs. Choose from brass, silver, and sand black so that your metal floor lamp will go with the rest of your room’s décor.

The gooseneck makes for an adjustable lamp so that you can get the right amount of light for reading or other activity. A bulb is not included, so make sure to get one that is an LED, incandescent, or energy-saving, so it does not get overheated.

This lamp would make a great bedside lamp or reading lamp for a study. Add other metal décor and even desktop lamps in similar styles to create a cohesive theme in the room.

Floor Lamp with Glass

Floor Lamp with GlassPin

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This black self-standing lamp will work great in a variety of styled rooms. Use in a modern industrial style or farmhouse style room, and mix and match with other metal and black elements to bring the entire room’s look together.

The lamp comes with a lampshade for some added interest and dimension. The halogen bulb which comes with the lamp can give off an interesting glow to set the mood for the room. Place the lamp in a visual spot to use as a conversation piece for guests.

Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor LampPin

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This modern tripod floor lamp almost looks like a functional work of art. The black and tan leather legs, along with the hand-applied gold flecks satellite shade makes this a unique floor lamp.

Place in a modern style study or living room with similar décor and accents to really bring the look of the room together. An LED bulb is included, although you can also use CFL and incandescent lights with it as well.

Get your new tripod floor lamp assembled in no time to enjoy in whichever room you choose to place it in. It also comes with a 1 year warranty when purchased from a dealer.

Black Floor Lamp

Black Floor LampPin

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This minimalist black industrial floor lamp will fit great in tight places and corners that need extra light. The black satin finish will give this lamp a sleek look as an extra functional piece of décor in a room with farmhouse or industrial elements.

This lamp comes with a vintage-looking Edison bulb to give it an old-fashioned look with modern appeal. Your new lamp will be easy to install and use with a 5-foot cord for diversity.

Pulley Floor Lamp

Pulley Floor LampPin

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This interesting pulley floor lamp will make a great addition to an industrial study, living room, or bedroom. The classical and modern design on this lamp makes it a truly unique functional part of your home.

You can choose from black, antique brass, and aged steel to match it with the rest of the room’s décor. Mix and match industrial and modern décor in varying finishes for an interesting and minimal look to the room.

A variety of bulbs can be used with this pulley floor lamp, such as E26, LED, IOTTY, Flux, and other smart bulbs. Purchase several bulbs to change up the lighting in the room from time to time.

Plain Black Floor Lamp

Plain Black Floor LampPin

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This adjustable single bulb black floor lamp is perfect as an extra light in hard to reach places. The aged bronze finish gives it an authentic look with updated features.

The lamp neck is adjustable for your specific lighting needs. The height can also be adjusted, based on where you plan on placing your industrial black lamp.

This simple but elegant floor lamp does not come with a bulb, allowing you to choose one based on your lighting needs.

Swing Arm Standing Floor Lamp

Swing Arm Standing Floor LampPin

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This metal floor lamp has a swinging arm to adjust the lamp at varying angles, based on how much light you need. The lamp comes in a variety of finishes, including black, brass, sand black, silver, and white. Some are done in contrasting colors, such as the black with brass accents, for an interesting and appealing look.

This adjustable metal lamp would look great in study or next to a student’s desk for ease of use. This lamp does not come with a bulb, but can be used with incandescent, LED, and other energy-saving bulbs. Purchase several in different watts to create several looks and moods in the room you place your lamp in.

Crackled Glass Floor Lamp

Crackled Glass Floor LampPin

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This floor lamp gets an updated look with crackled glass over the bulb for an interesting glow of light. This lamp can be matched with a variety of décor looks, such as industrial, farmhouse, modern, and minimalistic. It’s simple yet elegant look will make it a great addition to any room.

This lamp is quick to assemble so that you can start enjoying its light as soon as you take it out of the box. An LED bulb is included with 20,000 hours so that you don’t have to worry about replacing your light bulb.

This lamp comes with a 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind in case something breaks and needs to be replaced.

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