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11 Lemon Tablecloths

Did you know that lemons are originally from Asia? Unlike other fruit trees, lemon trees grow the sour fruits throughout the year.

Celebrate having your own lemons all year long with a tablecloth covered in these yellow fruits. Here are several lemon-inspired tablecloths you can add to your own table.

Zesty Lemon Tablecloth

Zesty Lemon TableclothPin

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This tablecloth is decorated with whole and half lemons hanging from green leaves. Small yellow and red flowers are also among the lemons and leaves. These images float along a white background.

Add a bowl of lemons and other fruit to the table as a centerpiece. Lay out white or yellow dishes for guests to eat from. You can also decorate the table with white vases filled with bright, yellow flowers and green leaves to match.

Lemon Grove Tablecloth

Lemon Grove TableclothPin

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Lemons and limes float among leaves on a background in turquoise. Many of the lemons and limes are whole, while others are cut in half or in quarters.

This tablecloth will go great on a white or brown table with light or dark-colored chairs. The tablecloth comes in several sizes to fit rectangular and round tables.

Add a clear vase filled with white tulips or flowers in blue and yellow to the middle of the table. Use white dishes and glasses to keep the focus on the tablecloth.

Yellow Lemon Tablecloth

Yellow Lemon TableclothPin

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Bright-yellow lemons with green foliage float along this white tablecloth. Small white and yellow flowers can be seen blooming from green stems. The lemons are colored from light to deep yellow, based on where the light is hitting them to create a 3-dimensional look.

You can also purchase a matching napkin set and placemat set with the same design. This tablecloth is made of 100% cotton and can be cleaned in the washing machine to keep it looking new.

Lemon Border Tablecloth

Lemon Border TableclothPin

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This white tablecloth has a border made with bunches of lemons hanging from bright-green leaves. White blossoms with yellow centers can be seen among the whole lemons and others that are cut in half. The top of the table is designed with lemons and leaves outlined in gray.

The tablecloth is made of 100% treated polyester and can be used on tables inside or outside. This tablecloth is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about liquids ruining it.

Lemon Flowers Tablecloth

Lemon Flowers TableclothPin

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Flowers painted in pink and white, as well as lemons and green leaves cover this tablecloth. Some of the lemons are sliced open to reveal their sour inward parts.

Use this cloth inside or outside for spring and summer parties. Add plenty of bouquets to the table, along with lemon and yellow décor.

Large Lemons Tablecloth

Large Lemons TableclothPin

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The tablecloth is covered with huge lemons on green stems and leaves. The background is white with a lace trim along the edges. It is 60 by 60 inches and will fit round tables that are a little smaller so that the cloth can hang over the edge.

The lemons and leaves are painted in watercolors in various shades of yellow and green to look real. Add a vase of flowers and white dishes with gold trim.

Small Lemons Tablecloth

Small Lemons TableclothPin

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The lemons on this tablecloth are printed on a white background. Bright-green and dark-blue leaves surround the lemons. Small, blue flowers with yellow centers also decorate this tablecloth.

Place white or brown dishes around the table with glasses. Add some floral centerpieces as well as lemon and yellow décor in the rest of the living room to match with this tablecloth.

This table piece is made of polyester and can be cleaned with a sponge or damp cloth.

Blue Lemon Tablecloth

Blue Lemon TableclothPin

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This gorgeous tablecloth is blue with a damask design in the background. The yellow lemons cover the tablecloth stand out against the dark-blue floral background. Green leaves accompany the lemons for a colorful design.

The tablecloth would look great in a dining room where the wallpaper also has a damask design on it, either in blue or another color. You can also decorate the room with other yellow and blue décor.

This vinyl and flannel cloth comes in several sizes to fit a variety of tables.

Lemon Design Tablecloth

Lemon Design TableclothPin

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The large lemons and leaves on this tablecloth are outlined in black with other details added on in black. The white background really makes both the green leaves and yellow lemons pop out from the fabric.

You can use this tablecloth indoors or outdoors. The zippered design includes a hole to place the tablecloth on a table with an umbrella.

Add white, yellow, and green décor around the table. Use brown or white dishes to serve guests with.

Vintage Lemon Tablecloth

Vintage Lemon TableclothPin

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Vintage lovers will enjoy the old-fashioned designs on this round tablecloth. Lemons on green stems and leaves with white buds float around butterflies and words printed on a cream background. Lace trim is added to the edge for a nice, finishing touch.

Add vintage-inspired glasses and dishes as table settings. Use the tablecloth for special occasions or to change the look of your dining room. Add vintage décor with yellows and greens to match.

Lemon and Blue Tablecloth

Lemon and Blue TableclothPin

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The tablecloth is designed with lemons and leaves on the outer edges. Floral designs in blue and white surround the top and bottom of the lemons painted with watercolors. The rest of the tablecloth is covered in blue lines that create diamonds on the white background.

Use this 100% treated-polyester tablecloth inside or outside for special occasions as an additional décor piece for your table.

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