40 Kitchens with Dark Wooden Floor

Choosing the type of floor in your kitchen can make or break the look and use of the room. There are many types of materials to use for the kitchen floor. Two of the most popular types are hardwood and tile floors for kitchens.

There are pros and cons to both tile and hardwood kitchen floors. Below is information on both types of flooring for your cooking and baking space, then you can find 40 inspirational images of kitchens with dark wooden floor.

There are several reasons why it might be a good choice to have tile floors. One is that there are many designs available to match with the rest of your kitchen. Another is that tile won’t scratch, which works great for people who have pets they keep indoors.

The third advantage to having tile flooring is that most tile floors are waterproof. Tile can hold heat more than wood floors. The last reason tile floors are better is that some people like the look more than wood floors.

Hardwood floors are a great choice as well. They are the latest style that are popular in kitchens. Wood floors can warm up your feet, as well as not be so hard on them.

Hardwood floors can be less expensive, based on if you live in a colder climate. Floors made of wood can be easier to clean and preserve. Wooden floors can also create a larger living space.

There are also pros to both tile and wood floors. The grout in tile floors tend to get dirty and wear away over time. This flooring can also crack, due to a bad installation or the house settling.

Hardwood floors need to be refinished over about a 10-year period, which is an extra cost. They are also not waterproof, so clean up as soon as spills happen.

When it comes to wooden floors, there are different types of wood to choose from, as well as various shades of wood to complement the rest of the kitchen. Here are some dark wooden floors that look beautiful in kitchens.

Dark Wooden Floors

Dark Wooden FloorsPin

The dark wooden floors look elegant in this kitchen. They are just a tad darker than the wood on the island. The floors also make the wood beams on the ceiling stand out.

The hardwood floors bring out the other wood and brown features in this kitchen. The majority of the kitchen is bright white, so the dark wood balances out the brightness of the white parts.

The bamboo shades on the windows match up nicely with the wood and whites in this room. Other small details also stand out with the wood, such as the wooden cutting board, bowl, and other small, brown utensils on the countertop.

Luxury Kitchen

Luxury KitchenPin

Dark wood floors warm up the space in this luxury kitchen. The walls, island, cabinets, and chairs are white, so having darker floors is a nice contrast. Even the beams and other details on the ceiling are white to brighten and create more space.

Other décor pieces and kitchenware are in dark colors so that the floors don’t stand out too much. The bar seats look to be made with dark wood on the seat parts. The oval table by the windows are made of a lighter wood.

The beautiful, modern light fixture above the island does a great job of brightening the space up.

Luxury House Kitchen

Luxury House KitchenPin

The three lights above the kitchen bar make the space glow, including the wood floors. The flooring goes well in this modern kitchen, with its large island and appliances in stainless steel.

White cupboards go well with the gray-tiled backsplash and gray walls throughout this kitchen. The white cupboards and ceiling make the space look larger than it is and are a great color to contrast with the darker wood floors.

A lone ceiling beam in dark wood also matches well with the floors, as well as the darker features in the room.

Wooden Kitchen Floors

Wooden Kitchen FloorsPin

The floors in this kitchen stand out with the white cabinets, gray island, and black countertops. The gray and black go beautifully with the stainless-steel appliances and light fixtures above the island.

The white-marble countertop on the island and white cabinets and drawers brighten up the room, along with the lighting on the ceiling. The wood floors warm up the room well.

It would be nice to see other wood-and-brown details in the room so that the floors matched up better with the rest of the kitchen. Décor and appliance made of wood or painted brown would look nice in this area.

Kitchen Hardwood Floors

Kitchen Hardwood FloorsPin

The hardwood floors seem to meld with the wood on the sides of the island in this modern kitchen. The stool seats also match perfectly with the wood on the island.

Although most of the kitchen is in dark gray and white, the three wooden shelves near the windows and sink help to bring in the wooden parts as well.

The dark-gray tiles give the kitchen an urban feel, while the white cabinets, drawers, and wooden floors give it a rustic and farmhouse look combined. The minimal amount of décor in the room creates a great space to cook and bake in, too.

