32 Kitchen Window Ideas That Will Enliven Your Home

Having kitchen windows can add to the overall look of your cooking and baking space. Add dimension, depth, and plenty of natural sunlight to your kitchen with the right kind of windows. You can also dress up your windows with curtains and blinds.

Here are 32 kitchen window ideas that will enliven your home.

Kitchen Window Reading Nook

Kitchen Window Reading NookPin

This cozy kitchen nook is perfect for book lovers and readers. All the windows around the bench bring in plenty of natural light to enjoy a book or magazine in the afternoon. The windows can also be opened up to bring in a nice breeze on mild days.

The wooden bench blends in nicely with the wooden cabinets in the kitchen. The three lights near the window can add light in the evenings or if a small kitchen table was placed right below them.

High Kitchen Window with Curtains

High Kitchen Window with CurtainsPin

This kitchen window looks beautiful with just a hint of color from the light blue curtains. The sheer curtains block just some of the natural light coming in from the window. Enjoy the view with the curtains and window open.

Color can also be added to the area with some flowers in a vase. The pink flowers in a clear vase add just a little bit of color without taking away from the window space. Open up the window to let in a nice breeze with fresh air from outside.

Pink Kitchen Window Curtains

Pink Kitchen Window CurtainsPin

These windows blend in nicely with the light and colors in the kitchen. Enjoy natural light while rinsing dishes in the kitchen sink. The sheer curtains on either side of the kitchen windows seem to glow with light that washes over the rest of the kitchen area.

A small bouquet of flowers is perfect for this window space. There is plenty of light that comes in to keep the flowers looking bright and healthy. This space is great for those who want plenty of natural light while working in their kitchen.

Kitchen Window with Pink Curtain

Kitchen Window with Pink CurtainPin

Enjoy plenty of natural light and views from the patio with these kitchen windows. Keep the curtains and shades up on a sunny day for natural light in the kitchen. When you want more privacy, just pull down the shades and draw the curtains closed.

Add as little or as much color with the shades and curtains. The sheer grey shades and light pink curtains add just a little color without taking away from the rest of the kitchen space. These can be easily replaced during the holidays or different seasons to change up the kitchen space throughout the year.

Kitchen Window with Gray Curtains

Kitchen Window with Gray CurtainsPin

Plenty of windows in this space allow for natural light and beautiful views of the outdoors. The sheer grey curtains can be drawn to let in some natural light while enjoying privacy.

The tall windows make the space appear larger and allow for more spectacular views of the outdoors. Open up the windows from the bottom to allow some breeze inside the kitchen during mild weathered days.

Plaid Kitchen Window Curtains

Plaid Kitchen Window CurtainsPin

The walls and curtains contrast sharply with the white windows, making for an interesting kitchen space. The multipaned windows give a farmhouse feel to the area, as well as the plaid curtains.

Plenty of natural light can be enjoyed by all the windows, with privacy from the plaid red curtains. The bold red walls attract eye, while the white paned windows pair nicely with the cream in the plaid red curtains, bringing the colors and design of the kitchen together.

Kitchen Window with Lace Curtains

Kitchen Window with Lace CurtainsPin

These windows have a farmhouse look with the weathered white pane along the edge of the windows. Beautiful lace curtains allow some natural light in while providing some privacy.

The white daisies in the clear vase add some life to the area, while blending in nicely with the white from the curtains and weathered white frame along the window.

Enjoy plenty of natural sunshine while keeping the curtains to the side. Open up the window for some natural breezy air on mild days.

Cream Kitchen Window


The three windows bring in plenty of light for the kitchen table and chairs they surround. The sheer curtains blend in nicely with the creams and patterns on the kitchen chairs. Draw the curtains back for plenty of natural sunshine during breakfast and lunch.

The tall windows add height and depth to the kitchen by making the space appear larger. Allow for a natural breeze by opening the kitchen door to the outdoor space.

Kitchen Window Checkered Floor

Kitchen Window Checkered FloorPin

The space around these kitchen windows makes for an interesting look with patterns, lines, texture and just a hint of color. The sheer curtains overlaid with thicker curtains allows for as much or as little privacy as you want. The light grey curtains add just a little color to the space and contrast nicely with the sheer white curtains.

The checkered floor gives the space an interesting look and brightens up the area when the curtains are drawn back, allowing plenty of natural light in. The dark panes on the window blend in with the dark squares on the checkered floor, bringing the entire look of the space together.

