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22 Lime Green Living Room Accessories

Lime green is a color that has only recently been recognized. 1905 was the first year that lime green was correctly used in English.

Lime green is a color used in many living room accessory pieces. Here are several in this color that you can add to your living room.

Lime Green Pillowcases

Lime Green PillowcasesPin

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Add some color to your living room couch with these lime-green geometric pillowcases. Each pillowcase is covered in a different design with stripes or geometric prints in lime green, white, gray, or black.

These are all 18 by 18 inches, so make sure your pillows are the right size before purchasing the cases. The fabric is polyester and cotton blend with a velvety-soft feel.

Place on pillows to decorate a gray or black couch, or on a bed with a similar design and colors on the comforter.

Bamboo Canvas Prints

Bamboo Canvas PrintsPin

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Add a relaxing feel to your living room with these Zen-inspired prints. Each image shows a different picture of bamboo, calming waters, rocks, and candles. The bamboo is green with a yellow-green background.

Place all four images over the couch or other main wall in your living room. These square-shaped canvases come in a few sizes that you can choose from.

Add a tabletop fountain with bamboo features to a table, candles, and other décor to match with these beautiful images.

Lime Green Clock

Lime Green ClockPin

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Always know what time it is in your living room with this lime green wall clock. The white numbers and hands stand out against the bright green background. The white border around the face of the clock will help it stand out on a dark wall.

The vividly-colored clock is made of plastic and 10 inches in diameter. It needs one AA battery to run, which you will need to purchase separately.

Add other lime green elements and décor to the living room to match with this clock, such as curtains and lamps.

Lime Green Lamp

Lime Green LampPin

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Add some color to a plain living room with one or more of these lime green mini lamps. Place one on each end table on either side of your living room couch, on a side table next to a chair, or other place that needs some décor and lighting.

At just 11 inches high, this lamp will fit on any large or small tabletop you have in your living room space. The fabric shade is in bright green, with a chrome stem and base.

You will need to purchase one 40W type B E12 Candelabra bulb to use with your lamp. The electric cord easily turns off and on when you need the extra light.

Metal Flower Art

Metal Flower ArtPin

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This pretty flower wall piece is a great way to enjoy some nature in your living room. Place on the wall behind the couch or other wall that you want to bring attention to.

This metal flower is made of iron and painted over in bright green with yellow tips and a tan center. There are three layers of petals to give the flower a three-dimensional look.

This 16-inch art piece can easily be hung using the hemp string and metal bar on the back near the center. Just nail a hole in the wall and your flower will be ready to be put on display.

Sheer Green Curtains

Sheer Green CurtainsPin

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Cover the windows in your living room with these lime green curtains. These sheer curtains add some color while allowing plenty of sunlight in during mild days. These curtains come in several sizes to fit a variety of windows.

The curtains are made of faux linen polyester and very soft. You can clean these in the washing machine from time to time to keep them looking nice.

Add other décor in your living room in lime-green to match the curtains, such as pillows, vases, and blankets.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag ChairPin

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A bean bag chair is a great alternative to a regular chair or couch when there are no more seats left for kids. Have this lime-green bean bag chair sitting to the side of your living room for children when you have a full house. Sitting in a bean bag chair is also a great way to relax during the day.

Plenty of light-weight beans fills the bag. The material makes it comfortable to sit on and the size is perfect for children. Since bean bags flatten over time, there are refills sold separately.

Accent Stool

Accent StoolPin

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An accent stool is a great way to add some design and color to your living room. This one is bright green and in the shape of an hourglass. The top can be opened to reveal a storage space when you need a spot to place unneeded items away in the living room.

The stool is made of polypropylene plastic that is durable. It is 12 inches by 17 inches high, so this colorful stool can be placed next to a couch or in the corner of your living room with some décor on top.

Green Butterflies Rug

Green Butterflies RugPin

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Give some life to the floor of your living room with this rug. Three bright-green butterflies fly against a white background. This woven accent rug is made of cotton blend that will add some great color to the floor of your living space.

This rectangular rug is flat and only 1/5 inch thick. The serged edges will keep from fraying. Make sure to add other green accents to the room.