Dark Wood Kitchen Floors

Dark Wood Kitchen FloorsPin

The bright, red chairs next to the island stand out in this luxurious kitchen. Although most of the room is done in white, small details add design and texture throughout the room. The backsplash is in a herringbone pattern, while the rest of the walls are covered in tiles.

The beautiful wood floors balance out the harsh white throughout the kitchen. The dark wood on the tabletop of the island and legs on the chairs match well with the floors. There are even red knobs by the stove to match with the red chairs.

Wood Floors Modern Kitchen

Wood Floors Modern KitchenPin

Light-and-dark wood features go well with the white walls, ceiling, and island in this kitchen. Light-wood cabinets are a nice change to the white ones that are popular. They also go beautifully with the dark wood flooring. The inside wall of the island is in the same wood as the cabinets to match.

Stainless steel appliances pair up well with the stainless steel on the bar stools. The backsplash in gray, black, and white add an interesting design combined with the rest of the kitchen. There is still plenty of space for décor and a dining set behind the island or next to the refrigerator.

Wood Kitchen

Wood KitchenPin

This beautiful kitchen is designed with cherry wood on the cabinets and marbling on the island and countertops. The floors are also covered with cherry wood to align with the design and color of the kitchen.

The backsplash and ceiling lighten up the space in white and cream. The countertops are a great mix of dark-and-light colored marbling. The rustic lights that hang just above the island illuminate this beautiful kitchen.

A few kitchen items can be seen on the counters, but not any décor. A small bouquet or bowl of fruit would look nice on the island.

Dark Kitchen Floors

Dark Kitchen FloorsPin

There is more space for a dining table in this large kitchen. The dark wood floors match the cabinets and drawers on the left. They balance out the bright, white drawers and cabinets on the left side. Even the countertops are opposite colors, with white marble and black on the sides and island.

Stainless-steel appliances are a great choice for this large kitchen space. The island is a good mix of the dark wood and light marble seen throughout this room. Adding some colorful décor would personalize the spacious room.

Black Kitchen

Black KitchenPin

Black cabinets and a black island darken up the large kitchen. Polished wood floors are a beautiful choice for this room. White countertops, walls and the ceiling help to lighten up the room a bit.

The stainless-appliances and metal handles on the cabinets and drawers match well with the black parts. Three small lights that dangle from the ceiling near the island, and the lights in the ceiling light up this enormous kitchen.

Adding light-colored rugs and a dining table in a lighter wood can help balance out the dark colors, unless the darker look is preferred.

White Kitchen

White KitchenPin

This white kitchen is a huge contrast with the last black one. A white island with white marble counters, white walls, and ceiling create a bright room that looks larger than it is in reality.

Dark wood floors look great mixed with the white of the kitchen. It matches the slightly lighter wood tabletop by the nook to the right. Lights are encased in white shades to create a subtle glow in this space.

The bowl of lemons adds some color to the room, as well as the green plants on the kitchen table. Colorful place settings would also be a great addition to the kitchen table and island.

Luxury Modern Kitchen

Luxury Modern KitchenPin

Dark, hardwood floors cover the bottom part of this kitchen. The island and some of the lower cabinets are in a dark-brown wood that looks black against the flooring.

The white walls and cabinets complement the darker parts of this large room. The yellow island chairs stand out among the darker colors in the room but go with the bright-yellow cookie jar on the kitchen counter.

The sitting pouf next to the stainless steel refrigerator would make a great place to visit with friends as an extra sitting area, or a place to use as a small office. Adding large houseplants in colorful pots on the floor would be a great use of the ground space.

Kitchen with Large Island

Kitchen with Large IslandPin

The white cabinets, drawers, and white island almost overtake the darker wood on the floor. Bits of tan peak through behind the counter on the left and around the door frame to go with the floor.

The tile backsplash creates an art deco look behind the stove with tiny tiles in black, tan, gray, and white. The two green topiary plants are a great addition of color to this mostly white space.