Kitchen Window Bar

Kitchen Window BarPin

The tall windows in this space are perfect for the bar and stools set up here. Draw the curtain back to allow plenty of natural light in while enjoy tea or coffee at breakfast while sitting on the bar stools.

The soft orange curtains add just a little color to the space, without taking away from the look and style of the windows. The light wood finish on the stools and chairs give a farmhouse look to the space, while blending in nicely with the orange curtains.

Kitchen Windows with Valances

Kitchen Windows with ValancesPin

This gorgeous kitchen space is made up mainly of windows, which brings in all the light this kitchen needs. The light mint valances with pink flowers contrasts beautifully with the wood features on the ceiling and tiny wall space between the windows. The white border along the windows flow well with the white on the kitchen cabinets.

Just having valances on the windows allows light to come through most of the window spaces. The lighting, along with the soft colors around the kitchen, give a serene feel to the space.

Kitchen Window with Plants

Kitchen Window with PlantsPin

The dark window panes are a nice contrast to the wood on the window shelf and plants. The metal and neutral colors on the plant pots, along with the dark window panes and wood shelf along the window give an urban farmhouse feel to the space.

The plants inside and outside the window are a nice contrast to the dark colors around the window. Plenty of natural light brightens up the space during the day.

Double Kitchen Windows

Double Kitchen WindowsPin

Double kitchen windows are just what this space needs. The kitchen appliances and furniture match up nicely and are brightened by the natural light coming in through both windows, adding more light and space to the area.

The deep window space gives more feeling of light and space in the area. The pure white on the windows and space around the windows makes the area more light and bright, along with the natural light streaming through.

Tall Kitchen Windows

Tall Kitchen WindowsPin

These large kitchen windows give more depth and height to the kitchen, making the room appear larger than it is. Add as little or as much light from outside with the neutral tan floor length curtains.

The white panes on the windows go well with the marble kitchen top. Wood detailing on the cabinets and wood patterns on the floor are just enough color to contrast with the cream and white on the walls and other parts of the kitchen.

Kitchen Window Hanging Plants

Kitchen Window Hanging PlantsPin

These windows seem to come alive being surrounded by plants, as well as the plants drying upside down. The white windowpanes go perfectly with the white on the cabinets and stool. The brick work on the walls and wood floors give a rustic feel to the kitchen space.

The plants around the windows add life to the space and are perfect for the area with plenty of natural sunlight to keep the houseplants alive.

Standing Kitchen Window

Standing Kitchen WindowPin

These door sized windows add plenty of height and views to this space. Enjoy plenty of natural sunlight and views of the yard with these tall windows. The wood paneling along the walls and floors keep the look natural. Adding plants is a great way to make the area come alive.

The white details on the window combined with the soft, natural colors on the wood give the space a modern farmhouse feel. Mix and match with décor in similar colors to keep the look simple throughout the space.

Multisize Kitchen Windows

Multisize Kitchen WindowsPin

The variety of sizes of the glass on these windows keeps the open space looking interesting. Lack of curtains and décor around the windows are not needed with the greenery of the yard showing through.

Enjoy plenty of light throughout the day with the many windows in this kitchen space. The white and cream colors around the windows goes well with the rest of the neutral and wood colors in this farmhouse styled kitchen.

Dining Area Kitchen Windows

Dining Area Kitchen WindowsPin

These windows are the perfect space to enjoy meals throughout the day. The windows seem to surround the table and chairs in a half circle pattern. The style stays minimal with white blinds that match the white panels around the windows, white tables, and light gray and cream chairs.

Pull the blinds up to enjoy natural light and greenery from outside, or shut some of the blinds for a little privacy, while allowing some natural light through. The décor stays minimal with light metal art wall pieces.

Long Kitchen Window

Long Kitchen WindowPin

These horizontally placed windows make the kitchen appear longer than it is. The natural light gives an airy feeling to the open space, making it seem larger as well. The windows are kept simple to enjoy the outside views and allow plenty of natural light to come through the kitchen throughout the day.

The light brown of the kitchen walls and wood framed windows goes well with the wood on the small table and kitchen cabinets. This modern farmhouse look is perfect for someone who wants minimal style in their kitchen space.

Privacy Kitchen Window

Privacy Kitchen WindowPin

The mixture of privacy and regular windows in this kitchen space is perfect for someone who wants some privacy in their kitchen without the need for curtains. Get plenty of natural light with privacy by installing these tasteful privacy windows in your kitchen.

Clean dishes while enjoying natural light without the prying eyes of neighbors in the kitchen space. The windows off to the right allow for clear views of the neighborhood, while maintaining some privacy along the bottom portion with small privacy windows.