Lime Green Trash Can

Lime Green Trash CanPin

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Place this lime green trash can in the corner of your living room where a desk or play area is located. It can also fit behind the couch or under an open side table. The wastebasket is made of polyester and polyester blend and painted over.

It can hold 2.5 gallons, but small enough to place in tight areas of the room. You can also use the trash can as an extra storage bin for toys, magazines, and other items laying around the living room.

Green Flowers Canvas Art

Green Flowers Canvas ArtPin

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The bright-green dandelions on these canvas prints stand out against the dark wood background. Each canvas is decorated with large dandelions in green on the foreground, with smaller ones blowing around in the wind in the background.

Each picture varies with the placement of the flowers. The three prints are easy to install with a metal hook on the back that is ready to hang on a nail for you to enjoy in your living room.

Storage Bins

Storage BinsPin

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Keep clutter out of the way when guests are over in these storage bins. Each order comes with two stackable storage bins in lime-green. They can be folded and stored away when not used.

Place the bins under the coffee table, side table, in the corner of the room, or other place where they both can fit. You can store magazines, toys, and décor not being used in them.

Lime Green Table Lamp

Lime Green Table LampPin

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This small table lamp will look great as an accent lamp on a table next to the couch. The base is light-green with an olive-green shade over the lightbulb. The lamp is under 10 inches tall, giving you plenty of room to add décor to the table.

The base is made of ceramic with a fabric shade. The lamp uses an incandescent bulb, which you will need to purchase separately.

Lime Green Curtains

Lime Green CurtainsPin

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Brighten up the window or windows in your living room with these green curtains. Circular-like shapes in two tones of green cover a light-green background. Add some other green décor or accessories with geometric shapes in bright colors to match.

Pick from several sizes of curtains. These are made of microfiber and can be washed in cold when needed.

Lime Green Reading Pillow

Lime Green Reading PillowPin

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This lime green pillow is great for those who want more support while sitting up in bed or on the ground while reading or playing video games. It can also be used as an extra “seat” when the other chairs are taken.

Solid Green Rug

Solid Green RugPin

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Add this solid-green rug near the couch and coffee table, or other main area of your living room. The green rug is 4 by 5.3 feet and made of plush material with a low pile.

The rug is soft and comfortable enough to sit and lay on as well. It has an anti-slip backing to keep pets and children from running and slipping on it.

Faux Flowers with Vase

Faux Flowers with VasePin

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Include some floral décor in your living room with these artificial flowers. The flowers are lime green and black with silver details. The vase is black and will go with all kinds of furniture and other decorative pieces.

The flowers and vase are 25.2 inches high, so they are large enough to display on the floor or a table. Purchase several to display throughout your living room.

Lime Green Valance

Lime Green ValancePin

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Dress up a window while still enjoying plenty of sunshine with this valance. It is made of
100% polyester and made to look like linen in lime-green. The edges are stitched together with a ruffled top.

Place a plain or fancy rod in the pocket, then install on your window. Decorate the area with some green and floral elements to complete the look.

Lime Green Mini Lamps

Lime Green Mini LampsPin

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These two mini lamps will look great on either side of a couch in your living room. The bright-green fabric shades sit on a chrome base and stem. Each lamp needs one 40W type B candelabra base bulb, which needs to be purchased separately.

The lamps will match next to a cream or green couch on wooden tables. Mix and match with green and other colored pillows, blankets and accessories.

LED Cactus Light

LED Cactus LightPin

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This cactus light will look great in a desert-inspired living room. The light is around 10 inches high and includes LED lights all over the front.

You can place this on a table next to a chair, or on the wall. A hole in the back makes it easy to hang and display with other wall art. It needs two AA batteries to work, which are not included.

Lime Green Ivy Leaves

Lime Green Ivy LeavesPin

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Dress up a large window or other area of the living room with this artificial garden. This set comes with 84 feet of faux ivy leave garlands in 12 strands.

You can cover up a window with garlands during the springtime or hang from the top of the walls to create a garden scene any time of the year.

Solid Green Pillowcases

Solid Green PillowcasesPin

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Update the pillows on your living room couch with these green pillowcases. Both covers are made of polyester blend that is textured. Three buttons decorate a part of the pillows on one side.

Choose from several sizes and make sure to measure your pillows before purchasing. These can be hand washed cold when needed.

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