Beautiful marble countertops in white with a hint of gray decorate the top of the island and counters. All the white create a larger space in this already spacious kitchen.

Stainless Steel Appliances Kitchen

Stainless Steel Appliances KitchenPin

Warm colors create a cozy atmosphere in this modern kitchen. White cabinets, drawers, island, and ceiling make the room appear larger than it really is. Large, gray tiles are used as the backsplash with a sophisticated look near the stove.

Beige walls match with the gray countertops and dark wood floors. The stainless-steel appliances give this kitchen the finishing touches it needs. Long, slender handles make the drawers, cabinets, and dishwasher easy to open and close.

All this kitchen needs is some décor that adds personality and color to this space.

Dark Brown Kitchen

Dark Brown KitchenPin

Bright light seeps in from between the wooden blinds in this brown-and-white kitchen space. A mixture of white and wood creates a balanced and beautiful look. The gray floor breaks up the hardwood floors and creates a distinction between the kitchen and dining area.

Three white lights hang from the ceiling and seem to blend in with the rest of the white in the kitchen. Wooden tiles cover the back of the kitchen wall and side of the island. Three wooden bar stools match nicely with the brown in the kitchen and on the floor.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green Kitchen CabinetsPin

The wooden top on the island matches well with the dark, hardwood floors all over the kitchen. The mint-green cabinet stands out among the white and brown throughout this room, while also giving it a unique look.

Bits of brown and white can be seen in the green rug to bring all the colors together in the kitchen, as well as add some design and color to the floor. The orange-and-yellow flowers with large, green leaves also add color to the center of the room.

The lights hanging above the island and the ones in the ceiling add light to this beautiful kitchen space.

Quartz Counters Kitchen

Quartz Counters KitchenPin

This elegant kitchen is covered in brown and white with steel details. The beautiful hardwood floor is a stark contrast with the white ceiling and other white parts. The island does a great job of combining both the white and brown in the room.

Brown tiles behind the stove and other counterspace is a great way to break up the white parts of the kitchen. The wooden table and chairs match the floors nicely.

The candle-like lights seem to float above the island and dining table incased and hug by steel chains. The vase of dried plants goes with the dark parts of the room well.

Farmhouse Sink Kitchen

Farmhouse Sink KitchenPin

Two farmhouse-style sinks can be seen on the island and far end of this large kitchen. Beautiful wood floors add a rustic touch to this room, along with the wood on the island, shelves, and oven vent. The wood gives a nice rustic look, while the white has a farmhouse feel to it.

Rugs can be added to the floor to break up the space and to add some color and design. Décor can also be added to the countertops, such as more green plants, like the one on the island top.

Black Kitchen Island

Black Kitchen IslandPin

A black kitchen island adds a dramatic look to the center of this kitchen. Its marble top swirls in shades of gray and cream. Black countertops and handles on the drawers and cabinets beside the island help match it with the rest of the kitchen.

Hardwood floors create a beautiful space all around the kitchen and keeps it looking sophisticated. Metal lights hang down from the center and match the stainless-steel appliances and other metal parts of this kitchen.

The wood floors, combined with the black, white, and stainless steel, create a modern kitchen that will work great for many families.

Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet KitchenPin

This gourmet kitchen has a huge oven vent just above the stove. Two vertical windows offer plenty of natural light and outdoor scenes during the day.

The wood floors match nicely with the tan tiles behind the stove. Two sinks provide plenty of space to clean and prepare food for meals.

Adding a large kitchen rug with sunflowers would create a fun look to the room, several smaller ones placed below the sinks and oven area. Place a matching valance and curtains to dress up the windows.

Black countertops match well with the appliances made with stainless steel. A few shelves are made of wood on the right corner, which match the floors nicely.

Modern Kitchen

Modern KitchenPin

This modern kitchen features wood floors that cover the kitchen and dining space. White cabinets match the white countertops well. Gray wood is used for the lower cabinets, which go well with the white areas and stainless-steel furniture.