Kitchen Window Wall

Kitchen Window WallPin

Get plenty of light in your kitchen and dining space with these wall to wall windows. These windows are great for someone who enjoys panoramic views of the outdoors. Add curtains or blinds to shut out intense light throughout the day.

Enjoy natural lighting throughout the minimally decorated kitchen with farmhouse feel. The gray curtains and chairs are a great contrast to the wood and white in this kitchen space.

Panoramic Kitchen Windows

Panoramic Kitchen WindowsPin

Enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful outdoors with these wall sized windows. Gorgeous views of the ocean can be enjoyed while making gourmet meals in natural light. No curtains or shades are needed to keep the space looking natural and allowing outdoor views day and night.

The lack of décor and basic black and white colors in this space, such as the cabinets, table, and lighting are perfect so that guests can focus on enjoying panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding areas.

High Kitchen Windows

High Kitchen WindowsPin

The high windows in this kitchen are great for those who prefer more privacy and less natural light. Afternoon light can be enjoyed while making dinner for the evening.

The gourmet kitchen has a minimal look with small windows and neutral colors. Ceiling lights and lights above the kitchen island and cabinets make up for the lack of windows and natural light in the area.

Double Kitchen Windows

Double Kitchen WindowsPin

This modern kitchen gets plenty of sunshine and outdoor views from these two identical windows. Minimal décor on and around the windows goes perfectly with this minimally designed modern kitchen and dining space.

Identical windows contrast well with the brick walls and wood ceiling. Hanging modern lights and other details keep this modern urban space look together.

City View Kitchen Windows

City View Kitchen WindowsPin

Enjoy urban views of the city below with these floor to ceiling windows. The furniture and kitchen essentials are kept minimal with black and white to keep the focal point of the room on the grand views outside the windows.

The tan curtains give this space just enough color without taking away from the rest of the décor and modern look in this kitchen.

Varied Kitchen Windows

Varied Kitchen WindowsPin

These kitchen windows have plenty of height without taking up the entire wall space. Enjoy vertical views of the outdoors with plenty of sunlight from these windows. Very little artificial light will be needed indoors on bright, sunny days.

The light color panels around the windows blend in the wall, making it look like the windows are floating freely. The chandeliers give added height to this beautiful kitchen space.

Multiple Kitchen Windows

Multiple Kitchen WindowsPin

The three windows on the sink side of this kitchen add plenty of light and depth to this room, making it appear larger than it is. The double windows on the side also add some extra light to enjoy during the daylight hours.

The rest of the sink area remains modern with dark cabinets and light kitchen tops, which match the walls around the windows. Some fruit and flowers add some nice natural décor to the space.

Ceiling Kitchen Window

Ceiling Kitchen WindowPin

This ceiling kitchen window is perfect for those who want some natural sunlight while enjoying plenty of privacy in their kitchen. The location of the window allows for plenty of light without the use of too many interior lights.

The wood panel on this ceiling kitchen window goes perfectly with all the wood details, including intricately detailed kitchen tiles.

Single Glass Kitchen Window

Single Glass Kitchen WindowPin

The single window in this kitchen is perfect for this small space. Open up the blinds to enjoy sunlight while cook and baking during the day. Keep the blinds closed for privacy and at night when using the indoor lights.

This small window fits perfectly in this small spaced kitchen. Keep the look clean and simple with just a few décor pieces and kitchen utensils on display to use.

3 Sizes Kitchen Windows

3 Sizes Kitchen WindowsPin

This window space has a very unique look using three different sized windows. Enjoy plenty of sunlight and views of the garden from this space on clear, sunny days. Open up the two windows on the right for a nice breeze on mild weathered days.

This window area has a modern art feel with a variety of lines, textures, and colors in this space. The black and white checkered tiles contrast sharply with the blue walls and scalloped overhang above the windows.

Colorful Kitchen Window

Colorful Kitchen WindowPin

This unique window space is perfect for those who enjoy something different with plenty of color. The wood detailing along the windows contrast nicely with the white walls and colorful details.

The vertically striped curtains brighten up the red in the colorful wall border. Allow as much or as little natural white with the shades.

Wall Windows

Wall WindowsPin

Having windows on both sides of the kitchen brightens and enlarges the room. Enjoy plenty of sunshine on both sides throughout the day. The black modern chandelier can add some extra light on evenings and cloudy days.

The windows blend in with the floors with the same wood paneling. The wood details contrast sharply with the black kitchen table and appliances. The white walls are a nice touch to the modern neutral colored kitchen.

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