A backsplash runs the entire length of the left side of the kitchen. The beige tiles go well with the cream-colored walls and wooden floors.

Some décor in one or several colors would liven up the kitchen space, such as vases or rugs.

All-Wood Kitchen

All-Wood KitchenPin

You will feel like you are in a country kitchen in this room made up mainly of wood. Wooden cabinets seem to melt into hardwood floors in the same shade of brown. The wooden panels on the cupboards and drawers are in a different shade than the border.

The rest of the room and surrounding areas also have beautiful hardwood floors in several shades of brown. The marble countertop in black, taupe, and brown matches well with the tiles used as the backsplash and rest of the wall behind the stove top.

Gray Marble Kitchen

Gray Marble KitchenPin

The dark gray marble tops speckled with white almost blend into the wooden floors. The colors and lights create a warm space to cook and bake in during the day and evening hours. The pink-and-cream roses in the white vase add some color and décor to this space as well.

Sheer curtains are a great way to add some privacy while still enjoying natural sunlight. The soft-gray walls match well with the gray-marble countertops and hardwood floors. Adding candles to the clear-and-gold holders will create a romantic atmosphere when lit with less lights turned on.

Modern Kitchen Floor

Modern Kitchen FloorPin

The white island near the windows seem to float on the dark hardwood floor. Cabinets and drawers are in a different type of wood that match the floors and white space well.

The large light fixture above the island is a beautiful example of a modern work of art made into a functional piece. It fits well with the look and design of this kitchen.

The shelf cut into the cabinet space is a great place to display décor or favorite dishes when guests are present. Items can also change here based on the seasons and holidays.

Center Island Kitchen

Center Island KitchenPin

This kitchen, done completely in white, looks harsh against the warm hardwood floors. The light-gray marble tops look beautiful in the glow of the lights above the island.

Décor in browns and other colors will tone down the white in the kitchen. There is plenty of space to add decorative dishes and other decorations to the cabinets and shelf space above the doors on the left side of this room.

Window curtains and kitchen carpets can also draw the eye away from all the white.

Classic Kitchen

Classic KitchenPin

This classic kitchen is covered in wood with marble counters in tan, gray, cream, and black. The light fixture above the large island has a rustic look to it with metal parts that look worn.

Hardwood floors are in the same shade of brown as the wooden cabinets and drawers. Stainless-steel appliances give this kitchen a modern look.

The hanging light fixture is a great way to emphasize the space in the middle of the kitchen, while the ceiling lights can brighten up the rest of the room.

Rustic Luxury Kitchen

Rustic Luxury KitchenPin

This rustic kitchen features wooden beams that hold up the vaulted ceiling. The long island has a countertop made in white quartz. Dark wooden cabinets match the dark hardwood floors throughout the kitchen and other rooms nearby.

The mixture of cream and brown looks great in this room. Barstools with cushions in gray fabric and tufting add another color and some texture to the kitchen. The hanging lights above the island have a rustic look with metal fixtures hanging from chains.

The backsplash and items on the white countertop can be shown off by turning on the lights near the stove.

Modern Black Kitchen

Modern Black KitchenPin

This modern kitchen features a wooden floor and black furniture for a dark and dramatic look and feel. The island and its countertop are solid black. Two half-orbs are located on either side as a source of light.

The black countertop on the wall is lit up underneath the cabinets to show off the sink and other items near it. The cactus are an interesting addition for décor. No lights are located on the ceiling to keep the kitchen area dark.

It would be nice to see how this space would look lit up by more lights during the day.

Black-and-White Kitchen

Black and White KitchenPin

Black-and-white are the main colors in this beautiful kitchen. Dark wooden floors cover the bottom part of the kitchen and living room nearby.

The marble countertops look great with the marble used on the kitchen walls. The light-gray streaks in the marble pair up nicely with the black cabinets.

Even the window is bordered in black to bring out the darker parts of the kitchen. Using kitchen items as décor is a great way to cover the countertops in this room.

Gray Island Kitchen

Gray Island KitchenPin

The island in this kitchen is painted in a slate gray with a beautiful marble top in white with streaks of gray. The white wooden stools with woven seats give a rustic feel to the kitchen, along with the dark hardwood floors.

The black countertops surrounding two sides of the kitchen help keep the island not looking out of place. A bouquet of blue-and-green hydrangeas is a nice addition of color to the center of this room.

The huge refrigerator looks fit for a gourmet cook to use, along with the rest of the kitchen that can contain so many items and food to use.

Waterfall Island Kitchen

Waterfall Island KitchenPin

The waterfall island made with white-and-gray marble takes the center space in this luxurious kitchen. Double ovens allow twice as much food to be cooked for plenty of guests. Hardwood floors are a great way to complete the look as well.

This white kitchen with a tall ceiling makes the space look larger than it is. Fruit bowls and bouquets of flowers would add a nice touch to the island.

Red Kitchen

Red KitchenPin

This contemporary kitchen stands out with its red walls. The hardwood floors go well with the shelf space on the left. A stackable oven and toaster oven is a great way to add these appliances in a small kitchen.

The shelves on the red wall provide a space to add décor or favorite dishes, as shown in the photograph. The bright-blue dishes and watering can stand out against the deeper red, but also create an interesting combination of color.

Modern Hardwood Floor Kitchen

Modern Hardwood Floor KitchenPin

Dark hardwood floors cover the floor space to the stairs. A white island with a black marble countertop takes up the middle space in this room. Two legs that look like columns give room for chairs on one side of the island.

The layout of this kitchen is beautiful in design and color. There is plenty of space to add décor to give it a personal touch with rugs, stools, flowers in pots, and fruit bowls.

A rug in front of the sink and oven, or a large one that could cover both spaces will add some additional design to this room.

Natural Stone Kitchen

Natural Stone KitchenPin

This kitchen is designed mainly in dark wood. The copper stove hood matches the brown colors in the wood on the door, walls, cabinets, and floors. The room also has a rustic feel with the natural stone backsplash in a beautiful gray color.

The rug below the double sink adds extra design to the floor that matches the color scheme in brown and cream. The light above the island adds a retro touch with a unique design that looks well with the rest of the space.

Kitchen with Gray Stools

Kitchen with Gray StoolsPin

The hardwood floors add some color and design to this kitchen done mainly in white. The copper lights above the island and copper details on the oven vent are a great way to add some design and color to the space. The brown stools with gray seats also add some color to the neutral palette.

Dark Hardwood Floor Kitchen

Dark Hardwood Floor KitchenPin

The wooden floors are much darker than the rest of the kitchen but add a great contrast of color along with it. Soft-beige countertops match the multi-colored backsplash done in neutral-colored tiles. Flowers and fruit add some hues of color to this beautiful space.

Granite Counter Kitchen

Granite Counter KitchenPin

Grays and cream are the main colors in this kitchen, along with a dark hardwood floor. The chicken wire shaped into a chicken is a great example of décor for this kitchen. The wooden cabinets in gray are a beautiful example of a modern kitchen, along with the stainless-steel appliances.

Kitchen with Dark Wood Floors

Kitchen with Dark Wood FloorsPin

The island is shaped in curves to create soft lines in this kitchen, along with the dark stools next to it. Adding a vase full of flowers is a great way to emphasize this center of the kitchen. The three table settings provide a welcoming atmosphere for visiting friends and family to stop by for a meal.

Kitchen with Black Countertops

Kitchen with Black CountertopsPin

The black counters combined with white add a sophisticated look to the kitchen. The dark, hardwood floors almost blend in with the black stools tucked underneath the island. A backsplash in a white herringbone pattern is a great way to add some design to the kitchen wall.

Modern Kitchen Wood Floors

Modern Kitchen Wood FloorsPin

Black and brown are the main colors in this kitchen. The table seems too small for the large lamps hanging just above them. The addition of a black countertop and drawers allows for extra storage and space to prepare food near the table and chairs.

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